Cabral Doll Feb 4, 2016 Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi everyone :). I've been stalking this website...

Hi everyone :). I've been stalking this website for a while now lol bc I've been researching which doctor I want to perform my bbl and lipo and Duran is LA MEJOR in my opinion ;). I'm a little under 5'3 and about 130 lbs. Dr Duran never told me to gain more weight but I KNOW I have to. I'm looking to gain at least 10-15 lbs by the time of my surgery. I emailed her about 3 times before getting a quote, she quoted me 3500 for bbl and liposuction. I'm 20 years old and will be 21 by the time I get it , I am so excited like everyday and every night that's all that's on my mind. Anyway I would love to hear you lovely ladies stories about your bbl journey as well. I need help figuring out a supply list and which recovery house to choose. I would love to have a sx buddy , so if your having surgery around my day please PM me ! Duran says your hgb levels have to be 13 or she can't operate so I hope to push my levels to at least 14-15. I'm anemic tho :( so I have to work on levels now! December might seem far, but it's really not ! So I want to make sure I have everything I need and everything ready at least by November 2014.

Cabral Jan 20, 2016

Okay so two years ago I first made my profile on real self. Initially I was going to go to Dr. Duran and had received a quote and everything. At that time, however I didn't get to do it (clearly lol). I was like 123 lbs, wayy wayy too small to achieve the results i was looking for. That definitely didn't stop me from stalking real self day and night. I gained 20 lbs since so now I'm back to share my BBL journey! Okay so i'm a little under 5'3 and btw 140-143 lbs. I will post my pre op pics this weekend! My surgery date is Jan 20 and I will be getting a brazilian butt lift with fat transfer from full stomach and back. When i first contacted Cabral I was around 130 lbs and he told me gain 5-10 lbs which i did :). As far as my hemoglobin levels, it was at a 13 back in September. I eat a lot of steak and bacon (yum yum) and never really had problems with my iron levels but i actually got some bloodwork done today just to make sure my levels are adequate enough for surgery. The recovery house I will be staying at is Real Tropical Deluxe, also known as Real Recovery, but not to be confused with Real Recovery Armonia. Ruth is the woman who runs it and I've read really good reviews on it. She seems nice and we communicate through whatsapp. I plan to western union her a deposit this weekend. The days I will be staying is Jan19-26. I have been dreaming of this day forever and have been researching forever. I'm well aware of Cabral's past, and have researched many of the doctors from DR and I know I am making the best choice for me. Always make sure to research EVERYTHING before jumping into something. I am buying supplies and have some but not all. I will make another review with the supplies I plan to bring with me. I've never been this big in my life lol so I'm so excited to get this gut sucked outta me and put where it needs to be! Oh yeah, its my friend and I. We're going together and have surgery the same day. I will keep you guys updated on my journey!

New date Feb 2, 2016 Sent deposit to RH

Okay so I sent the 100 dollar deposit to Ruth for the real tropical recovery house. My new date is Feb 2, 2016 because I'm still waiting on my blood results and I don't wanna go out there and God forbid something is wrong. I'll be highly upset. Anyhoo I sent the deposit and will be staying from Feb 1- feb 9. I should have my blood results by Monday the 25th. There shouldn't be any problems..... I will do another review on my supplies.

Supply list

So I've received most of my supplies. I'm still waiting on some to come from Amazon and I have a few things I need to still pick up. But I have majority of things. Please feel free to let me know if I'm missing something important!

-Adult wipes
Big t shirts
-Big panties
-Travel sized deodorant, lotions
-Toothpaste, toothbrush
-Tylenol pm
-Prilosec otc
EzPee/solo cup
-Bio oil
-Benadryl ( for the hear said itching that comes post op)
- mederma ( for scars)
Boppy pillow
Baby wipes
-Antibacterial soap
-alcohol pads
-Q tips
-Gauze pads
-Maxi pads
-Medical tape
Tank tops
Maxi dresses
-Slip on shoes
-Compression stockings
-Faja/compression garment
-arnica tablets and cream
-Chux pads
-Maxi pads
-Bromelain pills
-Clorox wipes
Lysol spray
-Antiseptic spray
-iron pills
-Folic acid
Pill organizer

The things with the dashes are the supplies I have already. I hope my doctor prescribes me painkillers before I go because I hear the painkillers in DR are not strong. As far as tank tops and maxi dresses I have plenty I just have to sort them out and organize them separately for surgery. I will post pre op pics soon. I haven't weighed myself in a while and my scale broke so I'm going to get one tomorrow along with a tape measure to do post my measurements. I believe I am still around 140 tho. I also bought a robe and will bring a small blanket. Ruth mentioned the RH has things like gauze, chux, rubber gloves things like that but I just bought small packages of them just in case.

143 lbs and flight booked! New AND FINAL date Feb 4, 2016

So come to find out I'm 143 lbs. Biggest i ever been in my entire life but i actually like the extra jiggle. Well not in my stomach but it's well needed if I want a good butt! So i bought my flight. It was very difficult for me to buy it being that it was 500 dollars but thats because i waited forever before i booked. It was 222 dollars in the beginning of the month :(! Don't even wanna think about it lol, so yeah got my flight and I have relayed this information to the rh i will be staying at. Oh yeah my new AND FINAL surgery date is feb 4. A lot of the times i sit and think I'm ready and then at times I'm like holy shittttttt. I'm going to definitely do it but its so crazy to me that it's finally happening. I don't think I'll feel it until I get to the airport. Awwww man I can't wait :) and I'm gonna try my best to take some pre op pics for you guys, idk why but i always forget.

Pre op pics

Here's some pre op pics, my stomach is way bigger than it looks in these pics.

Idk why my stuff says post op

Idk why my posts are saying post op I am still pre op


Okay guys so I got my surgery yesterday with the King Cabral. I have to say my experience so far has been lovely. The tropical deluxe rh is wonderful I would definitely recommend it. Their whatsapp number is ?(809) 599?3029? . They answer very quickly and will give you the information you need. Ruth(owner) , her daughter and the nurses here are great !!!! I will go into further review of everything and will post picsin a few days . I'm recovering well so far to only be one day post op and got myself up alone after surgery. You have to be mentally prepared! Ask any questions and I'll answer as soon as I can . Kisses !!!! Oh yeah Cabral is a sweetheart as well ;)

4 days post op

Just a quick pic for you guys
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