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I've been stalking this site, alone with Dr Duran...

I've been stalking this site, alone with Dr Duran lol...I didnt want to start my review until I actually made contact with her..Well it happen today..Yes!!! I finally got a response from her...waiting to here my quote now and i am sure it will be around $3500-$4000 from what she's charged other dolls... Cant believe I'm doing this!!! But one thing I do know is Dr Duran is theee best!! I know she will make me a monster!!! My journey starts now!!

And the waiting..

So I already know its a waiting game...just trying to be patience..I think I need to stop looking at all these b4 and after pics because its driving me crazy!!! I already know what my body will look like comparing to other women with my body shape...I'm 5'4 150lbs..I have huge hips, size 30 waist my bum bum isn't completely flat but its small enough..I have 4 kids with no stretch marks. My belly is ok just the love handle thing..So its not alot of work that needs to be done..i know Dr Duran will do wonders with me..Im just a little nervous about if something dont go right with the procedure...that's what worry me the most..

Got my quote!!!!!

Ok finally got my quote tonight from Duran...3,700 for BBL with fat transfer and lipo to planks,back,inner thighs and maybe stomach..I ask her if I needed a tummy tuck. She said from my pic it didn't look so but advise me to be prepared to pay an extra 1,000 if I did..Thats cool..She sent all my pre op information and medication list along with airline names and telephone numbers..She also gave me 3-4 different RH information..The email was very long but very informative..Im sending my deposit Friday...and that's that!!!! Time to start on my pre op list now that I have the information I need...also any ladies going down around that time...please don't hesitate to contact me...i really don't wanna go solo..OMG I'm so excited!!! Its really going down!!

Finally I can start uploading some pics!!

Here are a few pics..

More Pics....

The real life spongebob...lol


More wish pic's

Now this is right!!

I think I have the same body build(under my fat lol) as this girl...I'm sure my results will be close to this..Duran said this is a realistic result she can produce for me...so we shall see...

More researching....

Ok I've been watching videos on YouTube from surgeons every where just to see exactly what is done to our body during these procedures..Now the bbl and lipo..ive watch plenty of times but the tummy tuck is something totally different..and since my Dr suggested I have one..i figured I'll watch that to...Both the US and DR use the same technique which is great but what I will say is the Dr's in DR where sorta rough with there patients and kinda sloppy during surgery..I mean they had body fluids everywhere!! And most of them cut without guidelines on the skin..i know its small things but shit...i dont wanna be thrown around n have uneven scar lines...but besides that their good...I'm feeling more comfortable about DR doctors..Their facilities look well equipped too..back to my researching..i refuse to go over there worrying!

Concerning Yily

Ok so why do I keep reading reviews that state yily isn't doing alot of women surgery's? Is this really going on? Now this scare the shit out of me..I mean after these women say this..2weeks later their saying they love there results and Neva mind if yily did it or not..So who are doing these surgery's? And why is it a secret? I've never heard this when it comes to Duran..I just hear her office is small with only one assistant but nothing as wild as this..please let me know if you've been with yily and noticed she wasn't doing you surgey..Thanks!


Ok I have my appointment at my primary doctors office to get all my labs done..figure I'll do it now and a week before I leave for DR..need to make sure all is well with my body b4 I get out there..I have access to everything I need here in the US and my insurance coverage will take care of it...let yall know my results later...Holla
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