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So I am scheduled to go get my surgery for May 3rd...

So I am scheduled to go get my surgery for May 3rd I am super nervous all I do is think about it. I am looking for some girls to travel with me I want to stay in the Recovery House and herd that the more people that stay there together the more Dr. Yily will discount on surgery price for each person traveling together and staying in the recovery house. My quote was $3800. And I found it to be a great price.

Ok so I have 8 weeks, 57 more days til I have a...

Ok so I have 8 weeks, 57 more days til I have a new body. I am super excited. All I can think about it how will the out come be and how much pain I will be in. I already started doing my shopping for things to bring with me. I have booked my flight and found a hotel super cheap to stay in. I also Have found an amazing buddy who I speak to on the daily. We just need to find two more girls that are going for surgery on the 3rd of May and we shall receive a super discount. Yay for us. #Team Yilly

So I finally have received an email from Yily I...

So I finally have received an email from Yily I now have added to my sx lipo to my chin I am so glad she quoted me quik on it. I have got most of the things I need for DR. Also have booked my hotel room and my ticket. Oh yea I have been confirmed For May 3rd I did my deposit two weeks ago. YAY ME!!!!!

SO my countdown has begun. I feel like mentally i...

SO my countdown has begun. I feel like mentally i am prepared very much but for some reason as each day gets closer to the surgery date I find my self running into little odds and ends of trouble. I just hope that I have a smooth travel, surgery and recovery... I am very much excited even though my bestfriends are opposing to the surgery. I have done my shopping for all i think i may need. I am still debating on doing my arms which is something I am afraid of due to the fact i have alot of skin hanging. Also many girls have been scheduled for May 3rd but only 4 will be done one that day which puts me once again in fear that i am do not get done that day.

So I have been wondering maybe someone can help me...

So I have been wondering maybe someone can help me here I am an xl and 2x sometimes in shirts so am a bit big but its mainly cuz of my huge boobs I am a size 42G sad to say. I hope that with the surgery i wont look akward. I would like to know do you ladies think that because I am shaped like a spongebob and have big boobs that I will be a bit uneven or will i be proportioned evenly since I am a lil big. I mean I weigh 210 and am 5'4 so I am if course overweight.

Ok ladies Happy Sunday to all. So as my days get...

Ok ladies Happy Sunday to all. So as my days get closer my dreams become more and more realistic. I have my own little worries minor ones. Like what if my buddy last minute cancels on me because she has an issue or what if my daughters are miserable while i am gone. And the the what ifs about when i get there. But I do have faith that if this is destined for me to get done God will make a way for all.

So these are the things I have bought so far Ladies please indicate if there is something I may have forgotten or should buy.

- (2) Night gowns
- (1) Robe
- (2) Silk Pajamas
- (6) Shirts
- (3) Under Shirts (Intead of the wife beaters)
- (2) Yoga Pants
- (1) Soft material Sweat Pants (With draw string)
- (1) Short Romper
- (1) Long Romper
- (1) Tube top dress
- (1) Tube Top
- (1) Ruffle dress (To come home looking cute)

- Thrombocid
- Zofran (For Nausea)
- Ferrous Solfate
- Vicodin ( For Pain IDK if i can take this)
- Percocet (For Pain)
- Diurex
- Makemeheal pre & pos suppliments (waiting to arrive in the mail)
-Overnight Extra Heavy Pads
- Baby Wipes
- Pantiliners
- Slippers

Need to Buy
- Arnica 30xPill
- Arnica Gel

Ok so to update you ladies I have started my...

Ok so to update you ladies I have started my makemeheal pre surgery vitamins I am very excited I have less thank two weeks to go and most of my items have came I am only missing my Arnica 30x pills and Kelo-cote. And I just noticed that as I am writing my review I bought arnica gel and Kelo-cote gel. Well I guess I can sell it to my friend if she doesn't back out on me.

So my buddy still is saying that she doesn't...

So my buddy still is saying that she doesn't think she will be able to come up with $1000 which is what she is missing even after the price reduction that Yily gave her so idk wat she is going to do because she already bout her flight to go but not to come and still needs to pay her portion of the hotel.... And I was talking all night to yily and she recommended that I loose more weight before i come to her so that i would have better results. But when I explained to her that I wanted to be evenly proportioned and that I didnt want to be skinny skinny fitting a small she then told me ok try to loose at least 5-10 pounds before coming so that i can give u the big butt that you want. Also I sent her the wish pic of the grl with the big butt and boobs and told her that thats how i wanted to be and guess wat she said it can happen. But I am waiting to see if she will give me a new quote because she recommended my arms and chin as a must. So now i await her response on it. I also received my kelo-cote in the mail its a very small tube but highly effective due to having silicone which many others done have.

If anyone is looking for a buddy for May 3rd Please PM Me. I have a hotel room and someone to help us get around and more. I really need a buddy a back up plan something because I am going to go crazy.

Ok So I am down to 8 days away from travel and my...

Ok So I am down to 8 days away from travel and my buddy has cancelled on me fml I swear things cant get any better. Well if any ladies going May 2-10 need a buddy I am available. I have a hotel room that the expenses can be shared and I am having my mom travel with me to help move around and I have my own personal driver and am set. So please PM or contact me asap As of Now I am having a panick attack moment and my blood pressure has been high the pass two days due to me stressing like crazy.

Well Ladies I have three more days til my flight...

Well Ladies I have three more days til my flight and four til my surgery and just the thought about Friday almost being here my legs become jello and my throat dry. i have began packing but still am not finished. And the crazy thoughts have began to kick in....

I have bought what i believe more than what I need but hey its better safe then sorry. And so far everything is set with Yily I even received emails from her assistant on Sunday which was a shocker for me. But I can tell you ladies this I have faith in Yily and even though there are many negative things happening with her name in it I know that she will not do anything to me that she does not believe to be right for me.

And ladies this is not the end of my journey it is just the beginnng Because from Friday and on wards if Gods willing I too will be a Yily Doll and have a nice big butt like my last wish pic. Oh and before I forget ladies my uncle has a friend that does the lymphatic massages and wraps she has her own business of there and does travel to you. Which I found Amazing and guess what its less than CIPLA and the JM massages. I said after the 3rd day of surgery I will be having my massages daily since she is dat cheap.

Oh and I will be updating you ladies while I am out there of every little tiny bit of detail that I can I will get to all the nitty gritty of Yily and her skills. Hope u guys are ready for this experience with me because I kno I am (Somewhat) LOLz

So ladies tonight I board my flight and am...

So ladies tonight I board my flight and am extremely exited thanks to the hunny @highsiddy for keeping my spirit in good stand even when we thought everything had came to an end. Well Ladies new body soon to come yay!!!!!!

So ladies this has been a true experience for me....

So ladies this has been a true experience for me. And I would luv for all you ladies to take this surgery very serious . This is not a joke this is something very serious. and I advice u ladies to be sure that ur hemoglobin is at its adequate level so that you won't go through wat I am goin thru.

So I arrived yesterday met up wit highsiddy n mom. They are two angels sweethearts n all. We have been together ever since. We loved our dinner outing which was beautiful n delicious. We are currently staying at Drake hotel which is a cheap but nice hotel. We even had Pizza Hut last night. We have a driver that drives us every where. One thing I would luv to let u ladies kno n I am shamed to say this because I too am Dominican but these people out here will try to get u for your money. They will over charge u if u let them so before doing anything always get a second opinion. And what I am referring to is the services u receive and the places you choose to stay at. This is all do to the fact that you are coming from the US and they believe u have money.

So today May 3rd I met littleinthemiddle and 1987n n ladies let me tell u they came out fabulous. And if u ask me yily is aggressive with lipo n only gives you what she knows would look great on you. Anyways so we got to Cipla at 7 am and waited on the 3rd floor for yily to arrive to give her patients the ok to leave. Now I am going to be honest she was a bit upset when 1987n told her she was flying out Sunday with drains and all. But like I told her it is out of your hands something you can't control so put a smile on your face and go on to the next one because regardless of what happens people will always talk. And yes she is a beautiful lady amazing body. She has a big BUTT!!! So she smiled and kept on with her discharge of patients.

Here comes the big problem with me....... I have always been anemic and my hemoglobin never are At 12. So yily was very concerned she spoke with me n my mother n was realistic. She said I am high risk due to my levels not being adequate and that she would prefer for me to get a second look by a special doctor. So she called the doctor and had her look at me and even though I am at healthy state after my evaluation yily still was concerned very much to the point that before starting on highsiddy she came and viewed me with her anesthesiologist and they both agreed on that I would need a blood transfusion first due to I will be loosing a lot of blood. So I will be staying here for two nights since now I have to hav my surgery Saturday and I am having my blood transfusion today. I am a bit freaked out by the whole blood transfusion but I kno it is for my best interest. If you are wondering highsiddy and mom are fine and looking like yily dolls already. Next up will be me so yay for me. I have really went thru a lot today (emotionally).

I love yily and her positive attitude she really showed her sincerness and concern. She made it her business to make the whole procedure more than just being her patient she made it personal.

I have been relaxing n recovering and catching up...

I have been relaxing n recovering and catching up on loss of sleep. ladies this is a very strong process where you have to be mentally prepared for all types of circumstances. I will update more after I have gotten most of my rest n am ready to tell you bout the whole journey n ladies this experience has not been bad it has actually went smooth

So I am a week pos op n ladies this has been a...

So I am a week pos op n ladies this has been a tough road. I can begin to let u ladies my drains are out and if u are getting a tummy tuck just kno that the drain will go on your vaginal fat n yes it is horribly uncomfortable. So the tubes I Had in me were stitched to my stuff to hold it in place. Well it wasn't long before my own body started pushing one of the tubes out. I ended up popping the stitch out when I was getting in the car going to my grandmothers house it didn't really hurt but afterwards that's when the real pain began. It was a burning sensation but only lasted for a bit. My mom ended up taking me to the ER n as told by yily the drains were removed due to all the complications I was having. So now more then ever I have to be extra careful because even though I'm not draining I am prone to any infections higher than others so I am making sure to take my antibiotics around the clock with my vitamins.

I do miss a lot highsiddy n her mom I can't wait til August highsiddy s comin to visit her lil sister lol.

I will be posting pics soon so stay tuned. And happy Mother's Day to everyone

Life after surgery when the unexpected happens

Hey ya'll sorry I have been M.I.A and not kept up with my word. First let me start by telling you all I am alive by the grace of God but not in 100% health. But my health issue has nothing to do with Yily who may I add is aware of my issue and has been checking on me even though she knows it wasnt malpractice or anything wrong on her side.

So Ik u guys are wondering wth is goin on. Well days before me leaving I had abscess under my arm (which i constantly get) drained in the ER. I didnt think nothing of it I took the prescribed meds and went ahead with surgery anyways. Surgery came out fine and I thought to be healing and draining fine and so did Dr. Cedano (Yilys Assistant). The only issue we found at the time was my belly button area had became burned due to me not putting a cotton or anything there and it not getting oxygen. Dr. Cedano prescribed me a cream (Acido Fuxico) which thankfully I already had so I started using it in the burned area. Being that the area was numb I didnt notice any pain. Well My mom decided to clean the area twice a day to be sure not to get it infected.

I had surgery on the May 4th and on the 10th I was leaving Santo Domingo to go to Santiago (another city in DR) to go visit my Grandma and family. The bus ride was great probably one of the best rides I ever had in public transportation. It was smooth and had a strong AC. I slept the whole time. Well when I finally arrived everyone was helping me which was a great thing for me. But one big problem I forgot my moms truck is a bit high so that was an issue for me and is wat caused my stitch to pop and the drain tube to come out. But in the back of my head I really believe its my uncles fault because I told him I didnt want to see my aunt that I wanted to go straight to my grandma house. And he still took me to see here even after I told him I didnt like her and that she was annoying. When we got to her job she made me get out the jeep and tried to hug me and I told her if she squeezed me I would hit her. (She thought I was joking me but my mom knew i was serious so she didnt let her touch me).

Anyways fast forward as u read above the warning Yily gave me and what happend to the drains. Well Monday the 13th I had a wonderful flight loved the flight attendants they were all asking me questions about the whole procedure etc etc. So much for First Class free liquor when you cant even drink **Hmph**.

Well tuesday I spoke to bubblelicious83 she had some concerns in regards to surgery and the stay etc and I told her all i went thru and what has going one etc. Tuesday when my mom was changing my dressing she noticed the the tummy tuck area had a small area that was still open and i was draining from it. She cleaned it and said she was going to keep an eye for anything that didnt look normal.

On Wednesday thee area looked ok but I was not ok I had a fever of 101 and all i wanted to do was sleep no appetite nothing. Wednesday when I spoke to Juels007 she scared me and told me to get my butt to the ER and call Yily because something was wrong. I told my mom what she said and she said to get dressed and lets go. Well being the hardheaded scary cat that I am I didnt go. So my mom had a better Idea. The next day she told me to lets go out for a lil shopping and instead she dropped me off infront of the ER and signed me in. There I was seen immediately. They took my temp which was 100.3 and my blood pressure was high. I was taken to the back and they undressed me . As soon as they looked at my wound they told me I was going to stay overnight for some tests and that they would need the contact information of the Dr that performed the surgery. I did everything they told me. I cooperated as long as they werent constantly going to prick me.

So long story short I stood in the hospital for 5 days there they found two Seromas due to me not draining properly and A bacteria that they believe to have been living in me for awhile. As for the Seroma they removed it via Cat scan with aspiration for this procedure I requested to be asleep because I am scared of needles and was not going to be able to stay still so they sedated me and I was out like a light. Pain free and Seroma Free lol.

As for the Bacteria I am receiving a treatment of two antibiotics via IV until June 3rd. Also due to my tiny vains and they not tolerating the meds I have been given a PICC Line. Its a lil tubed that is 16 1/2 inches long that goes from yur vain to ur heart which pumps the meds quicker thru the body.

And as for the incision it has opened up 7 cm and is packed every day which special gauze to get all the drainage out. The nurses say its very deep because they use a whole pack of the packing.

Now here is the worst part the hospital has assigned me a plastic surgeon to follow up with my incision and belly button area. Tuesday I will be going to see him. He has told me already that I have some areas that are black and is dead skin that needs to be removed. So I asked him being curious what will happen with my incision that is open and to my surprising he tells me I need to have surgery for the black area and to close the wound. So it looks like I will be undergoing surgery soon SMH not what I had wanted.

Call me crazy and what not but I would undergo my surgery again with Yily she is great flaws and all. I mean no one is perfect. Oh if ur wondering about pics I will be posting all even of the wound today.

Thank you to all that were worried and to Highsiddy, Soontobemsnewbooty, Juels007, and Bubblelicious for calling and texting to find out what was going on I am alive.

Pics After Surgery

The roller coaster I been thru in the last month

Hi ladies I kno it's been awhile I apologize I did not forget about u all I just been dealing with a lot. So to update you ladies I would like to start my saying that I will be needing scar revision my wound has began closing I will be posting pics.

So remember when I said I had a picc line for my antibiotics well ladies it caused a thrombosis on my right side(blood clot) they didn't want to ake any chances so back to being hospitalized I was. I was there for a week and boy did I hate it. They removed the picc line and put an iv in my left hand. My right arm could not be used for nothing due to the fact that the picc line use to be there. So poor left arm was picked at constantly. I was being given two antibiotics and Percocet n Coumadin and lovenaz everyday while I was there. The second to last day my vein gave up on me and the iv had to come out my hand was the size of a brick swollen and till this day it hurts. I was released on Coumadin for 6months n an inr check every week.

When I went back to my primary doctor I requested to go see a wound specialist since I needed to be debreeded and I was fed up of everything and since no plastic surgeon wanted to help me. So they referred me to a really good doctor that I am so happy and blessed to hav met. On my first visit to the doctor he debreeded me and told me I am now weeks ahead of my healing process. He told me I would need a wound vac that would close the wound pretty quick and drain me at the same time. So he ordered the vac and called me in to have it put in. Guess what when he went to place it they found a superficial infection meaning that I still had the infection and it was attacking again. My body had became immune to antibiotics so the last source was to use danskin which is a solution that contains bleach. It was poured on to a gauze and inserted in the wound and boy did it hurt. It burned really bad and i smelled like bleach aka Clorox. I went on with it for two weeks and this week the vac was put on. It is just like a vacume cleaner suctioning up liquid constantly. I wear it 24/7 and its in a pouch so I have a new purse as my mom calls it. It is closing the wound up but sad part is I will be needing a scar revision. Which yily has offered to do.

As far as the blood clot they still haven't managed to get my level to b at the adequate level it's always either too thick or to watered down. So I hav a pharmacy in my house lol. FYI don't take Percocet for a long time I became so constipated that I bled thru my belly button.

I will be posting pics of everything even of my booty.

reality pics

My Progress to recovery

Well Like I said before I would try to update as much as I can and now I will be able to because we just moved and are finally settled in.

I had my weekly Dr. Appt and Monday I was requested to go to the ER because I was Having rectum bleeding as if I had my period which worried them alot but I am a hard head and hate being hospitalized and instead wanted to wait for my next bowel movement. Today I saw my wound care specialist and guess what ladies my wound is healing pretty great. My belly button is healed and as for my wound on Friday they will be performing a procedure to help my wound close in a way where I wont be needing the scar revision. So I hope. I mean I am a bit scared but I kno it is all for the best. Last time he did a procedure on me I had a panic Attack something I I had never experienced.

IF your wondering what ever happened to the inefection well its playing games in my body it left the incision area to go back to under my arm so Friday I will be having my arm also Lanced. Yikes for me I am a trooper I have faith it will all work out for me.

The end of my tunnel

Hey dolls how y'all been hope u all are well n lookin fab. As for me I been back to work all month and finally feeling like myself. I actually been lovin my body even after all I been thru. As far as the hole this week I had a procedure to get it closed. The doctor stitched the sides to hel finish closing the sides n so forth which has been a bit painful but worth it. And I been wondering if u ladies that have done the tummy tuck have had any issues with ur abs after being sowed?

Well ladies I will be posting pics of my recent transformation hope u guys like and don't n shy stop by and say hi lol

Body looks great

The end of my tunnel

So ladies today was my last day at the wound care center my stitches were removed and he applied some medicine that burns the skin so that it becomes a scab since its that small now so yippee horray for me hope there's a hot day to come I need to go swimming lol.

You can read about my BBL revision journey, here.

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She is really is the best in what she does and only wants the best for her patients.

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