Tummy Tuck or just Aggressive Lipo??? Suggestions Anyone

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After reading the journeys of the many women on...

After reading the journeys of the many women on this site, I began to start my own. I would like to begin by saying that im the proud mother of a 7yr old girl. She is my word!!! Now on to what brings me to this site, im 5'4 and 175pds. The majority of my weight is in my stomach and arms. Ugh, i hate it !!!

Say "NO" to Illegal Butt Injections

Since the age of 17, I've been wanting to improve the shape of my body. For my 21st Birthday, i was looking into getting butt implants. However, i had remembered reading that the implants shifted so i allowed that 1% chance to stop me. By the age of 24, i was so desperately in search of a buttocks enhancement that i began to browse the "black market" forums for butt injections. After reading of all of the horror stories of limbs being cut off, heart attacks and in many cases death, i quickly dimissed that ideal. So imagine how relieved i was to run across this site. Lol

Duran is Out!!! Yily or Baez???

I have not been able to contact Dr.Duran. I have sent her several messages with pics and No reponse. Dr. Baez took awhile but i finally heard back from her today. She gave me a quote of $3600 but the price didn't include a Breast or Arm lift. So i am waiting on her to get back to me the the adjusted price. Dr. Yily gave me a quote with everything for $5200 with the surgery date of October 16,2013. My surgery budget is $4200.For myoverall trip I'm not wanting to spend over $6500!!! Therefore, my best bet is to stick with Dr. Baez.
I have heard really good reviews on Dr. Baez and her breast jobs are amazing. Dr. Yily reviews have been poor. Her patients have accused her of being rude, inattentive, and unprofessional at times. But they also praise her on her sculpting abilities. I am torn between the two !!!

My pics are Up. Yuck.

Ladies I am praying for a miracle!!! Right now, i am 5'4 and 185 pounds. I was advised by Dr. Yily to lose 30pds before my surgery this October 16th. Is that possible???lol Dr. Baez suggested that i only lose 10. Idk. Question needing an answer if i lose the weight or close to it, would i still need a TT ??? Initially a TT didnt even cross my mind but both doctors have suggested it. But i wonder would just getting aggressive lipo do the job ??? Thoughts??? Anyone ???

Some wish pics!!!

My Wish Pics!!!

My phone is acting up and did not post these pics the first time.
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