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Hello all of my BBL Beauties, I am super excited...

Hello all of my BBL Beauties, I am super excited as I am six months away from my anticipated surgery day. I have all my plans mapped out and am super stoked that this is really happening. I am a 27 year old African American Female, 5' 1.5" tall, overweight for my height at 190 lbs. Luckily I do not look as big as I am because I carry a lot of my weight as muscle but it is noticeable in my face and arms. But that weight is coming down with much needed exercise and eating a lot better.

First, I would like to let you all know what I plan on having done. I am gonna be getting abdominoplasty with muscle repair (if needed), full body liposculpture, lipo to my arms, face, and neck to get rid of double chin, and of course a BBL.

I have been wanting this for years like 10 or more. I have always made jokes of "I wish I could take this, my gut, and put it in the back, my butt". At the time I did not know it was a procedure to do so but when I found out about 5 years ago I was all for it. I have always had a full rack with great breast but the back NEVER matched the front. So after having my daughter 6 years ago and breast feeding it all went down hill from there. I don't plan on any more children as she is a handful and I am ok with just having her. So for the tummy tuck I am ok with never having more children.

I so wish that I could go sooner but I need to loose some weight before my surgery as I want to have the best results that I can have. I plan on getting down to at least 160 lbs as that is my ideal weight that I look the best at as I have big bones and would look a HOT MESS any smaller. As everyone else I do have a DREAM BODY but I told myself that I will not set my sights on anything in particular. I just want a better me, so I say that my wish pics are what I have now and as long as I don;t look worst than that I will be satisfied. So give me a flatter tummy, and a more rounder rump and I will be good to go.

Well I will be updating this blog as I continue to impatiently wait for my surgery. If anyone has any questions please feel free to message me. I will be making videos about my journey to put on my personal website as well. When I place them there I will put a link here so you can go view them if that is ok.

Again, I am EXCITED and LOVE reading all of the great blogs you ladies have already started. Thanks for all of your stories as they have helped me to truly know what to expect and to want from this surgery.

Hello My BBL Beauties, I would to wish you all a...

Hello My BBL Beauties, I would to wish you all a Happy New Year. This year is the Year of God and ME! I plan on making myself better inside out. Not only with the surgery but with my health and eating and all. This surgery will just be a prize for what I plan on doing here in the next 6 months. I hope everyone has a prosperous and great new year and love each other more and more. Please continue to think of me in your prayers as I pray for all my BBL Sisters in mine.

Hey Ladies, Sorry it has been a month since I...

Hey Ladies,
Sorry it has been a month since I have been here to update. I have been around so I have been keeping up with you all. In the last month a lot has happened. Today I have a week and 100 days to go. I am ultra excited. I have had a run in with Western Union that pissed me off beyond belief but at the end of the day I have my plane tickets, passport, and deposit paid.

Since Yily now has her PayPal all set up it makes it so much easier to get her money. I probably will send all of the money to her so I will not have to carry it with me on the plane.

I have gotten my vitamins which I need to start taking right now. I am also gonna order some raw honey in which I will start taking a spoonful a day it helps raise hemoglobin. But that is all for right now nothing really changed other than I am still trying and have lost a little more weight. I need to get my butt to the gym Lord help me.

Hello Bootiful Ladies, So I know I have not...

Hello Bootiful Ladies,
So I know I have not been here to update on anything lately. I feel that not much changes in the time up to surgery, it is all the after that you want to know.
Last night I had my first dream about surgery. It was actually a dream about the after results. I had a big booty but not the hips I wanted. The arm lipo sucked all the fat out of my upper arms but since I have big bones naturally the distal part of my arm was larger than the proximal section. And the skin was flapping. My TT scar looked as if it was stapled and not stitched together, and my thighs were not touched at all. What a dream, what a dream that is all I can say. I know I will be fine but I think I am actually coming to a realization that my time is near.
So I am steady working getting all my funds in line. I so wish my fiance could go with me but then I would have no one to help with my daughter and know the daily routine needed to keep it all afloat. Her biological father is of no help I asked him about having her for the summer as he has never had her for an extended amount of time since we split up over 3 years ago. And his answer - "Well I have to work" , I'll be damned if everyday I don't go to work and still make a way to care for OUR daughter daily. - (MINI RANT)
So I will be back closer to my time to fill you in on anything else that may come up. I hope everyone else and there journey are going well.

- Choc

Hey everyone, I'm so ready. I have only 20 more...

Hey everyone, I'm so ready. I have only 20 more days till I fly out. I have been thinking a lot about the pain. I know I will feel some pain, but I want to feel it now so I can know what to expect. I will update soon with pre-op pictures. They are bad really bad. It might just be the night before I leave. Talk to you ladies soon. Muah!

Hello All, So I am and only 11 days away...

Hello All,
So I am and only 11 days away from flying out and my time is soon approaching. I have everything pretty much set at home with a calender with who will have my daughter on the days I will be gone. As she is my only worry while I am out of the country. She prays for me daily when we bless our food and say our "night night" prayers. and she knows I am getting surgery so I am all good on her end.
I am ready to go and be back home already. I wish I could just feel a minute of the pain I will feel when there so I will know what to expect. I have never had a surgery ever. So I am not really knowing anything to expect when it comes to this but I am well versed in all that my RS girls have gone through so far.
I have questioned putting pictures up and I still do not know if I should or not. I would love to have a way to guarantee that they will not be spread around the world on all of Facebook and any other site. So I may share them with a few who ask or put them on a site where I Know the right click is not enabled. I have not hid this from anyone in my family they all know what is about to go down. But I am a very conservative young lady and my fiance doesn't even like me to take pics nude for him as he feels some type of way about it. I laugh but I understand his stance and me being his future wife has to respect that in some way.
I want to be able to document my journey while I am there and plan on taking lots of videos for everyone to see if possible. I have to run and handle some business right now outside the house. I will soon be back and will start to pack. I need to make a list of everything I have and get some insight on what else I need as I need to be packed and ready soon. I have to work up until the day before my flight to I really have no time to do much. Talk to you ladies soon.


Today Is The Day!

Here at CIPLA now waiting to go back still not marked up yet. Ugh will keep you updated.
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After doing much research and emailing many doctors to see what would be good for me, I came across Dra. Yily and after emailing her and hearing what she had to offer I chose to go with her. I have seen many women on MMH who have gone with her and have had amazing results.

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