Dra. Yily is Doing my Bbl + Breast Lift!!!!!! 25yr Female Just Ready for a New Look - Dominican Republic, DO

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Sooooooo I decided that in going to roll with Dra....

Sooooooo I decided that in going to roll with Dra. Yily!!!! I wanted Duran but I haven't heard back from her, i also reached out to Dr. Cabral but I haven't heard from him either. Yily was the only one who got back with me with in a Timely manner and I really appreciated that about her. I also spoke with Dra. Tania Medina and Dra. Walkrisrobles they both also got back with me within 24hrs both great doctors especially Dra. Tania Medina!!! (Ladies go check her if out she does pretty good work! @drataniamedina). But Yily is charging me $4500 for the BBL and breast lift. Pretty impressive compared to her competitors. She asks for a $300 deposit, Which is cool to just to reserve the date. I'm scheduling my date for January 12th 2017. I know so log away but ingest out of the military in December 2016 and this will be my gift to myself! I deserve it right??!?!?! Lol ... But be been slim all my life with big tits and no ass. At this point I just want to see something new on me.... I know alot of ppl have gone to Dra. Yily I'm 5'5 now at a whooping 175 lbs usually I'm 155 lbs but imma need some fat to go to all that ass I want right !!! Lol ... Well I'd love to hear what you ladies think and your recommendations on everything.... Muah!!!!!

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Okay, okay, okay so guess who got in contact with...

okay, okay, okay so guess who got in contact with Dra. Duran ???? me!!!!! lol no but seriously i hate that fact that is takes her 3 years to email a MF back!!! i think its unprofessional and its arrogant to do that to someone who is willing to pay you thousands of dollars. Anyway, i finally got in contacted her, you know how??? not no email, not no whatapp, but a simple out international phone call. I'm not playing with her. either she gonna do my surgery or she not. and i wanted to know how much she cost. So i called and her assistant answered the phone and she had my email in the system so when she replied with me for the questionaire she responded to the email that i sent out 3 weeks ago that clearly didnt get answered. So now im gonna see how long its gonna take to get a qoute back i'll give her 48 hours and if not im calling back again. thing about Dra. Duran is that she a amazing Dr. that does great work but her customer service skills aint shit, and at the end of the day that how you get your money by answering ppl's questions. I like yily cuz she makes sure she responds to everyone withing 48 hrs, but now im confused on who to choose yily will give me alot work done for a great price and i know she'll do a good job and Duran i know she's awsome and well respected in this field as well but she'll cost a lil more for the same thing yily can do. At this point I don't know who to choose any Suggestions?
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