Dra. Fatima Almonte 9/30/13 Lipo and Bbl - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello ladies, so I went with Dra. Fatima Almonte...

Hello ladies, so I went with Dra. Fatima Almonte based on a few reviews I've found, schooling, and the attentiveness and quick responses I've received.

A little about me, I'm 25 5'2 no kids roughly 36DD (enhanced) 27 38. I've had lipo and fat transfer to the buttocks in the states but never achieved the results I wanted. The drs here do not take nearly as much fat out as they do in other countries, I'm sure some safety and profit factors in why not. I've never been skinny thin. Even when I exercised and dieted and was the lowest weight of 128 I was still curvy and had fat that I could not get rid of.

So my appt. is scheduled 9/30/2013. I will be flying in the 27th. I chose not to stay in the recovery house and stay in my own hotel nearby. No particular reason other than I like my privacy and being that I've done this 2x before I know what to expect.

Ill keep you updated and feel free to ask me anything :)


Ok, so I'm not new to plastic surgery but everyone I know is getting me a little nervous with all these stories over seas. I'm not one to listen to people however this is my life and my body. I hope all goes well.

On my way to the airport but I'm so sad...

So I'm in the car on my way to the airport and I can't pull myself together. Not because I'm scared or anything but because I'm going to miss my family and house and dog. Sounds like I'm being a baby right? :(

I am here!!!

So I'm here at the clinic doing my tests. Everyone has been so nice. The clinic is pretty nice considering its another country. I've never been out of the country so I didn't know what to expect. So far everything is great. Last night I spoke to the assistant and she made me feel even better and once I arrived here at the clinic I am even more at ease.

As I sit and wait...

As I sit and wait I see dr. Fatima almonte and dr. Walkitis Robles share the same office.

Gm. Yesterday on my Instagram...

I seem a post saying a woman died after hector cabral worked on her! That made me uneasy so I googled it and sure enough there's the news story. It's not the same clinic so I am not worrying about my dr but hearing something like that makes your mind wonder a bit. I'm excited and can't wait for it all to be over and I can go home. I took some pre op pics this am for you all to see an accurate image if my current body. The ones posted when I first started are from when I first contacted the doctor 2 months ago. In my opinion, my body looks good in clothes and then naked is like umm... Idfk lol

9/28/13 pre op pics

Getting picked up at 9pm...

So today 9/29/13 I'm getting picked up at 9pm to sleep over and have my surgery first thing in the am 6:30/7am. I'm excited. I spent time at the pool today and did some spa treatments, exfoliation and scrubs do my skin will be nice and smooth while I'm in my faja. Ill post again tonight to let y'all know about my room I'm staying in.

One thing about my pics....

Y'all might say my body looks nice, especially the pic in the bathing suit however I'm gonna be brave and post a shot of how it looks when I sit or bend over :( so I only look good standing up, in clothes, or laying down. Smh

I'm all settled in...

I was picked up at 9pm and I'm all settled in my room. My hotel was less than 10 minutes away. I am told Dr. Almonte will come see me tonight at 9:30. Another dr came and took my blood pressure. Everything is fine. The room is decent with cable tv and a bathroom. No complaints here. Can't wait.

Dr. Almonte is so sweet...

She came to my room and checked my body and asked me exactly what I want. I told her I want a shelf back there. Lol. And showed her some more wish pics. She said she can do exactly what I want and that I have a lot of fat left from my previous lipo. I said American lipo is terrible. She's great. And the best part is I won't have a drain. She said she only puts drains in for tummy tucks and I do not need one. So happy. She will be here tomorrow am for surgery. I'm very excited now. Yayyyy. Ill post tomorrow.


I'm in my gown, took the blue pill, now I'm waiting to go to the surgery room ...

Marked up...

Just some pics of what the dr. Marked on me

Pics from last post

I've been out of surgery for awhile

I awoke in my room. And was in n out of it. I'm in light to medium pain. They gave me a pain shot and said I can have another in 4 hours. Everything went well.

It's 7pm...

My body feels fine. But when I tried to sit up I threw up. I have am IV in and a CATHETER!!!!!! I don't want the Cather. Also my hemo level is low so they say I need A blood a transfusion. I'm all emotional right now.

So it's 2am

Nurses have been in and out. Giving medicine, changing IV and emptying the catheter bag. I'm so sore and see a lot if bruising but as I lye here I see no stomach at all if in the garment I would be felt the budge and I don't. That's exciting. I'm ready to go back home to my family tho.


Still sore. Haven't stood up yet. I'm waiting to have the IV a d catheter removed. I cannot believe the friendliness n attentiveness every single nurse n doctor has given. This is a great place.

Just changed...

My phone is acting up but here's a pic.

Very sore...

I'm sore all over but I'm moving around much better. The faja they have is the one that hooks between your legs, like a onesy. I hate this type bc I feel like it's gonna give me a bladder infections bc it's way too tight down there. I woke up in the middle of the night and had to take it off. I'm about to go buy a new one right now. I see that my stomach is flat but I can't see a difference in my butt yet. I will post more pics soon. Thanks for all the support.

So many pills...

Lots if pills to take... They're huge!! Still swollen really bad so I can't say about my results for my butt however my stomach looks good.

Level of care...

The level of care from dr. Almonte and get staff is fantastic. I even got a gm text asking how Im doing. ;)

Swollen swollen swollen...

I can deal with the bruises which have been going away rapidly even though they are so big that they're hard to hide, but I just want the swelling to go down. I am sooooo swollen that its hard to tell anything. Looking at myself straight forward, I can tell that my waist is significantly smaller but when I turn to my side I look like a blob lol. I wish is went down quicker. No booty pic yet bc it's sooo swollen you can't tell but I will post one 1 week post op. so Monday sometime.

Faja pic

Observations so far...

So I can tell I have 0 back fat. Like that bra back fat is gone. Also, from my sides, the rib area and under my boobs in the front down to my belly button/the part of my stomach that bends has no fat either. I'm still swollen but I can feel and see it. The lower half I'm not so sure of yet because its still very swollen so idk. And the jury is still out on my butt...

Lumps and bumps...

So most of the swelling went down. The lower abs are still swollen pretty bad. I have a few bruises left but most of them are faded. I am very lumpy right now but the garment and massages will get rid of that.

Bikini pics BUTT pics

Keep in mind I'm still swollen but IM SO HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS SO FAR!!!

The results are great and getting better

I love the results. I'm still slightly swollen in my lower tummy but every day gets better. I can't fit my garment anymore and need a smaller one. I hope everyone considers dr. Almonte. She's the greatest. So kind and has YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART NOT MONEY



Side view before and after

I'm almost 3 weeks post and the small bumps u can see from the side are just areas that are still swollen. Once the swelling goes Down my stomach will be 100% flat.

Before and after

TERRIBLE BEFORE BACK SHOT!!!! But now I have 0 back fat or rolls!!!!!




Also, her lovely assistant.

Im bringing my sister to her for a tt, lipo, and bbl in february. Good luck ladies.

11/24/13 update

Here's an update. Still have great results. No more lumps in my stomach. I'm very happy. I'm taking my sister to her for a tt and bbl. good luck ladies. You're in good hands if you choose dr. Almonte.


New pic. Very happy with the results.

6 month po pic

I wanted to post this so you ladies can see the difference when the fluffing stage is over and you really get your shape. I will be back May 15 for a little more lipo in my abdomen. I will lee you updated. instagram @im_s0_ill if y'all want to see my pics or dm me questions. Good luck
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely one of the best doctors I've seen. I've had 2 lipos before in the states with different doctors and also my breasts done. This place by far is the best. Their attention to you is exceptional and I wish I came here sooner.

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