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Hey RS! So I emailed both of these doctors and...

Hey RS! So I emailed both of these doctors and nothing yet. I'm having some patience, but I want to get the ball rolling with my doctors so I can be ready. I read a lot of profiles on here that are helpful but everyone Is different. If any has a faster way of getting in contact with them HELP me out please!

Just got a response from Dra Duran

I got a quote of 6700. That is for a TT, BBL, and a BA. So happy she responded. A lil about me I'm 5'8 170 lbs and 29 years old. I think Duran will be a go. Still hunting down some more Beaz dolls for experience and results. Is it me or most Baez dolls don't post pics. For every 5 profiles I check probably 2 profiles have pics.

Still waiting

I used whatsapp to contact Baez and still nothing. Idk maybe it's a sign to stick with Duran. Fedup.com

Getting some where!

So last night Baez gave me a quote, she answer one question a day it seems. I like that none of her patients that I have read about has had no complications. The booty with her is either really good or soso. I wish I could really have a good convo with her to see if she can give me the results that I want. Now on to Duran she answered pretty fast. I called the office today and they are so sweet. (I called today to make an appointment and get some more details.) My worries with Duran are the reviews with the deaths and infections. She hasn't had any issues recently that I know of. I love her work soooooo much. This will be some journey. I will post pic from beginning to end I won't be selfish.

Supplies for free!

Shoprite has all curad products on sale. There is a coupon on line at curad website. They will come out to be free!

lil update....

Hey ladies. Been in touch with a few doctors. Duran is very consistent! I haven't had that much trouble getting the info that I need from her. Baez has only gave me a quote.... oh yeah I emailed Manuel Diaz he answers in timely manner..So far he is ok too. Still doing homework on him. I will make a decision by Sunday. Sending a deposit on Monday. I got a ton of supplies and all my vitamins so far. My husband and I already did renewed our passports. I have an appointment with my PCP to talk over my plans with her. Adding some pre op pics when my husband gets home tomorrow! Need to find a buddy just incase hubby job acts up!


need to find a buddy just incase! Inbox me sisters!



Doctors appointment today!

Gonna talk to my pcp today can't wait to hear her opinion! Wish me luck! She makes the last decision. Question, do you have to take out your mirena before surgery?

:) 14 baby

She gave me the ok! My hemo is 14!!! She just wants to see me two weeks before to get get every thing I need:)


Can't wait till June!

HEY LADIES !!!! might do a raffle

Quick update my date is secure for sx deposit is paid! FYI for ladies who want to go to Duran she is booked until late July. Oh yea I'm a coupon lady lol so I have been stocking up on so many things for my sx. I might do a sx basket raffle. If interested PM me, or even if you are interested on free or cheap deals I will share info.


THIS IS THE LINK! http://www.tena.us/on/demandware.store/Sites-Tena_US-Site/en_US/TrialRequest-Start

raffle info

Hey ladies the raffle is a go!!!!! IF INTERESTED SEND ME A PM!!! I will do a drawing every two months.

raffle! and other stuff

Hey ladies! I will do the drawing the 1st week o March. So in other news my hubby made me feel like crap this am. He told me to "get it together" as the date gets closer and closer he starts to act up. I got lay off from work sometime ago and was on unemployment but that went left when the government cut off the extended benefit. Since the I do some childcare in my home. I'm not even going to go into full details ladies but I will say that I work hard and have made many scarifies for my family now that I want this one lil thing I need to get it together! C'mon he was all team bbl in the beginning. I know he loves me N all but don't put me down and make it seem like I'm not about anything. We have two kids btw they will be 2 and 8 in March. Any who just needed to vent a lil bit. Until next time ladies.

Winner winner winner!!!!

If you participated in the raffle check your inbox! April raffle starts today!

A lil over 3 months post op

I went to Dr. Medina in DR I'm happy with my results so far. I'm still swollen and I wear my faja. Gonna get a new one this week. Looking to have round 2 in Dec/ June. Will post pic tonight. Medina is a good doctor she is on top of everything. Since I have been home she communicates with me at least once a week. She responds well to all questions and concerns. I stayed at Raysa recovery, Raysa and her team is amazing! I haven't been on here in so long, before I make a decision on my round two doc just want to see whats out there.

Its been a long time

I did go to DR, I end up going to Medina and stayed with Raysa. Going back for round 2 in June 2016 I like my results but need a tt and more booty LOL don't know who I'm going to for round two. I'm On my PC will post pics once my phone charges up. Gonna try to be more informative this time around.
Good night RS
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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