Dr. De Los Santos is Perfect for Tummy Tuck, Lipo and BBL- Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi ladies, I am in my late 40's.... and am still...

Hi ladies, I am in my late 40's.... and am still looking for the perfect shape. Its never late as they say. I've had a couple of surgeries before... In NY and Miami. Still can't find what I want..... I hope that flying to DR will give me what I want.

Quiet frankly, healthcare prices in the US over all is ridiculous. People don't only fly over seas for plastic surgery..... They are flying to other counties to even get pacemakers...... BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

Yeayyyyy! So excited today... going to C21 to get...

Yeayyyyy! So excited today... going to C21 to get the big luggage I need for my trip. Next week I will send in the $500.00 deposit to Dra. Yily!

72 days more to go, I am counting the days and I...

72 days more to go, I am counting the days and I am so excited. I remember when I used to tell people..... I have three month to go (90 day) and now it's 72 days. This week I am sending in my deposit of $ 500.00 and will confirm that the date is still set.... flying down on Aprl 12 and the surgery date is Saturday, April 13th. Besides how great Yily's work is, one of the other reasons why I chose her is because she does surgery on Saturdays. Dr. Robles does it only from Mondays to Thursdays. That would had interfere with my schedule. I am trying to make as much use of my weekend for recuperations purposes was concern. I can't afford to waste any days as I asked for two weeks off from work. I want to be home at least four days before going back to work. I hear how you are still swollen after two weeks and I need to get my outfits organize for when I return to work. I am an executive assistant to a CFO and I can not be dressed with the lovely spandex and tunics as I would love to... Bummer... I will have to wear regular business attire. I am not looking forward to that.

I have also decided to stay only five days at the...

I have also decided to stay only five days at the recovery house and the other five days in a decent nearby hotel.... The main reason for me to stay at the recovery house is to have the professional assistant of their staff for the first few days which are the most critical ones for you. Since I am getting the mini TT, Lipo and BBL, I feel that after five days I can manage better. If I surpassed a full TT 15 years ago, I think I can manage with these three procedures.

I am so excited...... Finally submit my deposit of...

I am so excited...... Finally submit my deposit of $500.00 by Western Union. Dra. De los Santos send a mass email, it was a long and detailed one. I am really happy she send that email. It pretty much covered everything you need to know. Now I know that this is really happening. I need someone to pinch me. One of my friends is sending her deposit this coming week. I had to do this after I saw a posting from one of the girls here stating that she is booked for Feb & Mar. I already planned my time from work and everyday is ultimately used as much as I possible can. I will purchase my airline ticket the first week of March. My plan is to leave on coach and return first class. I been busy updating my list of things to take and things to do. One of my tabs I also created a list of contact to leave home for my family, this way they know where I will be everyday. I know this would give my bf a sense of relief. Especially how usually family members are a little concern about you getting surgery done in another country. Thanks to all the BBL, TT and Lip sisters here, I was able to put together a beginning list to start with their help. I want to be ready for everything I possible can and not get caught with my pants down. (figure of speech). I am still trying to see if I will add the breast lift. I am still trying to digest the pain I will be in with three procedures mini tt, lipo and bbl. Will see how I feel as I get closer to the date. Here in the US they are a little reluctant in doing more then one procedures done.

Ladies, I see that some of you are looking for...

I see that some of you are looking for buddies to room with. My advise to you all is that you have to be careful who you room with becasue you dont know the good and bad habits of some of the girls on here. Play it safe and be careful whom you room with. I am rooming with someone I know, in fact she is not only a friend she's a co-worker. She is not a stranger to me. Hope non of you get offended about this post, but in my opinion, if you are being charged from Jaqueline Spa $90.00 a day; for another $15.00 a day is not worth the efford. It's not like you are saving $40-$50.00. Rooming with a stranger is only saving you $15.00 a day. Some of us bring valueble stuff to this trip. Just becareful! We are on this site looking out for all of our sisters and this is why I am saying this. Protect your identity, don't wait until it's too late.

Okay, so I finally sent my payment again. Since...

Okay, so I finally sent my payment again. Since the Western Union option didn't work. They gave me a run for my money.... I had to tcall wo different 800 #'s to get an approval from Western Union to get my money back. Can you believe that? I was stressed out for two weeks until today. I sent again, this time through PayPal..... Hoping that I don't have any problems with that now. At the same time I am excited Yeayyyyyy.... only 52 days to go.... Our next step is to book our flight then call Jacqueline's Spa for the recovery house. My best part is the packing.... can't wait for that part.

Well it's Monday, and "NO" I still haven't heard...

Well it's Monday, and "NO" I still haven't heard back from Yily confirming my payment with PayPal.... I am so upset the way they are operating this process. It's ridiculous! The entire month of February has been nothing but mixed feelings with Yily..... stress and suspense. I spoke with Yira on Friday, and I let her have it. I told her that my first choice was Robles and that if I knew that I had to go thru this stress with Yily I would had just stayed with Robles.... No turning back now ladies... I hope my results are really worth all this stress and anger. I also told Yira that all the girls here on RS are really pissed off on how she is NOT responding to their messages and that this is going to cause problems for her with the trust from these girls and new ones....I told her that when Marciel was working for Yily, I used to get a response from her by the third day and sometimes the same day... I understand that Yira is new and going thru training, but a month of training????? I stressed her my concerns with Yily. I told her that I don't want to have to travel there and then find out from them "oh, I am sorry, we don't have you down for surgery at all". I told her I will flip on someone... (My PR will come out) well I didn't say that part to her....hehehe I just said it to myself. She told me that she doesn't have access to the PayPal account for Yily and that she normally does is give her a piece of paper with the list of names of the patients whom she received payment from so that she can sent them an email confirmation and with instructions..... These people are holding me up.... I will not move another finger with my planning until I hear from her. Hopefully soon. :-(

Well Ladies, Here I am again. I am so excited...

Well Ladies,
Here I am again. I am so excited today because Yily finally confirmed the surgery date and deposit. Yeahyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I feel relief... I actually went on to the emails I had previously sent her and noticed that I never cc her personal email address: yilydelossantos@hotmail.com. So I forward her the precious emails sent to drayilyplastica@gmail.com and she responded. If any of you are having problems trying to confirm your deposit try reaching her at her personal email address. Hope that will help. Okay, so my friend and I are so excited now because it is really going to happen.... I told her that our company is going to fire us for being too sexy to work there! LMAO. Well, we are ready to book our flight with United Airlines. We will be leaving from Newark Airport; our flight to DR will be coach and our return flight will be Business Class. Yes, we need to be comfortable for our return. I hear from alot of the girls here that its best becasue you will be comfortable. The tickets is actually $ 681.00 not bad at all. We will finally do this tomorrow along by reserving the room with Jacqueline's Spa -Recovery House. OMG this is really going to happen...

OMG! I have so much housework and school work that...

OMG! I have so much housework and school work that I just can not focus... all I am thinking about is YILY & BIG BUTTS..... I can't want to get started with my shopping list and packing. I did go to my primary doctor on Thursday. He gave me the script for the blood work. I told him that I had a lot of concerns because I have gained about 26 pounds in the last year or so..... He kept asking me if I was stressed....LOL I said, "yes"... YILY hasn't confirm my date.... SIKE!!!! Just kidding, but my job is very stressful... and all I do is eat a lot of sweets.... OMG the worst thing you can do.... is just that....eating sweets and carbs. So he asked me to also get my thyroids tested. BUMMER... why did I open my mouth.... Now something wrong is going to come out on the blood result that will hold me back from this dream...... body..... NOoooooooooooooooo! Anyhow, I got to do it. I had a tumor removed back in 2009 by my thyroid and my doc had diganosed me with Hashimoto.... UGH.... I am probably going to need to go on med for this, which I am not looking forward to. Well things are coming in place now and we only have 41 days left. Watch how fast this is month will fly by. One reason I am really happy now is because "mzjuicyfruit87" just got back from DR and is recovery well. I was so excited when I saw her incision of the TT I almost had an organsm. OMG!! The incision Yily does is ten times better then Robles... Got to her profile and take a look at it. She was really a trooper... she had 2 blood transfusions and only stood in DR for 8 days. She looks amazingly fabulous. Yily is really a god of the HOURGLASS and now the TT!!!

2 More weeks and it will the beginning of a new...

2 More weeks and it will the beginning of a new life for me!!! Saturday, April 13th. I'm so excited and so is my friend who will also have surgery with Yily. I have everything ready to go, just need a large luggage to put all the supplies I will need for my surgery. I wanted to wait until I would finished buying and gathering everything I would need. The last thing I had to buy was today and it was a bobby pillow. Need extra room in the luggage for that baby, so this is why I wanted to wait for the luggage. Bought it in Babies R Us for $ 39.00. It's pretty big and it will help sit and sleep with. I started the VitaMedica today and also drinking the 64 oz of water as instructed by Yily. Received the results of the chest x-rays and and blood work, both normal, thank GOD! I don't like unexpected negative surprises so I wanted to do all my testing here prior to going to DR. At my age, you don't want to take chances, they can be pretty costly and quiet frankly, it's an inconvenience. Planning ladies, don't rush into things. I see a lot of the girls here rush into things and don't plan for the unexpected. Plan for going and coming back home. Follow instructions and do your research if you want good results. Save money for your massages in DR and going back to your hometown. I got two extra Fajas and will take them with me. I see a girl here had a problem where Yily didn't have a Faja for her (smh), that was terrible. Don't blame Yily for that, she takes care of your surgery; inventory is not her domain. Take an extra one, besides, you may need the one Yily gave you washed and you can't go wrong having an extra one. Okay okay, enough with the old lady talk.

Hi Ladies! its been 5 days since my surgery. It...

Hi Ladies! its been 5 days since my surgery. It was a rocky road, not easy at all. i wanted to write earlier, but didn't have the strength to do so. I was in so much pain all I wanted to do was just rest. My friend am I arrived on the Friday. We were suppose to head to the recovery house but Jacqueline told us that Dr. Yily had two cancellations and was wondering if we can get the surgery on that day. We were really excited am said "YES" why not. everything happened so fast. I am still very weak now. Will do a complete update tomorrow. I feel weak sitting up too long. Sorry.

Hello Ladies! I don't know how some of the girls...

Hello Ladies! I don't know how some of the girls here in Real Self do it with the updates right after their surgery, but I bow to you all. I wish I had the strength to be able to update more often. Maybe it’s an age factor. LOL Anyway, I am now feeling much better. I am thrilled with my results, but the tightness from swelling and the burning back sensation were really bothering me and preventing me from sitting up for a long period of time. So taking my laptop was like a project. I go back to work Monday, and I am really not looking forward to dealing with the subway commute. Ugh. Just the thought of the people pushing you to get a seat in the trains is just not a good view in my mind. I have to see how I will do this. Well I have to tell you that since I been back from DR, I have completed five Lymphatic ultrasound therapies. I did three sessions in DR with Yily’s girl but no way can they be compared to the ones in NJ. Honestly, it has helped so much. The tightness from swelling and inflammation has reduced drastically with these therapies. It has helped me with the healing process and helped reduced a lot the soreness. I hear how some of the girls are still swollen for weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I know it takes time for it to go down, but I already can see the swollenness go down with this massages/therapies. I am really excited about that. I am actually worry that people at work will notice right away. I don’t want that at all. I was gone for two weeks and don’t need people at work to start to talk. Anyhow, let’s see how that goes. I still am having problems sleeping all night because of the discomfort from the surgery. That will improve with time. Sometime next week I will post a new pic. I know that some of the posts are backwards, but I started to post kind of late because I wanted to provide everyone with an update of what’s happening now. I will do a more detailed post from the day of surgery this way you can get an idea of some of the things my friend and I experience as Yily’s patient.

Today is exactly three weeks since surgery. It was...

Today is exactly three weeks since surgery. It was a rough week for me with the commute in the trains but only the first couple of days. At first I would walk from WTC to Fulton street very slow. I am not used to walking slow and every so often I would forget and begin to walk fast and then I was like "OUCH" I had to tell my boss that I had strained my back at the airport, this way no one would know why I was walking hunched. Quiet frankly, I only walked hunched in the office the first three days. I am a straight now, but still have to walk slow. I take my time and don't push it because I know the feeling is not a good one afterwards. I noticed that if I try walk a little faster, it feels like something inside is tearing. Yesterday, after work I had to walk really slow, I was feeling pins and needles and had to put pressure on the abdomen area with my hands. I have to admit, I am very thankful to the Vita Medica Supplements, which I took religiously... as stated two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. The Lympathic Massages with combination of Ultrasounds have helps tremendously with the recovery. I am posting pictures today which I took last night. Keep in mind I am still swollen. I finally put on my my Fajete Colombiana Faja( I posted a picture of the one I have). I thought I was never going to get in it. Just the thought of looking at it made me want to run. LOL. But I am finally in it. Wow! it gave me a lot of compression and you need this for two things, the tummy tuck with it will help flatten the scar and for the Lipo. Believe it or not, you do feel much better. Before going to bed I was debating should I also sleep in it or the one Yily gave me. I want to get the best results I can possibly can so I said, "the hell with it" I will sleep in this sucker tonight. Then I thought, OMG, I am going to get up a lot during the night from the uncomfortableness of the faja. I thought to myself that the best way to sleep all night without getting up would be taking an Ambience (prescribe sleeping pill). OMG, I slept all night like a baby. When I woke up this morning, I said to myself "DAMN, I got this". Okay ladies this is all for now. I know I mentioned on my last post that I was going to post the entire process since we got to DR but haven't gotten a chance. I owe you all that much and I will do that. In the meantime you can look at the new pictures I took last night.

Ladies, keep in mind its only been three weeks and...

Ladies, keep in mind its only been three weeks and I am still swollen. I hope everything goes down except the big HUMP! LOL

I am in heaving in this faja. Material outside is...

I am in heaving in this faja. Material outside is a little hard but the inside material is soft.

I have developed a few "Sun Like" blisters in the...

I have developed a few "Sun Like" blisters in the back shoulder. Not sure what caused it. They are very itchy and it feels like a burning sensation; sometimes even a sting like feeling. I am not sure if this is from the "Agressive lipo" done to the back or what. I am going to have to call Yily's colleague Dr. Carlos Inoa (who by the way removed my stitches last Tuesday) here in NJ to check it out. I think I will take a pic of it and text it to him to see what he will tell me. I tried looking it up on here and not much information. Has anyone here heard of something similar to this?

My 5th Week

Here you go ladies! The hump!

New picture June 26, 2013

The On-going massages and Gym Membership Re-Activated!!!!

Hi Ladies,
just a few words to provide you with some updates. I am doing great and loving my results. Once in a while I will take off my faja and not feels so much pain. Since the surgery, I have lost 25 pounds. It's getting better and better as time goes by. I am still doing my massages (YUP) religiously. I go every Saturday to my Brazilian girl and my skin is looking spectacular with these massages. We are now in the "Modernization Stage". During my first TT (17 years ago) I DID NOT take advantage of these masages and my skin looked horrible until after this TT. Can you believe it? Besides seeing how nice the texture of my skin seems, these massages have definitely helped my swellingness go down quicker. As you can see from this last picture I posted yesterday, the upper and lower back look great. I also want to tell you that re-activated my gym membership. They actually tell you to wait 6 months and I thought that is way too long for me to be without going to the gym. So I gave myself 3 months and I frozed it for 3 months only. I have been feeling good, so I said to myself, "NO WAY" I can't wait until the 3 months, so Saturday I stopped by the gym and asked them to re-activate my membership and I started on Sunday. I knew that I was going to be able to do it. I just have to be cognizant of taking it easy at the beginning and not over doing it. I have to keep in mind that my abdominal muscles were stitched. Don't want to pop one of those babies and mess up my progress. LOL When I went in on Sunday, OMG.....DAMN all eyes were on me. I felt like an ALIEN from out of space. hahahah. Ladies, those who have done the surgery know what I am talking about. It felt good and alittle ackward at the same time. I felt like I didn't belong there. Those of you that haven't done the surgery yet.... Watch out! You will see what I am talking about. Anyhow, I started light excersice. I did the eliptical, 100 sit ups, arms, leg press, inter and outter thighs and back. I felt alittle sore the next day but today, I feel fine. Well ladies, that is it for now! Until my next update.

My Curves - June 16, 2013

BBL pain from Waterpark Ride

Hi Ladies! I recently went to a water park and got on two rides. It's been three weeks since then and I've been in pain since. Since my surgery, I've never experience any pain at all from it and now after theree months, I am experiencing pain that doesn't seem to go away. I've been taking Motrin 800mg and it doesn't seem to go away at all and I am starting to worry that something could be wrong. Have any of you experience anything like this. My daughter tells me that I probably agravated it. I hope this is just it. The pain is also down my thighs, but I didnt have anything done to my thighs. But three weeks with the pain is way too suspicious to me.

A day at the beach in PR with my daughter

At the Beach - 3 months after surgery

GOING BACK!!! For the Breast Lift and Arm Lipo

Yes Ladies, you heard me, I am going back to Yily for the Breast Lift and Arm Lipo which she couldn't do in April 2013. I am planning on going to her on March 2014. She already gave me a quote and I am so excited.

Almost three more weeks to go for my Breast Lift and Arm Lipo

Preparing for my next trip to Yily. There are three other girls traveling together with me to Yily. All getting something done. OMG! this is just going to put the topping on the icing. Tickets are already purchased. We are staying at Jacqueline's Spa. They were good with my friend and I last year. I was thinking of going to Luxury Recovery House. I see Yily is promoting this place. Still thinking about contacting her. I might just contact her to find out about the place. We'll see. Anyway, we are all excited. Not looking into having that faja on for three months. UGH.....

Okay ladies, this will be all for now. I will be posting more and also the before picture shortly.

Me after 2 rounds with Yily

It's been 2 years since my second round with Yily. Absolutely worth it. I have developed a few minor issues which I will have to go back to her soon.

Me at 50!

Not bad for a 50 year old. Now this body goes perfect with a face of 35. ;-)

New Updates March 2016

Still maintaining this beautiful body! Exercise and good nutrition.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I learned about Dr. Yily through a few other sites besides this one. She is known for the hourglass figure and that is why I am choosing her. She is definitely the one to give me my long time figure...... the one I been searching for years! Overall it's now been 7 months since my surgery and I am feeling great! I love my results and I feel 15 years younger.... WHOOHOO!!! In this review, I am giving her no stars for the Phone and Email Responsive but that was because she used to take days and even weeks to respond to your email and sometimes she wouldn't even answer all the questions asked which was annoying because you would have to go back and forth to get clarity on certain questions. Apparently, she has improved that because since I am going back to her in March 2014 and she has been responding in a day or two. The payment process was another issue and it was due to the bank she was dealing with. Now she has other methods which seems to work okay.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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