Hopefully June with Dra Duran

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Hello everyone I'm new yo this site, I've read...

Hello everyone I'm new yo this site, I've read reviews on Dr. Yily de los santos and seen pics of what may be her work, I haven't really done any research on surgeons so if anyones got any info on her and their experience please contact me, also could you tell me how I can contact her?
* how can i contact her?
* what was your experience?
* how did you make bookings (flight, hotel stay, medical care etc) ?
* how much was your procedure?

Thank you

Lipo to chin/ neck area

Hey ladies i was just wondering if anyone whos had their surgery BBL/Lipo -fat graft, has had any lipo done to their chin/ neck area? If so how did that turn out

Determination & Depression

So basically I have'nt been myself lately but I'm positive I want this done! I'm going to see Yilly so for now ill save save save. My computer is full of models/vixens with booty, hips, curves, breast, all for my wish pic albumn.

I'm not getting any support :-( I have told my parents about how I feel and they object saying its too dangerous etc etc & my mr says I'm fine how I am and he loves my body lol but I dont so thats what really matters because I'm doing this for me.

So Ive been looking at Yaris's booty and I think thats very achievable considering im quite thick and have a little bit of a booty already, everyone says my ass is phatt already but I disagree its just okish to me.

Heres a pre op pic it was very hard to take the pic with my Ipad so I had to stand in certain positions. My measyrment around my bum is currently 44.5 rough measurement.

Yilly vs Duran

Ok so I've been swayed back and forth between Yilly & Duran, It's funny how different peoples reviews can make you change your mind, a lot of girls on RS have had this dilema before when choosing their doctor but really who is the best?

Even a dude got booty

Maybe Cabral ?....

Ok so I'm not on here much due to studying at uni & work. I mainly stalk & look up booty models and pictures on the internet so anyways I wont really be posting on here anymore as I have no support or time! A few lovely helpful ladies here on R.S I thank you for your time, support, help & advice.

I'm thinking of going to Cabral depite all the negative stories I love his work especially Yaris! A person I know actually indirectly called me a hoe because I admire Yaris's body ..quote "All these dumb girls looking up to hoes like yaris and wanting to be hoes fuck that" well something along them lines, well whatever Yaris is doing her thing nd she may be infamouse and have a bad reputation but this is not bout wanting to be her or like her its about being comfortable with the way you look, lovving your body, appreciating yourself and enhancement.

I want to wish RS girl good luck with their journey, I doubt ill be updating I only seem to have myself as support however closer to my SX ill reblog and send pictures to those who request but or now goodbye ladies.

Vixen's DR's

Being a student im saving this up penny by penny i recon it will take me a year and a half to two years to save but im on this! Anyways im still undecided who to go too i just want the best choice i was thinking salama recently?

Ok so im on theses vixens pages looking at there bodys, saving pics and getting their measurements i know cabral did yaris but what about the other girls like kyra, blac chynna, stephanie santiago, wakeago, cyn, coco, kim k and all the rest i would really like to know who these girls went to lol

Thick thighs

This is just my opinion and I know many guys will agree with me, but you cant have a phatt ass and skinny thighs it just don't look right.


Ive read reviews on Baez and my gut tells me shes the one, ill still keep an open mind but I'm really excited and cant wait to hear her quote.

She replied

Baez is very prompt and professional, her Email was very detailed. She quoted me $3000, no deposit all i have to do is tell her 3weeks in advanced. Im so excited and even more determined time to really save and plan.

Ladies i would appreciate any help, tips and words of experience even though I'm 20 im still nervous and doing this all on my own lol

Prep & plan

Ok now its time for me to plan and prepare myself, but I'm totally lost i need help arrrghr lol

Im trying to write a list of things ill need and looking for a really good faja, any recommendations ?

Ladies fishing for attention grow up!

Only met at least 3 nice people on here, everyone else seems full of it. Maybe its an emerican thing

June with Duran

So I was originally going to go with Baez for $3000 but now I'm choosing Duran who quoted me $3500 also Cabral quoted me $3500 or $4000 if i want extra areas lipo'd.

I was ill recently and had to go hospital :-( I had blood tests don, really painful because they had trouble finding my veins but good news because my hemo is 15 :-D

Duran said it needs go be 12 for sx, I'm planning to go with her in June, I know shes booked and very busy but im posotive that I can get a place because she emailed me to call her for a date.

Change of plan !

Ive actually changed my mind about who I'm gonna go with so now I'm thinking Cabral. I was planning to go in may/June with another Uk girl on RS but plans haven't worked out. So a family member who doesn't want me to go has made an agreement to pay for my surgery for me to go next year if I exercise and train this year at gym. Either way I don't loose my partner has been a nutritionalist and my dad a body builder.

Next year with Dr Cabral

He quoted me $3,500 for BBL
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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