Dr. Yily BBL & Possible Breast Implants - Dominican Republic

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Well, I finally decided to write my first post. I...

Well, I finally decided to write my first post. I am excited and very nervous. My biggest concern is that I do not know Spanish. I have seen the girls posts on here & they have been VERY helpful.

I am very small, so this is also a concern. I am 5'6" & 132. I am only an A cup. However, I want a very natural, sexy look. I'm not a fan of the big butt. I just need a butt. lol If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Also, if anyone is going around this time, I would love to meet up. This already seems like an emotional rollercoaster.

2 more days (Yily)

Well, it is almost that time. I'm at the airport now & will be in the DR by 11 tomorrow. Idk. I'm a bit nervous & excited. I just wanted to update & keep in touch with everyone.

Post op

Well, I had my sx on Monday. Besides Yily not giving me any hips, I was OK w/ my results. I begged her to give me a natural look w/ a small butt & small hips. First, she said she gave me hips & I would have to wait. Then, she said I had a lot of bad fat & she choose to put what she could use in my butt. So, who knows, but overall, I look ok. Before I left on yesterday I noticed I wasn't draining at all & told 3 ppl. They told me I was fine. Smh I got up today & my entire body was really swollen & my knees were HUGGEEE. They scared the s**t out of everyone. So, of course, I rushed to CIPLA. I got there & they told me it was normal. I told them I wasn't leaving until I saw a dr. (A friend of mine told me I need some compression socks. Thanks girl) anyways, I saw Yily's DR. assistant & she was very helpful. She also suggested socks & said my drains were blocked a lot & fixed. She also said its not fluid in my knees, it's inflammation & it's normal. I feel better now but every time I look at my body, especially my knees, it scares the s**t out if me. I hope it goes down soon!
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