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Dr. Emmanuel Mallol is an excellent choice when...

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol is an excellent choice when choosing Dominican Republic for surgery. I originally found him on IG but he had no pics of his work then I came to realself and he didn't have many reviews however the ones he had were all positive (which is not normal) but after my experience with him I understand why. My results are great but I seen some of his work with my own eyes and he delivery without the complaints and complications. I give him a 10 if I could. No complaints here.. none

6 weeks post op pics only my waist shrinking

I'm almost 6 weeks and only my waist have been shrinking. I have finally got to my stage 2 garment but I had to have the waist alternated. My hips and butt are still the same in inches as when I first measured two weeks post op. I'm still sitting on my booty buddy pillow almost everywhere I go and sleeping on my stomach. I'm still swollen a little in my upper back hopefully it will be gone in two weeks. I excited about this stage of the healing process because I will be in the fluffing stage right in time for the summer..

Still no shrinking

I'm 7 weeks post op still no shrinking in my butt as of yet. I finally started sitting without my buddy pillow and I have started waist training at night. I still wear my compression garment 23 hours a day and I just got the vendetta and babyyyyy this thing gives life to everything I wear. It a one piece so it takes 3 ppl to get help me get in but it makes my butt sit up and shrink my waist and back. I'm still wearing my foams and boards also. Remember ladies this is YOUR journey, no one else. Take care of yourself pre and post op and DO own YOUR research. "Hear say" only led to confusing on your part.

7 weeks post op

I'm 7 weeks as of today still no shrinking in my butt. My current measurement are 40 29 45. I have had my fajas taken in, so I'm still compressing daily and I keep up with my post op regime . I have had 2 alcohol drink and each time I swell up. So I stay away from the alcohol it sucks too cus I bought back some alcohol you can only get in the Dominican and I can't even drink it now but once I'm healed I'm turn up with it looking fine but for now I'm staying away. Swelling it about 85% gone, my sides are still tender plus this week when I'm not on my faja I get a burning sensation in my back and stomach when I get up from a resting position. I'm sitting without my pillow but not for long. My figure is popping without my gear but now you can see it with all my gear on. I'm glad I got my sx when I did because I will be all healed up for the summer and the fluff fairy will come right time for the summer.

Almost 8 weeks post op

I'm almost 8 weeks post op. My results are starting to show more and more. I'm amazed that my butt has not shrunk at all and now it's starting to increase in inches. My current measurment are 36 29 46.. My goals are 34 27/28 47.. The swelling is ALOT better in my back. I'm still compressing 23 hours a day. I have 7 different fajas so I have my options. One thing I did notice when I wear certain fajas my shape changes. So please be mindful when choosing a fajas as it shapes your body. My 1st round I didn't wear one at all and I truly believe that what my results were not good. But I'm glad things worked out like this because I can truly appreciate my results and I'm truly humble but fine. I always wanted to be one of those women with beauty brains and a banging body with a humble spirit and now I'm there.. lol ???? ???? I just didn't know what it would take to get me there... But the crazy thing is I wasn't even checking (researching) for Dr. Mallol I found him at the last minute (2 months before)... Best last minute decision I ever made.

10 weeks post op

I will be 10 weeks post this week and I'm so glad the ruff part I'd almost over with. I think fluff fairy came to visit I gained 2 inches to from 45 inches to 36 28ish 47... I'm hoping to hold steady at 47inch since I'm only 5'4 anything more wouldn't look natural. I still compressing all day but when I do come out of my armour the attention is real. I haven't had any problems or complications, I'm still taking all of my vitamins and getting messages, I also started ultrasound cavitation high radio frequency treatments and exercising. I'm looking forward to going without my fajas just in time for summer.


12 weeks post op

As of today I am 12 weeks post op and so glad the worst is over. I'm still compressing 23 hours a day and taking my vitamins plus the high radio frequency Cavitation treatment. I save a lot of money by buying a professional machine for home use. I still have very little loose shin plus I'm working on the damage my round 1 doctor did. I get upset everytime I think about I paid that lady double of what I paid and she botched me.. but I digress and move on cus Dr.Mallol worked it all out now. The love and revenge I been getting is mind blowing. My exs are going crazy they all.want me back.. Even my kids dad asked me to move back to the state I'm from to be a family after 6 yrs of moving away. I'm amazed of how a nice shape will change a man whole attitude.. lol

I lost count

Here's are a few update pics. I stop counting the weeks after I hit 12 but I'm 5 months post op. I'm still wearing my faja most of the time... I'm so happy with my results. I haven't had any complaints or complications and I haven't been to not 1 post op visit since I returned. I'm so happy I decided to take a leap of faith and go out of country. In my opinion they are giving out butts here in America but they giving out bodies, shapes and changing lives in Dominican Republic. I had my 1st done here in the states and I was botch but I went over seas and my results are perfect for me. The projection he gave me is insane. Only thing I can say is Mallol did that.. lol

1yr Post

As of 4.7.17 I'm a year post. All but a little swelling in my back is gone. My measurements are still hold true. 34.28.47.. My only regret is not going to Mallol this 1st around. I didn't not have any post Dr app. Just massages and self care. My recovery was almost perfect, no complaints or complications.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

He was very attentive, very personable, very knowledgeable and experienced. I showed him a wish picture and he gave me what i wished for. His entire staff was amazing and made the experience better. I'm so grateful that I chose him. Even though he wasn't my original chose for my round 1, he was my best chose. I have no complaints or complications.

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