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I havent been able to to a post going...

I havent been able to to a post going to DR....but its about to go down....a few months left before my whole life will exciting.... i contacted Dr. Almonte a few weeks ago because her barbies are amazing!!! And i really need alot of work done. With my clothes i look ok but with out...urghhhhh. i recently lost 101lbs. And i still have alot to go. Im only 5'6 and i want to weigh at least 165 when i go see her in March...right now im sitting at 197-198 blah...

so a little about me..

I have 5kids the oldest is 11 and my youngest are twins they are married 11yrs and have been together for 16yrs. I am 32yrs old i live in Belleville NJ. And currently a stay at home mom. Since my husband runs a barbershop....i get to stay home and be with my babies... i recently had Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tiajuana Mexico with Dr. Elias Ortiz. Through. A Lighter Me....omg. lets just say my whole life has changed.. i started at 298lbs in February 2014. Day of surgery March2014 i Was 275. Today i sit at 197-198 depends....i really hope i will be at least 165-170 day of surgery. I already got my quote from Dr. Almonte!!!

just posting pics....

Im a little nervous cuz 7months is kinda close...:)

more before and after

Am i silly to say my faja wont do me justice i tried it on and i look the same!! I tried on large and medium .but i mean i have to really good ones. Its this extra skin i have it really sux! Hopefully i can find a super duper one....

Dr. Medina Sent me a quote:)

So as we all know i am set on Dr. Almonte. She does wonders on thick girls....well i mean by thr time i go in march god knows ill be an itty bitty since my sleeve hates food...loo but anywho a few days ago Dr. Medina sent me a quote for $6000 not bad...except im paying 6250 with RH for Almonte...she will be my first round so i need everything included....:)

time is getting closer..

So im still losing inches like crazy but i need my body done badly. I swear i feel like since everything happen my whole body literally at loss of sleep thinking of my new soon to be body 24-7 it is embedded in my head exactly what i posting a few wish pics....cuz i know everyone post wish pics...????

???????? btw did i mention im planning my wedding renewal

My husband and i will be celebrating 11yrs married dec 23rd. So ive decided we are celebrating next year with a huge wedding renewal party! 12Yrs next year. Well we been together 16yrs this year... i feel so old damn it. And im only i mention i have 5kids? Yup 5kids with hubby....omg. i think i might need botox soon. Lmfaooo posting pics of my soon to be venue and dream dress...

More wish pic;)

Just wanted to post a few wish pics just to keep up with my motivation,, I'm so anxious and excited .....

just a little pic of me...still losing weight.

Im wearing old navy size medium. Im so thrilled...

.and an update pic...

and also an updated pic of what i look like now???? im amazed at how body is transforming. ..

Wish pics

Found some more wish pics...

Wish pic...

I love this chicks booty....

Hi dolls

So I have roughly a few short months to go and shit is getting real...I'm super nervous but keeping my sanity by staying busy with wedding planning..... So I'll just post the three dresses I'm torn between lol....

Forgot to add

My date has changed to Feb.26 2015 I'm like omg that's literally around the corner..the holidays are making it even faster for me cuz u know how the holidays always fly hopefully I'll be with Almonte before we know it,,,,,

just a few pics

Well ladies 15wks to go till i seen Dr. getting nervous!!!

so the time is dwindling down????

Just realized how fast time is flying... im so excited and nervous. Its literally the holidays around the corner! And afterwards ill be a whole new me....i cant wait????

everyday my body gets smaller

Dont know if i still need the BBL so im debating it right now...maybe in DR ill want the booty greed but right now....hummmm im thinking i dont need it....blah,..

i lost 110lbs in 9months!

Well im officially down -110lbs. And im absolutely ready to go to DR ..... literally counting down my date im beyond excited. I dont know what i will look like after but im not complaining much with my clothes on right now???????????? lol... no serioisly i feel amazing right now!


So i havent lost anymore weight. But somehow i still am shrinking. I swear my sleeve i got was worth every damn penny....
So now my date is getting closer for DR....but NOW my husband says he is tagging along to help so im absolutely ecstatic! So we will be making a small vacation out of it and getting a hotel instead of a RH. Because we want to bring my son who is diabetic. Ill be having my daily massage and having a nurse make daily visits to me. Im happy hubby will be there. ???????????????? well talk to u guys soon....i need to start my luggage slacking....

11wks 2go....

Flying out April 30th for my May 1st Surgery with Almonte.... Lord its getting real!

just some before pics with clothes on

Just posting what i look like so far before going to DR i have 11wks left!! Yay

few short weeks to go...

Well its official i only have double digits as i do my countdown. 46Days to going crazy... im just a nervous wreck........idk what to write. My mom is giving me bad vibes saying she has a feeling im not coming back???? this really upsets hubby is excited but also is saying i dont need to go???? i am so upset. I just wana do this for me.....hoping i dont get cold feet last min. Since ive already changed my dates two times... i just wana fix my squishy tummy that so much to ask????

countdown to DR

My digital countdown

changed my date

Im booked for March 2nd 2016. I had to change it since my daughter got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. But its coming soon!! Hope to have amazing results since im obsessed with what ive been seeing....????

Almonte Barbie 2be MARCH2,2016

Ok... here goes. Ive written reviews before & its a little complicated. Ive lost -120lbs with my gastric sleeve that was preformed with "ALIGHTERME" IN TIJUANA MEXICO. I USED TO BE A SIZE 22-24 3X 321LBS. I WAS EXHAUSTED EMBARRASSED AND DISGUSTED WITH MYSELF. Now i feel Blessed & Amazing! Its time for a changed! Ive never been this tiny since in my teens. Im 33 married with 5 children. I am going with Dr. Fatima Almonte in SDQ!!! Ive researched alot and im very impressed with all her dolls. Including some of my good friends that look absolutely amazing!! Well its my turn!! And March 2nd cant come any sooner!!!!

so time is going quickly

Cant believe how quickly time is flying i only have like 11wks till i leave to DR. Im flying out March 1st 2016 omg. Im seriously super nervous and anxious. I just wana wake up and be transformed already. Hello can March 2nd be here already. Btw for my vsg or rny girls I've gained 15lbs since surgery. Im sure its just stress and the holiday drama lol...

03-02-16 can't come any sooner!

Omggg. Im ecstatic my date is approaching very soon and Lesley has kept me up to date and she is amazing. Any little question i have she answers i seriously cant wait to hug her and tell her how much i appreciate her for keeping me sane and this point of my soon to be transformation. So ima keep u guys updated as much as i can 11wks and counting dolls!! Let the count down begin.... DR here i come. I see it like this. I was American made with my puerto rican parts reborn with a mexican stomach (sleevie) and im going to be dominican made... (on point) jiji... yay...

6.5 weeks to go! Omgoodness

So its down to 6.5 weeks till the infamous Almonte transforms my body. Im beyond excited. But my nervous have kicked it 100% and ive gained like 15lbs... ???? but im thinking well she can always stick that 15lbs in my ass!! Lmfaoooo. Jk! But seriously ive gained. Im just a mess of nerves. I cant imagine what i will feel when im 1week till DR.. so yea just a little update. Soon is coming sooner then i thought.... its been a year since i had to reschedule. So this is really exciting for me... btw my Hemo is 13.5. So thats good. Cuz in order to get any surgery it must be 12+ but mines must remain 13 to get all i want.... so ttyladies later.... xo...

oh wait another health concern

So for some that follow me. I have 2 Diabetic children a 5yr old he was diagnosed when he was 1yrs old... and my 12yr old she was diagnosed Nov. Of last year. And unfortunately my other 5yr old (they are twin boys) got diagnosed last month Dec. 27th... its soooo depressing and stressful. So yea just wanted to update on that. Life isnt easy but im blessed with my kids.... waiting on my husband's to get tested cuz he is showing signs of diabetes also... talk about a sweet family????

wish pics... 5wks 2go

Posting some wish pics...
Its officially 4wks & 6days to go!
Im going through it bad.. all i wana do is eat... eat... eat... lol... i guess ill get over it


Omg. Its finally hitting me. In 24days i will be an ALMONTE DOLL.. OR SHOULD I SAY AN ALMONTE BEAST! Im so excited nervous and emotional.
Ok excited cuz well hello ive planned this since i went to mexico for my gastric sleeve. Nervous because im going to DR alone. And im not use to being alone. I have 5kids and hubby n they are my whole life. And emotional cuz well i feel i could use all this money on my kids. Like i always do. But then i think damn all the toys n clothes they grow out of. But my body is a forever thing. OMGGG LIKE 24DAYSSS$S. IM LEAVING IN 24DAYS. OK. OK ITS HAPPENING. ALMONTE HERE I COME.

15Days! My Life will change!

Well its happening. In 15days ill be heading to DR to have my body transformed by the infamous DR. FATIMA ALMONTE!! Im so excited and nervous im literally driving myself nuts! I already had 2 dreams that i missed my flight. Lol. Last night i said babe omg i had another dream i missed my flight and he said maybe those dreams mean u shouldnt go! I laughed like booooy! Shut ya mouth???????????????????? i need this waist hella snatched! Lol. Omg guys im scared as hell! Like what if i come back way to BOMB???????? ctfu. Omg. 15DAYS!! Im going in 15DAYS. So excited scared and blessed. Finally doing something for me. (besides the gastric sleeve) Im happy guys cuz finally ITS MY TURN! Its me time. Omggggg. (jumping up and down) (like a little ass kid in toys r us) (except its gona be bodies-r-us) lmfao.

omg lemme tell u

Ok so i went out to a resturant with hubby n kids. And had just cashed my check???? it was around 12noon we ate and i left not realizing i left my purse!! I had $6000 cash in a white envelope in my passport book and i had $350cash hubby had just gave me.. Girls i didnt realize i lost my purse until 6hrs later!! I was going crazy lookng for my purse then it hit me.. I left it at the resturant! Fml i called and they said they found out i can come get it. When i drive there im crying begging god pls lord let my money be there.
Finally 20mn later im there i open my purse and the $350 is missing so i go nuts .. Mad as hell. BUT GUESS WHAT WHOEVER FOUND MY PURSE GOT SO DAMN EXCITED THEY FOUND $350THEY DIDNT SEARCH NOMORE. AND MY $6000 CASH WAS ALL THERE LADIES! Imagine my luck! I was soo lucky. Owell for the $350.. Thank god my passport and all IDs n credit cards were untouched.. So DR IN 15DAYS!!

DUDEE.... 11 DAYS 2GO!!!

Omg. Lets just say these past few days been really rough on me. Im an emotional mess. Really stressed out. I just want these 11days to fly by so i can live my life to the fullest and just forget about my past. Just so much going on. Its frustrating. But 11days is keeping me motivated and excited.

what im looking like 11days before i leave

Just wanted to update what gaining 17lbs looks like on my frame. Im 5'7
Im nervous. I cant help it.
Im an emotional mess.
I will post pics when i get 2 DR i promise!
And ill be documenting the entire journey from flight to finish.
Idk if ya ready 2c me butt naked???????????? i swear my clothes be lying! Extra skin is no joke.
Pretty sure ill need a rd2 by end of year so ill def keep ya posted on that too.
Because for rd2 im considering yily or duran. Smh idk. Maybe ill go back 2 Almonte if it works out the way i want.
Rd2 will consist of arm lift additional lipo and lipo to legs.

#10Days 2go!!!!

Its happening... 10 more days!!! Omgggg im so excited

8 days 2GO!!!

Nerves have officially kicked in ladies. Its happening so fast... So here is my question. Any vets have advice to give me?

7 Days 2go!

I just made an Instagram guys!
I made it so u can follow my journey from the minute i get to the airport to my tears & fears before & afters docs info... And blah blah blah....


Its happening!
7Days and counting

6 days 2go ladies.

Im freaking out its literally happening. This time next week ill be 1 day post op! I cant believe how fast time is flying! Seems like just yesterday i was saying 6more months now im saying 6more days... #countdown baby##

4 Days 2go!!

Shit just got real!! Im so nervous guys!! 4Days is like right around the corner.

3days 2 go!

Its happening. Im packed and ready nervous stressing. But stressing about my life not surgery.
God is good and ima push foward.
Ill post before pics when im in DR ladies. But here is one for now that u can see me pushing my fat 2 the sidem disgusting!!!! Urghhh

Less then 48hrs till DR

Ok im laying in bed like.......
Is this really happening?
Am i really doing this?
Is this really happening?
Is this really happening?
Is this really happening?
Its happening
In less then 48hrs ill be on a plane 2 Santo Domingo Guys!!
Im having a heart attack!
This shit is happening!
Omgggggg: im too freaking excited & nervous!
Well i guess i gota finish packing. Ttyl dolls. #itsbhappening

Less then 24hrs till take off

Ladies its happening.
Ill be heading 2 DR @ 9am 2mrw morning.
Is this really happening?
My nerves are shot! Im soo nervous and scared cuz alot of things happen in DR i just dont wana be one of them. U feel me?
Well ill let u guys know when im at the airport!!!!! Toodles!!!????????????????????

flipping out! 13hrs till i head 2 airport dolls

Ill be heading 2 airport in 13 hrs. Im scared girls. Im nervous. Im crying. This is happening. Im soooo freaking out. Lord keep me in your prayers. Thanks dolls.


Shit just got real!

im here in cepip

Im nervous guys. Im the first one to go few hrs left till im on the flat side.

almost my turn dolls...

Slept at cepip last night. Im exhausted. Tossing and turning all night long.
But the day is here dolls.. Almost show time!

ok... im on the flat side...

Ima post pics. Bare with me. Im not feeling 100% just yet
Im healing well...
Im @ My Home Recovery
Ladies this is were u should def stay between food and nurses they are amazing and there are hosp beds ladies. S[oo worth it

guys.... u made me cry.

I read your replys and mesgs.
Thanks soo much it means soo much 2me. This is a process and absolutely no walk jn the damn park.
But im guessjng all the pain im in will be worth it eventually.
Guyssssss im so emotional its happened im on the flat side.... Thanks for following my journey.
Its not over... Be patient ill let u know everything once i feel better


A. Photo to keep u busy...
Im exhausted girls.. Body drained.
But im doing well

2wks post op

Ok here goes 2wks post op pics.. No pain ladies Just very damn sore I am very active. So in guess that helps Nooow. Ladies i am pretty sure i have a seroma. My drain is out i took it out 3days ago. So now time 2 find a plastic surgeon to drain this shit. Cuz its annoying. Urghhh. Well hope u love the pics dolls...


Ok... Day 1 i got to DR on time.
Neper was there 2 get me...
He is awesome.
If u need his num i got u.
He drove me 2 Almonte office.
I was greeted by Rochelle i think thats how u spell it. Her booty is awesome btw lol. Lesley was there too. She helped so much.
Got all my bloodwork ekg mri. Nlah blah blah... Boring lol.
Met Almonte. Thats when i knew it was getting real. She checked me out. And said mama ima change everything.
She said i want u 2stay at hosp 2niight (3-1-16) cuz (3-2-16) u go first. Im like omgggggggggg. Its happeninggggg.
So i stay over night. Nervous food was good nurses were nice took a shower. Signed my life away 2 Lesley lol. Paid her. Cash girls cash. N i was up all night crying cuz i knew my life was about 2 change.
3-2-16 day of surgery
Got body marked up by Almonte @ about 8am
Blue pill @ 9am
After that everything was blurry
I was soooo tired.
i was sore and in pain but i was good. In and out of it.
Dnt remember much
I got up 2x a my room was spinning vomiting. But it was time for My Home Recovery
I got there n slepted alllllll day in bed.
Girls i woke up and everyone was soooo good 2me. Ana was my fav nurse. She was sooo good 2me.
The food is bomb. The atmosphere was awesome. Ladies this is the place. Wifi and phone u can use.
I had massages daily fresh fruit n juices round the clock. Netflix all day.
Girls these ladies go above and beyond 4u.
Almonte was on call 4me. She was awesome.
Neper was my driver i tipped him $5 everytime n he was awesomeeeeee.
Ladies. Ask me whatever im here to help.


Ill take more pics this week

Here is the NYC doc info ladies

Here is the doc i will go to so i can have my seroma drained.
Seromas are a big possibility ladies. So keep that in mind.

Hemo 7.8 #jesustakethewheel

Last week monday i went for bloodwork
And my doctor has been calling me to come in but ive been soo busy with the kids my business and just life itself.
So finally i went yesterday and he says Omayra this is important. Your hemo last monday was 7.8 we need bloodwrk right now if its lower u need a blood transfusion and iron infusion tomorrow morning.
Ladiess$sss im waiting on my doc to call.
I actually thought the sleepiness im going through is because my body is recovering but its because my hemo is low.
And ladies. My protien intake isnt enough. (crying face inserted)
My hair is literally falling out. And its also a side effect of low hemo. Lord this is taking a toll on me. Im so damn upset
Anyone else ever gone through this.
Well ill keep u posted .....
Oh btw they day i left DR they told me my hemo was 12.
So im 3wks post op with a 7.8 hemo


bam what!!!

5Weeks post op ladies

im changed...

Still healing5wks post ladies


Cant believe how fast im healing still swollen back achy but all in well ladies.... Slowly but surely.... Ill share u some tips during weekend.


body issues

Can this be that after all i have done... I AM NOT SATISFIED! Im one of those greedy ppl saying i dnt see what u see. I KNOW IM LITERALLY LOSING MY MIND. Ladies. Im going through a depression really bad.... And its taking me down.. I feel like im drowning. Now ive heard of ppl like this. They are just never satisfied. See im already planning rd2 and rd3 ladies bair with me. Rd2 will consist of arm lift and BA with more lipo. RD3 will be more BBL and leg lift. EVERYDAY I SEE SOMETHING I WANA FIX. LIKE I WANA CRY!!!! Sometimes i feel ugly. And it gets to me. Then my hubby ladies. He lovess my body dnt get me wrong but he also regrets letting me go. He hates when ppl stare. LADIES EVEN AT CHURCH!!!!! I MEAN THIS IS TOO REAL! ITS SCARY AT TIMES. I HAVE PPL STARE OFTEN AND TAKE PICTURES ON THE REGULAR EVEN AT THE GYM. EVEN W HILE IM IN BATHROOM I COULD BE WASHING MY HANDS N PPL WILL SNAP PICS OR TOUCH ME LIKE WTF ARE U KIDDING ME. IVE HAD PPL GRAB MY WAIST 2C IF I HAVE A FAJA OR GRAB MY BUTT TO SEE IF ITS BUTT PADS. #jesustakethewheel its overwhelming. Idk just its alot 2take in.... Especially when u have children. So here is hubby talkjn bout wear big shirts n sweats. And im like wtf i dnt wana look frumpy and fat I paid alot for this body and i deserve to show a little. Hellooooooo!!!!

pics... ????????????

Just a few pics.... Ill be deleting this page soon. Since im thinking of starting a new one for my RD2

Hi dolls

Almost 3months post op... 28/29inch waist 47inch booty Life has been hectic. Im sorry for the delay soon ill answer all your questions . . Im just going through it bar with me????????

Gym chronicles

Back in the gym Now if I wanna lose 25lbs am I gonna lose my curves?????? Im doing 1 hr 13incline 3.0 speed on treadmill 4x wkly


Planning RD2 LADIES!!!! Who's coming with???!!! I need a surgery buddy... Now the question is stick with Almonte or go with Yily or Duran? This is only because I want a mote snatched wait n more butt. Don't judge me loll. Just more belly liposuction put that in my butt loll. Now in also getting an arm lift n boobs!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!# Now planning it out before the year is over in thinking Oct? ??

Rd2 wish pics..

I wanna lose 25lbs b4 rd2 #jesustakethewheel in soooo ready

Body tight

And sooooooo body holding strong.... Right now life is good.... ?????????????

Before & After

Ok ladies round 1 is complete...
Round 2 is underway.
I supplied some ladies with my number. Im thinking of starting a new Instagram ill keep u posted.
Getting ready for round 2 loves.
Be ready 4me....
Its happening
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Ladies look at my before & afters this woman has Godly hands. She is heaven sent bless this woman she is absolutely amazing I would do my surgery was her all over again in a heartbeat she actually changed my life my body my mind my mindset my world she is incredible I love this woman two thumbs up for her surgery skills she will snatch you in all the right places love love love you thank you from the bottom of my heart you are an incredible doctor incredible surgeon and an amazing beautiful person thanks again

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