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Hi All, First off I'd like to thank all the...

Hi All,

First off I'd like to thank all the wonderful people here on RS who have greatly assisted me in my doc choice and have given me the courage to go abroad for cosmetic surgery. I'm a RS newbie and for as long as i can remember I've been wanting this procedure. I plan on getting a LIPO (full back, flanks, abdomen), BBL, and TT (w/o muscle repair- I have no kids). I'm in the planning stages as i don't intend on getting this surgery until next summer (2014) and i plan on contacting Yily sometime in early march for my quote. The reason for this being I am currently in school and it is a very rigorous program alongside hold down a full time job therefore i have to wait until school lets out. Although i want to get this procedure now like YESTERDAY lol, i will use my time wisely and prepare my body for surgery. I am currently 5''7 259lbs. I intend on losing 50 by consultation and another 15lbs before surgery putting me right around 195lbs. I exercise very regularly with a trainer, and know this is achievable as I've lost 40lbs last year (over the summer). I am doing this bc i want my body strong and to maximize MY results. (I think all the pics from Yily's work look Fabulous- this is just what i want for ME). I plan on going to DR with my mother and a Spanish speaking friend of ours. I will be updating on my weight loss progress periodically, however, i will start blogging more after my consultation and quote (when it's really REAL for me!)


So the reaosn i've decided to go with Yily

Is for a few reasons. I was definitely attracted to the prices I've seen in ALL girls quotes from YILY. I mean its very affordable without the financing. Also, I've seen some blogs on here where she worked WONDERS with big (and beautiful) females. Being that i'm pleasantly plump this immediately attracted me to her work. I also LOVE her sculpting skills! I'm not looking to have an abnormally tiny waist and i feel that she produces a very hott and sexy, curvacious natural look.

Ok so enough of the superficial stuff. I must admit, when i saw the BOOTY THAT DURAN GIVES i was having second thought on Yily. But ladies, i believe there is a method to this woman's madness. If she does not give you 2 basketballs on your backside, it may be because your body cannot handle it! I've read a review from a Cabral barbie that had gotten too much fat injected in her rear in where it now rested on the sciatic nerve and caused permanent numbness in her leg. Now I'm in no way or form knocking down any of these doctors and i do believe that anything can go wrong with anyone anywhere, but do your research and keep in mind your health over vanity. I TRUST in Yily's work. Her credentials are 10 miles long and i truely believe she is not going to do anything that she feels puts you at medical risk...This is the PRIMARY reason i choose YILY. good luck to all you dolls and future dolls (like myself) bc no matter what doctor we choose to go with- we are all on the same Journey.

Take care

Calling all Yily Dolls

For the ladies that have gotten quotes, or had their surgery already- Does Yily have a weight requirement? B/c i'm hearing conflicting stories! But i seen her work on some girls way over 200lbs.....enlighten me lol

Thank Yilyness for My RS sisters

So I mentioned previously that i wasn't going to seek a quote until march. Well One of my FABULOUS rs sisters (mamacita) has advised that i should seek a quote ASAP b/c Yily's quotes will probably be more expensive by next year.

Also, Yily is leaving for Maternity leave end of November to 3rd week in Jan (I believe) so when she comes back she will be SWAMPED....soooo i took several deep breathes, took pictures of this naked body of mine and emailed them to Dra Yily. Lordy oh lordy does she have her work cut out for her! LOL! well i'm glad i got it over with...I'll be taking a short hiatus and leaving the country for 2 weeks tomorrow so hopefully i will hear from the original Yily doll herself upon my return.

This certainly won't deter me from losing the weight i intended to. I'm actually feeling it will be more of a motivation if anything (btw, ive lost 2 pounds. @257 now)

Vacationing and Dieting do NOT mix...

I'm in Asia ya'll...this food is off the hook. I plan on doing light cardio (swimming, jogging, walking) while i'm here, eat in moderation and hope for the best. I'm still awaiting my quote from Yily...i know she take a couple of weeks but i'm so excited to just LOCK in my date. #yilydoll2014

Ya'll be well xoxo

So i was suprised with a trip to Indonesia for the weekend

I met up with someone in Asia...they suprised me with a trip to Indonesia for the weekend. Here are a few pics of Indonesia...OMG Queen these r for you :-)

If you want the Asia pics let me know...

I know Yily is a very busy woman but

i want my quote!!! lol. I'm so ready to lock in my surgery date it's not even funny! I just want to thank all the RS vets for your posts and welcoming questions from newbies like myself! I feel like I would have never made this decision if it wasn't for the girls that shared their experiences with me; i'm about to walk in ya'll shoes.

I translated my email and re sent it to Yily (in the same email), I'm hoping for maybe a quicker turn around time? wishful thinking i know :(

I Breathe and dream this sx!

I've noticed once you decide to go through with sx and it's what you really want to do...it consumes your life! and I'm a full time student holding a full time job and every little spare moment i get i think, research and speak on this surgery! I know I'm not the only one! Sometimes i stand in from of the mirror hold my fat stomach, squeezing it it to see how small yily can make it! lol. I know its crazy like an obsession lol. Today i went on line just to glance at some sexy bikini swimwear that i (hopefully) will be rockin next year! lol...just a lil rant from this crazy mind of mine.

Still waiting on yily quote...growing anxious!

Bye beauties xo

I forgot to add

The most frustrating part is that when i text her...she texts back same day!!! i respect her schedule but momma Yily giving me anxiety lol

The goddess herself has spoken

and she said i need to lose 40lbs lol. aka im big as hell. I'm on a super mission to lose 60 by end of march (10 lbs a month).It's been very difficult with my schedule but i'm trying my best to get at least 4 hours of workout in a week.

I'm currently 251.8

I'm making progress but i know i could be eating better. I'm determined to get the body i want. i deserve this. At 215 my BMI will be below 35 and i should be ok for surgery but i will be more comfortable with 200, and hopefully get better results. There is just an extra step in my journey and thats ok. I've accepted that. So i hope the bigger women aren't discouraged because, although our journey may just be longer, it's achievable. I will update periodically.

Chao Beauties XOXO

I just wanted to Say

I STALK RS and all you DOLLS look AmAzInG.

I cant wait to walk in your shoes

You all are BEAUTIFUL


So i was getting anxious

as the weeks were passing and i'm making progress with my weight loss, i decided to email yily again..and ::DRUMROLL:: She gave me a quote! lol. She said i MUST be 215 or less by sx date otherwise she cant preform surgery on me. So that leaves me 8 more months to drop this 34lbs! (im down to 249) Im SO ready!!!!

She quoted me $4,400 for Liposuction (full back, abdomen, waist, flanks, and armpit), BBL, and tummy tuck

I emailed her back to request my date (June 2014)

I swear She made my daggone weekend!

June 10 2014

is the date!!!!! Yily im coming!


It's SOOOOO real! My day is 6 months away but its sooooo REAL!

I booked my one way ticket to DR.( Im booking the return ticket later when i have the money for first class). Yily said i'll be the second girl to go into surgery that day. I plan to fly into DR on the 8th, get my blood work done at cilpa, and possibly get my teeth whitened on the 9th. I'll be with my friend who's a nurse until the 15th, my mom will be flying in on the 14th and stay with me until the 19th.
Its very real that shit gets booked up FAST! its 6 months out and im the SECOND girl for June 10th? already? geeesh. lol. I've already made arrangements for a RH for the first 2 days after surgery then i will relocate to an apt or hotel.



School is kicking my butt ya'll.....I will update later when i have time

I'M on My Last paper for the semester!

Grad school is a Bisch! but heyyyyyyy ladies! :-)

I currently have no update with the weight loss since i've been on lockdown the last 4-5 weeks writing endless papers. I started back in the gym yesterday and i will be certain to start these papers SUPER early next semester to decrease stress and continue gym time.

Soooooo 5 MORE MONTHS! eeeeeeekkkk! I went to the Dr and got my EKG (everything is normal). Lab work normal. I just need to keep a continuous check on my hemo but i usually run at around a 12.4 ish so i plan on taking my blood builders starting the end of Feb. I want and Need to have the aggressive lipo, tt, and bbl hunny and my hemo better corporate! I plan on staying in an apt in DR with my sx buddy (yes i found an sx buddy ya'll) she's from NY also and cool as all heck. we have tons in common. I choose to stay at an apt rather then a rh bc of a few reasons. 1. i hear very mixed reviews on the recovery houses and im not willing to take a gamble and receive bad service 2. i don't wanna share a room and i want more privacy (dont want noise in my head) 3. My mommy is coming down and NO ONE can take better care of me then her :-). So My sx buddy and I are hiring a nurse for the first few days and hiring a massage lady (2 actually- 1 morning, 1 evening) and we have our transportation all squared away. We are just about all set. So i hear some girls talk about the price would be the same after you add everything up but i dont see how thats possible. Here are some expenses i put together so far:

Airfare: $700 roundtrip from NYC to SDQ (coach there first class back)
Surgery: $4400
Apartment: $355 for 12 day stay (split with sx buddy and we get our own rooms)
Nurse: $120- $40/day for 3 days
Driver: $75 for 12 days (split with sx buddy)
Supplies: $250 (educated estimate-i made my list online just didn't checkout yet)
Extra Cash: $400

Grand Total: $6,300

That grand total is the cost of ONE procedure in the states, not including extras lol

Yasss hunny, me and my tax return are buying a new body! woot woot! lol

G'Nite Beauties ;-)

Ok so some may take offense to this

but this is just my personal opinion on this surgery. I feel like you have to be happy and confident with yourself FIRST before deciding to get cosmetic surgery done. As women, it's so easy to allow society's views on what "beautiful" should look like rule our minds. We are conditioned as early as childhood, as per the older Disney princess movies, to believe a teeny waist, big boobs and wide hips was what was beautiful. The media puts alot of pressure on us, and I yes have fell victim to that pressure, wanting a flat tummy and the curves I've never had (Azz) so i am in no way better then any woman deciding to venture into this journey. However, it BREAKS my heart when i see ladies, BEAUTIFUL LADIES with what appears to be now perfect bodies going in for 3, 4, rounds of plastic surgery. And us women don't make it easier on each other! Im in a group where a picture was posted of a woman with a gorgeous figure whom already went for 2 rounds of plastic surgery-looking through my eyes she was flawless- yet dolls start commenting that "her doc wasn't aggressive enough with the lipo" or " her figure doesn't have a pow factor"...maybe I'm being sensitive but whats wrong with a positive statement? Arent we already our own worst critics? This is why we opt for plastic surgery in the first place. Then to have a room full of critics in a community where it's supposed to be uplifting just kinda saddens me. I Pray everyday that i am carried safely through surgery, and i am hoping i remain humble and happy and not turn cosmetic surgery into a lifestyle. The good Lord only gave me one vessel and i don't want to mess with it too much unnecessarily. I hear the booty greed it real, I'm just hoping i don't get greedy...

Every woman I've spoken to on this journey has been both beautiful and strong

Stay positive xo

I Stole this from Another RS sister who went to YILY and had PHENOMENAL RESULTS!

Yily is THE BEST. i appreciate that she took her time to respond to all these concerns. A Yily doll sent this to Yily pre surgery and received a response in 2 days! I found this VERY helpful.

Q: How many times have you performed the procedure?
A: I performed in average two a day and I've doing it four about 5 years already!
Q:How long have you performed the procedure?
A: For a long time, but I don't just sit and accept that, I always read and go to small training for new procedures.
Q: Who will assist in the procedure? Their qualifications and training?
A: I have a team composed by my anesthesiologist, two nurses and two assistants, all qualified and certfied by the correct departments in the country!
Q: Are all involved licensed in good standing?
A: Yes, they are.
Q: What is involved in the procedure? How is it performed?
A: I will answer this one tomorrow, so I can sit with time!
Q: Can I get advance copies of all forms I have to complete and sign prior to procedure?
A: The ones I use of course, I need to ask the clinic if they allow me to provide theirs to you!
Q: Are you insured for malpractice? A: Yes, I am
Q: Who will administer and monitor the sedation?
A: My anesthesiologist!
Q: How long will the procedure last? A: That depends on how much needs to be removed.. Usually between 2.5 - 4hours.
Q: How long will the sedation effects last?
A: That depends on each person, I've seen people sleeping two hours after surgery and others that are awake inmedately you take them to the room.
Q: How long will it take to recover in the facility before discharge?
A: If you have surgery today, I will discharge you the next day if all your levels are OK. If not depending on your own conditions this may vary.
Q: Where will the surgery take place? A: On the 3rd floor of the clinic, in the OR.
Q: What are the emergency plans? A: We always have everything set for the worst, although thanks GOD I've had to use it before.
Q: To which hospital would I be taken?
A: In case something happen, we have all kind of doctors at the clinic, there will be noo need to take you anywhere.
Q: Will there be noticeable scarring? A: It's just a line! I try to do it as low as your body allows me to, I usually leave under your underwear line.
Q: What realistic result can I expect? A: That depends on your complexion, but as I am no goddess, I usually say that the way you look will look 85 % - 95% better than before. Always taking in consideration that one side of your body it's totally different from the other.
Q: Will the you perform the procedure from the first cut to the last stitch?
A: Yes, I will. I am just not there when they bathe you and when the anesthesiologiist starts! But inmediately you start being under anesthesia I will be there, till my last stitch, where my assistants will bathe you again and set you up to go the room.
Q: What are the risks associated with this procedure?
A: All the ones related to surgery, if you don't tell us the truth aboout any conditions, it can complicate, there are possibilities of clots, that's why I prescribe Heparin. Sometimes people feel itchiness because of the anesthesia.
Q: What are the warning signs or concerns to watch for?
A: You should not have fever after the 3rd of surgery! You'll feel pain and discomfort, but if it is an unbereable pain, you should let us know!
Q: Do you do revisions and at what cost?
A: What kind of revisions?

20 weeks!!!

its NOT a game! 20 weeks until sx ya'll! i'm so very excited...Graduation and a new body rolled into one amazing year! LOL. Yily came back from leave showin out and producing sum BEAUTIFUL results...gosh i missed her and im glad she's back lol!

I can't even lie ive been in a rut for the past couple of months with school and relationship issue, getting the FLU and then this nasty NY weather i wasn't eating right. i am back and am more determined then ever. thats why ya'll havent been updated in terms of weight loss. I understand that this is something that has to happen and just requires my discipline. I did it b4 i'll do it again. I can't wait to get into this gym tomorrow..i feel so pumped! lol

Ya'll new yily dolls GIVE ME LIFE! you look great!! keep posting :-)


I totally been M.I.A.! Please forgive me! the semester has started again! Grrrrr and i have papers due from here to Hong Kong! LOL. In Exactly 16 weeks i will be in DR! Time Fliiieeeeeeeessss! My weight loss is slow! i'm down another 4 lbs. I havent weighed since last week bc my cycle came on and i been retaining water weight. I will be going to a weight loss clinic tomorrow to try and speed up some of this weight loss bc IT"S CRUNCH TIMMMMME!!!!!!! Hope all of you beauties are doing well. nite nite xoxo

So on top on everything else

guess who decided last minute to take her board exams early! LOL! so i've been studying, but i still managed time to pick up some sx supplies. I'm picking it up little by little. I started to taking my multivitamins and iron to build my blood levels. I figured might as well start 3 months before to be on the safe side....

So i was having a really difficult time with the weight loss especially around the holidays, school and my 2 jobs lol...plus my commute is 2 hours each way (lord the sacrifices we make to better ourselves) so i finally got my butt in gear and decided i needed help. I went to a weight loss clinic and the doc made up a plan for me and prescribed me diet pills (which need to be stopped one month prior to sx)...i weigh in with the doc on Tuesday morning...at my last weigh in on feb 25 i lost 6 lbs....14 weeks from today i'll be leaving for DR

So 13 weeks is turning into 12!

Count down from week 16 to time to leave to DR

Week 16 -6lbs
Week 15 - 3lbs
Week 14 - 1lb

Next weigh in on Tuesday morning!

Ya'll wanna hear something cool?

I finally decided to tell my sis in law about my surgery, (she a nurse practitioner in GA) and she is TOTALLY supportive! and begins telling me her friend just got surgery in DR also and looks great! and guess who her doc was???? YILY!!!!!!! wowzers...its a small world. My sis in law told me she hears really great things about my doc....I feel so great about my decision

damn time is Flying! LOL

I just realized i started this blog in AUG! OMG! please please please ladies if you have this weight to lose please start IMMEDIATELY! time waits for no one! 11 weeks is almost 10 and her are my updates

Week 13 -6lbs
Week 12 -1lbs

Weeks 11 weigh in this Tuesday! so far i've lost 17 lbs! i'm hopping with this weigh in it'll be 20lbs or over in 6 weeks!....i'm looking to lose another 30 (wishful thinking) LOL i'm working hard ya'll!!!
Ladies please we are here to motivate each other...i know the vets are my biggest motivation, they remind me of how bad i want this sx..

I was embarrassed of my weight and all my fluctuations but i'm posting the trials/ tribulations and now progress for the next women who may be having difficultly. you aren't alone, and it is possible...so far i'm right on track with my weight loss i just hope i keep the momentum!

Nite Nite Beauties~ XOXO

Sx Supplies

Please excuse any spelling typos:
-boppy pillow (for bbl)
- hibicleans (anteseptic soap)
- safty pins (for drains)
- extra pillows (2)
- bactine (wound cleaner)
- P ez urinal
- Chuck pads
- Benedryl
- Incentive spiraometer
- self adhesive gauze pads (25)
- silicone micropore tape (for tt scar)
-Arnica gel and tablets (to easy pain and bruising)
- Bromelin (pinapple extract for swelling and digestion)
- Compression socks
- Mega food blood builder (iron)
- Vitamin C

these items so far has cost me approximately $120 including the cost of shipping on some items

I still need to pick up maxi pads, t shirts, ensure, and adult cleansing clothes....

gloves, alcohol and iodine i can get from work...

Week 11


-20lbs total since Feb 18.

Lets be clear I'm doing approximately 6 hours a week cardio with a little bit of strength training and eating lean meats, veggies, fruits, soybean/veggie patties, soups, nuts, ALOT OF WATER, and one day a week i have fast food/junk food. I'm NOT starving myself.

Also, i'm taking my blood builder supplement everyday, vitamin C every days, along with a woman's multi Vitamin everyday....

Good Luck Barbz.

Week 10 weight in tomorrow :-)


week 10 -1lb
week 9- no weigh in was on vacation
week 8 -2lbs

week 7 weigh in next week....ahhh...7 more weeks!

Weight loss update

Week 7 -1lbs
week 6 -3lbs

27lbs since Feb 18. I have 5 weeks left until surgery...i'm hoping to get of another 10-15...im trying here folks!

Weight Loss Update

week 5 -3lbs
week 4 - 1/2 lb
and i weigh in tomorrow but as of today im down 31 lbs! it's definitely noticeable in my face. lost inches off my arms, legs and tummy. I'm feeling very sexy. I'm very excited for surgery. I'm working to hit that -40lbs mark so hopfully i'll be a few more lbs down tomorrow and i get another -9lbs before i leave. I HAVE 14 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW- I think i am switching to Dra Almonte. I'm just waiting for her to give me my quote

Weight loss update and GRADUATION!

week 3 -2lbs
week 2 -no weigh in-

Hey yall! i am not weighing in this week because i've been celebrating my graduation with friends/fam so i haven't been so restrictive in my diet. i will weigh before i leave to see if i made anymore progress...but i do feel like 33lbs in less then 4 months while WORKING FULL TIME, ATTENDING A MASTERS PROGRAM FULL TIME and INTERNSHIP PART TIME ON EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS is DAMN GOOD. for those of ya'll going through the same thing, you CAN do it!


Hey Ya'll!! I switched doctors! i began seeing dra Almonte work on larger frame females, and i switched. I have NOTHING BAD to say about YILY. i still LOVE YILY, however at this time Fatima is my choice. I told Yily i switched and she said she would still be here for me and helped me ansering questions about some meds. she's such a sweetheart....

Supply List

p ez
t shirts
compression stockings (1 thigh high/1 knee high)
Arnica pills and paste
incentive spirometer
silicone tape
antimicrobial gauze
maxi pads
dial anti bacterial soap
personal cleansing clothes
meal replacement shakes and protein powder
iodine pads
powder free gloves
granulex (for humans-combats neurotic tissue)
2 boppy pillows
2 regular pillows
small throw blanket
safety pins
fanny pack

finalized prices- No more sx buddy!

Procedure: $4500 (includes insurance, post op meds, 1 night stay in clinic and compression garment- tt, liposculpture, bbl)
Airfare: $680 (coach there first class back)
Apartment: $700 (for 12 nights)
Taxi: $150
RN: $120 (40/day for 3 days)
Massages: $300 (10/total-1 in the morning 1 at night)
Supplies: $250 (including vitamins/iron)
= $6700
Spending money: i budgeted $800 (additional meds, food/water, additional supplies or meds and for tipping)

With spending money/ Total = $7500

Ladies let not forget about our lympatic massages upon return! i purchsed 2 30min massages to start with for $80...i will then purchase an additional 5 for $400 upon return...


thats five 60 min massages for $400

didn't want to leave y'all hanging

I lost 35 lbs total, i stopped counting after i graduated. Im on the plane now. Sx tomorrow. Xo

on the flat side

I'm ok ladies. ...at Cecip. Update more later

6 days post op

Hey ladies. So my sx date was moved to the 9th. I am doing well and healing perfect so far. I slept a lot the first Few days after sx. Best thing i could have done was bring 4 extra pillows. With me (2reg, 2Boppy) esp if your having a tt. You want to ensure you are most comfortable. I will take pics when i get home and will update. So far the healthcare here is top notch i seen my ps 6x already after she preformed my sx and i have 2 more follow up visits b4 i leave DR. Lemme just say. ..recovery isn't easy. ,.so mentally prep yourself...if you think you'll be on the beach drinking sangria after sx, ur in for a rude awakening so u may want to get your head out of that pretty lil. Cloud lol lol. Anyway. I'll post and talk to you dolls later

9 days post op

Heading back home tomorrow. Very happy with my results so far i can't wait for swelling to go down. I'm healing perfect. No complications....THANK GOD. I can't wait to get back in the gym. Its like my mind is moving faster then my body if that makes sense. My hemo going in was 12.8...i came out sx with an 8.2. Almonte reccomend 1 pint blood so i did it. Better safe then sorry. I will go more in detail later. Any questions inbox me

Its Been SO LONG

Hi ladies. I so sorry for not geeting back. I had been so busy recovering and getting back into the swing on things! I am ok! Almontes is FANTASTIC and she did the damn thing on your girl! I am definately going back for a round 2 (being greedy). she took me from spongebob (46-48-47 embarrassing!) to 44-35-51.....yaaaassssssss hunny. Im still thick and loving every last inch of my curves! For round 2 i'm going for full back lipo, arm lipo and more boooottttttaaaaayyyyyyyy!!! lol.
Let me tell ya'll...especially with a tt, its hard getting back into a workout routine...your very limited. but it's about that time i go ahead and start back boxing again. i was to try and tone and possibly drop a few lbs i done picked up sitting on my ass recovering lol. then back i go in June...lol.
I healed PERFECT. no complications and Almonte and her Staff were phenomenal! i got supurb care and i trusted them the whole way. I sent my mom a pic of me smiling b4 sx. She thought i would be scared but i had trust and faith in my doctor and boy oh boy she did a body good. The clinic is CLEAN. Although Almonte and her teams speaks english-the rest of the clinic doesn't so be prepared. Cecip has WIFI and i was good with that, able to make phone calls n everything. I was on my period morning of sx so my hemo was a 12.9 :-( but my doc did her best and she did a good job. My driver was jose brito and he is just THE BEST EVER. seriously. i can't reccomend him enough.

Any questions feel free to hit the inbox

going back for round 2

Hi Ladies! It's been a while! I'm scheduled to go back to DR for lipo and mini bbl (Almonte gave me much booty round 1). I'm renting an apartment again, and I am currently getting back into my workout routine as before (the tt is NO joke)...hope everyone is well and I am so sorry for the late replies to my inbox.

Nite beauties xo
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I Changed to Fatima Almonte!

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