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Hey girls so im new to this site im really...

Hey girls so im new to this site im really interested in getting my procedure done by Dr yily. Her because her results are amazing OMG!!! Of course it sound crazy going to Dominican Republic but my mind is made, so I will really appreciate some feed back from any of you ladies. Oh yeah I forgot I'm 37 a mother of 4 this is something I wanted to do for yrs before baby number 4 (lol). Please note the quote listed on the top is incorrect I need to put an amount in order to post. Thank you ladies


I’m very excite and nerves at the same time. I still have not hear from Dr Yily with my quote. I emailed and whatsApp her at this point I’m just waiting patiently because her work speak for itself!!!
It's been so hard to think about anything else but get my BBl OMG I can not wait for my new body.

DR Yily here come MARCH 28th

Hi ladies,
I got my quote today YES!!! i choose March 28th.
so here i come I'm so excite OMG!! its happing... :)

The before pictures

Recovery House!!!!

Hi ladies I need help deciding where to stay . Any of you dolls have any advice or good reviews?

More before pic!!


Hey Dolls Im Going with Dr Yily sent my wire Deposit on Sat, Waiting on Her to respond!. Does anyone knows what's the next step..

I did some shopping to get my body right!!

Vitamins???????????????????? check
Spinach and ???????????? smoothie ????????????????????????????????!!

My wish pic!!

Recovery House

So I decide to stay at Upscale RH. Liz the owner is very nice. Plus the fact that she was Dr Yily patient is a big plus and the house is BEAUTIFUL!!


Hi ladies!

My hemo level is 12 my doctor said is normal how ever Yily will not touch me unless it 13!!! Help
I been taking my vitamins for two week, I even take my iron pill twice a day!!

Hoping these work!!

I'm a little nerves trying to bring my hemo level from 12 to 13 by March 28th!! Please let this work!!!'

I can't wait to use it

Please read!! Death

My supplies list! It's get real!! Wow

6 White beaters
6 White tee shirts with sleeves
7 seven maxi dresses
2 pair of sweat pants
1 sweater
Towel and rag
1 blanket
rejuveness pure silicone sheeting
4 pair of compression socks
Arm sleeves
2 faja small and xs mall
1 lipo pad
Arnicare tablets
Arnicare gel
Dial antibacterial hand soap
Bio oil
Waterproof bandages
Mederma scar gel
Sports bra
P Ez
6 Comfort bath cleansing washcloth
Gauze pads
Goodnites bed mats
Mouth wash
Tooth paste and brush
Panties liners
Summer eves stuff
All my vitamins
Pain killers
Boopi pillow

Wow!! I lost 10 pound woot woot!! 10 more to go before March 28th


So me and my roommate hire a nurse for CIPLA. We refuse to stay overnight after sx by our self because of all the bad reviews about the nurses not being concerned or being any helping at CIPLAI. Liza at rh house recommended Zara!! Will keep you guys updated if she worth the money!'

3 more days until I become Yily doll!!

I'm so ready to see my transformation. Im arriving to DR on Thursday morning, I plan on spending the day at the beach just relaxing and clearing my mind before the big day on Friday! My only concern is my hemo level, the time last I check it was only 12. I have been on iron now for two months and nothing has change I'm hoping it change by Friday. I have try everything and nothing has work oh well. Anyway I'm so excite to become Yily doll..

It's about the time!!

As of today my measurements are
I'm very excite and nerves at the sometime. Want all you ladies to keep me in your prayers as I enter my journey on Friday!!

DR here I come

Well ladies I'm boarding my flight to DR! Everyone please keep me in your prayers .. Tomorrow is the big day!! Woot woot!!!


Upscale recovery house was a great experience for me. The workers, Nurses and Dr were all kind. Food was good, fresh fruits drinks free bottle water. The driver angle was best he drove me so many different place. Ladies remember it's important to have a good RH!! The recovery process ain't no damn joke!! It hurts like mother and you need good people around.


So arrived at CIPLA on Thursday 27 to do blood, EKG, X-ray. It's now Friday Morning the day of my surgery to find out I will not be having surgery due to my hemo level went down from 12.5 to 11.7!! Ughh keep in mind I been taking iron and every could think of preparing myself for this surgery for two months. I was pissed. Ladies remember your hemo level should be 13 or better because it drops when you get to DR.?Anyways Dr Yily put me on iron IV treatment for 4 days to bring my hemo level up for Monday. So me being the person I am I made the best of those four day and enjoy Dr.

More pic of my min vac

More pic

Surgery day

I arrived at CIPLA about nine to redo my blood work. Keep in mind I been on iron IV for the last four days and the ladies at RH was making me all type of juice to help with my hemo RH ladies were so good to me!! Blood work came back 12.7 yay we're good to go. Meeting Dr Yily, she was very nice to me she gave a hug and ask me what I wanted ? I told her love made look sexy! I asked her to do my breast and she no because my hemo level was low before and she not taking a chance. After she mark me, dr Yily ask me if I was ready. I was like what she said your first. I was excite and nerves,I put on the blue gown there I was laying down on the bed. there was no time for the Blue Pill!! I was rolled into the OR room every was clean her staff was preparing the tools,while I was been inserted with anesthesia in my hands. The last cov I remember was them tell me i was going to wake and not to panic and just take deep breath. The reason for waking up is because they don't give you a lot of anesthesia when are on your face down because they don't want you to chuck! The Next thing I knew I was awake taken deep breath it did not hurt. I remember calling Yily name and I was out again! It was about 3:30 when I woke up in the recovery room throwing up clear shit! Thank God I made it thru it.. I was finally Yily doll! Ladies my experience waking up was a good thing I was alive thank God.

Day one

Day 2


Recovery OMG!! It hurts like hell. It's feel like your body is on fire. Your stiff, you can't sleep or you can not get up to used the bathroom by your self! Ladies the pain is no joke please bring your own pain killer the one they give you Do Not Work!! Thank God my doctor prescribe all my meds and pain killers!! This is why a good RH is needed!! The ladies at upscale took care of me and my roommate so good clean sheets everyday, they wash our clothing and faja, everyday our bathroom was and mop. Food in bed, nurse 24 hr!! Yily Assistant visited us at RH so we didn't need to go CIPLA!!

The day after

The day after surgery my hemo level drop to 7.5. Yily prescribe blood transfusion it's cost $150 a bag!! Thank God it work.

5 day post

In small faja and drains were removed!!

Leaving dr

Leaving Dr to my kids thank you God. 10 days 9 nights it was really. I met great people made new friends, my experience was great.. I got my teeth whiting and deep clean and foul filling by Dr Yily sitter yes she is a dentist. Very nice just like Yily..

Home sweet home

One week post, I'm still swollen but loving my result!!

Before and after

Loving my result and counting my blessing!!!

So today I had a follow up with a surgeon in PA!! Thank God everything is healing good, he recommend I get more message because my body is still stiff. He said I was the first person that came to see him that had surgery in DR and does not have an infection!!WOW!!Thank God !! Ladies please be careful which doctor and RH you choose..

Two weeks post!!

2 week post

So today I officially made two weeks. Well ladies my body is still stiff and the sharp pain ain't no joke, it feel likes your body is on fire. I'm still on pain killers. Still get my messages, my butt is still stiff I'm afraid to sit on it!! Lol. Today I went into extra small faja and I start using my waist cincher.


Today measurement is 36,26,46.
I'm hoping by the end of the three months to be 36,24,48.. Wish me luck..

Looking good and feeling good

I Went out today for lunch! Finally I was able to sit!! I'm still swollen I can't wait to see my end result.. Oh ladies I check my but measurements everyday I'm hoping and praying I do not loss any volume!!

More pic

My hips don't lie

First day of working out !!

Pic with out my the faja

Hi ladies,
I'm loving my result but I still feel incomplete! I'm thinking of going back to get breast implant. Yily was unable to do it because my blood level was low!! Over I'm recovery very well my stomach is still swollen and back is still stiff! Over all I'm feel great!!

Booty,booty woot woot'n

My first night out!!

I felt great woman and man we're looking me! When I walk passed I hear this female said damn her body is bad!! Music to my ears. Once again thank you Yily my life will never be the same.,

Mother day weekend

Ladies no regrets here!! The pain is no joke but like they say beauty is pain!!

6 week post

Well ladies I made weeks, a nothing has change. I have not lost any volume in my butt it's still the same side. My back still get stiff and the burning feeling is there! Thank God for the pain killers, I'm also still swollen hoping it stop soon. I still can't find a faja the fit right. To tell you the truth I can't make it with out the faja, my body feel so weird! It's a feeling I can't describe!

One more pic

Two months post

Hi ladies,
I have decide to go back to DR in Feb to get breast done and lipo in my inner tight and arm!! Im still happy with my result. I posted some pic

Three months post picture

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