I Want to Become A DOLL TOO! Dominican Republic Here I Come!

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I'm so nervous trying to find the right surgeon, I...

I'm so nervous trying to find the right surgeon, I really like the way doctors from the Dominican Republic leave these bodies. I've leaning for Dr. Emmanuel Mallol who seems to respond fairly quickly to emails and questions and has availability next month. Any of you ladies know of his work can you please share your experience with me


oMG I don't know what to do now, Im debating between these 2 I've seen some really nice bodies on Jimenez Ferreras IG page and thats what i want. Mallol has very little patient pics to compare too! price wise they are very similar... what do

SWITCHED to Maikel Jimenez Ferraras dep made

I've decided to switch over to Maikel Jimenez Ferraras his pictures just speak so highly of him that I decided to book my surgery with him for May 2. Arriving May 1 and staying at Rocios Recovery house. Any one else going ??

I have my flight

I leave may 1 flight is booked!

Final push to elevate my hemoglobin

I fly out Sunday and I'm down to the wire! My hemoglobin was 11.0 3 weeks ago and I started taaking iron and vitamin c 3xday since and going to start this purabsorb today, andsee how much my hemoglobin will be Sunday

Ive arrived!!

I arrived in the DR! As Dr. Jimenez Ferreras there was a driver waiting for me when I arrived. He drove me to the clinic, which to be honest is not to up to date. Just some rooms with old xray equipment. And a chair for blood work! But none the less worked. The drive from the airport to clinic was a good 30 minutes so don't be alarmed. Once done he brought me the RH Deluxe Recovery House where I met mama Ruth,where I felt an instant welcome!. At no point have I felt unsafe! Very happy about that. I am in my room now and actually have the whole to myself. Ive met at least 4 women that sx was postponed until Tuesday because Cipla is closed tomorrow since it's labor day here. Dr. JF doesn't do his at Cipla so Im good!

2 days post op 1st massage and got to see myself

I finally got to see myself 2 days postop! I feel like crap my back is killing me. But i keep remebering its only temporary. My hemoglobin was 12.1 3 weeks later on iron and vitamin c 3x day it worked

My review

ok so here we go ladies, when I requested a quote the dr gave me a quote without RH. I assumed I would be responsible so started researching my own. When the time was getting closer I asked the dr what I needed to bring he said bring extra money for meds and some tshirts thats all. Someone will pick you up from airport and bring you the the clinic. I was confused and asked who would pick me up and he said someone from the RH. I assumed he might of decided to incl the recovery since his price was $6300 for arm lift, thight lift, some BBL ( I already had ass so didnt want nothing crazy) and breast lift with augmentation. I had a previous TT one year ago. So arrived, was picked up and taken to clinic labs and xray and then to recovery house which was Tropical Deluxe RH owner Ruth. When I arrived I was greeted by her very sweet and warm felt relieved and safe. Day one I was checked on throught out the day and night grant it i had not had sx. The room was very clean with AC and tv, however no remote to change the TV which had me annoyed. I noticed the only place with AC was your room. Meaning if you wanted to get up and walk after sx be prepared to sweat because its HOT! I met the dr at the sx center we spoke he did what I asked when I woke up i was in the rec room. Ruth daughter came by and brought someone with who seemed to be a friend of hers and said she'd be watching me over night. I was like this aint no nurse, but o well I guess its better than nothing. At nighttime they served soup and she was fighting with the staff to give me soup because I was not on the roster to get a soup, long story short I ended up paying for my soup. I sent the dr a mssg and told him, he said not worry i would a soup (never got my money). Next day to leave for the RH ruth dr picked us up in her small ass car which really didnt provide any comfort being transported back. Once at the RH, I had no way of calling the so called nurse for help. She came by every 8 hours to give me 1 pain med which I didnt even know what it was she would only say pain meds. She would also give me an injection on my thigh again didnt know for what. That day Ruth told me the recovery wasnt included in the fee and the room was 70 per night plus massages 20, and that needed atleast one every day. I told her I would have to money gram her the money later in the week beacuse I wasnt counting on that expense. I assumed they would be checking on me through out the day and also controlling my pain. I had such a bad headache on day 3 I was crying in pain, at that point Ruth came by with 2 meds which finally felt like pain meds I slept very well that day. I also have sutures around my arm lift and thigh lift which need to be kept dry and clean to heal properly. Those where not the priorty for them, they wanted to make sure I had the damn massage and then wipe you down and bacj into the faja. I would keep saying the faja hurt in my thighs and thought i needed a bigger one, again they didnt seem to care. They had limmited tape, NO gauze. They would place tape straight tape on my incision and unless I asked they would not change them. Now imagine having tape taken off an incsion. Well the nurse with orange hair did that, once again I cried she didnt even warn me and she kept saying I shouldnt be doing this, this is something the dr should take care of. I felt like crap and power less. I would literally have to pull my stiff self outa bed and go find them inthe laundry room while they all sat on FB or talking of the other english patients. then get their faces when you asked for help. I cut my days short and finally was able to leave Monday. I hated it!!!!! I couldve done better at home. I did tell dr maikel Monday before I left for the airport if he didnt want to lose patients he shouldnt use them. I also had this big ass roach in my room Sunday night, which I took pic of I'll place in comment.I had to call Ruth at 2 am to tell her because I had no way of calling for help. I am loving my results so far and have no complaints about the dr. But stay away from Ruth's shady ass.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far so good, they been responding fairly quickly

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