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Hello everyone!! My journey to a better me….a...

Hello everyone!! My journey to a better me….a better body starts HERE!! I guess the first thing I need to do is talk about myself. I am 27 and a single mother of two (one 6 and one 2). I sacrifice so much for my children and now its my turn to do something for me! The sad thing is when I talk about getting this procedure done people look at me like I am crazy or think I am joking. So for now I am just going to keep it as my little secret. I don't need anyone TRYING to talk me out of this. I say trying because its not going to work. It's my time to shine HUNTY!! LOL. Where was I? Oh yea...I am 5,4 175 pounds. After pregnancy my body was never truly the same. I was a size 6 before my first child and now I am a 12. Don't get me wrong. I like my curves. As a matter of fact, I want to keep my curves! I want to be a curvy bombshell!!! FLAT STOMACH WITH A BIG OL' A$$ LOL. After looking at Jenn's page I decided to go against the norm and go with Dr. Diaz for my surgery in April. Not only did I like her review and her outcome, but he and Dr. Beaz were the only doctors who got back to me in a timely manner with a quote. Dr. Diaz seems to understand what I am looking for. I already have hips and thighs so now I want a nice booty to match. Plus the fact that he speaks English also helped my decision LOL. SOOOOOOO….here goes nothing!! $300 deposit paid and flight officially booked. There's NO turning back!! 82 more days to go!!! LEGGOOOOO!!

This wait is serious!!

I don't know how I'm going to make it! Three months seems so far away!! Now that my deposit is paid for I find myself daydreaming about what my body will look like after surgery. It's hard to imagine because I see other girls before and afters but we are all shaped differently. 175 pounds on me can 160 to the naked eye but on someone else look like 190. I can only imagine I'm going to be a knock out this summer!! I get looks now but I know in a few months I'm going to get more than looks lol. Don't get me wrong...I'm doing this for myself and no one else. But I would be lying if I said people looking and giving me attention would not make me smile and feel good about myself lol. Ok ladies help me out. What things do I need to start buying for the surgery? I think if I shop for the surgery it will make the time go by faster LOL. Happy Fri everyone!!

Wish pics

All I do is look for girls with the hour glass figure I want lol. Figured I would post some wish pics!!!

Email from Duran....

So I wake up and have an email from Duran. I'm like maybe it's a quote but nope it was just further confirmation that this is not her real email. This is what I received.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I am in Limassol, South Cyprus for a week and i just got robbed and my bag containing all my vital items, phone and money stolen from me. I am physically ok and fine. I need some assistance from you. Let me know if you can be of any help.


*Dra. Agustina Hilario Durán*
Cirujana Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva

Is this person serious? Do people really fall for this mess? So glad I'm with Diaz! No multiple emails....no confusion....and I have constant contact with him. He constantly answers my questions. Now the only question is should I stay at the clinic or a recovery house? Ladies I need your opinion on this matter PLEASE!!!


I meant no multiple email *addresses LOL 11 weeks to go. Lets get it!!!

Thank you!!

A special thanks to OneChild who pointed out that I didn't even state what I'm getting done!! DUHHHH!!! I'm having lipo of full back, full abdomen, flanks, arms, inner thighs, and bbl. I told Dr. Diaz that I want a curvy body! Small waist....round booty. I want to be the true definition of a coke bottle shape!! I sent him wish pics and everything LOL....every since I paid my deposit I swear all I look at are tiny waist and big ol' butts all day LOL. Dr. Diaz bought me down to reality tho lol. I asked him "I know you can only take out so much fat in one sitting. Do you think I should wait on my arms and focus on more of my midsection and inner thighs that way I'm able to get the small hour glass waist I want? Or do you think even with getting my arms complete I will reach my desired look?" He responded by saying " Don't worry i can work with your arms too. I'll take all the fat out possible but i can not guarantee that you'll look like someone else. But you'll be very satisfied!!". He reminded me that this is about being the best ME I can be! Not trying to look like someone else. After reading his reply email I knew I had the doc I wanted!!! 76 MORE DAYS TO GO!!! GET EXCITED!!!

Pre Op Measurements

So let me do my pre-op measurements before I forget. I plan on hitting the gym hard so hopefully they will change before I even have surgery in April! My prob is I know I'm having surgery in a few months so I'm eating everything like no worries it will be handled in April and that's def not the way to go!!! In order to get my desired look it's prob better if I help lol. So I'm going to eat better and hit the gym AT LEAST four times a week. Anywho here are my measurements:

38, 34, 44.....

BBLLLLAAHHHHH! I don't like it at ALL! What's my dream measurements? 36, 26, ...... Well I guess my hips can stay at 44 lol. That wouldn't bother me if my midsection was much smaller than what it is now. I always been curvy....now I'm on the borderline of just being plain fat LMBO. It's time to do something about it!!!! I'll post some pre-op pics when the time gets closer since I plan on hitting the gym more. 10 more weeks to go!!! (If I don't count the week of LOL....it makes me feel better that way). Happy Thursday everyone!!! Speedy Recoveries to ALL!!!


I got on the scale this morning and realized I gained weight!! I already was big but goodness gracious! I weighed in at 181!!! Thats a 6 pound gain then the last time I weighed myself which was in the end of Dec. Sooooo now I'm truly on a diet!! Counting calories and everything SMH. I want to get down to 160 by my surgery date. I think I can do it. That gives me a little over two months to get my life right!! I think I've been getting lazy because I know I have surgery coming up but I need to look at it as I'm helping with my post surgery results as well as post surgery recovery. In the end I'll thank myself…And think Dr. Diaz too lol. Any weight loss tips?

62 DAYS (9 WEEKS TO GO)!!!!

OKAY CARRY ON LOL….Just wanted to say that LOL

Pre-Op Pic

Okay I had to force myself to post this picture. I can't be true to the journey without a Pre-op pic…..not if I want to see my before and after difference. Sooooooo I sucked up my pride and posted it anyway. Be kind ladies!! I had two babies LOL

Pre-Op from the front

2 months later

Yily finally emails me back. I know she was out on maternity leave but honestly I didn't expect to receive anything. She says she still has days open in the month of April. I just do not know which email to trust and if this is even legit. She did send her info to make a $300 deposit. I like the way she snatches waist AND LAWD KNOWS I NEED THAT but 1) I already made a deposit with Dr. Diaz and 2) Dr. Diaz makes me feel like I am an individual (not just a group of women). I don't know. What you guys think? Oh SN: Happy Vday Ladies!!

What to bring?

I'm so confused on what to bring. I don't want to over pack but I don't want to under pack either lol. I posted a pic from Yily's quote email stating the things I need to bring. Should I add anything else? Ladies who went through this procedure already please help!!! LOL

Less than a month to go!!!

As the time gets closer I realize that I am not ready LOL. I haven't bought anything besides dresses, lipo form, thick pads, and a travel urinal thingy. Any suggestions on what else? Guys I am too excited!! All I do is think of me having a big ol' booty with a small waist!! This summer I already know I'm not going to know how to act LOL. Ok let me get back on track. I already have plane ticket, surgery paid for, and recovery house confirmation. Both of my kids will be gone for two weeks. Will that be enough time? I have no idea what to expect LOL. My mind is going a mile a minute ROTFL.

20 days to go!!

Wow time is really flying!! I'm always thinking about what my body will look like afterwards. Always looking in the mirror and imagining what I will look like with no stomach there LOL. I went ahead and got my blood work done last week. Got the results back this past Friday. My hemo level was 12.1!! Thats good right? From what I'm told I can still go ahead with getting the surgery! SO I'M A HAPPY CAMPER!!! Lol. I'm thinking about getting the "Make Me Heal" Pre and Post vitamin pills so I can start from 14 days before surgery. Did anyone else use these pills? Should I get them?

Hemo level

Thank you Aprildurandoll for bringing it to my attention that I need to raise my hemo levels. I went out and got some Iron pills and ready to do whatever I need to do to get off the borderline!! I also talked to my doc and he too said get some iron pills and eat more meats and veggies. I am not really a red meat person but I'll do whatever I need to do in order to 1) have a safe surgery and 2) get healthy. Time is flying! At one point it seemed so far away now its only 3 weeks away!!! I need help!!! What should I pack?

9 more days to go!!!

I started taking my make me heal pre-ob vitamins and have been doing better with my eating. I've also been working out. I'm excited, anxious, and nervous ALL IN ONE!! I still need to get on the ball concerning packing. What things should I bring?




3 MORE DAYS TO GO!! And I didn't even pack SMH


I'm leaving for the airport and I can't even describe how I feel. I'm excited and anxious! Nervous and excited. ALL AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! LOL. Welp I didn't really lose any weight like I planned on lol. 1) It snuck up on me too fast and 2) I was like shoot I don't want to mess up my booty fat LMAO. Here are my measurements before surgery:

Breast (upper part)- 40 1/2 (the back fat is REAL)
Upper Waist: 35
Waist (2 inches above belly button): 34
Hips: 45 (always had hips just not a round booty to match LOL)
R Thigh: 27 inches
L Thigh: 27 1/2 inches
R arm: 15
L ARM: 14 1/2

I always been curvy but I want a true hour glass shape. I want to look like I have a built in corset LOL. Its funny because I look smaller then what I weigh and measure. No one ever believes me when I tell them my weight. I wonder why that is? *shrugs shoulders*. My dream waist is a 28 but I honestly will take whatever I can get!! So heres to a dip in my back, a flat tummy, and an hourglass figure to die for!!! I want to look the best MY BODY can look. Its hard because I want to look at Wish pics but I realized we all are shaped different so what looks good on me might not look good on someone else and vice versa. So I'm praying if I keep that in mind I will have a better understanding and liking for my new body. Welp ladies WISH ME LUCK. No forget luck….KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS!! Hopefully the next time you hear from me I will be on the other side!!!

Two Weeks Post Surgery

Sorry I haven't been on here since surgery. I think that reading people post made me prepared in some ways but not prepared about how I would feel after surgery. I'm just now feeling sort of back to normal. It is still hard to sit for long periods of time, bend down to pick up items, twist my upper body, and I have occasional sharp pains. I'm still swollen. I HATE my faja! And the mornings are the worse for me! I wake up really sore and stiff. It takes a few minutes to get out of bed but believe it or not moving around helps. I keep telling myself that there is a silver lining…well later down the road. I've been told I will start feeling better as the days going on. I can't wait until my 6 week mark. I will post pics once my swelling goes down but here are my measurements. I'm slowly going down.


Breast (Upper Part)- 39 (lost 1 1/2 inches)
Upper Waist- 33 (lost 2 inches)
Waist (2 inches above bellybutton)- 32 (lost 2 inches)
Hips: 47 (the booty is nice and round) (gained 2 inches)
R tight- 26 1/2 (lost 1/2 inch)
L Thigh- 27 (lost 1/2 inch)
R arm- 14 1/2 (lost 1/2 inch)
L arm- 14 (lost 1/2 inch)

I haven't been wearing my compression sleeves though so I'm sure that has messed with numbers. I am being patient. This is NOT an overnight transformation (well my butt is LOL). I'm now getting into my stage 2 garment so I'm praying that helps with my numbers. I would really like to get my waist to a 28. Dr. Diaz said I can start doing lite exercise at 4 weeks but I'm already taking walks. Well Ta-Ta for now.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Diaz is very attentive to my questions and needs. I have communicated with him both via telephone and via email. He speaks English well and seems to really care about my well-being. I am happy with my decision to go with him.

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