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I'm not here to post wish pics or to be judged....

I'm not here to post wish pics or to be judged. I'm very where my body is decent already I'm on here to keep a journal of my journey to my doctor Duran and to share experiences and advice with each other.

Surgery im getting; BBL. i want my upper back liposuctioned and my flanks. I want to avoid my stomach in fear of getting lumps from Liposuction. I'm open to any advice on stomach lipo and what you did to avoid getting lumps.

This journal is for everyone to read because let's face it traveling to another country for surgery especially if you don't speak the language is nerve-racking! I also wanted to make this journal for the women that are on the smaller side or the women who are just getting very little liposuction like myself because I noticed on RealSelf there was not very many journals at all of women going to Duran that were only wanting a little bit of work done. Im totally open to ALL women shapes and sizes who want to give advice on journeys because after all were all looking for basically the same end result right! I want to feel MORE pretty when I look at myself, and more confident. I will post front, side and back photos of me in clothes and out, and clear photos! So follow me and lets encourage each other! Thanks dolls!

Me currently

Me currently. I will my back and side photos in a few hours.

Wish pics

A fellow RS doll asked for my wish pics. Here they are. Her body is perfect to me. I lovesss her small frame

A few more of me.

Me currently. 5'3 138 pounds

Considering staying in the united states with Dr. Enrique Hanabergh jr.

So much has been on my mind a lot of back-and-forth and a lot of sleepless nights thinking about surgery in the Dominican republic more sleepless nights of uneasyness instead of excitement. I have no doubt in my mind that Dr. Duran would make my body beautiful that's not my issue my issue is with cipla and things being unsanitary. I spoke to a woman like myself very healthy that went there and had a terrible infection from cipla, duran also did her BBL which looks amazing by the way but this girl was sick and infected and it really made me consider my options. So I think I'm about 95% sure I'm going to stay in the United States. You begin to ask yourself is it really worth it?

Anybody else have skinny days?

Does anybody else feel like some days when they look in the mirror they have skinny days? I definitely am not really watching what I eat on my journey because I want to make sure obviously that I have enough fat. Usually I look more bloated. Swear im going to eat hella tamales before surgery ???????? !!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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