Finally a Cabral Doll!

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Well I'm new on the block. I wrote a review and...

Well I'm new on the block. I wrote a review and now I can't find it... true newbie right lol. Well moral of the story is I'm looking for someone to buddy up with in December in the Dominican Republic. I am having surgery 12/20/2013 most likely with Dr. Yily. I have found a couple places for recovery. The first is Dominga's they have a surgery special and great reviews and then The Real Recovery Hotel it looks nice and offer a lot but I can't find anyone who has stayed there yet. If you are interested or have any information to pass along please do.

The Real Recovery Hotel in DR....

I would like to know has anyone actually stayed there or know someone who has? They sound great but I need some feedback before I make my decision. Thanks

Yily preggo?...I got my Duran quote finally

Well when I received my quote from Yily it said pick any day and just send the deposit and I didn't have to ask if it was available. Sooo I picked a date and found a good rate on a plane ticket so I bought it. Fast forward I planned on sending my deposit next week but there is word that she is knocked up. So I'm not sure if she will still be doing surgery during the time I want to go. I read on someones blog she is stopping sometime in Nov. I'm going in Dec. So that might count her out.....then I finally get my quote from Duran which is pretty much around a $1,000 more than Yily for the same bbl/bl. It's a sign lol...So I may be a Duran Doll...and that's fine with me.

Yily Email

I emailed Yily last night and she responded this morning. I told her I heard she was pregnant and I asked if she would be available to perform my surgery 12/20/2013 and she said my date was available. Anyway that lil baby need to stay up in there until Yily get this shape on point lol. Just saying

Then there is is so funny because before I started my own review I read a lot of others. I would wonder why do these ladies keep changing their minds? Welcome to the club right lol. I will say that I really like their work (Yily & Duran)and it will defiantly be between the two of them.

Well someone is getting this deposit money next week and there will be no
flip- flopping for me after that.

A little About Me

Height. 5'2
Weight. 157
Kids. 3

Chocolate Duran Doll On The Way!

Well Yily sent me a message that said she would not be operating in December...ok I'm fine with that....made my decision a lot easier. Team Duran here on out!

Shoot for the Moon

Well hello...I decided to post a few more pics one of me and the other of some shapes that I like. I don't have to be as donked out but I figure reach for the moon if I don't make it at least I can land among the stars.
***Shout out to my Buddy Rough Daimond #TeamSameDay!***

BBL with or without TT?

Ok so I'm going with Duran. I know I'm getting a BBL and a BL. I have 3 children. I asked a few doctors if they would suggest that I get a TT, and for the most part I was told it was not necessary or I might need one but they would have to see me in person. The scar makes me nervous. Someone suggested a mini tummy tuck. I was told for best results consider getting a TT. If I decide not to get a TT I don't want my skin to sag or look like a shar-pei puppy when I sit lol. So that's where I'm stuck at. I have time to decide but would love some feed back from other ladies who have had or will be having surgery and faced the same decision. For those who did not get the TT are you satisfied or do you feel that you should have gotten the TT as well? For those with the TT...are you happy with your decision and how do you feel about your scar?

New date New Buddy

Ok well I'm back...I was going to Duran in December but I moved my date sooner to November. My original buddy decided to postpone her surgery. So now I need to find a definite buddy, one who is ready to roll and hopefully will not back out.
I am flying in Monday November 11, 2013, on the 12th I'll be at the clinic at 6:30 do my labs and then have my surgery on the 13th. Duran requires you to come the day before for labs and she told me to come early. So the 13th it is. Now I will stay untill the 22nd or 23rd but before I change my ticket I wanted to see if I could find a buddy first and see what they had in mind. I plan to do this asap. I also still have pretty good recovery options for me and my future buddy...where ever you are lol.
If anyone is interested let me know. I'm ready to do this!

One day Sooner

Surgery on November 12,2013 (Same story just a day earlier)

Let's Get it!

Well time is moving sooo fast...the good news is that I booked my flights, reserved my recovery house, got my passport, sent my deposit and found a veryyy beautiful buddy.
Now that I have the major things out the way I will focus on getting the supplies I will need. But just keeping it real some of these list going around look like yall preparing for war or some type of natural disaster....might as well throw some double AA batteries and a weather radio in the mix lol....but hey whatever works.
Then I was still on should I or should I not get a tummy tuck. I'm really leaning on possibly getting a mini tt....still not %100 on that just yet but at the end of the day I want the best overall results for myself. I've had kids so I have a lil tiger action (strech marks lol) on my stomach and a tt would knock a lil of that off and make that stomach extra flat. I guess my bigger concern would be extra loose skin. I am not about that California Raisin Belly Life lol. I'm going for the total package. So I might be willing to take the scar for the team if that means I don't have to worry about that extra skin meat lol. Yeah extra skin meat lol


Wish Pics

Close up b4 pic of my stripes

Roarrrr rrrr lol
See I don't have a huge belly but I do have strech marks like a good percentage of the general population including the men. I'm trying to get back extra extra fine lol. I'm talking 2 piece bikini ready. Although I'm nervous about getting a tt scar... I don't want to be self conscious about my tigger tummy either. That's why I was thinking a mini because the scar isn't as long and it will take some of the strech marks away. Then sometimes I think that they are not all that bad and were for a good cause....then I wonder what they will look like after lipo...decisions decisions. Anybody out there understand what I'm saying? Very interested in seeing another point of view.

Almost my turn

Heyyy I'm getting closer and closer. Yall ain't gon be able to tell me nothing! Lol I can't believe how time has flown by. I have a few items on my list..plan on getting the rest this weekend. Still haven't decided if I should get the tt mini tt or neither one. That's my biggest dilemma right now.
I have also started taking my vitamins. ...I can't stand taking pills but I want to make sure I am good for my upgrade so I just take it to the head lol
My buddy is so sweet. She is really easy to talk to...seems like I've known her forever. She is beautful inside and out already. We are definitely going to be two badddd chicks!
I know this post is all over the place...but these are my thoughts...over excited! Lets get this show on the road! #team2thick on the way.

Exactly a month from today!!!!

I'm sitting here and thinking exactly a month from today I will be sooo upgraded. When I tell you I don't know where the time went to...I don't know who out there has had children but that's the anticipation that I wait all this time and it's coming up, you are so want everything to go want to make sure you have everything you will need...and its all you think about...except it won't be a brand new beautiful bouncing baby this time...Duran is going to deliver my new beautiful bouncing big-ole' booty lol. Yeah you read that right... big-ole' booty lol.
I'm getting all the rest of my supplies this weekend. I haven't ordered the boards...Is that something that is useful and helpful? Let me know your take on that. I'm definitely getting the many sheets will I need? Oh and where to place them? Also how do you sit on the boppy the right way? Oh and does Duran supply the compression stockings?

Let The Count Down Begin!

Let's Get It !!!

So I ordered my lipo foam, abdominal board, back board, and pez...brought majority of my supplies and a few maxi dresses but still have to get a couple more items.
As of today I plan on just getting bbl and breast lift...**mind subject to change lol** I still want to see what Duran has to say about it though.
Ohhh and I've been taking my vitamins. ..I want that hemo to be on point.

3 weeks to go!!!

At this time in exactly 3 weeks I will be like a kid waiting on Santa to come. I was so excited when I drove up to my house and saw that I had a couple packages at my door. It was my foam and boards...yayyy!
My pez came in the other day. All I can say
is TURN UP!!!! It's about to go down!

2 weeks to go!

Well I have packed my now I'm just waiting to board the plane lol.( yeah in 2weeks) I am getting so anxious. I'm still back and forth with the tt I guess however I feel that day will determine that. Oh but I am definitely sure about that booty tho lol...oh yeah we getting that!

1 more week!!!

I'm a week away...still excited and very anxious. I'm trying to hold my composer. Let's get get get'it!!!

Iron level

So I get my hemeglobin checked today and it's 11.4 wtf! I have 6 days for a miracle to take place. I have up'ed my iron and vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is suppose to help your body absorb the iron. I need to get my levels on least 13 to be exact. I know your iron can drop pretty quickly when you are on your cycle...but how fast can you bring them up.
Another thing is if for some reason they don't get to 13...what are my options? I've heard a little about iron shots and transfusions...if I need that to get what I want..let's get'it! All I know is I am not leaving DR without getting this thang right! Oh we getting that booty trust and believe that! Now my boobs...I want them to be lifted and perkier...but truth be told they have always been pretty if for some reason I couldn't get them done do to my levels...I wouldn't be messed up about it. I'm not even going to mention the mini tt...yeah still on the fence with that one as always.
Oh yeah side note: gained almost ten pounds since initial post and starting vitimans. I think my body is subcountiously preparing for a fat one lol I told my buddy I want to look like a super hero lol Bootyyy Powerrrrr!

Uoeno it!

So I go in for my annual yesterday.Same drill get naked put on gown and wait on the Dr. So he comes in ( male dr.) With his assistant and listens to my lungs then I lay back so he can examine my breast. So after he is done he then proceeds to press my stomach and says "you have a little laxity but you can work on that" ok I can respect that...but then the assistent kinda the Dr. said what? Then dis n!kka gon fix his mouth to say "I didn't say she was fat...she is not fat she is chubby." Chubby ?Wth! Lol in my head I'm like no I'm thick boo! Then I thought to myself... I'm bout to be in DR and uoeno it...I'm bout to be extra fine and uoeno it...Duran bout to get me right.... and UOENO'it! The flat side is calling my name!

Back to the Iron...

I don't know how much this will help but its worth a try....I am definitely about that iron life but I can't get with the liver thing or oysters. I'm going to try to get my Popeye on (spinach) and hope for the best. I'm also taking an extra iron and vitamin c pill and on my vitamins twice a day. If anyone has any suggestions pleaseee pass them this way.

lron sources

This is a little something I came I can do some squrimp...yeah squrimp lol

Pics didn't post

DR in day

This time tomorrow I will be arriving at the airport to fly out to the DR! Wowww what a feeling! I still didn't eat any liver but I did have shrimp, spinach, lots of oj, extra iron pills, cereals, chicken, rasins and a lot of prayer lol. I'm not stressing... where there is a will there is a way.
As of today I'm thinking that I won't get the tt or mini tt. I know if your iron is not on point you can't get all those extras anyway. Which had me thinking about just getting the bbl alone so Duran can just suck everything else out. Idk I'm prepared either. I really wanted to go through this once and be pleased and satisfied. My breast are pretty I just wanted them to be super perky and sit higher without a bra. We shall see...

Pre op pics in maxi

I wanted to take a few farewell pics in my maxi.

A couple more pre shots!

I'm about to board the plane!!!!

DR here I come!!!!! Where that booty at lol!

We are Here!!!

Arrived in the DR a little after noon...met up with my gorgeous buddy who spotted me first. We are just relaxing laughing and enjoying ourselves. I still cant believe we are finally here. She has surgery tomorrow with Yilly...I go in for labs but have my surgery Tuesday with Duran. 2 bad chicks on the way. Let's get it!

My iron is still at 11.4!

Sooo I did my labs and all. Everything came back perfect except for my I have to take iron shots 3days and these pills that are suppose to increase my hemo. So I go back buddy was good and is able to have hers today, please say a little prayer for her...not sure if she has gone in yet because I had to go pick up my prescription.
Dominga and her sisters are very sweet...
Well that's about it for now.
Oh I saw some RS ladies (Duran&Yilly) and they all were looking great.

A little update

Well I took my first injection and pill. Dominga's sister Sesa which I know I'm spelling that wrong can throw down in the kitchen. She made me grilled chicken with mixed veggies it was sooo good.
I'm back at Cipla now. I'm going to spend the night here with my buddy to make sure she is straight. Her surgery went well...she is knocked out. She did say she was cold, but it actually was almost warm in here. I think everyone may be cold do to your body going thru surgery.
Anyway that's all I have for now.


Heyyy ladies! I'm happy to report that my lovely ever so more than a buddy has made it to the flat side and Yilly has that thang sitting right! I told her I might have to make her my wish pic. lol She is in pain from time to time and that swelling ain't no joke....but over all I think she is coming a long very well. So proud of her. We were close before but this experience has made us 1,000% (Maury show guest voice) closer lol. Love you girl!!!
Wellll in other news...I've been taking my pills that were prescribed as well as getting my injections. Sesa, Dominga's sister has also been making me a beet/cherry juice drink that is good for getting that hemo up and tastes pretty good. I asked if they known of anyone that was prescribed the pills and shots and it actually increased their hemo level. They said they know several people that it has worked for. One went from a 10 something to 13. So there is hope! I will be back at Cipla in the morning...I will be praying that I hear some good news. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes...I'll be sure to keep you all updated.

Hemo update

Ok soooo I make it back to Cipla this a.m. Virgina (one of the sister's at my wonderful rh) and I then go straight to the lab to get my hemo checked. Oh let me back up because I left out one very important detail from yesterday. ...Somebody invited Aunt Flo to the DR! Who gave this heffa a passport? Ok so I go in and have my blood drawn....then I go back and sit down on the chairs with the pink seats and wait for my results. It must have been 5 minutes which seemed like forever...then Virginia tells me that my hemoglobin level is 10.6 whatttt!!! So no surgery today. Then I had to go up stairs to Durans office. When I see her she says to me, "What happened?" I said I started my menstruation. She says ohhhh... Then tells me that I need to come back and see a specialists.
So I went to see the specialist...
I have to have an iv and take some meds/ well as eat chicken liver, eggs, beans, and fruit for 3days. I go back to get my hemo checked again Saturday...and if it is high enough I can have my surgery Monday the 18th. Yayyy! There is still hope!!!! Say a little prayer for...

Hemo update

Well I went to Cipla this morning...I took another blood test to check my hemoglobin level. Are you ready for this? Tell me why after iv's, shots, pills, prayer, hoping and wishing it was still at 10.6. Sucks, I know right. The good news is that my period ended today. I was told that they are hoping that my treatment just did not have time to absorb into my body and by my cycle ending my levels should be on there way back up.
For a moment after I made it back to my RH, I for the first time thought about just giving up. I was comforted by my lovely buddy (who is feeling a little better now btw) and another very caring lady recovering at our same RH. I always have a positive outlook on life and everything in general...but at the same time I am very realistic. As much as I would love for my hemo to skyrocket to 12 and beyond I am not sure if it is possible within this limited amount of time. I have however decided not to give up. I'm going to another lab to get tested Monday. If my level goes back up as fast as it dropped I will be over joyed...if for some reason it does not by Monday I will continue to try to build it up until it is time for me to go home, I mean I might as well I'll still be here another week anyway. If things work out by then I will just change my flight and stay a while longer to recuperate. This has truly been a journey. I am a true believer in whatever is meant to be will be. So we shall see...


Ok I had my iron tested today....I have good and news and not so good news. The good news is my hemo level is going up I went from 10.6 Saturday to 11.2 today (Monday). Yayyy! So I'm making progress. The not so good is that it is not high enough for surgery just yet. Now I have to take some more treatments which consists of 1 more iv, 2shots and a vitamin regimen....and chicken liver. I go back Wednesday and I should be good to. I really don't want to take my old booty back home lol, hopefully I won't have too.

The journey continues...

Well looks like I will be keeping my old booty for a few more months. I went to Cipla this a.m. to get my blood drawn once again to check my hemoglobin level...which has gone from 11.4 to 10.6 to 11.2 to today....10.7. Yes 10.7 is what my results said today. I then went to see Dr. Duran and she told me in a very sweet way that she would not be able to perform my surgery. She advised me to go to the doctor In the states and see if they can help me increase my iron level and to reschedule. So that is what I am going to do. Do I feel a certain kinda way about this situation? Yes of course I do...but at the end of the day my health is most important.
Thank you all for your encouraging words. My journey continues....

Trade? February date with Duran for April

Heyyy ladies I'm back! I had to take a booty break after my hemo levels were acting up while I was in the DR. For those who dont know I went to have surgery with Duran in November and I had to go back home with my old booty because my hemo dropped... Anywho...while I was there I rescheduled for the second week of February. I want to see if someone who is already down in the books can switch dates with me. I prefer April any date would work...then May 1-2 or16-21...or if none of those are available a date between March 21-31 will work.
If anyone wants to switch to an earlier date let me know...but please already have it locked in.
Feels good to be back! Booty dreams back in full effect!


February date with Duran up for trade for April or May. Message me if interested.

Let's try this again!

Ok so I had my labs hemo was 11.3. When I was in DR it dropped to 10.6 from 11.4. This time I'm doing thing a little differently....cause I be damned if I go wayyyy back over there and have to bring this same old booty back with me. The devil is a lie! Ok some I'm on my proactive ish. I told my doctor that I was having surgery and I needed my hemo levels to be higher. She gave me a couple shots that are used for people with anemia to build their iron up. I go back to get my hemo checked in 2 weeks. By that time the injections should had taken effect. In the mean time I'm still taking my vitimans and I am also taking Geritol which some ladies have gotten great results from. I also may order blood builders and buy some pure absorbent iron as well. I even plan to get a juicer so I can drink beet guacamole and red pepper juice. I have a little over a month for all of this to come together for me. I getting very excited again but at the same time I am realistic about the situation. I know that hemo has to be on point. I still have all my supplies all I need to do is have that iron level right and its a go. I pray that it will be....Even though things did not go as planned on my first go round I am still keeping my positive outlook. After all I did meet an amazing friend that I truly love. ***heyyy girl bs4L*** unfortunately she can't make it back down with me but she has remained very supportive to this day. So we gonna make keep it do what it do.
Ok so last time I was unattached so I didn't have to have the conversation about going out of country...being gone know the whole I'm getting a new booty convo with my significant other...cause I didn't have one. Well now I have a lil boo and it dawned on me that he might kinda wonder where I am if I just upped a dipped without saying I know I need to say something but I really had not thought about how to bring it up. I know he is a little familiar with it because we watched a video and he was like there is no reason a woman shouldn't be fine...Y'all have body shapers...make up...and can buy what you don't have. Sounds like he is down wit'it to me lol. I wanted to say something then but it caught me so off guard. Any who....guess I'll cross that bridge later.

Exactly a month away!

So this time next month I will be in the DR once again. I go get my iron checked again this week. I hope wish and pray that my hemo is up to where it needs to be. I don't really have any other news. My cycle just went off so I hope it doesn't effect my numbers too much. Well that's it for now.
**sidenote** Virginia, Dominga's sister has her own recovery house now. She was the main one that takes care of you there. Bye for now!


So I know this news is slightly late but...I had my iron checked again and it went from 11.3 to 12.9. I am twerking in my mind as I type. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy when my Dr. gave me my results. You just don't know! Plus I got another round of the injections that she gave me to boost it up to that level. I will get it checked again in about a week and a half. That along with my vitamins and Geritol should have me well over the 13. mark. I am so proud of myself...I've been taking my vitamins twice a day and not skipping or missing to take it. Ya girl is not playing no games this go round. Well that's all for now. #way2excited

Less than 2weeks!

I have less than two weeks to go...I'm praying everything goes as planned. Time sure does fly. I will keep you posted.

Stay Tuned

Wow I started this Journey almost 2 years ago! Well I'm at it again. Long story short I went down to DR last year for iron was too low so I was turned away.*Duran* Then I made plans to go again after I got my iron up and didn't get to make it back over there. This time I'm confident that things will go my way. #Stay Tuned

Real Recovery House

Has anyone stayed here? Please let me know.

Recovery House

Well I'm trying to keep calm. I paid my deposit for Real Recovery House but right after i found out about some bad reviews. Now everybody is raving on how good Betty's Recovery House is. I also came across Maria's Recovery House with great prices and reviews. I haven't seen anything negative about either of them. Maria has a special if you have a buddy $60 each with 50% off massages ($15 each)Everything else all inclusive. Plus she has regular and hospital beds. It's 75 without a buddy. So if anyone wants to buddy up at Maria's around March 4th let me know asap. I already have my flight and everything in order.

I'm in the DR!!!!!

Ok soooo I'm already here......I came down early for a friend's wedding that I met in the recovery house last time I was here. Been having a blast. I really got a chance to enjoy the culture and the country this time. Now her big day has came and now it's almost time for mine. I'll be doing labs on the 4th and if all things go as planned surgery on the 5th. I got my hemo up to 12.5 when it was checked last week. So that should not stand in my way this time around. I'm excited everything is surreal. I'm really here and this is really happening! Right now I could care less about the pain I just want to have a safe surgery, a speedy recovery and results better than I can imagine. I'll keep you updated!

Hemo 14!!!!!!!!!!

Quick update...Made it to cipla and went and paid for my lab work and consult. I did the chest expat and then it was time to draw my blood. Girllll when she said 14 I screamed! Yall just don't know the struggle and the way I felt when I had to go home without my surgery ls time because my hemo was too low. I started crying like a baby. You probably would have thought i heard bad news....but all tears of joy. I'm one step closer on my journey. I have to see the cardiologist this morning as well as Cabral to get marked up. I am something else I want to touch on but it can wait for now. I'm going to try to get off this cloud I'm riding on and and a couple hours of rest before I get the first day of the rest of my life started. Stay tuned pics coming.

I made it!!!!!

Ok just water to say thanks for the love. This has truly been a journey for me in every sense of the word. I'm at Serenity Recovery House. ....I love it here. Couldn't have picked a better place. I had my sx last Thursday as planned. Stayed 2 nights at cipla because Dr. Cabral was my doctor for requires it for tt patients. ..I also got bbl and arm lopo. I'll post pics shortly. I already love my results. You just don't know how happy I am to have been turned away to first time....come back a year later and everything run so smooth. It was my time then but please believe it is my time now.Never give up on what your heart truly desires. Thanks for all the love and well wishes.Pics and details coming soon stay tuned. Just know she super bad ova here lol. Muahhhhh

2 weeks post op

I'm a few days past 2 weeks post op. I had a great experience. Everything went according to plan. I stayed at Serenity Recovery House. It was clean the food was good and the staff was caring and attentive. They really take good care if you. My doctor was King Cabral. He made me feel comfortable with my decision to select him. I love my results so far and each day they seem to get better. The first 2 days are the roughest. ..once you get past those it improves daily. I got tt bbl and arm lipo. I really didn't experience much pain...more discomfort if anything. My arms are still sore from the arm lipo tho. I kept my stage 1 faja on 2 weeks before I switched to stage 2. I think that is a good idea because your skin with be very sensitive to the touch. Some women report feeling depressed but I was happy the entire time. Maybe because of all I had to go through to get here. I am a prime example of never giving up on something that you truly desire.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Cabral cause Duran playing.

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