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Hi ladies so I've been on realself for a while now...

Hi ladies so I've been on realself for a while now and I finally decided to start my blog as I plan on having my surgery on December 16 with Contreras. I was originally planning with Cabral but decided to switch. I am super excited and I have to start getting all my supplies and keep saving as I will be saving down to the wire so everything has to go as planned!

A little about me: I am 20 in college & I was originally going to Cabral in March but I wanted surgery during the winter break to be healed enough in jan to go back to school. I am 5'1 179 I started off as 195 earlier during the summer so I am still trying to lose weight. I'm still overweight so I want to get to 150 by my date. Do you ladies think that's realistic? Hope so I want to avoid a TT...I have NO kids and I want to wear a little thong bikini next summer lml I have a few light stretch marks on my stomach from gaining weight a few yrs ago they are pretty light but my stomach is pretty firm. Hopefully Contreras can do aggressive lipo and give me a flat tummy and FAT booty, he's known for not giving too much cake like Cabral but I asked him to give me a big ass and he said ok so he better come through lol I think at 5'1 150-155 will be more than enough fat for him to work with. I am also getting lipo to the arms and chin with a breast lift. Contreras is the best breast doctor in DR so I know my boobs are going to be so pretty lol They are nice and full and HUGE right now they just have a little sag to them that I always hated so I know a lift and maybe a small reduction will do the trick. I'm still waiting on how much with the extras but he quoted me 3k for bbl, lipo, and breast lift. Ladies that is super cheap not that price should be your driving force to choose a doctor but knowing that Contreras does all the Dominican stars and beauty queens and many booty models AND his work is comparable to Cabral so I decided to switch, plus I get to go way sooner which allows my surgery to not get in the way of school which was really important to me. Just my opinion and yes I know their history I don't need a lecture :)

Next week I find out my lab results and my hemo I just started taking blood builder, vitamin c 1000mg, and iron 65mg but I will like to know where I'm at starting off. I need a 14+ hemo because I need Contreras to go IN lol I will test again a few weeks before sx.

Hemo results

So I Got my labs back and my hemo is 13.5!! That's before taking any vitamins and supplements so I know I can get my hemo to 14-15. That was good news as I been a little stressed with the pressure of having to lose this weight in x amount of time and also saving every penny. I have been saving religiously since August and I'm close to my goal but sheesh I can't wait until this is over lol Lately I've been second guessing myself a lot like will I even get a fatty? Will my waist be small? Will I look GOOD? Will it even be worth it? Hope so because I'm busting my ass working trying to get extra hours and literally saving my whole check every week..

As far as my weight loss is concerned I was a bad girl this weekend..I ate shake shack twice, Thai food, everything bad lol maybe that's why I feel how I'm feeling I'm GUILTY!! ugh need to go back on this diet ASAP my arms and gut are way too big at the moment and I won't like my results if I go in at this weight. Atleast 20 more pounds I have to go :( I've been considering postponing my date if I can't lose the weight but idk if that's serious lol maybe I should post before pics And you ladies can give me your opinion? I need some second opinions and a little reassurance lol

Recovery House Buddy?

Hey I'm looking for a buddy to split the cost of the recovery house. I plan on staying with Domingas because of the good reviews & her quote includes massages. I plan on arriving 12/16. If anybody needs a surgery buddy or know anyone please let me know :)

Preop Pics/flight booked

So I posted my before pics and I am currently 5'1 173. I will still like to lose 10lbs more to get to 160. I have about 30 days to do so, hopefully I can! I've been so worried about the outcome of my results. I need a flat tummy, small waist and fat ass. Ladies let me know what you think. I sent Contreras my pictures and asked him if I should lose weight, And he told me do not worry, but I'm going to lose 10lbs anyway. He also told me there is no restrictions as to how many liters of fat out so rest assured! Very good news but ofcourse that means high hemo is very important!! I am going to start taking iron 3x a day (iron 65mg pill, blood builder, and I'm going to get liquid iron or geritol). Hopefully I can get my hemo to 15 it was 13.5 in September.

I will also be staying at Contreras RH which is in his clinic. It's 60/night and includes 3 meals, wifi and nurse care. There is a massage package for 10/$200 or 25-30 each depending on the masseuse you pick.
My flights are booked ($524 round trip from JFK/SDQ) and it feels so real now. :) now i just have to get started on buying my supplies. I will post a packing list soon.

25 more days!!

Hey girls only 25 more days until I'm made with Contreras!! I'm soo excited :) my luggage is packed still need a few more things and I'm waiting on my passport. I applied expedited so hopefully next week..I emailed Contreras a few days ago asking him when to stop smoking the ganja and he said stop smoking today so for all you ladies who smoke maryjane that counts too lol i emailed him a few pics of myself telling him I want to look like Betty boop lol I put everything important in caps TINY waist HUGE butt and he told me for a tiny waist a mini TT w. Muscle repair might be the best procedure for me....I'll take that with a grain of salt and see during the consultation if I really need it. I do appreciate his honesty. My 21st birthday is also in 2 weeks so is guess this bbl is my birthday present to myself :)

Passport issues

Hey ladies well I am now official less than 2 weeks away from my surgery with contreras!! So excited and nervous. Unfortunately I haven't recieved my passport yet (thanks usps) because I have a learners permit and they don't accept that as valid id but yet the dumbasses who work at the postoffice who look over your application still took my app. And my money!! So now not only am I out $200 for expedited passport that I will not be receiving (I recently had my wallet stolen so I have no other forms of id..) they also have my birth certificate! So my only option in order to still have my sx 12/9 (I refuse to postpone!! ) is to order a new birth certificate online with express shipping that I just received today and I also had to go to the dmv and surrender my permit in exchange for a non drivers photo id..so now I'm just waiting for my id to come in the mail so I can go to the ny passport agency and get my passport same day...(does anyone know if you can go to passport office with the temporary id they give you?) ..oh yeah and I have to complete a new application another $200...hopefully everything comes soon. Looks like everything is coming down to the wire and if I don't receive my id on time I have no choice but to postpone :( ugh I hope everything works out..lesson learned never depend on the USPS they suck!!

Got my passport!! Quote issues

So I recieved my passport today yay everything worked out so I will still be having my sx 12/9!! Unfortunately contreras emailed me regarding my quote and he raised it by $1500...really contreras 5 days before my surgery? I understand maybe a month or 2 but c'mon and there's no way in hell it was a mistake because he just confirmed it the other day. I think what's really happening is that now that everyone knows about Contreras and he's getting more popular with the US girls his prices went up but I don't understand how you don't honor your quote! Smfh that left a VERY bad taste in my mouth but I'm so close I'm not even stressing. Plus he has $500 of my money so it is what it is lol Just want to go get my shit done and come back home at this point. But ima stay positive I also found some chick on IG that said she went to contreras megadivaa_ she got lipo and breasts done she look iighttttt not bad IMO but I want to be bad!! Smh Not a good day for your girl lol well only a couple more days ladies I swear during consultation ima spell it out for contreras exactly what I want cus some chicks come out looking bad and some just be looking ok nuttin special you want to charge me more well doctor you better work!! lol

Packing list/Change in RH

Ok ladies so I posted my packing list. I'm bringing what I believe will make me most comfortable. Mostly necessities not crazy stuff I be seeing on girls lists and I fit everything into 1 suitcase so not bad :) IF your going to stay at his RH your whole stay you don't need too many supplies since plastica contreras is basically a hospital setting. If your staying at a RH or hotel/apt well that's a different story lol.

I've decided to only stay at his clinic for 2 days and than switch to Yasmin's RH. Thank god she was able to accommodate me last minute she's so sweet and helpful! I chose her because I love all the great reviews on her and her personal care and that's what I'm really looking for plus all the extras ;) lol like GOOD food and yummy juices mmm can't wait I'm a fat ass lol I will only staying there the remainder of my stay. Only staying 7 days total in DR. If contreras does decide I need the TT he said he can remove my drains after 6-7 days most likely 6 since I leave early sunday morning. Hopefully that works out since I refuse to stay any longer unless absolutely necessary.

Supplies list

o Gauzes
o Lipofoam.
o Abdominal and lower back board
o. Pads
o Benadryl gel
o Band aids
o Female urinal (ez pez)
o Bobby pillow
o Antiseptic spray/Dermaplast
o Neosporin cream/ triple antibiotic cream/ bacitracin
o Self-massager
o Antibacterial body wash (Hibiclens)
o non stick Medical tape
o Cotton balls
o Pill organizer
o Mederma(for scars)
o Arnica gel
o Arnica pills
o Nausea meds
o Stool softer
o Chapstick
o Alcohol wipes
o Maxi Dresses
o Yoga Pants/Leggings-
o sweats/pj dress
o. Cotton tank tops
o Slippers/crocs
o socks
o. 2 loose shirts
o. Lock
o. Track jacket
o Flip flops
o 30 Thigh high Compression socks
o Bio oil. ?
o Robe
o. Zzzquil
o. Bromelian
o. Iron/vitamin c/b-12/folic acid
o. Snacks
o. Ensure
o. Amoxicillin/Tylenol w. Codiene
o. Deodorant
o. Hand sanitizer.
o. Unscented Baby wipes
o. Halls
o. Silicone strips (6 wks post op) later.
o. Washcloths
o. Kelocote
o. Vitamedica
o. Packs of Kleenex
o. heating pad
Plus gloves and Lysol wipes that Yasmin said I should bring. Not everything on my list I'm bringing as you can't use until your wounds are healed like the bio oil, kelocote, silicone scar sheets, Mederma and my self massager is to give myself massages when I get back. But I think this list is a good starting point for anyone who needs one. Am I missing anything?

At the airport!

Hi ladies I'm at the airport waiting for my flight. It's an overnight and I should arrive to DR by 5am. So many emotions and thoughts running through my mind. Seriously shit just got real!! So scared and nervous and it was so hard to say goodbye to my loved ones..I'm by myself which makes it a lot harder. So much on my mind can't think straight lol but I'll update you ladies as soon as I can. Xoxo

1 day post op

Hey ladies I'm well actually pretty strong for just being 1 day post op :) I have a surprise for you..I'm a Duran doll :) I know some of you are like what? Lol I'll explain later I promise. I had a hell of a journey but glad to be where I'm at. Posted pics and I am sooo happy. Duran did her thing!!

From Contreras to Duran

Hi ladies hope all of you are doing well I'm excited for the upcoming holidays :) I know I told someone to pm me about why I switched as I didn't want to start no shizz but I got so many PMs I guess a lot of you are considering contreras and want to know.

WELL it all started 2 days before I left. I was prepared to go to contreras and he even had my $500 deposit so it wasn't like I was still 50/50 on it he WAS my doctor. Ironically a friend of mine that I met a few months back went to contreras a while ago and I remember when I was still doing my doctor hunt she told me she went to him and was dissatisfied but he was still 'good' and if I tell him 'repeatedly' what I want maybe he'll come through. 2 weeks ago I hit up a girl here on RS who also went to contreras but never made a review and she told me the same exact thing but I pushed it to the back of my mind thinking I'll just tell him when I see him and it'll be all good right? Well my friend hit me up to send me well wishes and I told her my concerns..she sent me her before & after pics and while she looks nice it isn't what I was looking for. She wasn't a big girl but definitely not small and I could see how if maybe she would of went to Duran, Cabral or even Yily her bod would of been fire! His sculpting skills are weak. He is banging on small chicks like mizzkarina or suze here on RS but thicker chicks...ehh...so now I'm due to leave to DR and I still wasn't 100% confident in contreras and to be honest I never was. I was always hoping for the best. Ladies this surgery is too real if you are having second thoughts on a doctor they are not for you! You have to be confident in whoever u choose and that's how I knew Contreras wasn't the doc for me. But confirmation of this comes later on...So my flight gets delayed by 3 hours because of some drunk guy on the plane lol wow what an experience so we finally take off at 2:30am and I arrive at DR 7am. Jose Brito was waiting for me he's a nice guy so I tell him my concerns. He says Contreras is doing really good right now (new clinic such and such) but Duran does really nice bodies. I told him I have no quote nothing!! Again I never intended on going with Duran as I know the ladies in contreras FB group said otherwise. So he calls Elizabeth and tells her he has a girl here but she doesn't have an appointment but if she could squeeze me in he'll buy her dinner lol ! So they tell me to come in and surprisingly when I come in I was the ONLY one there for consultation and sx. Elizabeth told me ALOT of girls never showed up so Duran was basically free all week. Wow what a blessing I felt like it was meant to be and she should be my doc! I loved her work I just never bothered to email her because it felt too much of a hassle. I was also going to go to Cabrals office if Duran couldn't do it but Duran did my consultation and said she could do my sx same day! I was like wow am I going to be a Duran doll? Yeppp I did my labs hemo was 13.8 and did my surgery same day! Elizabeth told me I was very lucky she could do me as she is usually very busy so I wouldn't advise anyone to just show up lol now here is where things got very interesting..

While I was waiting for my consultation there was a few post op girls waiting for their follow up appointments and wow they looked good so I was hoping she could fit me in. I was telling them my story of how I left contreras and was trying to get Duran and once I said contreras one girl told me how her RH (Angela's but again this is what I was told idk how true it is) won't even accept contreras patients because his girls have way too many complications...yeah let's take that with a grain of salt. So fast forward to Friday I am now 4 days post op and I am in Durans office waiting for my follow up and I meet a beautiful young lady who is also in contreras group. She was at contreras clinic night before and she did not have a good experience (not my story to share) hence that was why she was In Durans office the next morning but luckily Duran was her back up anyways. Another girl also left contreras office to cipla because she wasn't confident in his work..guess I wasn't the only crazy one to switch last minute lol so after my follow up was done I go to contreras clinic to pick up my deposit and drop off something that I promised for a fellow RS member ;). His clinic is beautiful, clean, modern it's like a 1 stop shop lol. Contreras was very nice and professional about giving me back my deposit. He's a sweetheart :) so now that I'm in his clinic I wanted to talk to a few of his patients if I could find any. So while I'm waiting at the caja (where u pay) I met another RS member who just had her sx done by contreras! She was leaving early and from what I was told not only by her but 2 other girls there, there was NO WIFI...poor girls :( and another girl was suffering from headaches because they feed you tiny portions..there was also another girl waiting to get her labs done and she looked like she might be from the US so I said hey u speak English? And she was so excited and said yes finally someone who speaks English lol and I asked if she was in FB or RS and she said no she had 2 friends come get work done by contreras last yr so my nosy self asked how they look? Lol and she was more than wiling to share. 1 of her friends she said looks good but the other who got a TT still looks fat so she was kind of nervous but I saw she already paid so I wanted her to stay positive & told her you will be fine just tell doctor exactly what u want and sent her my well wishes. and I must say first hand I wasn't impressed by his work when I was there..also the rooms have a/c but the waiting areas didn't and mind you I was only 4 days post op sweating my ass off in my tight faja waiting for my money that they ended up giving to me in pesos smfh now I have to exchange before going home tomorrow.. So do I recommend contreras? Yes if your a small to medium size girl already if you are larger and have a lot of fat to work with I wouldn't go to him for a bbl. But the price is right I do get that lol he is a good doctor I will not bash him I just want u ladies to know what I know and give u unbiased information as I Know his FB group is all types of messy lol i will update later on my experience with Duran which was great :) I love my new body I can't wait to go back to NYC and show off my new figure :) xoxo

3 week update

Hi ladies hope you all are enjoying your holidays!! I haven't forgotten where I came from lol this recovery is super slow and you have to take it a day at a time but that hasn't stopped me from going out and enjoying the holidays :) Last night I went out for the first time and let me tell you the attention is crazyyyy and it's mostly from females!! Lmao girls are such haters so be prepared for that!! Everywhere I went people were looking haha I am so shocked at the size of my ass omg Duran gave me a Stephanie Santiago ass !! The cake is beautiful and is looking even better day by day. I got 1300ccs and I'm only 5ft so imagine the monster on my back lol but after the first 2 weeks you get kind of used to it and now booty greed is kicking in lol Also I've been sitting on my ass since like day 1 lol and I still have my fatty I just try to avoid on sitting hard surfaces for a long time. So is fluffing real? I can't even imagine my butt getting bigger lol and my waist omg lol it's small and Duran was so aggressive with my back lipo (I woke up in the middle of sx during my back lipo and it did indeed felt super aggressive & excruciating pain not like a petite woman was doing my surgery lol) but yeah so much fat was taken out my back & stomach my shape is poppin. I'm super satisfied and I can't wait until swelling is finally gone and I'm rid of all that fluid too. Yes at 3 weeks I'm still swollen and retaining fluid but I guess with time. I will give a better update soon I just wanted to let you ladies know I'm ok and loving my new body :)

5 week pic update

Quick update with a few pics of my waist. The biggest difference in my shape has to hands down be my new waist! I got a massage this week and my massage lady said wow Duran did a lot of lipo on your stomach and back! (all the massage ppl in wash. Heights know the dr doctors) my back and stomach are still hard and swollen but getting better those are the areas that she took out Soo much fat. My lower back is still numb too. I look nothing like my before pics lol everybody thinks I lost a lot of weight because of the drastic difference. I still can't believe the transformation Duran gave me!! Best money I ever spent!!

Preop measurements -
5 ft
Waist - 37 inches
Hips- 38 inches (was shaped like a fat box smh lol )

5 week post op measurements-
Waist-30 inches (still swollen and want to get to 26 with waist training)
Wow I've already lost 7 inches off my waist and gained 5 to my hips and booty. If I was to go back for a rd 2 I would go back to Duran hands down!

New pics

Hey ladies here are some new pics without my faja on. Duran told me to wear my faja for 6 months or more for the best results. I plan on wearing the faja for 3 months and switching to a corset/waist cincher for waist training after. The faja is what help shapes you and make those dramatic curves indented so keep that faja on everyday for at least 3 months!! After that you can just concentrate on getting your waist smaller. I'll update again soon xoxo

1 1/2 year post op

Hey guys, not sure if anyone still keeps up with RS but thought i'll post a few pics as I am in the beginning stages of planning for my rd2. I will make a new review for second round. I am still happy with my results even though I have gained weight and it all went to my arms and face =[ so working on losing weight before my next round. I also have an encapsulated seroma that I have been dealing with since my first round which is my biggest concern this next round (getting rid of it) and also loose skin on my tummy and back rolls. Duran was verrrryyyyyy aggressive with her lipo which isn't always a good thing. I'm still debating whether to go back to her (only if i get a discount lol) or venture on to Colombia as i love their technology and their concern for your safety. Plus their work is super clean and they give a very natural but sexy look. I now hate that overly lipoed and over-exaggerated look so i think Colombia might be it for me.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Sucks I can't change my doc to Duran but Duran was my Doctor and I so far love my results!! Only complaint is her email always comes back full when I try to email her regarding a few questions about my recovery smh but other than that I love her :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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