Breast Augmentation- b4 and after for all the ladies who asked :) hope everyone is well! xo

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Hey ladies! My journey starts NOW lol. I have...

Hey ladies!
My journey starts NOW lol. I have been very busy with school so I haven't really had the time to realize how close my sx date is!! I am getting very nervous now. I am scheduled to have bbl and lipo to abdomen, entire back, inner thighs, arms and chin by the one and only master of body sculpting Doctora Yily!

I am 5'4 and have gained about 10 lbs in the last 2 months for my sx. I am now at 150lbs !! :D

I will be staying at the JM spa for 6 days and then fly back to the US. Hope thats enough recovery time.

I will be updating u girls with my journey as much as I can.

Sorry to not update u ladies for so long but i...

sorry to not update u ladies for so long but i have been in swell hell to the MAX!!! crazy recovery for me. I am getting better with each day and today 12 days post op I am feeling super sexy already :) def worth it and happy with my results. No idea how many cc's Dra Yily gave me , I didnt bother to ask I really just wanted to get outta there and get home asap as I already said recovery time was hell. I love my ass its def a huge difference from before, my hips are much rounder and fuller as well. My waist and stomach has NO FAT left what so ever she sucked it all out lol. Also got my arms done and i def see a BIG difference there as well. Arms wasnt bad at all in terms of pain like I was reading a lot. For me the swelling of my feet, legs and hands was horrific- to the point where I got actually scarred that this is not normal. But thank god it went away after about 6 days. Yes 6 days super swollen where I couldnt even move my fingers bc my hands looked like little ballons lol
I took all the vitamins- pre and post op. Wearing my faja day and night with lipo foam.
Stayed at Jaqueline recover house which I would rate 2 out of 10. But I dont think there are many other options so it is what it is. Better than staying by urself, trust me. I wouldnt do it.

Ladies shoot me any questions!

So i took my post op measurements- and yes I did...

so i took my post op measurements- and yes I did use a shoe string and my ruler lmao. So not sure if this is really 100% accurate hehe
but this is for all the ladies who asked! and sorry I dont have pre-op measurements.

Bust- 34
W- 28
H- 35
Butt- 42.5

So my BA was done by Dr. Ghershi in Miami at the...

so my BA was done by Dr. Ghershi in Miami at the Coral Gables clinic ( 2800$)
here is the link to his reviews

I have 430cc's low profile saline implants

Ohhh and I went shopping today !! it was soooooo fun haha everything fits so much nicer now :P Did a whole lotta damage $$$

Just returned from miami and I must say i have...

just returned from miami and I must say i have never had so much fun !!
the attention u get is just so unreal. At the airport security check point in ATL the guys asked me which magazine I model for, and in Philly airport a guy asked me if he could take a picture with me haha- in Miami we were invited to the table of the miami housewives and artist domingo zapata. Just insane weekend all together! Glad I survived lol. Now back to my books! -_-

So Im bootyliciousD now not DMD anymore lol -...

so Im bootyliciousD now not DMD anymore lol - apparently I cant use any professional suffixes unless I am an accredited doctor....smh.

3 months post op- Yily

Hey guys, just a quick update since many have asked. Nothing has changed really from month 2 to month 3, definitely havent lost any fat, might have gained some in fact :P
swelling is pretty much gone. I am left with some bumps that I am trying to rid of by massaging them everyday, and its starting to look better.
Good luck xoxo


5 months-Yily

hi ladies just checking in to see whats up! sorry i havent been on here in so long! but yay im 5 months post op now! still happy :) only thing is i stayed with some lumps on my belly and arms (thinking of contacting Yily - or wait another month?) :-/
Hope everyone is well! xoxo :*

5 months

b4 BA

7 months post-op- YILY!!!


10 months post op w Yily

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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