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So after careful consideration, research and...

So after careful consideration, research and friends that have received great results from this doctor I have decided to go with Dr Diaz!!! He is very responsive and answered all my questions! I put down my deposit and I am ready for next February ???????? I'm super excited! Wish I could go sooner!!!!

Why such the long wait you ask?!?

Well RS Divas, I am scheduled for feb 28 2015 because I am PREGNANT ???????????? Dr. Diaz informed me that it would be best to wait 6months after giving birth to undergo this surgery. My husband is excited new baby and my new body and so am I! Well until next update ladies.. Take care! ????

Paid in full!!!

All money has been paid and I am super excited about my surgery.. February 28th couldn't come fast enough!!!!!

Flight booked!!

We had our 9lb bundle of joy :)

I went ahead and booked our flight.. Sent the flight info to my dr and now I am all set. :) :) :)

I have been going back and forth!!!

So before I contacted dr Diaz I reached out to dr Duran. As most of you guys know, she is EXTREMELY hard to get in contact with. So I went with my other choice which was Dr Duran. Now after all these months, Duran replied to my email! I can't lie, I was excited and even thought of switching my dr. I had to really think about who I wanted to go with and weigh the pros in cons of each doc. Dr diaz has a better package for me as far as eliminating the leg work of having to find a recovery house, pay for each massage etc. his package includes WAY more than hers does. But she was my number 1 dr For my operation so I would have driven myself crazy with the "what ifs" if I didn't weigh my options. After a couple days of thinking and discussing it with my Husband; I decided to call dr Diaz and let him know what I wanted to achieve. He assured me that we are on the same page. He also thanked me for being honest with my concerns and trusting him with my surgery. He made me feel even more at ease than when I first consulted him. I sent him my photos after I had the baby. My body looks the same as it does in my profile pic just with a little more stomach. I can't wait to have my body back... Just with a little more hips and booty lol! Til next time dolls!

2.5 mos. after having baby :)

Dominican Pesos

Today I ordered my DR Pesos online with my AAA Membership. It was fast, easy, convenient and not to mention FREEEEEE. All I had to pay for was shipping! I am so glad that is out of the way because I did not want to have to pay exchange fees nor wait in long lines at the airport. Now all I have to do is continue packing and preparing mentally and physically ..... I am less than 60 days away from surgery!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

My Hemo is up!!!!!

I got my blood work done at my PCP's Lab today and It's 12.4!!! I'm so happy because I WAS anemic... I remember my Hemo being below 8 over 9 months ago. I started taking high potency iron chewables (WHICH TASTE SO GOOD!!! I recommend these for anyone who has problems swallowing pills) 3x a day, folic acid, PUR- Absorb liquid iron and eating lots of spinach and oatmeal and drinking LOTS OF WATER! I've been doing this for the past 4 months and I am happy with the outcome so far! I am on track to have over a 14 on my Hemo result in DR! Good is God!

All packed and ready!

Hey Dolls,

I am so excited and nervous. My journey will be over soon. I can't wait to be on the other side of surgery. My husband is so excited as well. It feels great to have such an amazing supporter by my side traveling with me to DR. My sister has even booked her surgery with Dr. Diaz :) ! In just 10 days I'll be there AHHHHHH!!!

Pre and Post Op Prayer

Wheels up!!!!!

Will be in DR By 3:48 today :) !!!!!! I can't wait!!!!


I'm looking for a recovery house. Thought it was best to go with the package but LAWD was I wrong! The tv does not work. No hot water and this would be my second meal of cheese sandwiches. I have to get the hell out of here. All it takes is a day to for me to know that I will not be comfortable staying at CIPLA for my surgery. Damn, I'm very disappointed. If you ladies have any info on a recovery house PLEASE let me know. I want to leave today!!!!!!! :(


So my girl Maddy1120 helped me out and gave me the info to another recovery house. She unfortunately had no room available. (Thank you so much for the info anyway) I then ask Dr Diaz to call my room. I told him that I tried to managed but I didn't feel comfortable. He apologized for Cipla and said he will contact Armonia recovery house. they took my husband and I with no problem. He transferred the money we gave him to the RH and all I had to pay was 100 for my husband to say with me. He is a great person and a phenomenal Doctor! I really appreciate how he cares for his patients!

Armonia is paradise!

Blue pill taken!!!!!!!!!!!

It just became real!!!!!!!! See you on the other side!!!!!!

1 day post op

Grande culo!!!! Lol I can't wait until the fluffing begins!!

Before and after

I love my results already!

My husband helps me get in and out of my faja... Such a sweetheart.

First aid kit is a must

This first aid kit was a big hit with Brunhilda (dr Diaz massage lady). It has everything she needed to change gauges and clean incisions. I bought the deluxe from SAMs Club.

What Waist Gang!

Home now.

Wearing phase 2 faja


now that the dissolvable stitches are gone. I am not going to put mepitac on to minimize the appearance of the scar.

Shorty gotta big ol butt...

Oh yeeeeeeaaa!!!! Lol

Get ready for the change!

Wow, it's so different on the other side of surgery. The stares and looks for men like the want to eat you alive! The hate from women built like a minivan! It's all too real! If they are hating now, wait til the summer when my swelling goes down! SHEEEEESH!!! Smh Just be ready to take the good with the bad! Lol

4 month update

I'm happy with my hair so far. To see hair grow where I haven't in yrs is nothing short of remarkable!

Going going back back to DR DR

I love what Dr Diaz has done for me. No matter what work out I do I can't get rid of these arms!!!!! So I am going down to lipo my arms and the front of my stomach (because when you get a tummy tuck he only lipos back and sides for safety reasons). Traveling on the 9th of August! See you soon Doc! :)

6 months post on the 29th :)

Recent photos :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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