Confirmed! 38th Birthday Gift to Myself - BBL, TT by Fatima Almonte - DR

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I'm a 37 year old mother of two teenagers. Always...

I'm a 37 year old mother of two teenagers. Always struggled with my body shape and weight. Lost about 40lbs within a few months last year after changing my eating habits and exercising. Always considered very pretty but lacked in the body department. Self conscious, constantly worried about how I step out and looked. Pencil skirts, body dresses, certain bottoms and tops was a no-go because of no booty, stomach fat and back rolls. I pull it together - no doubt - but I always had to stay in my lane. Image is everything! Unfortunately, a not-so-healthy looking body gets less respect than a well-maintained body when in sales or with society as a whole. You can sometimes appear like you don't care, can't get it together, a quitter or just can't get it right...otherwise, you would've joined the gym and worked it out until goal reached. Sounds easy but hmm, some things just can't be worked out. So I look at this journey as an investment, a self boost me upper and job well done...oh yeah, and best damn birthday gift to myself!!

Alrighty then, I am now confirmed for Dra Fatima Almonte for August 14th. I hopped around a bit, researched a few doctors and getting quotes. It all came down to body work experience, convenience and reviews. Prior to deciding to go with Almonte, Australia Baez was on the top of my list. I recommended her to my sister-n-law and while she was there getting hers done, she ran into a lot of locals who recommended Almonte. At the time, I never heard of her before. I researched her and requested a quote. Received a response within a day for $5,250 all inclusive (about $4,500 for the surgery) - more than Baez quote of $4k and Yily's of $4,400. I definitely would've went to Baez because of the rave reviews and my sister-n-law was very pleased with her work and professionalism but I am very happy with Almonte's work, the well-respected/known assistant Lesley and response time.

Now that I got my quote, what happened next...

So I received a quote from Almonte right away. $5,250 covers TT, BBL and Liposculpture to abdomen, full back, flanks and waist - also recovery house, meals and 24-hour nurse monitoring for 10 days, transportation, medical tests, post op garment, etc. In order to prepare the body, I need to take Folic Acid, Iron and Vitamin C.

The quote did not mention my thighs and arms as originally requested. So when asked, I was told that they can be added as long as I have excellent CBC test results. I "was" a smoker until just recently so she recommended that I stop smoking within 15-30 days or surgery. The doctor followed up with me after two days for me to send her my test results. (Love the communication - I didn't reach out to her, she contacted me :)

I had my doctor perform all the pre-surgery tests. I thought maybe she would frown upon it but she was very supportive and just said to be careful. Slowly I started the vitamin regimen.

Test results...

All was well :) My hemoglobin level was 12.4. - above average but not quite high enough. I was told I need it at least at 13+ for aggressive lipo. I then added Blood Builder to my daily regimen (Folic Acid, B12, Iron & Vitamin C) and working on a high-iron diet. The excitement continues, as long as I know it can be done within 25 days of my surgery date.

17 days, really?

Totally miscalculated... 17 days until surgery!! wow! I'm preparing myself for what is to come. $350 deposit paid, booked my flight, staying for 15 days - 8/13 to 8/28. I decided to spend my birthday in DR since by then I should be feeling better, able to move around and enjoy my last day there. Instead of 10 days, I will pay an extra $300 for 4 more days at the recovery house OR more for a nice hotel for the rest of my stay. If my sister doesn't return to work by then, she'll come during my first few days to help me out. My passport renewal appointment is August 4th.

I haven't been shopping yet and don't plan to go all out. It's my understanding that half of the stuff posted on RS is not needed and is usually left behind or brought back. I will start packing the necessities this week.

Hmm...The look I'm going for?

It's pretty simple because I plan to keep it pretty much natural as possible - sculptured but soft. My preference is not for an exaggerated look. Instead something that fits my body and personal style. I want it to look as if it always been there and not draw too much attention. Obviously, I can't say that I've been working out for a few weeks and now have a banging body so this within itself is major enough.

I'm still researching but I'm digging Sanaa Lathan's body type. Her measurements are 32-27-35 inches. I'm more of a 38 up top so I could probably do a 36/37 hip. I want to also get my breasts done, but at a different time. I don't think I can go through that all at once. Maybe next year I'll get a one cup size reduction which gives an automatic lift.

The Countdown....

Ok so 13 more days. So excited! Lesley just got back to me after its been awhile. The phone service in DR is not great so she hadn't responded on what's app in a few days. In that time I've learned sooo much from the ladies who have been and those who plan to go - great support system. Ready to reserve my spot at a recovery house. Still not sure which one yet. Besides my flight of $393, I've only spent about $45 on things to bring. Oh and the costs for my vitamins. I plan to pack light so I'll be picking up a few things over the weekend.

Got a buddy

RH confirmed with my newfound buddy. We will be staying at Armonia RH. Lesley sent me a list of RH that they work with and it was on the list as well. There will be 3 of us so we'll be in one of the triple rooms. The more the merrier. This whole experience requires support. Whether from family, friends or the wonderful ladies you meet on RS or the FB groups.

I haven't been sleeping at all lately. I'm either researching, reading reviews or chatting with other ladies. When I'm in DR, although probably uncomfortable, I will be anticipating much needed rest at some point.

Today I'm going to make an appointment to check my hemo level again before I leave. Hope its at least 13.5 or over 13. I will bring out the Vitamix (why not sooner?) and make some daily drinks of beets, spinach, strawberries... to boost my iron. I was also told about Geritol, S.S.S. Tonic and purAbsorb - think I might pick one to try. It's good to know you have options AND plan B's.

No turning back

This November will make 20 years of marriage (22 years together) an accomplishment within itself. After this year I knew we wouldn't make it. So this morning, I consider it officially over.

I should be using this money I'm about to spend to move out and jump start my new life. But THIS will be part of that new life. I'm pressing forward!

Soon to be up and awaaay

At JFK waiting for my flight. Haven't updated in awhile. Since I missed my first flight, I have a little time before take off. I'm a little concerned with my surgery tomorrow because I have a summer cold ugh!!! Coughing, stuffy nose... I don't know. I'm not sure if I'll be able to tomorrow but I will stay positive, keep drinking orange juice, tea and soup.

Patiently waiting

Dra Almonte brings sunshine to any room! Young, beautiful and talented

My surgery is being delayed until tomorrow because of the congestion. I'm glad because of something as small as a cold the doctor felt the need to treat it first and then move forward tomorrow. All tests done so all everything else is looking good.

I've been resting up, worry-free. Patiently waiting for my day. The clinic is clean and looks nice, directly across from the President's quarters, like our White House. The one thing I can appreciate is that Almonte's team speaks English. Lesley more so than the others but nonetheless they are all fluent. The staff at the clinic does not. They're nice but you can definitely feel out of place. If you should learn anything, learn money or use an app to help you. I ordered from KFC (they deliver!) and I feel like I got jipped! Maybe not, maybe I jipped myself and gave a generous tip lol. Also make sure you read over any prescriptions and they're aware of your allergies. I had to check them on that.

Make sure you bring extra money to cover unknown expenses. Get some money switched over at the airport. So far out of pocket. I've spent $10 on a tourist card at the airport, 2 meals ($20 - KFC and Dominican delivery), meds for my cold - syrup and antibiotics ($42 - I got 1000 pesos back when exchanged) and then $150 for medical insurance (not included in the quote but required).

On the mark, let's go!

Doc came in to check on me and marked me up tonight. Ready for action tomorrow around 5am. No late night tonight. Sweet dreams!

Pre-Op Photos

Yours Truly, Almonte - Post-op Photos

Updates tomorrow

Post op pics

I'm sorry, I had tried to post these yesterday but somehow it didn't happen?

Feeling Fab

I will post more tomorrow. I was up and about all today feeling wonderful. Now I'm resting.

3rd day after Follow up

It's been awhile updating...

Ok, let me see if I can back track a bit since I haven't updated since my surgery.

Day of Surgery: I woke up around 5am ready. The nurse came in around 6am with the blue pill. I took the pill, geared up and used the bathroom. The nurse brought the wheelchair in and I sat down. That's ALL I remember!! I didn't see the doctor or the operating room - Nothing.

When I woke up I was in a holding room I guess because I saw maybe 3 other girls. Soon after waking I felt nauseous and told them I needed to vomit. After all that I was wheeled to my room. I don't remember any significant pain or discomfort. Guess I was still numb. I remember not being able to tell whether I had a new butt or not. I couldn't feel it. It bothered me to the point, I texted Lesley asking her. I wasn't sure if something happened and they couldn't do it lol. The doctor came in and reassured me I had a nice bootay :) She offered to take pics of my tummy (so nice).

My first meal was home made mashed potatoes and cheese with veggies. I thought maybe they thought I was a vegetarian or something because my breakfast didn't have meat either. Maybe it was better for digestion. The doctor's assistant came in and helped me get dressed while the lady from the recovery house waited. I questioned her as well about my butt. She said yes, you have one - a big one. I was like uh oh, I really didn't want it big so I was a little nervous but heeey, I got one :)

Day 2 - Armonia Recovery House

So I left with the woman from Armonia. When I got there, it was a gated nice sized house in a residential/commercial mixed area. Clean modern furnishings. After chit chatting for a bit, I was showed up to my room on the 2nd floor. I shared a room with 2 other ladies from NY which was pre-arranged by connecting on RS :) It was an older simple room with 3 twin beds, not updated like all the rest. While most of the other rooms had their own bathroom, our section had 3 bedrooms and 1 huge bathroom - 4 toilet stalls and sinks and then a large bathroom with 1 toilet, spa tub, shower and sink. The A/C worked great, always cold. There was a dining room upstairs with an adjoining patio.

Staff: I absolutely loved the staff. Myra the home owner was very nice and spoke English. Most of the staff did not not. There were a few that did and all tried to understand as much as possible or found someone who did. Fortunately, my roommate spoke Spanish. It would've been a more difficult stay without her. There were nurses 24 hours a day to administer meds and help us get dressed and put on our fajas. We had a bell to call them to handle our needs. The other staff kept the place clean and helped get the place running. I personally had no complaints. Seemed like some of the other girls did from time to time - mainly because it seemed there expectations were way too high like they were in the US. Remember you get what you pay for. For the price of $65-75 a night, you still got more than you would have in the US.

Food: the cook and servants were all nice and humble. Smiled at all times. Each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner we were asked of our food choices. If we gave advance notice, Myra would personally shop for us. For instance, I requested baccala (codfish) and chicharon (fried/roasted pork) on occasion. Breakfast choices included pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, oatmeal and fruit. There was always fresh fruit juices like pineapple, watermelon or mango. All the food was very tasty. I did feel too many starchy foods (potatoes...) were served and not a lot of leafy greens. Salad seemed to take the place of spinach, greens and cabbage. I only complain because of the constipation issue. For that, they served us a natural shake to keep it moving.

A massage therapist came out daily at $25-35. Laundry service to wash your clothes as needed. There was also a driver that would take you to the mall, the beach, pharmacy, etc. Banks, ATM, grocery store (very nice) and souvenir shops were all in walking distance. Freaked out by security with machine guns which seemed to be the norm throughout the capital. Rained a lot while there and the streets flooded with water - no proper drainage system in place.

All in all, my stay at Armonia was pleasant. The day before leaving was my birthday. As I went to drop off my laundry, I was greeted by the staff singing me Happy Birthday. An hour later they appeared again with some of the girls staying there with a cake singing again. Humble staff and met a few good ladies. My experience there was a good one - not everything was perfect which was not expected but no major mash-ups. Appreciated the attention and service which was shown through tips before leaving and sharing of take-out food and treats brought back from shopping.

Armonia Recovery House photos

Armonia and City Sights

One-month Post Op

I know it's been awhile. I've been making my way back to work and my daily activities. Today makes one-month and I'm getting better and better each day :)

New pics

It's been a long time. After surgery and much healing you start feeling yourself and go on about your day-to-day. Here are some photos since my last post. Maybe I'll find time one of these days to give a more detailed review of the recovery after surgery.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have nothing but good things to say about Dra Almonte and her assistant Leslie. Excellent response time and very professional. No questions left unanswered. I look forward to meeting them in person and having Dra Almonte transforming me into my desired look.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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