Soon to Be College Grad and Duran Doll - Dominican Republic

So for years I've been focusing on finishing my...

So for years I've been focusing on finishing my bachelors in pre-med, not really having time to focus on getting my body together like I should. I set up a RealSelf account and was on here nonstop to find a surgeon that would delivery the results I want. I've never really been happy with my body if when I did lose a lot of weight, my belly has always been a problem for me. Meeting with Duran can't come soon enough! I graduate April 2017 and I want to feel as confident as ever walking across that stage!


So i paid a consultant company to reach out to Duran for me (Bella Barbies) and for a BBL and arm lipo came to $3,800.

Duran's assistant Laura also finally emailed me back and quoted me at 4,100.

Two different quotes? I wonder why

Paid my deposit!

Next I have to book my flight and recovery house. Thinking about Phenom

Sx buddy

I'm only about 47 days away and I need to find a surgery buddy. I'm considering staying at house of phenom or serenity. My mom is really supportive but she hates flying lol, so I don't want to put her through that. I'm excited to see a different country I just want someone to go through this transformation with!

Hemoglobin at 13.6!!!

I took a blood test with my doctor to see how much I needed to get my hemoglobin up, but it's perfect. I'm a vegetarian and I eat a lot of vegetables so I'm guessing that's why it's that high. So happy!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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