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Hi my bbl sistas, I'm a 30 something African...

Hi my bbl sistas,
I'm a 30 something African Canadian and I'm going to DR to get my fat grafting/bbl done I've waited almost a week to get my quote from Dr.Yily, I've bn on this website for about a lil over six months now and I was afraid to wrote a review, I bn askin random ppl questions and I found them quit helpful, so u decided to write about my journey I hope I'm doing this right!!

Ok so Dr.Yily has given me a quote of 3100 for the bbl with lipo to my abdomen, flanks (love handles) back and armpits. Which I find is awesome bcuz they quote I got from a Dr here n Canada was pretty expensive. I haven't set a date yet because I'm tryn to get this do as smooth as I can, so with that bn sd I was thinking I should book my flight than get my date confirmed. If anybody has any suggestions I'm more than happy to listen and take advice! Well until next time.

Just wondering about the abdominal board if I have...

Just wondering about the abdominal board if I have this will I still need tha foam, if anybody could shed some light it would be awesome!

Hi my bbl sisters, Well I've bn getting things...

Hi my bbl sisters,
Well I've bn getting things together for my trip drooping off my passport app today! Yay! So I was really thinking about getting a txt with my bbl instead of jus lipo to my abdomen any of u have any advice?


Hey all of my sexy bbl sisters, well ok. Um so worried about securing my date when u went to my bank they sd they didn't do transfers to tha DR or The US! the Chase Bank Wat am I to do???


I'm having tha darness time getting my deposit in to Yily, I've emailed her and I've called her office. No respond! I went to my bank and they have me a piece of paper to fill out and on it I need info that is not in my quote email! Can anybody help me figure out wa to do in my situation? Help plz!

Deposit in!

I called Yily's office early this morning and i hot someone! yah! Finally my deposit is in, I'm so pumped now I need to book my flight that will be done by the end if the day! Where do I stay? How much money do I take with me? Is there any body going the 1st week in Aug? Augh! So many decisions!

Ticket booked

Jus booked my fight, now jus waiting to hear some replys from my Yily Barbies about the best accommodations! Where do I stay? Help Ladies!

Booked flight gone wrong!

After booking my flight today I thought about tha lay overs and it did quit set with me! I had a lay over in Newark, NJ OF 14 hrs and coming back to Toronto was a lay over for 5 hrs, I can do that I sd to myself! That's gonna be deadly, so I called got them to refund my credit card and book a flight with less time on tha over lays, look repeatedly for a non stop flight outta Toronto found nothing! In tha end I got a return with one lay over for 2hrs on my way to DR and an hr on my way back thank God!

Noooo post op yet!

I had my date for June 11th I didn't go, now I'm ready to go with my deposit in, ticket booked and packing as I go! My new date is the 2rd of Aug, 2013. Um so happy, scared, excited, anxious and nervous at the same time!


I want to have lipo done to my tummy, flanks, back armpits and arms! I can pic my frame in my head and I'm just praying that my results are similar to my wish pix! I'm posting some more for a reminder to self!

Typeos & Meds

Starry for all the Typeos ladies, ive been taking my iron pills for a oil over 3months now and jus started taking my vitamin c pils a couple of days ago, so that's good, been on this site looking for ways to get my meds for sx here so I wouldn't have to worry once I arrived in DR, yesterday I went to my doc and got my prescriptions and got them filled aswell, he didn't give me the pain meds or the heparin so I get my pain meds over the counter and the heparin when I get to DR. I packed a few things if I'm forgetting anything and you guys have any suggestions plz feel free to comment and let me know! Here's what I have so far:
3 face clothes
3wash clothes
1 pack of maxi pads
6 white beatters
Hand sanitizer
A case of yogurt
A case of ensure
Dryed fruits and snacks
Thats all for now dolls, till next time!

Buddy found!

Found my room buddy, so excited! Now I won't be alone on my journey it feels awesome to know I have some support!

Reply from Yily!

Finally a reply from Yily after several weeks I was getting really worried my date for sx is on tha second I'm handling last min details and she was not getting back to me for some reason, but today she did and I feel hopeful again! I really hope the communication between me and her gets a bit better thought I'm hella scared!

Change of plans!

Talked to Yily most of the day today and I feel a bit better over all, the language barrier is getting to me, so I downloaded I translate on my phone and our conversation went a ill smoother, lol finally I got most of my questions answered thank god so worried so close to date I was starting to panic, I got my packing finished today I hope I didn't forget anything. So I have changed my expectations to lipo everywhere plus my arm and get my hips filled in. Yily gave me a quote of $3400 which is not bad. I measured and weighted my self today
i weight 155 lbs
breast around is 38 D
waist is 32",
hip and bum are 39"
I leave for DR in 2days my time is near I hope all of you beautiful dolls say a prayer for me. Til Nxt time!

Packed and ready to go!

I really don't know how to feel honestly ladies mixed emotions rite now! My sx is in 3days! I think I got everything packed that I need, I'm hoping I do! Til Nxt time ladies!

Landing in DR

Oh yea ladies when you reach tha airport in tha DR expect to pay $10 for a tourist pass get this b4 you go pick up your luggage! I'm so damn tired got to tha recover house something to 12 met a chatted with my travel buddy, went to sleep at 3am and woke up for 5am to go to tha Clinic, Got all my test back and everyhing is a go, on my way up stairs to prepare for my sx, til next time dolls!

Meeting my buddy!

Rm buddy,
hey hey girls, jus met my rm buddy we have bn corresponding back and forth for about a week now, we arrived on tha same day she got here earlier than me. I was greeted by her when I got to tha recovery house she's awesomely nice hoping we keep in touch after sharing our journey together, Ladiva mad cool and the coolest part is that she's fluent in Spanish...BOOM! She filled me in on every combo so yay for me ladies.

Meeting Dra Yily

DR. Santos,
Very nice woman, I had communication barrier, but my rm buddy spoke Spanish, I made my deposit on the 16th of Aug and decision that she would diffenantly be my doc, she came and told me how my sx would work and what to expect after sx , I for one love her, she gives you a warm an welcome feeling when you meet her, shes a very busy Iady and she actually came in after my procedure, I wasn't expecting to c her, she asked how i was, she informed me that another doc on her team would be take my recovery appts and that I could feel free to request her presents amd if i needed to speak with her or had anymore qeustions for her, she's so pretty and always came with a smile infact her whole team is mad nice, they made me feel very welcome, wake up @ 430 get up take my shower and get dress for my sx its 630 am and we go the clinic through the process of getting the test and bloood work done it seemed for ever, im in tha rm with my roommate @ she's gets marked up and takes her lil blue pull, I get marked up next and after that lil blue pill I remember waking up with soreness all over my body! Sc done and ober with you hapy to tha point i had no time to get nervous Lol got love that lul blue pull lol! huh! Oh yea ladies when you reach tha airport in tha DR expect to pay $10 for a tourist pass get this b4 you go pick up your luggage! I'm so damn tired got to tha recover house something to 12 met and chatted with my travel buddy, than off to dleep we went, at 3am and woke up for 5am to head to tha Clinic, til next time dolls!

Sneak preview!

14 days po

Maxi dress with garment on!

Still swollen, still in pain, but I'm loving my results! Yily all day! More pix to come side by side to see the comparison!

1 moms and a week post!

Still loving my resaults. Um healing really good no complications only one doc looking at her nose down at me cuz I didn't stay in tha country and pay an expensive price for my sx. Everybody else was so nice and helpful but I guess there's all was a bad apple! Lol! As I get closer to the end of my recovery I find my torso feeling very irritable not in a bad way just so I am uncomfortable wen I stand, lay or sit! I'm gonna try my best to post more post pic gals until then!


Hey dolls jus wanted ta show my burns from my compression garment! Make sure u stuff ur garment. I was feeling bloated one day and I thought I'd b ok for one day and it wasn't ok lol! Than another day my garment wasn't stuffed good enough and I got another burn on tha opposite side! So yes ladies make sure ur stuffed it maybe uncomfortable but it's worth it in the end!

Uncomfortable Back and underarms!

Seen Aug 2rd 2013, I've bn the most uncomfortable that I have ever bn in my life. Now that things are starting to get better from my sx there are only two things irritating me my back the swollen is still there at times I feel like its all gone and than I get ahead of my self and realize I still have a ways to go. My underarms same thing I reach a certain distance and its fine a lil further no go! It goin to be better soon I'm just tryn to enjoy this ride lol! It's hella hard ladies!

Three months post!

Three months post!

Three month post!

3months post!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I was told that Yily is tha one for my tiny waist!!

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