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Well I've finally made my mind up. I want & need a...

Well I've finally made my mind up. I want & need a BBL. I'm a 20 year old college student who should be having the time of my life yet I'm not happy with the way my body looks. Just 2 years ago I had the perfect body, but years of sports & fitness training ceased after a full time job and college exams took over. It's time for a goals for 2014- Weight loss and BBL. I'm hoping to have my sx with Dr.Duran before the end of the year. If anyone knows how to contact her please feel free to comment or message me.

The Journey Begins

Sent my first inquiry email to Dr.Durans email address, no reply..but i can understand why,busy lady! The waiting is crazy though. After quite a bit of research I see that most ladies have to wait a while before a reply is sent. Gosh, I want that estimate asap!!! :) I sent a general inquiry to the email, but no personal info/pics yet. Just want to ensure that is Durans real email before I go crazy with details haha... Does anyone know exactly what the email should consist of? I'll probably send another one in a few days. I also would appreciate any tips you ladies have for weight loss, have to start dropping these pounds. Crunch time, literally....

The Waiting Game

So I am up early this morning, getting ready to work out. You ladies said it's best to build a better diet and exercise plan now so it will be easier to maintain after surgery:) Just sent Dr.Duran another email. I followed you ladies suggestions and made it more detailed. I included my photos, age, weight, ,health,wish pics, etc...pretty precise email if you ask me, lol. Now I have to wait for the reply. That's the hard part. The waiting is sooo stressful. If I don't hear back this time then I will be contacting jazmine (hope that's correct) to help me get a quote and secure my date..can any of you ladies give me the full breakdown of how that works. Once you get the quote do you send your deposit then pay over time for the surgery up until your date, or do you have to pay the remainder in DR when you arrive?? Also any post op DUran Dolls that can provide me with a close estimate of how much everything cost in, travel, supplies, etc??? I am working on adding more to my savings for the procedure and I want to ensure I am ready to cover everything. College budgets are pretty steep so I have been bargaining on everything to save extra cash. Also I have added a few new wish pics..sent a couple to Duran via email

Still Waiting.....

Well it's been a while since I checked in but I have been very busy..New house, new job, etc. In the midst of everything I have been emailing Dr.Duran but have yet to get a response. I also mixed it up a bit and emailed Dr.Yily. I have been waiting to hear back from either with quotes. I think Dr. Duran is still my top pick but contacting her has been a hassle. I'm not a social media type of person so contacting her via that method is not an option. I need to find contact numbers to try calling both her and yilys office. I am ready to get my quote, pay my deposit, and secure my date. If anyone has additional info on contacting either of them please comment :) Also I am trying my best to stick to my training and nutrition plan but I am struggling with cutting out the snacks and sweets. Ugh, I'm just sooo ready to drop more weight and have the BBL completed. I am starting a new meal plan next week and will start drinking water and herbal tea to cleanse my body. I am also going to begin waist training and purchase a faja. Not sure what the best brand is for curvy girls, but I researching for options. I am trying my best to stay focused and make this a great journey, but the stress can get to you sometimes. All of the RS reviews and you ladies help has been keeping me on track. I will not give up. I know it'll all be worth it in the end!

No response yet! :( ugh

I don't want to seem impatient, but the waiting is driving me crazy. Between school, work, and checking my email every 5 minutes I am a bit stressed. I am beyond ready to receive a quote, or at least a response. I have tried numerous emails and request forms online to reach Dr.Duran but there still has not been any response. I have been trying to contact her for over 2 months! Back to calling the office tomorrow. In the meantime i have tried emailing yily, baez, and few more doctors from DR. I am hoping they respond with further information and quotes. I understand these doctors are busy but it feels like I have to chase them down for info on procedures. All in all I chose to take this journey and what it entails so I am willing to fight for what I want. Step one was research, then narrowing down the list to my top picks and reading thorough reviews. The next step was reaching out and attempting to contact the doctors. Now I am waiting for a response and hopefully a quote. Don't plan on giving up so I might as well stay tough. Still working out and trying to manage my meals. Determined to better myself!


Well I woke up to a great surprise this morning. A few replies in my email box were waiting. Not exact quotes, but responses to my inquiry emails. The doctors asked for the basic info again and pics, (even though I already sent that in my initial emails)...but I digress. I was happy to finally start receiving responses. Still nothing back from my top pick though..seems like Duran and her office staff are far too busy to reply..even after 3 emails. After reading reviews I see she prefers to work on smaller girls so I guess that's why I have yet to get a quote, nevertheless a response. Still sticking to my plan for lipo and a BBL, even if it's not at her office. A few doctors have suggested I lose weight or consider a TT. I don't think a TT and BBL together would be smart though. I wouldn't be able to lay on my stomach or butt, same thing if I choose to get a BL. It's a lot to think on, but ik I'll make the best decision for me. I see there are other great doctors in DR and i am doing some serious research on those options. Any suggestions would be much appreciated and if anyone has already had their surgery in DR and would like to give feedback, I'd be happy to hear:)


Soon the wait goes on , but I am learning new things daily on this journey. I am seriously becoming obsessed. Waking up in the middle of the night to check my email or read updates on rs. I am so ready for my sx. I have began receiving quotes so now I am excited to take the next step as far as getting my passport and booking a flight. This is where I need you ladies help. Please give me advice on affordable flights and how to get my passport to leave the country. I have been researching but I am in school full time right now and it's getting overwhelming. I just want to find a safe, dependable airline with reasonable prices. Also can anyone explain if it's cheaper to book round trip or one way and then buy another ticket when leaving D.R. I don't want to rush or make too many arrangements before knowing because I am still setting my budget up for the trip. If anyone can give me a ballpark on the cost of the entire experience *(sx, flights, medicine, extta cash, etc) with DURAN, YILY, or ROBLES it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance ladies...back to class for me

Calling All Duran Dolls!!!!

Ladies I am in a frenzy this morning. I have heard back from numerous D.R. doctors, but not the one I want. I don't want to sound selfish but I emailed those doctors for further insight and to compare quotes on procedures. I have always been set on Dr.Duran. I have been trying to contact her since late December/early January with no luck. I have in boxed a few ladies who had their sx with her for contact info but no replies yet. I really need to know how to contact her and what I need to send her via email to get an answer. Ladies if anyone has info on contacting Dr.Duran in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC please comment or message me:) I would really appreciate your help.

Sending Deposits Internationally

Hey ladies I have a few quick questions on sending deposits to doctors in D.R. Any of you ladies have suggestions for sending money securely? I am not a person who is ok with bank info just floating around and I've never wired money or sent bank transfers to anyone. One payment option i definitely have questions on is paypal. I have created an account and requested a paypal debit card but I won't upload money or link accounts until I have researched further. Any of you ladies who have info on paypal or just sending money internationally in general please comment or send me an inbox message.Thanks :)

To Travel or Not to Travel???

Ladies i need your help!! Should i get my BBL in the US or abroad? I have quotes from two doctors in Santo Domingo but Miami Dolls are starting to get awesome results without traveling out of the country. I am not sure whether or not i should book an international flight when i can get my waist snatched a few hours away and not even worry about a language barrier. Give your honest opinion and let me know about your previous experiences
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