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I had a tummy tuck in 2013. At the time I didn't ...

I had a tummy tuck in 2013. At the time I didn't realize that the wish pic that I showed my plastic surgeon was of Blac Chyna. What I liked about her was her hourglass figure and how small her waist was. When I asked him if he Would be able to accomplish my wish pic he stated yes but ummmmm no. He did just that a tummy tuck.
I'm 5'2" and My weight fluctuates between 145-155. I'm curvy naturally so I don't think what I wanted was something that couldn't have been achieved. My surgeon was Dr. Gikas. I had to go back twice for him to remove the dog ear on my left side. I'm confident that Duran will give me what I want.

Earlier Surgery Date Needed

So the journey begins... It's been about two weeks total. I went through the surgicoordinator and called Dra.Duran and I got through. The lady that answered pulled my email and told me she was going to have Duran contact me... (Still waiting) but I got a quote through Surgicoordinator ???? My quote was $3900 plus $200 for the surgicoordinator fee.

I paid through PayPal the $450 fee ($250 for Duran $200 surgicoordinator.) I paid the fee through my checking account which is taking longer to clear. I should've just paid through my debit card..... So the last time I spoke with her 01/23 was the next available date. I need a surgery date for 12/23-01/09 or sooner... If somebody needs to give away their date please let me know!

It's happening... 01/25

Alright....So I got about 8 emails from Duran's office. One about insurance, supplies, travel info, recovery houses etc. It's really happening! I'm excited, in disbelief, and REEEAAADDY! To be honest I'm not really nervous. It's not like these are not professional PS's. These aren't people on the street performing surgery. It's just a different country.
Now I'm about to start researching recovery houses and looking for a surgery buddy or two ????

Officially got my date!!!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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