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Hello dolls! :) My name is *morenaxo* and I am...

Hello dolls! :) My name is *morenaxo* and I am excited to start on my journey to being a Duran Doll!

I've been on RealSelf for just a couple of weeks, and decided almost right away that I wanted to Dr. Agustina Hilario Duran as my doctor based on the reviews I've read from all of her dolls. Every before and after I've seen of her work is just amazing, and every review speaks so highly of her patient care and just who she is as a human being in addition to being a phenomenal professional, so I'm very comfortable putting myself in her hands.

I started trying to contact her earlier this week, sent an email, called the numbers on her website, even called the office at 7:30am their time as suggested, but no luck. I didn't receive an answer to my email and the only time someone answered the phone and I was able to ask for a quote, I was just told to email (I already had) and call back on Friday at 2:00pm.

The level of my impatience is renowned, so I contacted Bella Vita Consultants instead, a company that specializes in arranging plastic surgery and dentistry in the Dominican Republic and Colombia. Dr. Duran is one of the doctors they consult on behalf of, and they are even able to issue quotes on her behalf.

Jazmine Navarro at Bella Vita answered me within a day, and I spoke to her both via email and Whatsapp, and I paid my $200 USD deposit for their service today. So now I'm just waiting on next steps to get my quote and finalize a surgery date! I'm hoping for mid-May.

In the meantime, I'm sharing some wish photos with you :) I'm so excited!

Paid my deposit with Bella Vita and have heard nothing since.

Hello ladies,

So I haven't had much to update because like I said, I paid my invoice to Jazmine Navarro at Bella Vita and sent them my photos, but there must have been some mixup because two days later they sent me another invoice for the same amount? So I messaged back saying no, I already paid my invoice (gave them the invoice number that I paid), and I've emailed them every day since asking them to confirm that they received my payment and let me know when I should be expecting a quote and a possible surgery date, and ... radio silence. Honestly, this is no better than calling Dr. Duran's office and emailing her day after day and just hoping one day somebody responds. I understand that she's very busy, but honestly, I would rather deal with a consultant or another member of someone's staff than dealing with the silence.

In either case, I want to have my surgery in MAY, and it doesn't look like that's happening with Dr. Duran, so if I don't hear from Bella Vita before tomorrow, I'll be asking for a refund (LOL assuming they'll respond) and researching a different doctor.

Any suggestions?

Well that was quick ...

Just when I was about to throw up my hands in defeat, AN EMAIL! Lol.

Jazmine just emailed me and explained they're actually just coming back from a business trip in Colombia (they've been setting up their RH there from what I can tell on Instagram, and it looks incredible, but I have my heart set on Duran) so they'll be setting me up before the end of the day today.

Remember how I said I was impatient? Lol. Considering I emailed Dra Duran's team about 3 weeks ago now and still no response, I suppose a few days isn't terrible for Bella Vita.

MAY 12!

Jazmine at Bella Vita got back to me tonight with my date. May 12! I'm pretty excited to be able to book my RH and flights now, plus a bunch of work meetings that I needed to finalize that I'll be able to do next week. I can't believe that in just two months, I'll be a Duran Doll! :)


Looks like I'll be flying out on May 11, and coming back May 17, which is going to suck so early in recovery, but I have no options. I may not have a boss to report to, but I'm up to my neck in client meetings and can't afford to be out of the city for any longer than that. Plus, the way things are looking, I'll also be in Australia for the last week and a half of April and then in New York for the first week of May, so I really won't be able to stay out of Toronto much longer than that. Oh, and also there are no direct flights from Toronto to Santo Domingo so I'll have a stopover, and anyone who knows me knows how much I LOATHE stopovers! My soul for a direct flight to Santo Domingo.

Anyways, as soon as I figure out all of these flights, I'll start stalking all of your reviews for tips on what I'll need to start gathering. Fun! (I'm only being half sarcastic.)

Recovery House Booked and Deposit Paid!

My deposit has been paid and I'm booked at Real Recovery House for May 11-17! I booked with Mayra, spoke to her extensively on Whatsapp, and paid for a private room, which will cost me $85/night, minus the one night that I'll be at CIPLA (the day of my surgery).

Real Recovery House offers the following services:

Access to Emergency Services
On site medic
24 hour nursing care
3 nutritional meals per day
Massages with ultrasound for treatment of TT and Lipo/Anti-stress massages (costs $20 extra per 60 minute session)
Pain Management Services
Pharmacy Delivery
24 Hour Security
Transportation to and from medical appointments
Transportation to and from airport
Bedrooms each have their own bathrooms
Plasma TV with Cable
Reception 24 hours
Air Conditioning A/C
Hot Water
Radio alarm clock
Free high-speed Internet (WIFI)
Safety deposit boxes
Smoke detector
Emergency generator 24 hours
Daily cleaning of rooms

I'm including some of the pictures they have on their facebook here. It won't be 5-star accommodations, but it certainly seems like it will be comfortable, and being in recovery and not on vacation, I think the nursing care with nurses who deal daily with women who are going through the same recovery process that I will be going through is what's really going to make the difference, in my opinion.

More Wish Pics!

I thought I'd upload some more wish pics before I post my before pics. I'll probably upload my before pics closer to my sx date, since I don't want them just hanging around online in the interim. That way I can leave them up for a little bit for all of you guys, and then take them down again. Enjoy!

My Quote from Dra Duran

So I received my quote from Dra Duran (c/o Bella Vita Consultants) and she's quoted me $5,800 USD for the Lipo, BBL and a BA. I'm undecided on the BA as of right now, but in either case, I'm paying my $250 USD deposit to secure my date.

I have an appointment with my physician this Saturday to inform him that I'll be having this surgery and to get preliminary test done to see where I stand as is. I normally take a multi-vitamin every day (Centrum for Women), but Dra Duran's paperwork made it very clear that she will not operate on anyone who's hemoglobin is less than 12 as she doesn't want to have to do a transfusion since that number will lower during the surgery, and she won't operate on anyone with over 34% BMI (which I am nowhere near, so that's fine).

I'll post my pre-sx measurements when I take them, but for the record, I am 5'4" and I weight 145 lbs.

I'll keep you all posted! :)

Not doing the BA after all ...

I've paid my $250 USD deposit to secure my May 12 date with Dra Duran, but although my quote is for the BBL and BA, I've pretty much decided that I'm not doing the BA. I'm just not that unhappy with my breasts to be honest. I'm not big, but I'm not tiny, and I like being able to throw on a push up bra when I want and being able to go bra-less when I want (without being a spectacle, lol). So yeah, no BA for me. But I paid the deposit anyway instead of just requesting a new quote because the last thing I wanted was to be waiting for a new quote and having dates fill up while I wait! So May 12, Dominican Republic, here I come! :)

Flight Booked! Booty Buddy Ordered!

Just booked my flight to Santo Domingo! And while I was at it, I ordered myself a Booty Buddy since it's finally back in stock. I also have to book a doctor's appointment for sometime this week to see where I stand with all my levels. I take multivitamins regularly already, but suspect I'll need to up my iron intake to make sure my hemoglobin levels are okay for surgery. This is happening! :)

Booty Buddy Has Shipped!

Got the USPS email notification yesterday that my Booty Buddy has SHIPPED! :)

Weird though, I assumed it would take longer because the PayPal receipt came through with a +44 number as the contact info, which is the UK (if I'm not mistaken). So I anticipated it being overseas shipping and all the delays that come with that. But according to the USPS tracking, it actually shipped out of Grand Rapids, MI, so I expect it'll get here next week sometime. Better earlier than expected than later!

I'll let you guys know when it gets here :)

Bought Some Supplies Today! (And RH Change)

I ended up with a little free time on my hands today, so I pulled out my list from Dra Duran and did a little shopping :)

Bellavita has a new consultant on their team named Betsy (she's super sweet) and she did say most of the prescriptions and supplies I'd be able to get at a pharmacy there, but I still wanted to get as much as possible here, just for peace of mind.

Today I picked up the following supplies:

- antibacterial wipes
- antibacterial body wash
- Polysporin
- arnica gel cream
- laxatives
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin B-12
- Iron (with folic acid)
- bandaids
- my favourite cocoa butter spray on moisturizer (I figure that will be easier to apply than the usual)

Also, after talking to Betsy, she said that Bellavita wouldn't really recommend staying at Real Recovery House, just based on the reviews they've received. So I've paid my deposit for a private room at Real Recovery Armonia instead. A little more expensive, but I don't want to risk not receiving quality care after my surgery.

My Booty Buddy cleared Canadian customs yesterday and is now with the Canada Post (our postal service), and the tracking number says it should be here by Wednesday, so I'm excited about that. Tonight, I'm searching online for lipo foam/boards/etc. I haven't done a ton of research on them yet, so if any of you have any tips, I'd appreciate it!

Oh, and for my fajas, I did find a few online, but Betsy says Dra Duran provides the first garment, and that the second one I can buy there too, so I'm not sure of whether its best to purchase one or my own or purchase one in the DR. Any suggestions on that would be helpful as well.

I found a few girls on Instagram who are headed to DR next month as well - one girl has her surgery the day after mine and she's travelling with a friend who's surgery is the same day as me! I'm glad to be connecting with some of the ladies I'm sharing this journey with.

Anyways, I'll update you guys on whatever I buy tonight and whatever other decisions I make.

Happy planning! :)

InThePinkRoom.com Order

Just a quick update! I just placed an order for the hexagonal tummy flattening board and the abdominal lipo tummy foam. And now it's 2am so I should probably act like I've got somewhere to be in seven hours. Goodnight, dolls!

That Was Fast! InThePinkRoom Delivery En Route!

I placed my order at like 2am, and at 9:01am I had a UPS notification in my email saying my package was en route with an expected April 9 delivery date! That's in two days! I'm always very impressed with this level of efficiency in companies. Let's see if I'm as impressed with their products! :)

My Booty Buddy Has Arrived!

I'm actually starting to feel pretty on top of things! :)

It arrived in a big cardboard box, but no identifiable markings on it, and then inside the box was a white bag, also with no markings. Super discreet. Only in that white bag was the clear bag you see pictured that said "Booty Buddy" and the receipt and instructions, etc.

Of course, I took it out of the clear bag to try it out. I've gotta say, it feels great if pre-op. It feels really firm, so I was doubtful, but when you sit on it, it kind of moulds to your thighs (since that's the only part of you touching it) and you just kinda sink it slowly. It's hard to describe, but the best I can compare it to is the memory foam mattresses or pillows, and it feels really good. The cover on it is removable as well, so it's washable, which will be good, and it has a little carrying strap too. Plus it's all black with no logos or anything, so it won't be like a giant beacon to everyone you come across after sx like "look guys, I need this special pillow for my butt!", so I'm glad for that. I think it'll be a big help post op.

I've attached some pictures here. Enjoy!

InThePink Order Arrived Today!

It seems like I've got a package waiting for me on my doorstep every day these days! Today was my lipo foam and board from InThePink.com. I'm attaching pictures. The box for this was not so subtle (it said from In The Pink Lingerie, but my paranoia says if anyone sees lingerie, they might Google the company and see all the post-op gear, put two and two together, and there goes the "I just did a lot of squats" argument! Lol!), but it wasn't too obvious. The foam and the board were packaged separately, with a little sticker for instructions, and I even got a free pen??? Lol.

Recovery Armonia Pictures & Information

I mentioned a few updates ago that I was switching recovery houses on the advice of my consultants (Bellavita), so my private room has now been confirmed at Recovery Armonia! :) I found some pictures on their Facebook page that I'm sharing here.

The services include:
24 hour care by our professional nursing staff
3 daily meals and 2 snacks
Free transportation to clinic/pharmacy
Laundry services
Housekeeping services
Flat screen TV with cable/English channels
Air conditioning

There are four single rooms available, with either an ocean or a garden view, for $85 per night.
There are four double rooms available for $75 per night.
There is one triple room available for $65 per night.
There is one quadruple room available for $55 per night.

The night of the surgery is free, and they have discounted rates if you have a guest as well.

They also offer all organic meals for an additional $100 a week. Airport transportation (round trip) is $80, a private nurse can accompany you at CIPLA the night of your surgery for $50, and massages are $25 each, although you can work out a deal for packages.

Finally went in for my blood test this past Saturday ...

So I finally went in for my blood test this past Saturday and got my results this morning when I called in. My hemo levels areeeeee 14.5 !!!!!!!!! OWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!

My hemo levels are always lower than normal, so I was super worried, and I've only been taking my iron supplements for maybe the last two weeks or so, but according to my doctor, he fact that I've been on the DEPO PROVERA shot for birth control probably helped a lot! I guess that makes sense. Your hemo levels drop when you're on your period, so if you don't get your period, than maybe the effect is almost opposite?

I had skipped a cycle of depo provera (it lasts for three months so I only do three cycles a year on my doctor's recommendation), but I'm back on for this cycle, got my shot on Saturday while I was there. That should solidify my hemo levels AND I realized that my period would have been set to come on or around the 11th, the day before my surgery, and I did NOT want to be dealing with that the first few days of recovery or worse, have to deal with a hemo drop the day before and not be able to go through with the surgery.

So all in all, today I am a happy girl :)

Nine days away from take off!

I am nine days away from taking off for the DR and I am getting sooooo excited and anxious, I don't even know what to do with myself. I should probably be going through a check list of some sort, I haven't really gotten any more supplies since my last supply run. I know I need to pick up those overnight pads, but I can't for the life of me think of what else I'll need. Maxi dresses of course. T-shirts. What size panties do I bring? What size will I be? Lol. The silliest questions pass through my head sometimes. Above everything, I'm just praying for my health, Dra Duran's hands, for this whole process! This is so big!

6 days from now I'll be travelling to Santo. 3 days later, I'll be a Duran Doll.

I feel numb. I don't really think it's hit me yet. This time next week, Ii will be at Armonia in the Dominican Republic, and maybe then the nerves will start to kick in! All I know is I am so ready for this :)

I'll post before pictures this week dolls. I won't leave them up for long, but I've been helped by so many pictures from others' on RS, it's only fair that I try to help too!

My Doctor Though...

Stalking Dra Duran's IG tonight. Have you seen my doctor's work? MY DOCTOR. SIX DAYS!!!

Called Dra Duran's office this morning and spoke to Elizabeth!

I called Dra Dura's office to make sure I was on her schedule for Tuesday. Cause that's what you do when your date gets closer and there's nothing left for you to do but sit and wait lol. So she checked and said yup, you're here, you booked through Jazmine, right? Yes, Elizabeth. Yes, that's me, put little hearts and stars next to my name because I'm coming, I'll be there!

2 days till I leave!
5 days till I'm a doll!


I'm here!

I just landed in the DR, for through customs, for my luggage, and now I'm in the driver's car heading to Armonia! His name is Pedro, and he was waiting at arrivals for me with a sign that had my name on it as soon as I walked out. I had confirmed yesterday that he would be there, but it was still a relief to not have to wait or search when I arrived. He has WiFi in his car too, which is awesome! So far, so good! 3 days away! Ahhhhh!

Recovery Armonia Review

Omg where do I begin. The house is beautiful, and clean. I'm in the "Jerusalem" room upstairs, which has two beds but I'm the only one in here as I paid for a private room. It was very obviously cleaned and prepared for me before I arrived. But of course, these are all things you expect when you're paying money for a service, right? But what money absolutely can't buy is the feeling that you've made the right decision and put yourself in the hands of people who actually care. As soon as I stepped out of the car, Myra was at the front to greet me with the biggest hug. She took me inside and told me this is my house now, to make myself comfortable. One of the nurses working tonight has been making sure I have everything I need, I forget her name right now, but she is honestly the sweetest. Myra insisted that there was dinner waiting for me, that I needed to eat, so I did (and it was good!), she sat and spoke to me while I ate, and then introduced me to some of the girls staying here. When I was getting stuff together in my room afterwards, the really sweet nurse came and told me that a couple of the girls were on the veranda talking, if I wanted to talk to them. I guess she knows it's probably helpful to talk to other girls who are going through what you're about to go through. So I chatted with them for a little bit. Both of them were Diaz barbies, tummy tucks and BBLs, one from New York and one from Florida. They both look FANTASTIC, and were so nice about showing me their before photos and talking about their experiences at CIPLA, etc. The New York doll leaves tonight though, and the Florida doll leaves Tuesday, so both of them will be gone by the time I go, but it was pretty cool that I got to talk to them before I left, and they said the girls that work here at Armonia are all so sweet and basically wait on you hand and foot, make sure you have everything you need, so I'm so happy I decided to go with Armonia. SO HAPPY.

Nothing's going on tomorrow, so I'll post some before pics then, and then Monday it's time for labs! Wish me luck! :)

I was going to upload before pics today

I was going to upload before pics today, but a few girls at Armonia were headed to CIPLA this morning for various reasons, so I figured I'd just head over and get my labs done ahead of tomorrow. Turns out she has time for me today! So change of plans! I'll be a Duran Doll today! I've done my blood work, met with the cardiologist, did my xrays, met with Duran (who is an actual doll!), she's marked me up, I've paid for my surgery, and now I am waiting in Duran's office for them to bring me down. Luckily, Myra at Armonia told me that could happen, so I made sure I didn't eat or drink anything from 8:30 last night onwards and I made sure I brought all my stuff! I'm so excited!

2 days post op, feeling fantastic! PICS!

I'm two days post op today and honestly feeling way better than I expected to be. Yesterday I was walking around the recovery house and people couldn't believe I was less than 24 hours out. I feel sore, I feel stiff, but almost no pain. I've had a few dizzy spells, but never passed out, and the most uncomfortable I've been is the night at CIPLA being a big bloody mess basically lol. The nurses here at Armonia are so attentive, they help me with EVERYTHING, bad they're super sweet. They have my medication timetable down pat, they get me in and out of my faja when I need to use the bathroom, they're amazing. I have a follow up with Duran on Friday at 8am but I really do think I'm doing well :) I'm posting some before and afters for you. I won't leave them up long, but I owe you guys this! still super swollen and still draining liquid but I already love my results.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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