Getting BBL From Duran...done with Yily!

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I am in the first stages of this process... ive...

I am in the first stages of this process... ive sent email and called 3 days ago after researching for about a year. im planning on a BBL Lipo .. BR & Lift ...I am hoping to be scheduled around May 13 ...May 21 ... my motivation is.. i gained 50 lbs during and over the stress of my boyfriend of six years cheated on someone else pregnant..then losing my job during the economy downturn. Now that I'm getting back to my true self I decided to get the body I've wanted even when I was a size 4! I moved away fir 2 years and am moving back to my city and want to be even more booticious than before I left! im lost ten pounds already workingonlosing 20 more by the time of my desired sx date!

I purchased my vitamins today will begin taken...

I purchased my vitamins today will begin taken them tomorrow. I'm excited, have gotten over my initial nerves. I met a great buddy that is scheduled for surgery on the same date I am. Due to the many stories of there being a need to look out for ratchets who try to steal your belongings I will be making sure my things are well protected, plus no one wants to mess with me before or after I have lost 15 pounds since mid February, am planning to lose fifteen more by the time of surgery which is 7 weeks away! I do not yet have all of the things I plan on taking, but I will pack light.

Really trying to lose 15 lbs... trying the healthy...

Really trying to lose 15 lbs... trying the healthy route. have lost a total of 15 so far. id rather be closer to my ideal weight before surgery..this last 15 20 lbs are proving to be difficult...grrrrrr does anyone have suggestions? I dont eat fast food so... it must be I need to kick my exercise routine up a few notches.

My date is May 20th I had a buddy/roomate looks...

My date is May 20th I had a buddy/roomate looks like she might not be going afterall. Anyone looking to share the cost at JM Spa.... I arrive on May 19th and leave early morning on the May 28th

My date is May 20th I had a buddy/roomate looks...

My date is May 20th I had a buddy/roomate looks like she might not be going afterall. Anyone looking to share the cost at JM Spa.... I arrive on May 19th and leave early morning on the May 28th

So excited about 5 weeks more and I'm on my way....!

So excited about 5 weeks more and I'm on my way....!

I have 29 more days... So excited!

I have 29 more days... So excited!

My journey may be coming to a complete halt!!! I...

My journey may be coming to a complete halt!!! I was quoted three or four different quotes told I was confirmed for Jacquelines spa on three occassions but have received an email today stating that the quote Yily gave me on what'sapp after being concerned about the variations in prices that Ive been getting for two months, I receive an email saying nope the price is 500 dollars more now and does not include what Yily herself told me it included ... to top it all off the email said if I planned on staying at Jacqueline's spa I needed to contact her and send her my flight information etc. something I have done five times already and have also confirmed TWICE by Yily on what'sApp last time being April 23rd. I'm almost over it and would rather go to someone more organized. I don't want to go to another country with nowhere to stay, & fluctuating prices. I'll be damned if I arrive assuming I'm paying one price and she decide that she wants to charge something else. I did not recently get my quote and pay a deposit, so I don't know how she can up her prices on me. I am definitely pissed off to the umpteenth degree.

Me & my buddy have 21 days left !!!!!

Me & my buddy have 21 days left !!!!!

Now I know why my buddy does not blog her...

Now I know why my buddy does not blog her experiences..and said not to post a pre or post op pic..I'm deleting my real self journal...its been real....

16 days & I'll have some sweet cheeks baked &...

16 days & I'll have some sweet cheeks baked & shaped by Yily!

14 days I will be in the DR!

14 days I will be in the DR!

6 days and I will be a Yily doll!

6 days and I will be a Yily doll!

Realized I have to do what's best for me...I don't...

Realized I have to do what's best for me...I don't want to stay at JMSPA and have chosen one of the other recovery houses. So I will see my buddy at CIPLA!

Yily Doll May 20th!

Tomorrow is the day!


As you know I was scheduled for May 20
and today is the 21st and I have not had surgery.. One reason is out of only FOUR Yily girls 2 had sx. we all had been there since 7am my results were all good yet me and my buddy sat for more than 13 more hours waiting to have surgery with NO FOOD OR WATER ... My buddy finally went in @ 8:35pm by 11pm when decided to eat/leave to the recovery house she still was not finished. I also had an issue with miscommunication with Yily and after my anger and disappointment subside I will post a blow by blow account of what happened. To everyone going to JMSPA ...DON'T. SHE HAS BED BUGS AND MOSQUITO INFESTATION..INCLUDING WATER DAMAGE. Thank goodness I decided not to go there.


If your mobile phone provider is Sprint...please note..even if you pay to be able to make and receive calls while in the DR your phone will not work. I have not been able as of today's date been able to speak or text my family. It's important to have a working phone when you get off the plane. This adds to my're even unable to call Sprint from your phone.

Today around 3 lipo and bbl only..Sigh

No breast reduction and arms no thighs. I am trying to stay positive. Will say Yily is good at sculpting ..but there is a NEW DR..who is fabulous and has GREAT prices includes masseuse in quote! I'm staying with Yasmin's (pronounced Jasmine) recovery house! She is the best of tbe best. You cannot get any better than Yasmin. prices are great include transportation and AWESOME 3 meals vooked by her beautiful mother.


Ladies.. I will admit Dra Yily has done some amazing bodies..and some not so amazing ones..but overall she does pretty darned good...HOWEVER I would like to share MY experience with those who like the truth. My sx was scheduled for Monday May 20th as well as 2 possibly 3 other 8pm on May 20th not one of us had been done. My levels were 12.9 got a "very good" from cardiologist..I don't and have never smoked and don't drink. The other girl was 13 and everything else was good..third girl was 11.6 we had not eaten since the evening prior and mind you I traveled from California so my time zone is 3 hours earlier than EST so I hadnt actually eaten for longer than the New York and Miami girl. We waited allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day and night to FINALLY get exams and marked for surgery. She refused to do ANY lipo on on the 11.6 she was a bit too low and didn't want a transfusion. me and my buddy had no issues UNTIL ... it was time to pay. Yily first said she didnt quote me the price though she did and verified at least 4 different times over a month or two... She came racing in the room with a mad look on her face sat on the bed next to me and was saying "honey" multiple times rolling her neck like a ghetto queen trying to convince me of what ultimately was admitted as the truth when we ALLLLLLLL sat around and scrolled through WhatsApp. Yily then concedes that yes she quoted me the price she did but she said it was a mistake and that I could not deduct the cost of me no longer getting my arms and legs done because she already gave me good quote. I nicely told her I didn't want them done and I am not trying to get over on her as was proven and admitted to by YILY herself. She said i didn't have to get my arms and thighs done but I would still pay the same price as if they were getting done.

By 10:40 PM I didn't have SURGERY 5/20/2013

Delirious frustrated and very emotional I informed Yira that I would not be operated on that late in the evening. I also thought better of having a doctor operate on me who was unprofessional, and down right rude. I along with another individual requested our money back. Ladies please request that you discuss your quote or any oof your business without someone present..then again you do need a witness to all of this foolishness so maybe it's better for everyone to know each other's business. Today after Yily spoke with my RH hostess she convinced me to reconsider. I didn't want to go home not have nothing done So i thought okay I will do a bbl and lipo as lobg as i don't endure day two of starvation mode...well Yily wanted me there not in the morning but at 3 -pm...she did say i could a something light to eat. I asked if she knew i would be worked within an hour or two of arrival...THAT COULD NOT BE Guaranteed. as of Tuesday May 21st 9:51 pm pst I have not had surger basically am through with YILY and her lying game playing ass and asked for my deposit back. the girl with the low hemoglobin waited another 24 hours for ger money...which she received today. Luvkily her mother was there for support. Me on the other hand had no one and after being told I would get my deposit back ..upon going to pick it up i was later told she used my money to pay for bloodtests etc.


I would like to clarify Yily did not try to have me reconsider having her do my sx the laddy in the RH didn't want me to go home without having any surgery done, so I opted for Tuesday 3pm I asked if I would be sitting there AGAIN for God knows how long ans requested a time window of approximately when could I have sx. mind you I had to pay for procedures i didn't want even though I was not getting them done. We all know arms and inner thighs are additional in price so when you get them its more money when you don't you deduct the 500 from what you are paying. To those who had a wonderful experience I feel you are lucky and am happy for you.. to all others who have had horrible experiences I understand, support you and also share in your emotional pain.

Remove Dra Yily from being listed as my doctora!

I can't seem to get rid of Yily as my doctor listed. If anyone can tell me how to switch it to Duran please explain how I can do so.

Leaving Dominican Republic with nada

I unfortunately cannot even get a breast reduction/lift unless I can stay four more days in the country. This experience has been hell. I understand why this is the only way procedure can be done out of concern for my health being I would be leaving so quickly on a long flight which might increase risk of complications. I am very sad and unhappy. This will be my final post. Good luck with your adventures everyone!

Consultation with Dra Duran!!!

I now have an appointment with the professional, sweet Dra Duran for July 26th. Yes I will be traveling back to the Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo. Duran's office is cute and tastefully decorated. She speaks English and can answer all of your questions. Dra Duran will be giving me a bbl, lipo of flanks back, waist, and breast lift and reduction. I will not post my quote due to so many comparing their quotes with others amd becoming angry if there's is a little higher/lower. Needless to say none of her patients have been left waiting for 17 hours in a lobby. I'd like to also address the negative comments being told about Yasmine's recovery house that I personally did not experience. I'm still here. I will post pictures of her place when I right my complete review of my experience of being in Santo Domingo DR




I went to Dra Duran's office and she gave me an in person consultation. Her office..staff and professionalism is on a whole higher level than #Truth

Yasmin's Recovery House

In the beginning my buddy & I were going to stay in Jacqueline's Spa but I didn't really feel comfortable doing so.. I always go with my gutt insticts and chose to search airbnb at the suggestion of another RS member. It is through that site I came across Yasmin. She was full but had a guest house at another location...I was told it wasn't like her home but it was clean and comfortable. It didn't take me long to decide I would be staying with Yasmin (pronounced Jasmine) and a GREAT choice it was! My buddy and I were always going to stay with Yasmin was NOT TRUE that Yasmin was money hungry and threw us into her living room and put up curtains out of greed. The TRUTH is the chick that ended up getting FREE liposuction and bbl out of Yily the day before my buddy & I arrived contacted Yasmin stating she only had 200 dollars and needed a place to stay. Yasmin told the scam artist that her RH was full but she had a guest house/room at a building about fifteen minutes from the house she could stay in. Once she picked the Scam artist up the girl BEGGED her to allow her to stay at the RH because she didn't want to be by herself at the guesthouse location. Yasmine said she was full but if she didn't mind sleeping in the living room, she would bring a bed over and set up an area for her...Yasmin also asked the other ladies if they would mind another guest, and her setting up an area in the living room..they ALL agreed. The reason a curtain was put up was so that the scam artist could have privacy. The scam artist while here got free surgery..lied about her bank card not working and asked owner of RH to go around and ask other patients recovering to give her some of their medications...after Yasmin had taken her to the pharmacy twice and her conveniently not having money on her. Scam artist scammed (for a short while) another lady who was a recovering Yily patient to buy her five days worth of medicine....and scammed her mouth piece to pay for two massages..her manicure and pedicure etc. Yasmine provided a nurse to be at recovery house everyday except Sunday for 8 hours a day instead of coming 2 times a day.. a masseuse who charges 25 dollars came daily and 3 meals a day. My buddy and I were also going to initially stay at the guest house.. upon Yasmin allowing and setting up the Scam artist in the living room area she asked us if we would also like to do so to all be in one place..if not we'd go to the guesthouse. WE BOTH AGREED AND HAD NO PROBLEM WITH THE SITUATION. The other ladies at the RH were also asked about us and they did not mind. The pics looks worse than it was. Yasmin has a nice, clean, modest house. Good meals..a nurse person..assistant..and person to wash your clothes included in price. The woman who made the bullshit remarks was SCAMMED by the scam artist who has now flown home with almost all the money she came with straight to L.A. with her new ass and liposuctioned body courtesy of DRA YILY for nothing but the deposit she paid! The lady who posted those negative Yasmin RH comments slept in her ownroom with air conditioning. She got sucked into petty drama and cussed out Yasmin's mother in spanish..3 of these ladies confronted an attacked an ederly woman while Yasmin was away. They then threatened Yasmin that they were going to post lies on airbnb along with pictures that seem damaging unless she gave them half of their money back. Nobody felt forced to stay here. I am giving the real deal. And now that Yasmin has been so dog dirty by these women she will not offer all of the same services and not be so personal with these after surgery patients. It will be about business all the time. I have posted pictures. If you want to feel at be well taken care of I highly recommend Yasmin. If you want a four star hotel know where to go. The bedroom photos are where the girl (iwantawaist) slept who posted the inaccurate account of Yasmin's RH. Take a look and judge for yourself! Wishing you all everything you want your surgery experience to be!

Yasmine recovery house photo's

Also there was another lie posted was said Yasmin's "friend" tried to jump them..well after 2 nights of three women ganging up on a defenseless ederly non English speaking woman and lying on and blackmailing Yasmine..the recovering Dra Yily surgery patient who reamained neutral in the situation confronted all three women by herself asing them why they were doing this. There was no attempt for one woman recovering from surgery to jump a group of three. There was a group of three women threatening an older woman..and another single defenseless woman.

Difficulty loading RH pics

Yasmin RH

Yasmin RH part 3 photos

Soulful butterfly will post her recovery review she is also still at Yasmin's RH and is in the room directly across from where iwantawaist stayed while here. Bedroom pics I posted are where iwantawaist stayed.


Soulful butterfly experienced Yily asking SCAM ARTIST for the 2000 ( two thousand plus dollars) for the lipo and bbl she got. Scam artist again tried to swipe her bogus empty account bank card and stated she would paypal Yily the money. I came the next day for sx and now understand why Yily may have been tripping about quotes. Just found out the Scam artist played iwantawaist into giving her her last bit of money to take a taxi to the airport. Id like to make it clear neither of these ladies were black. Ignorant to the core! The third person was another bully trying to get away with not paying.

Don't Judge a book by it's cover!

The ladies who did this horrible thing by trying to destroy a woman's reputation were all three different ethnicities. Ratchet ignorant behavior comes in all shapes ..sizes and colors. If any of the ladies were not happy I can understand them expressing their displeasure in a professional way..and LEAVING anywhere accomodations don't suit them. I cannot condone and support the way they handled things, and needed to tell my truth!

The three bullies

There is a third person who had a problem with Yasmin..they just didnt get along but Ms Crooks & Castles aka Scam Artist teamed up to find a way to get over happens every day. I have mentioned this a modest place, clean etc. If you don't have a lot of money and are coming alone can't beat Yasmin's. Just giving my take..and another RH alternative..believe what you want.

Scam Artist...Pretty Little Liar

First off..I like the scam artist ..she's gorgeous travels the world scheming and scamming her young way from adventure to adventure. She played everbody and got away with it... I smile when I think about it..cause she's an L.A. chick like me..BUT....I don't like the way she tried to ruin a good woman's livelihood.. if any of them had an issue of Yasmin's why stay all the way up and until a day or two before you were scheduled to leave? Yes I was told she was unhappy and wanted to leave which is her..and any unhappy guest's prerogative..but why not say hey this isn't working and pull the person aside and go about your business. Wrong is wrong and right is right. and a lie is a li and the truth will stay the same.

Last Post On My Yily Blog

I hope you enjoyed reading my crazy journey to surgery that did not happen lol. It's been a crazy ride! In a nutshell Yily is an amazing plastic surgeon who needs organization and to get her sometimes stank attitude in check. Ladies carry yourselves like the queens you are, respect others..keep it classy, and never be so desperate for a fat ass that you allow yourself to be treated with anything less than the utmost dignity and respect that you deserve. Make sure you treat others the way you want to be treated. Investigate everything until you can't investigate anymore. Yasmin's RH is a good place to recover in my opinion especially if you want that at home feeling, safety, and are on a limited budget. Could there be improvements..sure, as with any new business. I will give her some suggestions before I leave to help her RH be a great experience for the patients which ultimately will be great for her. My doctor is now Dra Duran...I will be back in DR at the end of July and will be staying back at Yasmin's! Last but not least... The three ladies who told the partially fictional, embellished tale of the RH were nice, friendly, beautiful (at least on the outside) women. I have nothing personally against them and wish them well. I hope everyone who took the time to read my emotional rollercoaster ride enjoyed it! I will share my new blog name here when I think of then I WISH YOU ALL A BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY TOWARDS THE OUTCOME OF YOUR DESIRES! HAPPY SURGERY DIVA'S!


It's been REAL!

Let Me Tell "MY TRUTH" & You tell yours on your blog

First and foremost I'm sick off all these #TeamYily or #TeamWhateverDoctor getting their panties in a bunch over what my experience is. I did not bash YILY ..I still say..have said ... & believe she does AWESOME SCULPTING PLASTIC SURGERY.. I have also stated she sometimes has a stank ass unorganized and needs to check herself at any door she may come through in a room I may be in. I am #TeamME !!!!!!!! Great you like your results.. great you had a wonderful experience..but that is what YOU PAID FOR AND SHOULD EXPECT! Getting that should be expected not a bonus! Also those of you who don't believe what I'm those of you reporting hearsay..why not ask the persons involved? I am not trying to have you change your opinion or choose my doctor of choice I'm just giving you a glimpse into my world. Stop skimming my blog then going back to your Facebook group reporting misinformation.. just have several seats. You tried it (In my Tamar Braxton voice)..but you didn't succeed..that is all! Now focusing on my new Dra Duran blog!

Ladies read my review

If you read my review I didn't deny being in the living room..i explained everything clearly..told you how it all wentvdown. I got ignorant when I asked everyone to be above it..but the one thing I don't do is go to someone's blog being disrespectful. Yasmine didnt know half the crap I wrote about. Believe what you will. not asking anyone to take my side, just giving my version of events. Notifications off..on to my Dra Duran blog.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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