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HI DOLLS I'M SCHEDULED TO BE A YILY DOLL On August 31st. I'm super excited. My process was fairly easy. I too stalked the sight for almost a year. Of course I considered in the US first, but everyone wanted an arm and a leg. One of my friends is a two time Yily doll. My plane leaves Atlanta on August 30,2015. I will keep you posted.

the countdown

First things first a little about me ladies I am 42 years old and a mother of 4 children. I am a career woman and I divorced about 8 years ago. I have no problem meeting or attracting men. This is totally something I want to do for me and me only. About four years ago I took my breastfeeding back. Dr mitchell at Renue plastic surgery did them. He went through my areola and then under the muscle so I have no scares not even a mark of entry. I'm trying to download my before pictures but I'm having a little trouble. Anyway today I purchased an international calling card in preparation for my trip I'm scared but I'm not scared

say it with your chest

Okay I finally have a picture of my breasts to download as you can see they now have their own natural hang. they are saline. I have a small crease up under one of my nipples when they settled it appeared they are as soft as a babies bottom.

This is so real

I Emailed Classy Lady today about Dr. YILY she placed my mind at ease and now I am absolutely sure and p excited I can barely sleep trying to figure out what I really need to bring I read these articles all the time seems like people bring a whole lot of junk if you can sit on your butt right away why do you need a pillow and if they give you painkillers and you buy Arnica cream what else do you need I'm buying pads for my compression garment I bought a female urinal I have packed comfortable clothes I'm braiding my hair up I'm bringing money for massages and by the way how soon can I get my first I plan on sleeping as much as possible at least to the pain subsides

Seven days away

Wow I leave on Sunday. I almost forgot. I've been so busy at work. I packed tonight. It's only Monday. I called my friend a former Yily girl to make sure I had everything I need. This weekend I'm going shopping for the kids and pick up a few gowns to lay around in. Wish me luck ladies. I have to activate my international calling card.

I'm here!!!!!

I left Atlanta at 10:00 AM August 30th. I got here at around 1:30 p.m. didn't see anyone holding a sign with my name on it saw a sign that said Desiree not Destiney went to him. He didn't speak no English. He thought I was Desiree and took me to the wrong recovery house. Mine wasn't answering the phone so I stayed it was clean
and cheaper so see you tomorrow on the other side

What the hell

I'm here did my labs and what my blood is too low they gave me a prescription to help me by wed if it don't work I am screwed.

Another Delay

Went in this morning blood was up but not far enough. Went back to the pharmacy yo get another iron infusion. It went up two levels from 9 to 10.9 so they think this one should bring me up to the 12 .9 where I need to be. I spoke with Yily very impressed with how she was like no your health comes first. Ready to give me a full refund. My recovery house (Daisy Recovery House )jumped right on it changed my menu to liver and black bean juice. Gross but I understand the method to the madness. Between the vitamin injections and the IV my right arm is a little swollen. But the needles don't hurt so much. My roommate came back I'm so jealous. Got her a big old butt. Lol I'm happy for her. I'm just a little emotional right now. As I looked around at the woman in Yily’s office they were young and old. Nothing wrong with their blood. I could say why me but I won't. I'm trusting in God and I pray he grant me patients. Thank you ladies you have been super positive and supportive .

I'm keeping hope alive

The iron infusion is going good. This morning the nurse was on time. She only had stick me one time. It didn't give me diarrhea this time. (Iron overload gives you diarrhea ). I had been salad and black bean soup for lunch with my special juice to boost my hemoglobin. I feel positive that my blood is up. I have a lot of energy. I'm drinking a lot of water. On Wednesday I was hopeful but I felt something in my gut that said I wasn't ready. I cried. Silly I know but I did. But I feel it was all for a good reason. GOD DOESN'T have to explain it to me. But tomorrow I believe is my time. I'm ready for my surgery so don't wish me look just say your going to look fab tomorrow after your surgery speak it into light.

I made it !!!

I arrived at Yily’s office at 7:15 AM. My driver was late as always. We rushed through traffic disregarding all the red lights and stop signs. I did my blood work it was not great but not good 11.7. I was pissed. I'm ready to go home . the office manager says let me call Yily. She does and Yily says she needs to talk about yo the anesthesiologist. He says ok because I'm not big buy no more than an hour Yily says I will do her myself. I woke up this morning with big hips and a round ass. Didn't even need a blood transfusion. Pictures are coming now I sleep.

Day two

I tossed abs turned all night in my Faja . I'm not in pain more sore than anything. I'm draining very well. I went from the first hook in my medium Faja to the last in one night . my nurse said I need to get it adjusted tomorrow or get a small. I still have my drain in but I'm getting a massage in the morning anyway. So far no Aeromarine or burns or bad bruising lesson learned everyone's experience will be different . I see my curves coming in and my drain is slowing down . I hope she takes it out tomorrow.

Breaking it to the kids

Remind you that I didn't tell my kids before I left what I was going to do. When I arrived my 17 year old son knew instantly and wad like mom are you alright. My 16 year old daughter was more emotional. She ran out the room upset and refused to talk to me. My 12 year old didn't have a clue. He ran up to my and gave me a painful crushing hug. The plane ride was horrible. My Faja was cutting off my circulation. The airline stewardess took almost 2 hours to give me some water so I could take my pain meds. Anyway I talked to my daughter and she calmed down more to come about my current state.

skin of fire

Okay the first day home was great. The next day it was hell in my body . First I woke up and I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I was super sore and my skin hurt . I never thought it was humanly possible for my skin to hurt to the degree that it hurt all over my back,stomach, sides,and waist. It feels like battery acid is eating me a live and on top of that it itches. I got muscle cramps because I didn't drink a lot of water the day before. I couldn't keep on my Faja because my skin was burning. I couldn't sleep I couldn't eat. I couldn't get through my Lymphatic massage because my body was so sore and I forgot my arnica cream.

day two til day five

I'm still very swollen sometimes I see my new hips and sometimes I don't depending on how swollen I am
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I requested an estimate in June she sent me two. One with the RS house and one without. Two months later I emailed her to see if the offer was still good. She said yes the next day. I was worried because it was only three weeks notice. I paid my deposit the same day. Now in two weeks I'm going to be a Yily doll.

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