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All I'm 27 year old who is heading to D.R for lipo...

all I'm 27 year old who is heading to D.R for lipo and brazillian butt lift. I have always thought my backside was weak and needed some plumping up. I work out at the gym 5 to 6 times per week for last 5 years and get a good sweat on but it's hard to ignore the stubborn fat in certain areas that just don't budge. I figured it's time for a little extra help. I been researching bbl with lipo for last few months and I am impressed by some of the transformations.

I have a pretty rectangular shape and minus butt. My upper back and abdomen is wear fat is stored. I'll be having lipo to these parts.

My doctor will be Dr. MALLOL and he seems to be glorified on his reviews so I figured he is the one to see. My surgery is booked for July 28 and I am currently in the airport waiting for my connecting flight.

I will post pictures from my preoperation now.

Just got into the D.R.

After 3 long connecting flights I just landed at the airport in D.R. and it is hot and muggy. It took me a while to get out of the airport because I stood in the passport line without first getting my travel tourist ticket. Reminder to you all to get your declaration paperwork filled out on the plane and get your tourist card (US 10 dollars) as soon as you get off the airplane to avoid delay.

My driver had a sign with my name on it in the ground exit area and he was super nice and friendly drove me all the way to Dr. Mallols surgery building. FYI the drive from airport to office took about 30 minutes and the driving here is pretty rough but I didn't see any car accidents which is a plus !

Currently just waiting to see the Dr. !

So much pain

Hey all I'm sorry for the delay in update. I am in so much pain I can't even munter up energy to take photo and post it. I am hoping to do that by tomorrow and write some more about my review. I been sleeping all day knocked up on narcotics to keep the pain at bay. However on positive note I am in awe of my body of never thought this would be possible !

Here are some new photos post op

Very happy with my results not happy about the pain !

More photos

I have a booty

Drain pain

Been having sharp burning like pain where the drain tube wraps around the body internally quite often. I was in tears the other day because of excruciating pain. I've learned how to maneuver the drain under my skin when that starts to happen so it doesn't get to that crazy unbearable pain.
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