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I am a 5'4" 187 lb female. I been wanting to have...

I am a 5'4" 187 lb female. I been wanting to have bbl for a long tome and I am set I wang to have it by next march. I had a child young and my body have not been right every since. I'm un happy with my figure. Completely I'm beautiful I just want my body to go w ith my face. I been reviewing all these stories and it seem like I may want to go with Dr Dubran I had made my initial contact to dubran this morning.. . I'm just waiting for the response im so excited. I'm just a lityle nervous of the ideal of going to the republic. you guys may wonder why have surgery date so far is because I want to shape up and be at a goal of 160-165lb the dat of surgry. Well widh me luck on my journey! !!!

I have sent my pics to two new doctors.... for qoute. DURAN STILL MOT BAVK WITH QOUTE

I been wonder if I should get a tummy tuvk as well. I'm only 23 with one chold I dnt know if I want any more kids ... now I deff dnt want no kids at all but idk. I told my sister about traveling to Dominican republic for the surgery she tty to scare me out of it but I'm to anxious to get thia surgery. ... but here ia my before I warn u its traumatic lol.

The before pics.. trying to make permanent history of the body

I want to loose two lbs currently 186lbs by march I want to be 165lbs I'm 5"4 so I think that should be perdect

contacted yily


Got my review back for Pantoja

Arms, back, tummy tuck ... 5000 and 150 for medication 30 $ each massage ... not bad waiting on duran and yily ugggghhhh I'm waiting :) ... let get back to my midnight shift.

Yily already contact me ONLY TOOK 1 day wow

She contacted me this morning very very informative she told me what she believe I should do what procedure wise. How long recommended tostay to make sure no complication where yo go how many massages... the difference bettwen some pictures of goal shape that those individuals had pmma shots... VERYVERY HAPPY WIYH EVERY THING SHE TOLD ME. HER PRICE IS 4300 INCLUDING TT .... and all the optional costsOptional Costs:
·         Lymphatic massages $31 each session (10 sessions suggested)
·         Additional garment $140
·         Compression sleeves for your arms $60
·         Compression Socks $20
·         Blood Transfusion $250
·         Medical Insurance. It covers any complication that may present withing the first 30 days after surgery. $150.

So I'm leaning toward yily waiting on dubran qoute... got my 500 for my deposit waiting for the last two qoutes... now decide what day would be perfect

Australia baez

She dI'd not give me a qoute she told me she didn't have dates at the time I wanted ... ugggh wish she would of told me how much just tooooo seee


I might be going with yily shr have been so quick to respond to my questions .... nd I been doing more reseatch and it looks likr she do excellent work

wish pics

I gotta get my weight down .. before the surgery

well today I decided

I'm going with yily. My family okay with it . But the only think I'm getting tt . .. but at least there supporting me .... but I'm waiting on my boss to come baxk on vacation nd I hope I get this promotion thenni gotta decide what date after that

the urge to get to 160

I wasn't always almost 190 I recently gain all this weight let say when my friend open a pizza franchise and a bakery ... ill get anything I want for free cause I was helping get it started ivgain 30 lbs since may woooowww right so I lost almost 20 so I need to loose 30 more to get to my goal weight or under it


I officially weigh myself nd my sad weight is 197

I think I am going to add

I'm having a breast lift. Or I want one when I have every thing else done why not come back with the whole body looking good

more wish pics


A lot going

Lot going on I hope the stress dnt make me gain weight. I lost 8 lbs already trying to keep going. ... I recently took in two children in my home for . family member temporary regarding problems withel the individuals nd on top of that I lost my brother . I dnt want to loss weight for stress but I hope I dnt gain it either ... but look towards the happier me

Many months later

My last update stated how I gain 8 lbs. Well shortly after found out I was pregnant with twins. Now three month after there birth im ready to begin the process again

This time no turning back.

I tell you. No matger where life turn things are thrown at you. Last time posting my mother was diagnosis with cancer and past away. Now I'm back to it. I want this time to complete the journey. I am aiming in febuary march time. Ready to schedule it and put my vacation in. I already had a qoute from Yily, Duran, and Bello. Since i started this journey they now include all included quotes!!!! Yessss..... I cnt believe how much has changed. I been Yily Duran and Baez fb and intragram friends and been following them this long. Now financially im ready. But more importantly mentally. I just believe you need you mental health correct before doing this.
But now I'm an head nurse 100% office job i make my own hours etc etc so this will help when i return back from dominican republic.
I have to get another qoute from yily because her qoute periods is shorter than before. So if anyone go to her make sure you have money at that moment. I honestly was going on vacation i came back to the disappointment of it is no longer available. but yeah let het this alll started. Wish me luck.
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