Brazilian Buttlift Coming Soon! Dominican Republic, DO

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I've been lurking on this site FOREVER! LOL.. I...

I've been lurking on this site FOREVER! LOL.. I decided last year that I wanted to have the procedure done after at least two years of researching and dreaming. I would like to have the procedure done this year but I first need to change my living situation (find a home big enough for me, my bf and both egos) after that I want to start saving for my bbl and either a breast lift or BA. I originally wanted fat transferred to the breast but I read that it could complicate the breast feeding process soooooooo maybe implants. I'm undecided if I want implants and if so, above or beneath the muscle. I asked Dr Duran for a quote for lipo of my arms and thighs from the knees up, Bbl and natural BA. She doesn't do the natural BA so I requested a quote for everything else minus the boob job. No answer as of yet..been over a month. But she's in high demand so I get it. I think her quote is good for 6 months but don't quote me on that.

I really really really really want this sx. At first my bf was against it but once I pointed out how it'll appeal to his love of being a show off, he hopped on board quickly.

I'm 30 years old, no kids biologically, currently working and going to school. I want this procedure because I feel cheated out of the body I could've had because I wasn't taught healthy eating habits and I wasn't allowed to play sports in school. Over the years my metabolism slowed down and I weighed 180lbs at 5'2. Everyone says that I look like I weigh 150lbs soooooooo that's a plus. Last summer I dropped 16lbs but I gained it back after the holidays. I went to YouFit today to clear up my account so I'll be back in the gym at least three days a week plus days that my bf pisses me off.

I'm a huge cardio fan and I found that Hydroxycut Max for women worked best for me along with protein shakes and portion control.

I ordered TrimTuff detox tea to give a boost to my fitness goals. I haven't been told to lose any weight but I at least want to lose the weight I gained over the holiday and get a head start on my lifestyle change.

Wish Pics!

In my younger years I had an hour glass figure so I want to stay true to that, I think that's a great waistline to have with a full upside down heart shaped booty. Anyway I've been looking at booty for the longest lol no homo and here are some random pictures from the internet

Going KRAZY!

I just wanna get an estimate Sofa-king bad, but I should probably start saving money first..why can't I just hit the lottery?!

I've been following Dr Duran, Dr Yilly and Dr Cabral on instagram and when I tell you I dunno who I want to do my bbl...OMG I thought shopping in VS was hard! Dr Cabral has some super snatched waistlines, Dr Yilly and Dr Duran both do a good job also...hard to choose just one!

Anyway I'm giving myself 30 days to grind and stack and I should be ready to get a quote on my procedures.
Arm and thigh lipo
Maybe a breast lift (scared of implants)
Come on March 22ND!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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