Ready for the glitzy. Bbl that is round and au natural.... Bad Dolly on Deck! New Doc Mrs. Dra. Duran!

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Hey ladies... I am very excited for everyone...

Hey ladies... I am very excited for everyone getting procedures to beautify yourself even more to the beauty you have. I am choosing to have a BBL wiuth Dr.Yily this fall. I am very excited to get this done and I will post my story along the way til weeks after my procedure. I really would like to find a buddy to go with that will be getting the procedures in the same time frame so i/we won't be alone. I also will be dropping 50-60 pounds before the procedure by doing a 900 Calorie Diet (which is effective and shows great weight loss result, done it before and lost 72 in 2 months but gained it back 4 years later) and juice fasting the 2 Weeks prior to OP. I will keep updates availible and pictures for my journey.

3 months and counting!!!

Spoke with Dr.Yily through email and she has been very fast with the replies to my emails and concerns. Love her already! She has been very helpful so far and I cant wait to make My way to DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!!!! WHOOOOO!

September 27 I will be Going Dr.Yily Any1 attending?

I am searching for future Yily Dolls going late September. We can share room cost at a nice hotel in the DR i seen some very nice places to stay if on budget. TeamWork makes the big booty dreams Work lol HMU ladies

Definitely Sticling with Yily For my BBL

Yily, Duran, Baez, and Cabral are doing the best asses and sculpting I have seen on this site! I continued looking around just to make sure there was nothing better for myself personally and I am definitely sticking with Dr.Yily. She has girls stepping out badder than the other chick! I am definitely having my procedure with her late October and can't wait to show my pics with u girls!

Weight loss Journey rebiggining tomorrow

So I had so much things going on during this summer I wasn't able to commit to my weight loss goals. So I have 3 months til my surgery for the body I have asked for and I tell you the excitement is killing me! So as of tomorrow I will begin a 50 day fast to ensure the proper weight loss of 60 pounds. I have done this before just to lose a quick 20 pounds or so for events but this time the main event is my Body! I will be doing a water fast and will post pics weekly of my progress and weight loss amounts. Wish me best of luck beautiful ladies. Also i am still looking for a travel buddy for late October into November for the Dr. We can split cost all the way down for rooms which would be great so we can look out for one another and save some money as well. Also i am looking for a list of things that are needed for recovery after the sx so i can begin the shopping in a few days please feel free to post so i can begin to prepare for my big transformation! Thanx

Day 1 of my Fast

Today is the first day of my water n green tea fast. I did a body cleanse last night that cleaned out my system. What a morning (lol) that cleanse was no joke! Well today n 49 days to go til my fast completes! And 89 days til the big day! Hoooraaah!


So i am 54 days away from the big day! I hadn't been doing too well on my dieting due to lack of concentration and focus. But today i feel brand new. I also have been having a change of heart when it comes to my Dr. Of choice. I couldn't decide between Yily, Duran, or Baez. I want great results in the end and all ladies are talented but since Duran takes forever to respond im goin to choose by first choice Yily. I hope to drop 45 pounds within less than 2 months by fasting 2 weeks in between the time frame. I will be yilified and ready to go!

New Date, New Dr., New Beginning

My Date for October unfortunately has had to be changed and so has my doctor. I will now be goin Nov. 28 thanksgiving day and having surgery Fri Nov. 29. Bittersweet moment cause I really wanted to have this in Oct. But everything happens for a reason. And I changed Dr. Due to Yily will be on pregnancy leave when my new date is and Dra. DURAN is doing the best work I have seen. I contacted her on facebook got my quote and confirmed my date with Elizabeth today. I feel very happy about this and know I will be walking out a BAD DOLLY! The countdown restarts and 2 months to go!

I'm choosing a Hotel over Recovery home.

So after going back and forth on what I should do I'm choosing a hotel. I am willing to share a room with a buddy but besides that no bueno to the RH. I like my space and privacy and would rather hire a nurse n driver its about the same price when you compare the 2. Just my personal choice cuz when I am ready to jet set and ride back to the states I'm out! Lol

Thanksgiving Day!

Dra. DURAN has scheduled me for thanksgiving day... I will definitely miss my family and all the great eats but a booty so fat and a waist so small with some hips that don't lie will make up for the turkey and dressing lol! So excited!!!!
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