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Yes ladies i been on this website for over 2...

Yes ladies i been on this website for over 2 months now ,,and i have made my mine up yes i have yes,,,,,,, it is time to transform in to what I want to be,,, feeling sexy again,,,Im ready to take this journey ( just asking god to watch and bless me all the way through it.) I feel like yily can make it happen for me,,,I always had a nice shape but its time after 2 kids and bad break up to clap back,,,too all my ladies on here i see you :)many blessing to you and your success of your journey,,,

press for time,,

I will be spening my time for the holiday with Family also planning,for my trip, I have to book flight ,passport,insurance,recovery stay ,and also putting a list of thing s that i will need to take ,,, thanks to my rs ladies u gave me a lot of ideas and spots to chk out for my self so i can get my journey rockin ,,im getting excited,

Passport&Book Flight@yily

Up early paying for passport and my flight today,,,cost$,,,,pp243$thats for rush 2weeks.bf,,646$delta.@yily $500 down,,....so 123,,whats nexts girl,,,i dnt want to stop today,,im thinking everything through as i go...

Health Chk In tha Morning.

Going to due my health check in the morning i have to fast for 8 hr...my hemo need to beezzzza 12.0 before my sx date so my prayers going strong now ,,no turning back,,,now,, i got 1 week to have fun then im shutting down everything no more drinks for meezz still have not got meds yet but i will start nexts week,,,i been pricing everything,,, like window shoping to see who got what and its been fun just chking on everything and everywhere,,im going on ebay tonite to find me a good roll bag so i dnt half to due a lot work,, they evening have great body fajazzz;)and everything,,,so ebay time,,,

my make over(body)

I will be getting a bbl ,lipo front and back ,inner thighs also back thigh,,and my arms lipo,,i think that for me will due the trick,,i have already had.tt and a bl with implant so i know the pain a little so am im ready i say no and yes i dnt like to be in pain will it be worth it ,,we will.see in my mind i say yes yes make a changes r always better in.life for u your self i shall say,,,i will be posting pic soon. I need sum wish pic,,,,now

trying to upload photo lol,,,almost got it lol,,


Just sum pic before my new body change,,,





ok let me try again pics up load,,,ugh





lol finally got pics up,,,yeah,,

Now i need to find sum wish pictures,,,, that will fit me,,,,

team yily body,,

Im looking for hot curves i already had a tt and a bl and implants so now i need some updated body i alwayz wanted and needed,,,,so here i go yily can give it to me i think i already have a butt,,,,big sum ppl say but i can use some more i need a touch up,,, lol

doctor office called me today?

My hemo is a 10ish no no no i need to be 12.0,,,ok.i have to work work work to get it up ,,,i have to get some good pill? Pls help

Iron time _

My doctor suggests i take prenatal pill and iron pill to get my hemo up,,,,I hope this works,,,cause my date is coming soon and i hope i dnt have to push it back,,

change date for health safety 11_07_2013

Yes talk with yily team today i got date nov 7 now which is good give me way more time than a rush ,,just cause i had money its not about you want to make sure everything in tack i feel so so much better now i know i can get my hemo up and get ready mentally and physically,,ya know ,,,,lol im so excited my head just go on and on thinking of things what if what what what to due cause i hear so many storys on rs about different ppl but all said in done im strong and have a mind of my own so thanks again to rs and all you ladies on here i half to wright lol yall names down its to many but it made me make a decision i dont think i would made on mine own,,,


I beendoing my research and i understand things happen but you half to have your own mind and faith and be strong on your decision no one else can choose that i choose yily i know she theone god sent to me in my heart ,,,so pray pray pray ask god to give us strength in our journey and that msg is tooooo allllll myyyyzz rs ladies,,,new u ,new life,!!!! So long as you have faith you cant go wrong,,i pray and ask god to watch over ,,,,,yily and her team whoevery put they hands on me,, bless them,, also i heard get your body right before surgery so you can have the best out come ever,, i will diet before my sx date om at 164,,i want to be 147 or 145 ,,,that will work for me,,,,so all i have to due is just heal after surgery until my body right then workout,,,,

rs ladies#Team Yily

If any of my yily ladies will be going around my date pls hit me up i would love to chat with you i will also trying to find you on here just getting ust to the site,,i want to read all your blog and check on you to see how r journey coming on ps new life,new you,,,,

my body curves

Ppl tell,me i dont need a bbl i say yes i due .with clothes on i really look great but when my clothes come off i see what need to be done,,,this summer i have a goal to feel,look,,sexy again.and to,,,live life again like no tomorrow..


my last big,meal,7weeks to go!!!

I have to stay away from my mom house she cook like crazy ,,,,like there not going to be no more,,,food in the storezzzz lol,,,if ima reach my goal i need to eat right so monday i will be starting my new diet plan to stay on top ....

no gym right now just in house and out side work!!!

I started my 7 week plan,,,i will be running outside 3 times a week for a 1hr,,and rockin it out everyday until sx, day i dont want to tone up to much but i just want to be right,,,i still need that fat so the can lipo me,lol,,

rockin body

Lol my new boyfriend


Oh them.dreams see im the type will dream and wake up like why i dream this,is it going to come true.well last night i dream i was in dr on the table and i woke up during surgery,,it felt the pain,,,lol i dont want to due that ,,,i couldn't see nothing else but that it was crazy,,,i woke up try to go back and dream some more it wouldn't let me go back so i just relax and went toa sleep,,,lord knows i need to be sleep the whole time i hate pain but i want the beauty,,,,

Insurance my trip,,,

Ins,im looken now to see what i will need,,cause i have my own insurance but i dont know if that works in dr r or will they cover me,,, so if any of my rs ladies have info on this pls share ,,,if you also went with insmytrip let me know,,,what you use,,,ans if it work thank you,,...BB

insuremytrip,,does not cover medical expense

Ok just of the phone with insuremytrip,,,i told lady what i was looken for and what i was about to do,,she said sorry we dont cover surgery ,, i was like wow,,,so just fyi you might half to come off250$ with yily any yily dolls help ,,

health zone

Takeing that good good,,,

new week,new day ,its almost my day 2have my way,

Up.early going over all my plans,,, i say!!!!! have abc,,work out...i want my day(sx) to be easy as possible with no.worries and the rest my days to be smooth,,, so makeing a list of things i need to know about dr and also ima go head leave a family pack.which will include info about yily info were i be stay numbers and addresses and flights and more,,, also i need to check with airline to see if i can bring my fav,,, drinks and food,, i will be packing light i don't need much ,,this will be my first time going somewhere and not shopping but hey this is much.better than shopping this is like a big girl grooming lol...i shop after i heal in my new body,, well thats it for me now my rs diva time to go to work,,,


Ebay have great deals and so many choices,,,

I love this one for myback!

what size should i get?

I wonder what size i should get anyone who had arm lipo i need your advise,,,,, m,l,or xl?


ready 2 go!

my wish pic

last night pic

Dang ok it my time yall yes yew yes ,,sso I went out last night and ppl think I already been too Dr I said no not yet ,they want to know is my booty real I said yes lol but now what ima say when I get my touch up LOL$I guess I will go with the flow,

another pic ,,,ready for small waist and rounder butt!

Bath room pic 38 waist hips r 43***that is mine as of today so next week will be my time to change me,,,I'm think I want my waist 28 not sure on my hips and butt yet I'm still thinking

my hemo is 12.5

Yes doctor call me yesterday good and bad well my hemo is 12.5,,that's great but now she said she can't fill my prescription that yily gave me I'm like ok what due I due now,,,well it time to get on the roll with that too see what I need to due I wish she would of been told me,,,I could of found some one else I want state drugs lol not Dr I want the good good..lol..

almost pack:-)

I'm still missing some things going shopping today!I know sum things can wait til I get back ,,,

nice pick ,,still looken

Nice on the hunt,,lol,,,small waist with a fat round butt,,,:)

lol i need more room"""

Ok I think I'm ready but I can't fit every thing in my bag ,,,,so now I need 2 bags,,,I tired,,,,

food 2 go my care pack!

Apple sauces ,Gatorade,pineapple pack. And juice,,,,,peanut butter and crackers , that will work for now...

care pack

this is a all in one spray,,,

I just pick this up at Walmart,,,jet spray,,,

at airport

Ok I just got real too me leaving out if the country lol I said I feel famous LOL,,,,,naw...lol but I am nervous but so ready for my jounery my sista thank you all again for your wishes and yes I will keep you updated Boss Booty,,,,...

my prayer r with all my sista right now!

My prayers r with the doctors as well ,,,,and nurses driver,,,ect,,,,,,asking god just to watch bles and touch,,,,the one is around me and the one who r not around me guide me in the right path,,,,,no harm against me shall prosper......amen

flight delay

Flight delay big time ....I said here go.....I don't know what time now I will get there and my bags who knows what's going on........*smh

still in miami

Well we will be leaving at 430 bout time been at airport since 445 am....my jounery already started on it on path so I say I'm just going to be calm and go with the flow......I guess Igo eat me some pizza now cause umhungry and drink some oj.....lol I said here it go I really don't understand what they r saying in my terminal but while I'm sitting I can learn some things im the only black girl for today I guess,,,lol

made it

Yes crazy crazy,,,finally here the lost my bag I just pray I get it in the morn....they pic me up from airport had a Singh with my name on it that's cool.....cause I'm like don't know one here speak eng,,,lol......but I found one person at airport so that was cool.recovery house off the chain very nice the girls r nice ,,,they had food ready for me soon as I got there I was like nice,,,,,so I can relax for now,,,,,

gm my love!today my day...

On my way to cilpa

my lord is with me,,,my verse this morn....


Were r here ppl has been so nice around here its crazy all the girls r nice and ppl who work here r even sweet....lol my iron went down to 11.6 so we will see what's good here in a bit waiting on yily....to get here...

ok going in ,,,in a bit

Tilt so dammn cools Assad...I can bring her back to the US any she does care ,,,she said I'm in good great shape but I just got off of that thang called once a month lol and it took me down..so she told me no arm Lipo it will make me week...I said cool...I can get that on the next round no biggie,,,,I been meeting so many girls up here they all look great so so far god working in my way on my side,,,,lol still don't have my luggage from airport,,but the girls and maryra been so helpful...I don't need nothing she have everyhing,,,I will be looking out tor her big time,,,oh yea why yall didn't tell me that got a donk I'm talk big booty,,lol said what ,,,,, any how me and my girl from atl all dress up will send pic later,,it like 12 girls up here from the US right now. Its crazy it feel like a group home plastic surgery ladies lol....any how I will update much as I can ....thank you again for all tall wishes yall the best see you on the other side I sayBB

typo its yily so damn cool!

Yily. So damn cool I had to get it right ...yes she does care ,,,you will be in good health,,,with her don't let no one tell you different,,,I shock cause I'm a picky you no and I need all my biz to be upscale,,,

my room

my blue pill

I need that real ya know ,,,,I need that,,,lol yall know this better knock a girl out....

cipla,,,had a nurse check on us all night,,,

My nurse check on us all night gave us food well soup and pain med threw iv,all threw the night I need that ,,,,Yily team is good they make sur your drains stay drain,,,getting ready to put my faja...don't know how I cant move they make u lay on your back all nighton a hard booty...I'm like r y'all sure ,,,,she say trust well when I leave I want...pls bring you a lot of wipes and pads you will need it I had to buy again cause airport lost my bag susposed to be here today we will see ...pain is ok sore as hell I can't move...I need help for now...bluepill did work on my and he gave me a iv...I did not want epdruall how ever y spell it ...cause I'm not having a baby....he said that's fine give her and iv....I was gone in 54321 I woke up Yily was there she did have other ppl helping to telling them lets flip her over I went right back to sleep when the woke me up they said I asking for pain med and surgery was done ....didn't need none for some hour she was right cause I could not fill my legs feet r anything...haven't got to see my butt cause I can't move,,,but my waist is so liitle I know ima half to get get my stuff coustom just for me......I can't wait to get too the recovery house she said she got us some bangin breakfast....

my room i got the penthouse suite

more pic from real recovry armonia

i feel like im on a vac,,,and cant sit on my assest

Dr,,,oh yea duran,,,,did Yily booty it look bigger than mine...they,,,,,,, due work for eachother.....they really on the same team good friends,,,,


Just a few will post more in a bit!!

up early getting sun set over ocean

That life


Time to eat

just got my bag from airline

Yes my bag was broke ,rip,and things was missing ,,,that wtf...I will be calling the airlines,,I'm so so mad I just bought bag everything in it was new,,,this is crazy....my sprays was broke I got to take back to store now when I get home,,get a new jet sprays that 9$ and my soaps cream was open ....I pack with care some had to open my stuff ......anyhow when I come back in march...I know what to due.....

funnel so i want pee on my self

Thank your for my girl nomoreb00tyd0.......she from atl she look great you too you should see her she look great she will post pic soon....but she gave me this so I want per on my faja....it works really well..and my drain stop working today so I half to buy out my pocket new drain pack,,,it don't stop I spend money every day..,, dang cost of beauty....



Girl can cook bring food right to you..

med,,,r cool,,but when i get home ,,ya know,:)

I didn't get my med in the state so I had to get the in Dr it was cool they bring them to my room...it came up too 102;,,,,FYI if you change your dollars it will be cheaper like 75$,,,I didn't half to get everthing on list cause I had some stuff.....also get a heating blanket it feels so so good..

yily last date is thursday!

My girl friend ,,,friend,,,,,,seen r results and flying in from atl Tue Yily told her to come on if she ready with them $$$$,,so we added a bed for her in r room..

some pic just got threw +

Baby wipe bath 3 days I'm ready to see 3 weeks

my fav pic

Just took today ,,I get my massage tomorrow...

pic before and after side by side pic

5 days out!just real sore ,,,moving around much better,,,still have drain in hopefully get them out Tue....when I go see Yily.....

pic from**1 massage

Ok massage r mandatory ..please get the add that in your surgery...just got my first one it Hurt and feel good at the same time the reason it hurt you still have the drains in and you r still very sore with fluids in you from Lipo and she half to press all over your body to get it to drain out as much as she can I will be doing 2 a day until I leave.....you can due what you want but its highly recommend....


Just some pic they keep your room clean



pic of massage over look the ocean

Nice view,nice breeze!



room closet is big,,plus info about today

Bath room shower,, and room closet ,,,my bad yall I love taking pic of everthing any way massages went well today I drain a lot didn't get get my drain out yet cause it was so so many girls going and coming today ...so I'm first in the morn which is cool with me cause I want to make sure all the fluid is gone before I leave back the tThursday.......my girl got her out today but she still have lots of fluid in her belly so they will manual drain her again this week before she leave.....anyway I went to the bank around the Conner pull of more cash today was not bad at all..they charged a 1$ and I got 500$ so I can go shopping...each bank is different,,,,butt one iI went to was banco popular.......

today i will be getting my drains out

I can not wait to get this tube out of me its getting annoying now it allin your rib its very sore some ppl say it hurts but me just annoying...they put this in you too drain all the fluids out of you... .they say it take 30 sec to pull out and it don't hurt we will see....ill keep you posted...but

but im flowing out fluids good,,,,,,

You want to make sure of that to so you can get your drains out cause it can clog up some time...

contact info for real recovery armonia

Email _ real recoveryhouse@ hotmail.com.#_849_353_5456,,,Mayra sachez she own the place she have a lot of employeesworking for her 2 speak English....not bad at all..... they will send you over all the info that you need if you half to send email every day until some get back with you...they will be moving this week to new place on the beach I heard its a glass house...can't wait to see...good luck for those about to come to Dr ....she one of the best...they take good good care if you..good luck

got drains out,,,:)

That was the best thing that could of happen,,,that tube with massage was not playing..but when getting drain out its not as bad I depending on your body......everyone is different....its was was 123,,,I felt 1,2,,,but not 3 ,,,I held my breath and it. Was out......yea on too recovery..

2 massage in 1 day!

It felt good but sore was well it depending on your. Body I leave Thursday.... So I will be getting 1 more in the morning be fore I leave.....the lady name is Ruth she is great very nice and know what she doing ...she also take the drains out for some girls and will let you know how much fluid your body got r still holding...make sure when you get home you have some one on deck dont wait til the last minute...be prepared...just in case...she drained so much fluids out my back I heard and felt it running...I was happy cause I don't want all that let in me...she know what she doing and will hit the right spot She a specialist and a nurse at what she does I love it she right in side my recovery house..did not half to go know where...I had to get my fajq and sock wash again wich they keep that clean much as you want too....

faja i half to get mine custom bigg butt and small waist...

Well yesterday went back to doctor office....they got me in a med right now it have 3 hooks on it I down to the 3 hook.....I ready to go to stage 2 garments...now.....yea I'm losing wait every day.....LOL they laugh said we can't mash that booty so what they came up with...is I need a med at my butt and a small for my waist for 3 weeks then I can go to a xs small in a another 3 weeks so I can have that compression on my abs...so soon as I get home straight to some who can start custom design my faja...ill let yall know how it turns out...all the girls been buying new ones at mmy recovery house. Cause they result been crazy mad crazy ...so it depend on your body they will let you know at doctor office what you need to due to get the best out come you need and what you looking for ....

so my butt is:)

Med at my butt and small at my waist then I go down to xs at the waist still keep my butt at a med.....I will let yall know my measure in a bit....

sore ,wore out,little pain ..i home now.....sista

Flight was trying ,,going to sleep when I wake up ill hit u up and let you know info about the airport good night.....


Security in Dr was quick and fast I flew delta so they had my wheelchair waiting the lady to me past the long line everywhere.....it like they have the own wheelchair lane.....custom was not bad in Dr ........but when you get to atl wow they gave me help in had 3 agents on me....now if you don't have wheelchair service when you get their it will take 1 1/2 r 2 he to get threw it tooook dammmn 30 min for me they check you down....they will ask you a lot of question.....its was like ok I know yall doing tall job so let me just pop some more pill...I would never made it the let u off at f terminal...and my gate is a terminal so I still in my wheelchair had to take that shultt in tje airport my. Gate was about 45 min by its self sky...when I said I was wore out from everything I was in a chair and wore out plain ride was stiff as hell I had to get up and walk on the plain ..to keep blood going in my bad ,,,,but so far didn't have a bad experience at airport...I'm like I understand ppl have job to due I didn't run in to no rude ppl just noises...ppl they was like wow.....I can say Yily got some ppl looking her up......I was on the plain drinking Orange juices...with salads

pain level of a bbl 2 me...

Well everyone is different I say its a 8 first 2 days r ruff sore and the drains in your side what make it Cray and it does hurt a little....it just depends on your body..its not as bad as I thought it was going to be...I'm am recoverying well I due have some fluids in my back but I'm going to have my massage get that out so I can close that whole up on my butt...and I will be getting some iodine to clean my areas .....too.......so it was.not to bad you just half too preprepare you self......and its good when you get home to have someone to help you.....take it slow you might feel good but it take time to heal...like me I feel like I can exercise but u know I can't not just yet. Eat ,drink,good,,and still take your vitamins,,,,,and due get your massage,,,and pls pls keep your fans at all time don't mess your results up...trying to be cute for anybody....cause in due time it will come......

9 days out ,,,sore and stiff,,,and messure!

Measure for 3 days was 34 in my waist and 47 in my hips and ......now its 9 day and my waist 30 and my hips 45 1/2.........


Just order this..

tiny waist

about dr,,,,its not as bad as ppl say!!

I think we have the same thing in the state's that goes on in the domican republic.....they due things they way,,,,we due things r way...I been threw surgery before they set-up is all the same and also they have 3_5 ppl in a room at all time.....when I woke up after at the end Yily was right there but a man was touching me...and Yily was rubbing my arm....I was so so happy I was on the other side ...u never woke upwhile the was working on me I took blue pill and iv...threw my arm....I didn't feel a thing...but when the clean me up after wards your feet go num for hour until the med they give you go away,,,,I was like the 3,girl that day she had 4 of to due......I was worried at first..but when I met Yily sat Down and look at her I was happy I made my decision.......she speak a little English not a lot but she due read lips and know what u r talking about..lol just get to pointing and moving your hands to the area and show her what you need plus her assistance me Ann will be right there she speak English so she will be telling her everything you said,,,,,,,at cipla it like a small doctors office...with a lot of Spanish ppl,,,but trust me if it was not ran right,,,,,it will be shut down.....iI was sad when yily told me she could not due my thighs and my arms like I want to but it was a blessing cause she knew and she know how much your body can tack...when she say come back we will hit them areas later listen too her....work of art take time not over night.....so I go back march 7 ,,,2014,,,,,to finish my master piece of my body,,,I can't wait looking for buddies to go with me....so inbox me if your interested going around my time....too all my rs sista I wish you all the best on your jounery...and a bless and a happy healing,,,,life is what you make it,,,if you suspect the worse you will get the worse if you suspect the good can not come your way but good ,,,happiness,and peace,,,,,,love ya

faja just altered to a small waist and medium bottom

Just got done didn't take long at all....so I got it took to a small then I 3 week's Ann to me to go down to a xs in my waist.

check out my new faja pants i just order ladies

These r hott......I can't wait I need 3 5 pair for the winter in different colors..:)

still had a little fluid in my back!

Yes ladies when I left Dr......my massage lady Ruth told me I still had a little fluid in my back she told me is was not much I could drain it my self she showed me how to rub my back and what it fell like ....so I will know what to due.....the llittle whole on your butt. Push it out of their and it will run down your butt...so I will check my back for couples more days then I will start focus on closing my whole up...it was not hard due too my mother help me she use to be a nurse ,,,thank god...I post pic of neddle.....Ruth gave me to drain my self and I use iodine to clean my self

massage envy

Hey my sista I went ahead and join massage envy since I will be having work done on me it's 60$ a month.. 1 free massage,,and 10 facial,,,,so any extra massage will be 39$ each......not bad also you can go to any of there location all over the world which is good cause I travel a lot....

2 weeks as of today!

All the fluid is gone out of my back so I can focus on closing my whole on my butt yeah cause that thang itchy...very itchy I starch a whole in my fans lol I'm like dang....any how my massage been helping big time I go today for another one ....I'm getting 2 a week til I fell like I don't need to hit the area anymore......I due feel sharp pain a time I'm my back..my butt soften up a little but there r some hard spot I did have Yily but a little I don't know how much but I just want a lift since my butt drop and to fill in my dents in my but so I'm waiting for the 3_6 mark to see how my body changes over the time it still early to tell but I do see a lot of changing going on...everyday....my waist is getting smaller...my dream body is coming together...it does take time and patient to get where you want to be r what you want...so me I sit back and relax and observed so I can be that diva I want to be ok how you doing in my Wendy voice.....lol...anyhow its time to focus how to eat right so I can keep this hourglass shape up......to all of my diva I'm wishing you the best of luck on your jounery.....don't stop go for what you want...and thank you my vets who all shared there info to help r ladies make there's decision on the doctors who make r lives crazy as can be well I say a lifestyle life changing....thank you so so much.....rs is the best....BB

7 massage

I am really feeling better and better after each massage even sleeping better car rides r still a litte ruff so I take me big pillow and my boppin pillow for the ride.....I get me 8massage on Sunday I only been doing 30min,,,so I say by the holiday which is thanksgiving oh my gosh gosh....food food food....will get back to that my ladies...any how..I Will work my way up to and hour so I can feel great in front of my fam cause no one really knows what I been threw so ,,I really don't won't them to know,,,,either so me and my close close one we keep thing on a hush cause my fam is like channel 7 news,,,,,and will go on and on...so well....said lol if I'm still walking like my back hurts lol I pulled a muscle...that's my story...lol..anyhow have a great weekend to all!

scar zone spray

Pick this up last night,,,,also I will be shopping this weekend for more stuff for my body,health,,,,,

scar away sheets

im feelin sexy my sister

I'm getting and doing better,,,3weeks out,,,,,

Happy thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving too all had a great one hope tall did as well,,,,,,,food I did not eat too much,,I said hell no,,,LOL,,,cause I know me,,,,any word got out anyway so I just laugh and said. That's what bosses due,,,,now u got every one on Yily ass.. lol:::---),,,just went on my first date last night...he made me. Go I wasn't for sure if I was ready cause car ride be still hell for me,,,,but my boo couldn't take it I said come on I ate salmon it was great and had some grey goose,,,,I got loose then lol ...so I didn't go home last night....lol ladies if you know what I mean he took it so so slow we still at it lol sex time..lol tmi,,,,,,any way take 2pain pill and some Jameson. Lol so far so good ,,,so that was my night great great great,,,,um ready for my massage in morn.. its helpful its softeing me up big time.....

food from last night

I had too but it felt great and light..

4 weeks

Still want to stay in bed rest its cold and snow everywhere,,,,,my body don't want to move,,,,but besides allllllll thatzzzz,,,,,,,i can sleep on my sides now I switched back and forth,,,,still dont sleep on my back yet,,,,,,

thank you boo

He pulled up last night with this LOL...this feel so good,,,you talking about scratch city,,,,lol I said r u tried of scratching my back he said no but 3 clock am you on your own...lol.....I beez under a take in the moment....

5weeks ladies

How r my sistas doing I hope all well,,,it's holiday time best time of the year,,,,,anyhow I can't stress how happy I am to went ahead with my surgery,,,and the time and this year was great,,,,,only thing is the cold ....when it hit your bones you will ache,,,,,so I bundled up if I go out but if not I just sit at home and bring the party tooooooo me.....so my faja,,,,,,look like I had it for 8months rip up scratch up and all... But I love it can't due with out it.......waiting on new one to come......so I can have at the end of the month.....I due switch off to other ones I have bought in between,,,but there not as good or comfortable as the one you get from doctor office,,,,looking for a black one.....my body still don't do well without it.......my itching is getting better,,,,,still sore in lower back,,,,I get 2 massage a week,,,and it help out so so great I still do 30 min for now,,,,,,I went shopping last week and bought stretch pants,,and t-shirts and blouses,,,,,to wear no jeans yet ,,I feel it to much right now on your body,,,,cause I still use my bopping pillow car ride r when I'm sitting in hard spots,,,,,,so I will stop soon as I feel better,,,,,,I soften up a lot but still got hard spots so it just a waiting and watching game right now......I will post more pic later......thank you all reading and following my jjounery:)and I'm wishing every one the best on yours ya girlBB,,,,,,



i did heels last night,,,,,,

First time in heels I only last 2 hour ,,,,then the shoes had to come off ,,,your body will let you know I tried cause I been feeling great,,but this morning I'm feeling sore and stiff,,,

6 weeks

Hey sista I hope all well too all,,,,time is winding down holiday time,,,,so I'm wishing all the best ,,,,this time if year is crazy cause it time to go in for the new year I so so can't wait its about me and my kids,,and family,,,going in the new year single ,,:) that cause I choose too ,,not ready yet to get back to relationship yet,,,I just want to enjoy and explore,,,,I know one thing I'm focused on right now is my body I really fell in love with it more more every day thing like what I want to look like and what need to be done,,,so thats my thang,,, I'm thinking a little more Lipo in my thighs area ,,,when I get in the gym and things change I might change my mind, but we will see I will try to work my arms out as well and see how that turns out,,,still have not weight my self yet will be doing that soon , so I can no what weight I want to maintain......anyhow I am going for more surgery to complete my masterpiece ,,I will be getting nose surgery done by who don't know yet but I'm on that jounery now. I hate my nose tooooooo wide,,,so wish me the best of luck on that,,,,so im get in the gym a work out after 9weeks so I can keep in shape,and hopefully I dont half to get no more work done. ,on my body ,,,,for now lol just my nose:);;;;but anyhow sleeping on my back just started it been great I could not do it before,,,,your body will let you no,,,,I have sharp pain at times through my back lower back side ,,so I try to rotate around on how I sleep,,if I sleep one way for a long time I get stiff ,,,I will be posting more pic soon...oh yea I do have some cellulite on my left outer thigh I will take pic to show ,,but ima buy some cream to see if that will help. Also I want some stretch mark cream as well so if you ladies know of any good creams,gels,let a sista know,,,,,:);;talk soon love you all,,,

hey my darling diva dolls,,,here some more pic

no more pillow and dang cellulite

Cellulite is on my nerve my sista it's starting Poppin out at me since my body shaping up and tonein I lost like 10 pounds so maybe that's why,,with I had some before but not like this so I buying me some creams to work it out for now and see what happened if not Yily will be hitting that with my thighs,,, but I due feel good I did some home made exercise this week,,I been feeling great,, I will be changing my date to Dr cause my bday is march 16,, and I do not want to be in pain r sore so I'm going at the end of mar I'm thinking instead of mar 7,,,,,so this year is my project year andtthat's meeeeeee,,,,yes yrs yez,,,,,I said me

happy x mas too all ,,,,,,,the new year is here

Happy holiday too all,,,,its crazy all the good food is around any how I wish all my sista a bless one so lets get to it I didn't eat much it was hard but if you trying to get where you want to be you half to stay on this process,,,,,,1day out the week to cheat is ok ,,,,but no fry food,,,no pasta,,,,and less or no sweets,,,,,and your white leave alone for a while. It won't hurt,,,,,you can do it. , I even gave up chips and hotdogs chili dogs at that:(,,,,,,,,,so newyear I will eat good seafood I going in,,,then ima flush out next day,,,,,,so this is only for the one try to lose weg,,, r manage your weg,,,,,,too all lets Killem,,,,,,

Happy new year my rs sister,,,,,

Lets leave the past in the past,,,what they say out with old in with the new,,,its time for r dreams to come true,,,,I love you guys you r so beautiful,,,,thank you vets for helping me last year threw my jounery,,,thank you,,,so I will be making a good eating plan up I will be sharing soon,,,have a good one oh I didn't eat my whole plate LOL,,,just shrimp and 1 crab leg and black eye peas,and a little gumbo,,,ima do a shake this morn,,,

its time to get it on,,,,,,lol in the gym

Working out I'm ready,,,I can touch my toes now LOL it funny cause you be all broken downnnnn all the way ,,,it like starting over again,,,,but made it threw,,,and yes in these pic I have my faja on I still need mine for now ,,,,,I will take some pic without soon with my clothes,,,,,but body healing fab,,,

ann chery ref,,,2025

Hey sista diva doll's how r u ,,,I hope all well any how rockin my new waist vest,,,well so far it great I wear. It cleaning the house walking,,,,,,and to the store shopping,, ,I still wear my first garment when I exercise and with a t shirt it feels great you still sore so don't wear it without something,,,,,

11 week ,,,its amost tine to take faja off:)

Hey to all and my Yily dolls,, how r you well I getting tired of my faja how bout yall. ,I been working on sleeping without it cause it time I'm doing a count down,,,,I still would love to workout in it but that all,,,I took some pic still have faja on in this pics but I Will be taking some without,,,,,,good luck to all my new dolls go girls,,,many blessings on your jounery,,,,and I'm so happy for my vets right now for not giving up on your looks and jounery yall looken good right now ,,that's why I'm going all out right now ,,all about me ma toe to the floor lol anyhow,,,XOXO,,,,,yes I still have sharp pain here and there ,,,its crazy and my itching just came back so I'm working on finding creams to calm it down,,,


Pic that didn't load


HI HI hi lol ;0 witha big smile 3 Months ```WID

hello too all``im wishing yall the best* my prayers r big......^ any how time time time is getting close for me to go back down,,,,to get to work on the rest of the body ....I will speak on it soon I just wanted to stop by early and say hi before I went to work got new pic coming soon...yes I took my faja feb 1 lol I could not take it ....it was time to go I needed a break before I jump back in to anything....

new pic

Love my curves




shouts out 2 my girl bklynbeauty

My girl we went in together in Dr and really loving the game thank you for being a good rs sister,friend ,,go check her page out ladies she will keep u update,,,,XOXO,,,

7 days sneek peak of mt nose

With nose job,,,she had to break my nose,,I had 2 black eyes swollen face, nose still swollen but looking better as we speak I did a side by side so tall can see my nose was very wide ,,she took me all the way down. I'm just now starting to feel better...

i got too see some of my rs sisters,,,,so sweet,,

Anyway hi sisters,,,how r u..hope all is well any how I met some of my sister and they r so sweet,beautiful ,inside and out ,,we was there for each other like we knew each other for years. ,shouts out to ma eyes soon to be Yily doll,,,I love her:);afterlife83;;;down to earth,,she so sweet and real,,,,vixxen bootie 83,,so sweet,so cool ,,,also it was so many tall it was hard to keep up we stay at the same recovery house,,,and when I tell u the whole US was in Dr LOL the whole US,,,but yes we had each other back it was nice,,,wishing all my sisters a speedy recovery,,,tall the best


I'm feeling better,,dolls,,,miss yall


I dont know what to do with my self right now,,LOL I'm single too,,,girlszzzzzzzz:),XOXO

ill update yall more later,,,my nose is getting better:)

All I can say I I love Yily she clap me,,,back into my dream body,,damn I love her ,,,my arm at this point is on fire and my knees r doing well,,I can feel my inner thighs now the went down a lot,,,,, I will take pic of my body soon...I'm on my way to Miami so I thought I might get it in with pics ,,,I hope all well with my dolls many blessings....
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