Getting a booty BBL with DR YILY - Dominican Republic

So I have spent most of my younger years as a tom...

So I have spent most of my younger years as a tom boy so the lack of booty and hips never really bothered me, but as years went on and life changed I really started to hate the nickname duck arse and wearing dresses looking like a rectangle with something that would resemble a mosquito bite coming out from my back. You'd think being Spanish and Greek I'd have been gift with ass for days but apparently genetics had other plans. I got boobiEs for weeks and ass for... well, what ass really lol I thought after having my daughter who is now 8 that all might change, but no luck.
I am so ridiculously excited to be getting the figure I have admired for years on end. To have those heart throb curves and a booty to pop!
Getting a hold of yily was a mission impossible it seemed, until I was referred by another RS ladies to go through a booking consult, allure consultations. I had a reply within 24 hours and their really great with answering questions, believe me I've had LOADS! ????
Any ladies going at the same time hit me up babes!
speak soon Xx

The befores

so here they are.. Yes I've blurred out my tattoos but you get the gist :)
Duck ass through and through.. But not for much lonnngggeeerrrr!!! Yay!! ????

Where to stay.. For nearly 2 WEEKS!!

So I've been told because it's a 24 hour flight back to Australia after surgery I need to be in the Dominican Republic for 12 days ???? I'm hoping I don't get bored out of my brains during that time lol does anyone know if you're actually mobile a week after surgery so I can go explore the DR? ????

Soo with that, the last few weeks I've been researching where to stay but until I was confirmed a date I couldn't exactly book. The options I'm tossing up on so far are;

The Kindness Recovery House
This place looks pretty sweet actually. They are recommended by Allure Consultations and from their website they look really nice.

Serenity RH
Modern and bangin! I would love to stay here but by the sounds they may be completely booked out! Uggghhhhh so hope not cause these guys so far are my number 1!

Silhouette RH
Every review I have read has been awesome and the ladies all seem to adore Angie to owner. They're not as modern but if the love and genuine care is there, how could I really go wrong?

What about everyone else, where is everyone else staying during that time?

Dream booties ????????????

booties and hips that make me go EEEPPPPPPPPP!! ????????????????

37 DAYS!!!

So the mission to get everything organised has begun.. If you have ANY tips as to what I should take I would ADORE your input!! Thanks babes

Deposits paid and accommodation booked

far out time is going fast!! I can't believe in only 37 days I will be getting the booty I always dreamed of!! ????

So I paid my deposit through allure consultations today for bbl with dr Yily, put my deposit down for serenity recovery house and will be finalising my flights on Wednesday!! Wow!

Now it's time to start getting prepared with more of those compression garments, something I have noticed on here is a lot of women wish they took more than one size with them because they didn't realise how big their booty would be initially so I'm going to personally try to take 2 with me.. Here's to hunting! Lol

Xx ??

Santo Domingo

so it's occurred to me I am going to be in the middle of the freakin Caribbean!!!! Omg gorgeous much! Can't wait to waddle around and explore a bit at the end of my second week there!! If any dolls are keep to join me exploring in santo Domingo holla at me :) x

hemoglobin levels

yay so to have lipo from the arms and thighs hemoglobin levels need to be at least 12.5; mine are 13!! Yay!!! Ecstatic!
Just for my own health purposes I had a full blood check done to check irons, vitamin A through to D and everything else. It's better to be safe and aware of any issues that may be underlying now than to be sorry and risky our health with surgery.


Omg I can't believe there is only 3 weeks to go! So nerves are starting to kick in, probably mainly just because I am traveling all the way from Australia on my own. But I am so excited at the same time. I just want to get there.
Being a single mum makes it harder, Im going to miss my little girl so much. She's flying to her Dads the day before I fly out... yes I'm going to cry like a baby haha.
I'm pretty nervous about carry money with me.. I get surgery the day I land which is slightly scary cause I don't know what happens with my stuff. Being in a double room with someone I don't even know and leaving everything there is nerve racking! I'm praying my roomie will be honest and lovely which by reading real self, so many dolls really are ???? I have a single room the second night onwards.
I was also told to bring a little lockable safe with me to ensure my personal belonging's are just double secure but then I had another thought. I might just put my real private stuff like cash and passport ect into the lining of my suitcase when I have to leave it at the hotel. My stuff would have to be fully ransacked before they'd find it! Mwahahahaha feeling pretty sneaky right now and on game haha
Anyway my loves I hope everyone's getting excited for their surgeries! Can't wait to update with more info!
Bless x

7 dtg - preSurgery melt down!

7 days to go and I take these befores and broke down crying. I can't believe how much weight I have gained for this.. I think I've gained too much weight!!
I was so fit at the start of the year and have gradually out on weight for a bbl because having a booty has always been my dream but now I'm 87kg and 167cm tall .. I haven't felt so horrible in a long long time!
I really hope Dr Yily can save my body and give me the dream figure I hope for :( I don't even want sex with my partner I feel so nasty.
Strength is needed right now!

Yily controversy

I kept reading reviews of people hanging slack on Dr Yily about doing more than 10 surgeries a day, that she isn't the one actually doing it, or people waking up mid surgery only to see someone else. Well I decided to attack this one head on because I don't want to be going all the way to the DR only to find out such.
So I asked my booking agent and she has confirmed yily only does 4 surgeries a day. And yes apparently sometimes people do wake up mid surgery but it's apparently no biggy.
Angeliz has been amazing through this whole booking process and lead up! The amount of questions I've asked her I kind of expected to eventually get a reply to stop asking questions haha but sue just keeps on supporting me and giving me every bit of info I need from pre surgery to post surgery questions.
I know I can't say for definite until I'm therr but I will definitely keep everyone posted and send photos :)
Feeling more relaxed!

Nearly time to fly!!

It's not 5am in Australia and I fly out to LA at 10.50am! I still have to pinch myself this is all really happening!!
I have to admit the last few days have been an absolute roller coaster. I've been having so many fears after reading reviews about yily horror stories that I actually got to the point that I started to question if I should be going to her. If I'm to be honest in myself, I'm not 100% sure if I will change at the hospital. I need to figure if it's my instincts of some negative reviews that are actually turning me off.. after all every doctor has some negative reviews. Dr Medina is the only one I've found that doesn't have any negative reviews!
So if I get to the hospital and things aren't feeling good, I'm gonna switch on the day because Medina or duran might be able to get me in.
On a plus I've made friends with a doll who is getting bbl the day before me and staying at the same place! Yay! But she told me bloods cost extra even though they don't tell you this so make sure you bring extra cash!
So I best be getting off! 14 hour flight ahead and I'm still not fully packed haha! I'll post when I get to the RH!

Mwah! Peace and love beautiful ladies xx

Less than 24 hours to go!!

So right now I'm in the air between LA and NY. My flight from Australia was massive! Made me think I don't know how I'm going to cope on the way home 2 wks after a bbl.
I will update as soon as I get the RH... so for now it's just chasing the sunset

Serenity recovery

I don't know what people are talking about when they say serenity is no good, this place is honestly amazing. From the clean modern apartment to the nurses and ladies here who actually care and try to help. Being here has made this so much easier I can say that! :)
The language barrier can be difficult but there is always at least one nurse who speaks enough English to understand you and communicate well. The other girls are pretty onto it as well anyway. They know what they're doing.

I highly recommend this place.


So before and afters ladies... here it's is.
Lipo to tummy, back, flanks and inner thighs combined with a BBL. I did NOT get a tummy tuck and I'm happy she refused saying she didn't want me to put more stress on my body if not needed.

Sorry I haven't updated, honestly I've just been lazy and watching so much orange is the new black!
Yily has been great. I can understand how people find her arrogant because of the language barrier bur apart from that, she genuinely cares. I think yily is one of those people who how you treat them will reflect how they will treat you. So if you bust in there acting like an ass hat demanding stuff being rude, then I don't think she would hold bacj on making it clear you're an asshat. But if you go there with genuine questions and concern, you'll be fine :)

I'll update more later babes

Mwah mwah xxx

The roller coast of healing...

This healing process is a nightmare.

Some days I'm so happy with my results and others I'm shattered and feel like there isn't a difference.

I have definitely lost size off my bottom which does make me sad. I guess I didn't get the projection and fullness I wanted as a final result.

I had 800cc put into each cheek. I don't know if that includes the fat put into my hips. But no I don't think it is enough at this point. But like I said.. tomorrow I might wake up and feel amazing.

The hardest part of all this is my chin and arms weren't liposuctionEd so now if I want to lose the fat from them by working out, I will risk losing the fat I have in my behind. I feel lost and dont know what to do really.

The other part is this faja. It's shaped my butt so crap. It's a nightmare to find another one in Australia and sleeping on my stomach, oh lord I'm over it lol

In 2 days it will have been 5 weeks since surgery and if I was asked was it worth it; at this point I just don't know.

I'll keep you all posted if this "fluff" business really happens or not.

Bless x
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I decided to go with Dr Yily because after endless research I believe she is going to be able to give me the shape and results I'm going for. I've read all the horror stories and the bad reviews but for months I've also been watching the actual blogs of women going to Yily and I am impressed.

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