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Omg the first email response from Dr.Yily almost...

Omg the first email response from Dr.Yily almost sent me into a panic I am so happy my skin is jumping off my body.

Well I am 22 no kids beautiful and chunky I love myself but would love to be even more that bitch. I have been wanting this for forever and now its happening yay...:D

I used to be a size 3/4 134 and now I'm 245 just ridiculous but owell. The horror ends soon thank the lawd.

Hey ladies back with more info about my surgery...

Hey ladies back with more info about my surgery from yily. As I informed you guys already i would have to have a tt due to the excess skin i would have after the full lipo on my abdomen back flanks arms and inner thighs so with the tt bbl and lipo she quoted me 3900 when I first informed her i would rather not have a tt she said it would be 3200 but then said tt is needed because of the saggy skin i would have to work with after i agreed but stressed to her i want a pretty scratch scar and not a ugly scar like the one scar had on the lion king lol she agreed so i know that she understood where i was coming from, she also stated that with the inner thighs it is an extra 250 because it bleeds so easily and its not promised until surgey date one they run thier test....soo with that being said i will just have the extra just incase if not ima ball lol...Also she did say saidly that i would need to loose some weight.So i asked ?How much weight we talking ?Answer as much as you can before surgery...I Agreed but in a sense feel kind of cheated because i weigh that much but then it doesnt look like it because im so tiny in height 4'11 and when i tell im the girl with the noassatall i need all my cc's but its the doctors orders so im with it she didnt ask for a deposit thank goodness cause i dont have one lol...And please ladies dont judge me...Let me tell you work in a bank make good money but im broke ass hell soooo my tax return will be paying for this is it only me probably not but i can care less too say but if anyone wants to click up and go we can i have a world of ppl already going with me but you can never have to many and i have found a nice hotel in punta can thats reasonably priced let me know...oh yea and ladies before i have my new me update im going to have a full body wax and bleach if your in houston tx i know a couple of hot spots nicely priced

New email from yily regarding the weight it goes...

new email from yily regarding the weight it goes based off your height and weight to see if you have to loose any she says no if your not over max weight by height and if you are it cant be more than 60 pounds im thinking im still 4"11 because i dont feel ive grew in height only size but then again it could be the weight so we will see i will post some pics today and also give my accurate weight and height from my weight loss dr monday to keep you ladies updated
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