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Hello I'm starting my journey to greaterness! Lol...

Hello I'm starting my journey to greaterness! Lol because I'm already great! I'be selected to go to the DR with Dr. Fatima Almonte! I'm so excited, I've been thinking about this for over a year now & im finally ready to take the plunge! So join me on my adventure! Everyone keeps along me why I'm getting it done & at the end of the day this is for me & what is going to make me happy!

All I think about!

OMG! I sit on RealSelf all day! ???????? lol all I can think about is how bad I want this surgery, and all the bomb ass outfits I'm gonna be able to wear! So I've been asked about which Recovery house I'm going to any suggestions???

About to get it poppin!

Just got my list of stuff I need for Sx, every step brings me closer to D-Day! 3/9/2016!! Side note: my cousin had a TT here in the states & got an infection, so no matter where you go you can get an infection, I trust Dr. Almonte & feel her & her staff have my best interest in mind. Just gotta stay prayed up! God Bless

ADIDAD All Day I Dream About Doughnuts!!

Uggggggggh! I need to lose this damn 15 pounds so that my BMI is 35! All I think about is eating unhealthy food, I've been staying on my diet but it's getting harder & harder by the day. I dislocated my knee about a month ago so I'm not really able to work out as aggressively as I want & with work. Anyway I wonder will Dr. Almonte turn me away if I'm
A tad on the chunky side because I have heard stories of her turning unhealthy girls away.

Starting my Vitamins!!

Shit is getting real! The countdown has officially begun! I'm starting my Vitamins for surgery, Folic Acid & Iron twice a day, Vitamin C & a women's multi vitamin once a day! March 9th is right around the corner! I'll start shopping for my post op supplies around the 2nd week in February. Next up Passport application filled out!

Only 2 pounds!!!

This sucks o can really exercise bc of my knee, I've been following a strict diet & all I've lost is a measly 2 damn pounds in 3 weeks! Uggggh FML

Dr. Almonte IG & website

Hey Almonte Dolls, if anyone is like me I check Dr. Almonte's IG & website everyday to make sure all is well & results are still the way that I expect my body to come out & as you may have noticed her IG hasn't been updated in 3 weeks & the website is no longer available. Best rest assure I spoke with Leslie (WhatsApp) last night & she responded quickly as usual & said they are preparing a new website with up to date pictures! So stay tuned! Also booking my flight Friday!!! This is getting more & more real!


Sorry it's been so long for an update, but The RealSelf App was just blowing me! It was acting up real bad! But today I am actually 14 days post op! Wooohooo! & I love my results! I love Dra. Fatima Almonte. I stayed at Betty's RH & it was love they pamper you hand & foot & Betty's massages are bomb! She is so sweet & nice. I'm already making plans for round 2 to complete my BBL & back lipo. I was not able to do everything in Rd 1 due to my BMI being over! 35.5 so ladies if you think a couple pounds won't matter they will & she will not play with you! Any questions feel free to post or inbox me. I hope everyone's journey's are as smooth as mine. Oh I had full lipo with inner thighs, tt & muscle repair!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far I haven't spoken with Dr. Almonte but her assistant Leslie answers all my questions. Sometimes I wish the responses were a little faster but I have to remember I'm not the only patient, but she gets back to me within 24/48 hours

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