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Hi I have been stalking this site for months now ,...

hi I have been stalking this site for months now , im soo addicted im on it every single day every since the day I have discovered it , I have watched soo mamy beautifull ladies transform to Amazonian queens and I cant help but to want a perfect body... I mean who wants average when they can have absolutely perfect ???I am soo looking forward to sharing this jurney wit you beautifull ladies and hoping to get more insight and info on the journey I am about to embark on , long story short im 29years old no kids and weigh 150 right now im hoping to gain about 10lbs more just soo I can get the booty that I want without dissapointments , my main focus is gtting the smallest waist possible , larger hips and a nite donk to go with all of that lol I m posting a few of my wich pics soo u ladies can have an idea of what im exactly looking for ..

i got my quote with dr duran ......

i got my quote with dr duran after such a hustle omg !! I literally had to call her office 3 times a day for the past three days firstly I spoke to Elizabeth she was very nice and sweet but she told me I had to wait till 5 dr time for dr duran to see my photo first I waited and there was nothing then called the next morning 7am on the dot I have set my alarm to dr time soo I don't forget to call them but each time I did call some on picked up in the morning soo if any of you doll is still struggling to get her quote shud try in the morning and u have to be on their back the whole time soo you get youre quote if you need Elizabeth numbers give me a shout ill gladly send it to you .. soo now I have to choose my date im torn between before or after my birthday wich is jully I heard shes full till august soo im guessing its most likely gonna be after my birthday if any of you ladies wanna buddy up let me know I can purchase my ticket and plan my lay off to be at the airport of your choice im quiet flexible for anyone going in august . omg im supper ecxited to share my journey with you ladies xxx

duran or yilly please help!!!!!!

ladies I have a big dilemma now that I have gotten quotes from both of my ideal drs im torn between the two for real , I know duran is famous of giving the biggest roundest donks and yill shes good at hips and waist snaching and I want all of this , I don't want a big ghetto booty but I want it round and noticeble unlike now , but at the same time im a bit nervous about yillys bad comments about her after care .. also yilly has the dates that suits me better cos its sooner while duran only had later dates that are Septemberish I cant wait till then I need my budonk lol I want to be ready for the summer here in south Africa wich starts round end of septmber and being in pain around then is really not what I want plus the tight fajas in the heat doesn't sound like a pleasant thing for me ... im really confussed and have to pick as date asap this is soo frustraiitng I want my last decision to be the best cos god knows I don't wanna go for a round 2 again any advice will help my lovely sister....

ofcourse we can

heey sweety yeah we can buddy up for sure let me find out with yilly when can she help me in may then ill get back at you , we can start planning th whole thing together x

scared to wake up during surgery

omg i have been thinking a lot lately about waking up during surgery ... that is my biggest fear of all in this journey i don't mind the after pains but waking up during my sx is a im really sensitive to this i remember there was once i feel and ripped my thump nail off i never even looked at it till it was almost completely healed for the the thought of waking up while someone is busy cutting and pulling on me with a big ass needle terrifies me , i wanna ask you ladies that already went through this was in painful ? how did it feel ?and does dr have anyother anesthetic than the blue pill ? all this stories about women waking up is very disturbing to me , or the mite as well give me two if possible lol i heard some lady here saying she had to be tied on the bed she was shaking soo much when she woke up uuum ...that's not very cool .im really hoping im knocked the fuck out till the end for real ..

my man being soo annoying

ok ladies I been going back and forth having fallouts with my man about this surgery . first all everything has been cool in the beginning when I have been telling him I need some procedures to be done on me cos I feel very insecued about my mid section and the fact that I don't have a bum and hes agreed with me I n a way by saying yeah ull look even sexier with a bigger ass . but u still look sexy like this .. I know im not very bad and looks wise but to to me my body not at the point I want I have always been very conscious with my body I run quiet a lot and have to literally be model skinny not to look too bad other wise anything else is straight figure big ass boobs but no ass no definition on the waist no curves soo I end up having to eat waay less even while im still hungry stop eating cos im scared to gain weight and look like a walking light pole lol ugg.. I know ill have to still maintain my weight after that but i wud rather get rid of this little things I don't like and just maintain a perfect body im gonna have...soo this joker has been cool with the idea till he sees shitt is getting real now im all gassed up making pland and arrangements appointment booked and all ,all of sudden I hear some insecurity phrases like soo whats in this for me , and please don't change after this and start getting the im too hot for you attitude that girls with big asses gets .. im sitting here im like uuum are u getting insecure ?? it amazes me how someone will rather have u looking average or fucked up just soo they can be the only one looking at you . well guess what my average days are over now its either u stay with me and be supportive and enjoy this journey with me or just bump off trust me some one else will enjoy this gorgeous body im about to have cos I don't have time to nurse some insecurities whils i have mine to take care of wich starts with my physical shitt , anyway whateverrrs enough of my drama I just felt like venting a little , but really do any of you ladies go through this sometimes ? im super scared cos I feel like I don't wana tell anybody else about this surgery he was the only person plus my rs sisters and one of my best friends about and now hes acting like this is is just making this journey even more nerve wrecking for me . cos hes supposed to be going to dr with me but with this kind of attitude ill be happy with just me and my buddy fuck that I aint trying to have a dramatic time while I heal this pain is gonna be drama enough for me . I know he"ll spoil me and get me what ever I want whils in dr but im not ready to deal with the drama that's gona come with it while im sore bump that ..anyways thanks for listening ladies I feel better now

back at at like i never left june 2016 new surgery date

hi ladies its been a long tim since i have been here on real self reason being i had to postpone my sx date i had an overall crazy sad year i separated from my husband of 8 years and , had to move out of our home and restart my life again , lost my dad who we all discovered he really didn't have anything saved so we had to come together as family financially to pay for th e funeral arrangements so y'all can imagine how much financial burden i was in and rebuilding my life on my own , so long story short I'm back at planning for my surgery again and this time i still wanna go for cabral and my date is beginning june 2016 i have had a quote from him last year but its so long ago i don't think its gonna still apply I'm basically doing a bbl and thats all ill be doing , I'm sure a lot have changed as far as the amounts and things needed for surgery so I'm hoping to get more insight form this site from other dolls !

Rh booked ticket bought ready to see king cabral in 10 days to go !!!!!!

hey ladies i know i haven't updated in a while but heres to say I'm pretty much ready to go see the king my date is april 26 and I'm leaving for dr april 23 I'm so excited and nervous at the same time no one know I'm having this sx but my fiancee and best friend ... it has been a long time coming and I'm glad i have waited because unlike the last time i wanted to go this time everything just goes well effortlessly that shows that last time wasn't the right time for me to go after all so ill be documenting all of my trip and sharing everything with you ladies helping all the up coming dolls the same way real self has helped me prepare for my journey , my weight now is 78 kg i have gained even ore than what i weighed then wich is good it will give dr cabral something more to work with !!
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