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Heller! So this is my first review ever! I have...

Heller! So this is my first review ever! I have been doing my research for about more than a year now. I have completed decided whom I want, Dra. Duran. I visited her office while on vacation in DR. but missed out on my consultation. Long story short now I'm back in the U.S. and going through the "waiting stage". Like many of you ladies I've already emailed, whatsapped, etc. Wish me luck !


Ok soooo let me tell y'all the drama!
Sooo I sent emails (,
wrote on her website (which wasn't going through btw), wrote on whatsapp (809-707-7163). When I wrote to her on whatsapp I got a message back two days later , she or whoever just wrote "hi" ... I wrote back 5 min later and didn't get anything back on whatsapp. At this point I'm frustrated because I had previously sent all my info height weight pics and all I get is hi!!! ?? I'm like wth u mean hi let me get my damn quote! lmaoooo ....So the mission continued...I then one night decided to write on her Instagram since I had never tried that. I was hesitant because I would see girls begging on there asking for her to write back . And well that just seemed too repetitive on there. So instead I went about it differently. I wrote that I would wait forever for her , because my mind was set on her and no1 else. Voila, The next morning I got a quote ! whoop whoop ! Reverse psychology or nahhhh??? I went about it this way because if I were a doc and had all these girls saying the same thing and complaining, honestly it would be annoying . That's just any human. You caint blame her she has a mass demand call, and she's only got a pair of hands. So now my next step is to call Monday and discuss dates and etc. I really want a day in May 2016. Wish me luck!!! I will be posting present pics soon !


So I called the office and Fania the secretary picked up. I asked for details and she sent out an email with faqs about the procedure what I will need and deposit info. I'm mentally set on a date (May 16), however won't be able to put down deposit at this moment . Maybe by Jan, hopefully my date is still available... These pictures were taken around Thanksgiving . I may have dropped a pound or 2 but this is a pretty good idea of how I look now. Today I weigh 146. something. I plan on getting to 150 or 155 for sx. I think that going in with the highest weight I will ever want to be will give me a visual of whether I want to maintain that much weight or lose some. Btw, these are the same pictures I sent to Duran, incase you want to email her. She wants to see what she is working with , so send 4 pictures of your profile!


All I see is ass everyday all day! I feel like a perv or something ! This shit is so addicting!

Change of date / Sent deposit !

So I originally aimed for May , however I am hopefully set for October instead. I changed my date to October because thats the best time for my mom to accompany me . Which was sooo ideal!

Made deposit today by going to my local bank and requesting an international funds wiring at the help desk. They gave me a sheet to fill out with general and bank info (See attached photo).

Payee's name: Agustina Hilario Duran
Address : CIPla

I tried depositing money in the Bank of America account that is given as an option but it was not showing up in the bank system . Which I found very odd. So yea don't even bother . The banco of reserva seems to be the go to.

Future Duran Doll Oct 17th 2k16

Anyone else getting sx with DRa. Duran around this same week ?

Hemoglobin level

My hemp is currently 13.3
I went to doc just to find out whether I need to switch my diet to a more iron based one but turns out I'm perfectly fine. I hadn't done much prior . All I had been taking was a women over all wellness pill and I actually like veggies . Perhaps that helps . I'm shooting to get it to like a 14 before surgery . I want to be at most healthy . So I will be probably juicing beets and trying some nutrition smoothies. Wish me luck!

Where's all the new and soon to be Duran Dolls?

Is it me or is everyone hiding under a rock lately? I haven't seen any new posts of any pre or post op Duran dolls. Is it just my news feed or what !?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

When I visited her office I was tardy due to personal reasons. However, she seemed nice although I was unable to receive the consultation.

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