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Ive been thinking about getting this done for...

Ive been thinking about getting this done for about a year now but have never really acted upon it . For the past couple of months ive been on this site and on google researching doctors, reviews, i was even watching stephanie santiago's youtube videos ( i know you guys know who she is lol video vixen, she was in fabs video, the girl with the bigg butt!!! lol ) she got her waist done her boobs and her butt looks flawless !!! Ill post a picture of her up . Now im not looking to look like her . i love my body love my curves i just wish i had a big butt !! i have hips for days!! So ive decided that this is something i really want to do !! i don't want to waste around 9,10 thousand dollars that a lot for me . im trying to accumulate time at my job and save as much money as i can . i was to at least spend 5 grand . But i guess theres that saying you get what you pay for . Ive been looking into this one dr. From DR and so far all the reviews are very good, everyone seems to be very happy with her and i really like her work . But i still want some more information ., I emailed and she emailed me back after 2 days . i have to send her my picture and a bit of information on me . ooops i almost forgot to give the dr's name (Australia Fragoso Baez) . im still doing a bit of research . But this is the beginning of my journey !!!!! Please anyone who has tips feel free to let me know i would really appreciate it . Oh and last thing .. i am from the boston area !!!! i wanted to get this done around may/june ... If that a bit unrealistic considering its february .. i'll settle for the end of this year . !!

Change of heart !!

Hello ladies !!!!! I'm still researching !!! But .... I've been looking into dra.duran and I must say her work is amazing . I without a doubt would love her to do my sx. I've emailed her atleast 4 times already and I've been hearing that she is very difficult to get in contact with and I don't think I wanna play a consultant 100-300 dollars just to contact her . And then loose that money you know ? Her Instagram page is awesome . I really want her to do my sx. Idk how to get attention I wanna get an estimate and a days . I've also emailed dr. Baez my photos and I'm waiting for her to respond me she already responded to me once . If any ladies know how to contact dr. Duran plz plz contact me !!!!!!! I'm also looking for a travel buddy !!! Thank you ladies !!!!


HELLO LADIES !!! UPDATE !!! after emailing dra. duran for about 2 weeks and sounding THIRSTY !! .. you guys dont understand lol ive never sounded like that in my life haha . she wrote back to me and suggested i might need a TT ... i really dont think i do i mean ive had a c-section but my stomach is not huge and is not bad at all, im mainly doing it to get the ASS ( excuse my language its the correct term for what i want hahaha ) that i want !!!! i wil post pictures to give you guys an idea as to what i look like now !!! woooo TEAM DURAN !!!!!


hello ladies so ive decied that i want to do this mid june ive been exchanging emails with dr. duran and shes been getting back to me pretty quick . any lovely ladies that are getting surgery with duran or are serious about this and are going in june/ beginning of august please let me know i would love a buddy!!!! XOXO !!


HELLO DOLLS !!!!!!! so.... after calling for a whole day and calling through various times . i finally got through to a very polite and helpful girl from durans office . the first couple of times that i had called, i called the main office apparently and the girl that picked up the phone was so RUDE she even let out a huge sigh under her breathe when i asked her if anyone spoke english . i wasn't very happy about that . ( good thing i can speak spanish, because it helps ALOT !! trust me ) if i caught her name i would give her a piece of my mind . but continuieng !! lol i spoke to the girl in durans office she asked me if i had emailed the doctor and sent her photos and my stats, i stated yes and if she quoted me ... also yes ($3,900 bbl+lipo). she gave me a date of JUNE 25Tth im so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sending my deposit this week . if any lovely ladies are going that day or week and need a buddy LMK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IM BACK !!!!!!!!!

HELLO DOLLS !!! IM BACK !! since my last post ive been just working alot. saving time and money for this sx. i have not yet booked my recovery house butt thats my next step !!! i have my date set and i booked my flight as well . i havent started taking the vitamins but im going to start this week !!! . if anyone is going the week of the 24th please conatct me !!! i need a sx buddy !!!!!!!!!!!!

hiring a nurse in DR help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

hello lovely ladies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was hopinggggggg !!! that someone knew anythign about hiring a nurse out on the dominican republic !??? i feel as if a recovery house is veryyy expensive and i really wanted to get a hotel and hire a nurse !!! please get abck to em if anyone knows anything ??? please and thank you !!

scars !!!!!!!!!!!

ladies please i have a questions regarding scars !!!!!!! i am getting BBL and Lipo of the abdomen . smaller waiste . are the scars that bad ????? should i purchase something for them ??? when would i be able to start putting the cream on the sccars ?? will the scars fade . i don't want to have scars lol xoxo


hello gorgeous dolls xoxo so i just wanted to touch base on whats going on in my life right now as well as the surgery journey . so money wise im a bit short . i had an unexpected car accident recently and that took out a grand out of my pocket due to the weather here in mass . sigh ... this sets me back quite a bit , i have booked my flight . i leave june 23 and i return july 2nd . im having surgery june 25th . i have also sent in my deposit , as well as quite a couple of emails . but no ones gotten back to me about confirming it so im really hoping my date is set . so im going to have to really tighten my belt and save as much as i can for this trip :( . other than that my support group is great !! i havent really told my family other than my sister , who btw thinks im crazy lol . my co workers are excited for me !! but also nervous , considering im going to a foreign country . any ladies that might want to give me some advice on how their trip went as well as the surgery and have any suggestions for me i would greatly appreciate it !!!!! please and thank you ladies !!!! xoxoxo


UPDATE !!! NEW SURGERY DATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello real self beauties !!!! xoxo , so i literally (not even 10 mins ago) just got off the phone with dr. durans secretary . she just called me to move my date closer !! instead of having surgery the 25th i will be having surgery the 24th !!! my date is confirmed finally !!!!!! i was so nervous because no one was getting back to me and i had already booked my flight . so she called me today and said that she cannot do my surgery on the 25th because she has a congress to attend, augh i am so nervous now my date is getting closer and closer , also said that it was fine to just bring in my receipt of the deposit the day of surgery !!!! ladies wish me luck !!! xoxoxoxo


Hi Ladies i got my hemoglobin results back and its at an 11.4 ...... i have to get that up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pain killers ???

hi !! ladies i have a question!! i wanted to take atleast 8-10 percocets to DR . but im a little nervous . has anybody done this ? if so how ?? where did you put them .

hello ladies... yes i am back . with a huge update !!!

its now marcg 2016 and no i did not go to dr to get my bbl, i had so much hit me left and right last year so i decided this is my year !!!!! ive also decided to do it in miami .
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