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Hi RS Beauties....I am no stranger to this site...

Hi RS Beauties....I am no stranger to this site lol. I, like many others, have been stalking for a while, then I finally made a profile. I've never had much projection, but I was proportionate. After my first son, the weight fell off with ease and stayed off for awhile. It was also very easy for me to lose when I began to slack. But after baby #2, the weight fell off fast, but it was clear my body would never be the same. I was back to my original pre-baby weight, but my shape had almost completely changed. I lost more weight, but my cute little shape was gone. I first learned about butt shots, but after digging deeper into what was going into your body, I decided against that lol. And then I stumbled on the bbl surgery performed by Dr. Okoro. Then I kept researching and fell in love with Dr Jimmerson's work. I received a quote from him and had began to plan a budget to get the procedure as soon as possible. Then I stumbled upon realself.com and BABY.....it was A WHOLE NEW WORLD for me (cue the Disney music). I felt like this was a gift from God!!! I loved the work of the DR dr's, but wanted to stay in the US. So I emailed and received a quote from Dr Salama. Let me say, Nancy is the sweetest, most helpful person. While waiting to save up the 10% deposit, I asked my husband if he feels ok about us going to DR for my surgery. He said he would prefer I stay in the US, but that as long as I take him he's supportive. I had seen so much about Yily and very little about Duran, but they both gave the shape that I want. So I decided to go with the less popular (at that time), but amazing Dra Duran. I stalked a bit longer and found Bella Vita Consultants. It's one thing to stalk RS, but I didn't think I'd have the stamina and patience for stalking Duran. So I gladly paid that $150 for Jazmine to coordinate my trip. Sooooooo glad I did! I had a few bumps along the way, but Jazmine put in work and delivered like she guaranteed. I have sent my deposit and am waiting for the final confirmation. I had a scheduling mishap and will need to switch my May 27, 2013 date to sometime that next week. I am so excited that my journey has finally begun.

So this is my story so far and I plan to update here and there. Thank you all so much for your contributions to the real self community. For every question I've had, your reviews have given me all the answers.

A little about me....I'm a 30yo wife and mother of 2 boys. My stats....

Heights: 5ft 7in
Weight: 193lbs
Bust: 46in (36G bra size)
Waist under bust: 36in
Waist over bb.: 37in
Hips and butt: 43in

Garcinia Cambogia?

So I fell asleep way too early, and now I'm just up plotting different ways to lose weight. I need to lose 20lbs, but would like to lose 30lbs before surgery. I've heard about garcinia cambogia and was wondering if anyone has any personal experience with it?? Of course it must be coupled with a healthier lifestyle, but any extra help would be great.

Trouble Switching My Date:-(

So....I feel it's only fair to not just give the good but the bad as well. It's been almost 2 weeks and I still haven't gotten a new surgery date and over a week since I've sent my deposit and no confirmation of payment. I know there's a risk when you are using a service to coordinate your surgery, and maybe it's because I'm not used to having someone handle my business for me, but I get a little annoyed that everyone else's experience is going much smoother. Jazmine is a sweetheart and has been so helpful, but a confirmation email and new date will really put my mind at ease.

On another note, I'm officially a food label reader. I guess that's not a bad thing :-), but I now have a habit of checking how much iron things have. Did you know Frosted MiniWheats have 90% of your daily iron per serving? Yeah they also have 11g of sugar, but hey 90% iron and 6g of dietary fiber :-D. Next week I have a physical with blood work. It'll be nice to know what I'm working with. Luckily many BBL vets and future dolls have posted their hemo building tips. I've been taking my whole food multivitamin and drinking my juices high in vitamin C and will soon be adding iron and the garcinia cambogia I mentioned before. Let you know how that goes:-/

Dream pics

I just want the figure fairies to snatch my waist and project that booty like this

NOTHING is going on

Good morning loves. I wanted to be able to update about how I finally got my confirmation email stating that Dra Duran received my deposit and that my date has been changed successfully...or that my garcinia cambogia that was supposed to arrive 2 days ago has arrived and I am starting that this morning.....however that's not the case. I've sent several messages asking Jazmine if she has sent my deposit and if so may I have confirmation, also if they were able to give me a new date in June....however I have received NO answers to that. And as for as my garcinia, UPS delivered it to the wrong location so now I have to wait 3-4 more days for the new shipment.

I'm sorry I don't have money coming out my ears and even if I did, I like to follow that ish. When I send out money into the universe, I like to make sure it gets where it's supposed to go or do what it's supposed to do. We've had some issues before where she wasn't getting my messages, which is the only reason why I have sent them 5 times. But I sent my deposit 10/29 and it was to her 11/1. She said she would pay that Monday which was 11/4. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt and saying she just didn't receive them, but I shouldn't have to ask for confirmation email. SIGH!!!!!

Y'all pray for me. I'm a very nice person and I hate feeling like someone is taking advantage of that. Again, has anyone else had issues getting info or correspondence from Jazmine Navarro? When she does reply it's usually the same day or no more than 2 days later:-/

Finally heard

Yayyyy!!! Got off work, checked my email, and there it was. A reply from Jazmine. She explained that she has been trying to get caught up. My journey continues....oh and I'm 4lbs down just from living and eating smaller dinner portions lol.

Updates and Frozen Nips:-/

Hola Beauties....it is so cold here! I'm from a FL so I'm still trying to get used to this 23 degree wind chill lol. Anywho, updates....ughhhhhh....I've been so busy at work plus we had family visiting, I haven't been able to get my daily dose of RS and big booties. So, I took my measurements this morning since I'm kind of at a stand still when it comes to weight loss. I've loss 2 inches in my bust and no loss everywhere else. I mean, the girls can afford to lose many more inches, but I'm kinda disappointed I didn't lose any gut:-(. I guess that's just motivation to keep on truckin'.

The biggest news for me is that I finally received email from Jazmine, from Duran's assistant, confirming my deposit payment. Bommmmm!!! She inquired about my new date and we're just waiting for the reply. There's plenty of time to get it changed, but if all else fails I'll just have to go May 27th without my hubby.

Garcinia Cambogia....if I can remember to take it consistently for a week, I may actually notice a difference, but for now I feel the same. Currently I'm still just taking my whole food multivitamin, vitamin c, and garcinia cambogia (inconsistently). I'm on the hunt for the pure absorb iron that someone here on RS recommended. I can't remember who:-(.
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and is still warm and dry (we've been having a lot of rain too).

I Feel So Unprepared:-/

Am I trippin? I know it's 6 months away, but should I be gathering my supplies now? I've read plenty of other RS lovelies who have been buying and stock piling supplies, reserving RH rooms and I've done nothing, but get a quote and a date (still hasn't been changed). At this point on my journey, a little under 6 months away, how should I be preparing? I'm working toward my goal weight, but I feel like I should be doing more. I'll be posting some pre op pics from my phone sometime this weekend. Night :-)

More Wish Pics

For me it's tough finding wish pics that are realistic to my size or projected size at my goal weight

Drum Roll Please....

Sooooooo....I finally received my new surgery date. Yayyyy. I will now be having sx on June 18th and I'm soooooooooooo excited. My hubby cancelled his trip to Brazil so I was able to push my trip back a few weeks. Time to lock down my rooms and finalize my plans. We've been looking at flights and the rates have been pretty good lately. Aaaaahhhhhhh...it's starting to feel real again. Like it's really gonna happen. I'm still undecided about where I would like to stay, but I really would like to be under 24hr care for the first 4 days. Does the CIPLA's RH have a name? Cause I heard it was separate from the regular rooms. I'll have to look into that. Which RH is the closest to the CIPLA? So many questions...time to RS surf for some answers lol. I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm....unless you live in FL....then I hope you're staying cool lol.

Oh yeah so I spoke to my mother in law a week ago and told her we will be going to DR this summer. She had so many questions and I had no idea what to say. I'm horrible at lying. I said it was just a leisure vacation for me and hubby. She recommended we use her timeshare, but I think the place is 30mins away from CIPLA. I feel bad. It's gonna be worse when I have to tell my momma. Honestly, I probably won't tell her about the surgery until we get back, and then I'll probably leave out the BBL part. Hmmm prob should work on that story since my family and my hubby's side WILL ask questions and WILL notice a difference. I think the whole, "I only got liposculpture" story should work ;-)

It's our year!!!!

I don't know about y'all, but now that it's actually 2014, I'm getting so nervous about my surgery. I will now start the countdown!! I'm gonna be so honest right now....I've gained back my weight and then some. With all the family visiting, good food, late nights, good food, longer work hours, good food, careless eating, and good food, I've gotten so side tracked. We stopped working out and have gotten completely off schedule. It's sad, but it's the reality of a food addict. I'm a little confused cause my jeans fit looser, but I weigh more. I think all the weight is going to my jugs:-/.

Regardless, I'm remaining positive. My coworkers and I are starting our weight loss challenge in 2 weeks. I'm excited. Sometimes we need a little friendly competition and motivation from others in the struggle.

My prayers go out to all of the ladies and gents having surgery this month. Congrats and happy healing in advance. Can't wait to see all of the post op pics:-)...they're also my motivation.

For Real This Time :-)

Ok so I've been gone for a very long time...and for good reason. Life! So many things started happening and it felt like I had completely lost control. I unfortunately fell into a bit of a rut once it was clear that I would not be continuing my journey. But by the grace of God and a wonderful supportive husband, I was given a second chance. So here I am...back on this addictive site soaking up all of that good info you ladies are giving. I've said this before, and almost 2 years later I feel the same way...finding this site has been a God sent. I can't even remember all of the ladies journey's I've read and learned from. But I am so grateful that they decided to share with all of us their experiences. Good and Bad, we appreciate your perspective.

Anywho...soooooo...when I last wrote I was losing weight and getting ready for my sx with the amazing Dra Duran. Well, since I last updated, I have lost all of the weight...and gained it all back! No joke. But I'm back down a little and gonna continue until my SX date. So speaking of my SX date, at the very last minute, I once again changed my mind. It was a huge shock to my hubby and close friend because I was SOOOOOO excited when I received my quote and confirmation from Dra Duran. I have been following different young ladies' surgery stories via instagram and a few made me really take a look into Dra Robles. A nice amount of the ladies were closer to my size with amazing results. Something in the pit of my gut told me that she would be a better fit for me where I am right now. Again, I think Dra Duran is one of THE best at what she does and she gives her patients some GAWGEOUS shapes, but...I could see myself in a lot of Robles' before pics and I was loving the afters.

I am now going with Dra Robles and I will be having a TT, BBL, and Lipo. My date is set and flights booked. Just waiting to hear back from Jazmine about Paradise RH. I'm both excited and nervous. The only thing I dread is being away from my loves for 13 days. Ughhhh...that sounds like 13 weeks to me, and if things go better than expected, please believe I am cutting that trip short. I wanted to be sure I gave myself adequate time to have my drains removed before I leave DR. I've never been away for longer than a week. I plan to keep in touch and keep my hubby updated as much as possible. I pray sleep comes easy and that I can sleep through the first 5 days, though I know that's not likely lol.

I have 14 days until my trip and I have little to no supplies. So these 2 week are going to be interesting. I've read hundreds of reviews, but there are so many questions I forgot the answers to. Glad to be back. I'll try to get some before pics before the big day. Night RS

(excuse the typos and grammatical errors and rambling...I'm sleep fighting:-) )

Made it....barely

Hi ladies. So I've made it to the flat side. Nothing could've prepared me for what I've experienced so far. I'll do a FULL review when I get back home. The short of it is, my results are lovely, as a Dr I'm so disappointed with Duran, disappointed with treatment at CIPLA, some nurses were sweet and others were over my recovering ass, and Daisy's RH has been a God send. The best part of this trip is my RH, their nurses, staff, the ladies I've met along the way, and Daisy.
Again, I'll give my full nitty gritty when I get home. Hopefully giving Duran time to redeem herself.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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