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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Finally , took me about 2 an a half years to...

Finally , took me about 2 an a half years to decide and book . I went with Dra.Duran, did so much research feel like I know her :)

My surgery is on April 18.
I am super excited and nervous, don't really know what to expect. Having two kids puts a such huge drain on your body, it tends to have it mind of its own. I deserve this so I booked :)

Things I bought for my trip so far, after surgery
1.coco butter $5.85
2.zzz quil $2.88
3.vaseline lotion -prescription strength $4.39
4.alcohol prep pads 120 count $2.99
5.hibiclens (CVS) 19.99 maybe you could find cheaper ,,my bf found this.
6.neosporin pain +relief $7.29 aids 1.99
8.latex gloves 8.50
9. Alcohol spray $3.59
10. Cleansing pad- got the none stick $3.39
11.arnicare gel , can't find the cream found at CVS $11.29 , I saw this on amazon for 8...something.
12.cloth tap $5.79

I will be posting more of my journey:) .

Bbl pillow

Any idea where I can find a good pillow to take with me??? Not trying to spend to much ,but a decent price

Omg it's almost time

So many emotion going through my head .. like a kid on Christmas:)

Massage places

Hey loves can you please recommend a good massage therapy place in Dr or who can come to you ?

Dream bodies

Im so nervous I have butterflies in my stomach. ........

6 more days

Wow last min shopping I can't believe I will have my dream body soon , super nervous but excited :)


Are you allowed to get your nails done- meaning gel Mani?

Had my surgery on Monday

Super excited to see my result. Alot of pressure not to much pain just pressure :]

Girls deff get your prescription from the USA way better that's what I did . Also bring ensure 2 a day is a must . I was super dizzy when they put the faja on meet so many amazing girls :]

Update post op 9 days

I am loving my body Duran doll in full effect :)

I love my body

I heart Duran she did amazing job


Hey ladies been such a long time since I wrote on here. I am one month post op and I feel great healing taking forever lol but it's a working progress.... i get alot of message on here for help. Let me know what question u have I will try my best to answer! :)

When you now can call urself a doll durannnnnn durannnnnn love ya

Omg this journey has been really 2month post op .. ladies duran is life
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I tried to fill out the forms she had on her website , but since so many people where trying to get in contact with her my application wasnt going through. I sent her a private message on Instagram, she responded within a day. She told me to send her an email with all my information and pictures. She sent me a quote within a week. I called her office , her team was very pleasant

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