BBL with Yili De Los Santos - Dominican Republic

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Ok so 3 years ago I became obsessed with SX. I got...

Ok so 3 years ago I became obsessed with SX. I got a quote from Yily but money issues and nervousness combined changed my mind. Now I have a good job and I'm ready. I am set to have the Brazilian butt lift March 22,2016. Today I sent in my $300 deposit to Yily.
So I really wanted to have Duran do it but she never replies to me. Cabral replied almost right away with nothing but a quote. No information and when I replied to get simple info I was ignored. Not to mention he has several malpractice cases so thank God for that. I believe everything happens for a reason so I am happy with Dr Yily. I emailed all my info to you know the basic height weight age etc and added photos of front, back, left & right sides. I was quoted $4,050. She required a $300 deposit which is included in the surgery price
Added fees are $135 for insurance which covers any complications up to 30 days if in Dominican Republic, $50 for a nurse to stay the first night with u if u don't have anyone else and $250 just in case they have to do a blood transfusion. This will be refunded if you didn't need it before you leave.
You can subtract $550 if you are not using their recovery house(RH).
Total $4,485

I am 5ft2
142 lbs
26 years old
No children

I was told to start taking folic acid, iron, & multi vitamins right away. Stop She sends so much info in the initial email then more info after receiving the deposit. I was very pleased. Too much info to put here. I'm scared but I'm ready. I don't have to pay much for my flight because I'm on delta plan and I work in a hospital so I'll get as much supplies from there as possible!
This is going to be a quick but long journey. It's been long over due. I would like as much support from past present and future patients so keep up with me on Instagram

Thanks guys!

Supply list and emotions

I have already gotten a few supplies
Gauze, abdominal pads, medical tape, band aids, chucks for bed, antiseptic wash, and pre operative wipes. I already had iron, folic acid, b complex vitamins from when I thought I was getting surgery the first time. That's all I'm taking right now.

As far as emotions go, ladies I am all over. I read that I am #4 to get surgery on my date. I wasn't letting the rumors of Yily letting someone else do the surgery get to me until now. Idk how much is too much. What if more women come foward. What am I to do then? I mean yea, I want this body more tan anything but it isn't worth the risk. I'm going to keep thinking positive and maybe even change the date. Let's see how this goes.

Got a quote from Duram

Yea so I got a quote from Duran and that's all I got. I was really expecting more. I will call and see what goes next. I might put a deposit for her too just in case and play by time and see which one I will go with. She is 400 more than Yily and less detailed in communication ????
I'll keep my options open but right now looks like I'm sticking with Yily.

So I think she answers her emails her self. That's good and bad because I emailed her numerous times. I've heard the best time is on Sundays so yesterday afternoon (Sunday) I sent her another and that night she replied. I'm happy except I really wanted more info because I mean this is my life and if it's too time consuming for her why not give an assistant the job and have her reply with the dates that are available. Smh. Hopefully they have a date for end of March. I guess Duran has her reasons for doing it like this but I must say Yily is winning on the communication end. And in all honesty. This part will not fucking matter if Yily has a bunch of surgeries scheduled the same day and doesn't do my surgery. Safety first! Ok rant over. I'll call in a few hours and post what happens.

I added pics of Durans response VS SOME of Yilys response (not even half.)

Quote from Cabral

Got a quote from Cabral this morning. Just as dry as Duran smh.

Yilys email

This is the email she sent me that I have translated. I figured someone may be thinking of going to her. Idk. It's a lot

Follow my journey on IG

I post a lot more info there. It's much easier

Recovery houdrs

I've had the hardest time choosing recovery houses. I'm booked with Luxury but I have no idea what is included. They sent me a dry ass email and first impression is everything. I'm looking into Highclass RH. Serenity and kindness is booked. Marias is a 2nd option. If any of you have suggestions I would appreciate it

Doctor Visit

I had my Mirena IUDremoved. They also did my blood work so i get my labs soon to see the hemoglobin levels. Waiting on results.

Working at the hospital I became familiar with a Dominican doctor.
I figured I would speak to him because he should be familiar with girls wanting to travel there for SX. Also, he is a big advocate for his country. Dolls that's the best decision I have made thus far. Not only is he friends with a few girls who went to DR but he is willing to give me all my meds. Elf was normal and I got a referral for a chest X-ray too. I did my blood work at the GYN so that's done.
To be cont...

All the medical staff at the doctors office were young Dominican girls with great stories to tell. Either they have been, want to go, or know someone who went to DR for SX. They were very supportive. I haven't met anyone except my nieces who I could speak to comfortably about this until today. I'm in such a good mood. Now time to book this flight. Sometimes we need a little motivation ????

To top it all off I just found out my full time benefits are active because I've been working a few extra hours. Prescriptions will be paid for. Things are moving along


My hemoglobin is 12.4. It's time to work on that. I was taking 28 mg of iron but wasn't consistent so idk if it was lower at one point.
Before even getting these results but after the doctor visit, I started taking SSS Tonic liquid everyday. Now I have hema plex so I will combine the 2. I attached some photos of food and how much iron they contain. Beets are not on the list but it's at the top of the menu!!

I'm actually a Yily doll

I had surgery with Dr. Yily De Los Santos on March 22,2016
I am one week post op. I documented my entire journey via Instagram @SXBeautyJenna

Lipo Burn

So I got burned by Yily like many patients have. I was upset because this is what I dreaded most smh but I am getting better.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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