BBL WITH DURAN MAY 2016 - Dominican Republic

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Hey Dolls! Whoa I can not believe the time is...

Hey Dolls! Whoa I can not believe the time is actually here! I spoke to Dr.Durans assistant today and recieved instructions on how to send in the deposit and will be doing that tomorrow! I was going back and forth between Yily and Duran but after I did more research duran won my heart LOL I have been waiting for about two years to actually grow through with this procedure so it's about time! But yeah that's all I had to say for now.. I'll keep ya'll posted!


Hey Guys!
Okay so I sent in my deposit last week Thursday and today is Wednesday.. I have been trying non stop to get a hold of durans office and finally today I did.. I did not have my date confirmed and her assistant told me that the closest day was August 2.. NOOO I almost cried I made her double triple check if there was anything sooner and she found something which was May 18! I grabbed it of course but now Its actually feeling real.. the date is confirmed and I just sent in my deposit for Kindness recovery house! All I've bought for my journey so far was my booty buddy (the pillow to use after surgery) and I feel so behind.. this week i will be getting all my vitamins .. any recommendations on what to buy and how to prepare for surgery? I havent recieved any preop instructions from duran when she sent the confirmation email.. I will try to ask her all precautions i need to take and stuff I am soooo excited 49 days remaining!!! any words of wisdom or encouragement? please send them this way! I'll post some before pictures soon.. I've already gained 16 pounds for this surgery!!

Chin Lipo????!!

Hey guys! A little over a month left and I am considering getting chin lipo! I did have to gain weight in order to get my BBL and I have already gained 18 pounds, but one one of the places I gain weight fast in is my face! so I dont want to be here with a double chin and a nice ass body! LOL have any of you heard of anything with duran doing chin lipo?? I'm amazed that not many people want this procedure with a bbl.. fat face and skinny waist?? NOO well at least I wouldnt like that since I was pretty slimmed face before =( Help??


I thought I'd give you guys some background on my body. Here are some old and recent pictures. As you guys can see I was over weight and it's been a journey to lose all the weight. I've always been uncomfortable with my body because of bullying and stuff like that.. It feels kind of weird having to regain weight I feel uncomfortable ONLY TWO OF MY PANTS FIT, I hate wearing tight shirts or even regular t shirts because I feel so down and old memories come back but only 38 days and this will be over! I'm so excited but I still feel like everything is so surreal. I will be going to Walmart tomorrow for the rest of my things, I will keep you guys updated on all the things I am taking for surgery!! Until my next post! :*


I just got my hemo checked out and my freaking hemo was 11.3!!! WHYY :( I have exactly a month until I leave to DR and I just feel so helpless .. I've been taking Iron, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B complex .... Going to walmart today to get geritol, blood builder, and prenatel vitamins... I don't want to over do it but I am just so upset! Oh and by the way I am on my time of the month but it is going away.... ugh if theres anything else I can do please just let me know!!

Supplies for BBL and Pain Medication!

Hey Babes!! So I thought I should tell you guys everything that I have accumilated so far since my surgery date is quickly/slowly approaching (26 DAYS REMAINING) haha I was going to post a picture of all the things but I don't physically have everything with me since I am in college away from home and I got a lot of the things online and sent to my house but so far I have gotten:

Benadryl Extra Strength
Sarna Anti Itch Lotion
Neosporin Multi Action Ointment + pain itch and scar
Tylenol PM extra strength
5 Lipo Foams
Arnica Gel
Arnica Tabs
P EZ (still on its way)
Fuzzy socks
Booty Buddy
2 packs of granny panties
3 maxi dresses

What I'm planning on buying:
Compression socks
t shirts
wife beaters
anti bacterial soap
baby wipes
slip on shoes/ flip flops
chux pads
avocado oil

My father has a lot of pain medication because he just recently got surgery and he can get refills! I am planning on taking his pain meds because I heard the ones from the dominican republic arent as strong!

LOW HEMO ~~ WHAT TO DO ='( ?!!

I check my hemo 16 days ago and it was 11.3, and I checked it again today and it was 11.4-- WHAT?! I have exactly 16 more days until surgery .. is there any possible way to raise it to a 12?! please any supplements or anythinggg let me know!!! I have been taking Iron, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, geritol (pills) daily! I am starting to eat more red meats .. is there anything else?? I am now feeling extremely helpless and super sad ....


Okay so I can not thank all you dolls for the immense amount of help you guys have given me with my low iron levels! I have ordered already SSS Tonic and Floradix and they will be getting here by friday! I also bought unsulphered organic blackstrap molasses because I also heard that works wonders and started using that today! I was unable to find liquid geritol around me GRRR! I will be taking all these things with beet juice and eating liver, BUT is there a specific way I must drink these things?? Can I drink them all at once?? take each at different times of the day?? Please help! and thank you all again for all the help!! I hope all this works help bring my hemo up to AT LEAST 12 :( I have 15 days till surgery and 14 days to get ready!!


Wow... honestly I can not believe this is happening right now. I've been waiting years to finally be able to go through with this procedure that I really do not even believe that this time next week I will be getting a BBL - I have been thinking of my hemo non stop.. It's worrying me so much but all I can do is leave it in the hands of god to be honest. I've been drinking SSS Tonic, Floradix, and Blackstrap molasses 3 times a day and taking two Vitamin C pills daily for about a week now... I saw on someones review that her hemo was 11.6 and she got her surgery done but they gave her a blood transfusion does Duran do this? if anything that is what I want to do -- all this extra weight got me feeling so down, I hate going out and nothing fits right I just want to get this over with..


Hellllooooooo Dollss!! I am so sorry for the wait on this review trust and believe me that I have tried to upload and update this things so many times but nothing ever works! So I am here again attempting to update this for the last time! I have updated some photos of me post op and will give you my honest review on my experience on the next post!

my waist was left on 25''
hips were 39.5'' post surgery !


It has now been a year and two almost three months after my surgery and it is so surreal to me! I legit feel like it was yesterday I still walk past the mirror and say whoa! some days are better than others some days I feel discouraged until I look at my preop pics LOL now let me tell you about my experience ..
I arrived at CIPLA the day of my surgery at 6:30am Durans assistants weren't even there yet! Once I got there I waited and met duran she is a doll! so adorable and very sweet! I was sent downstairs to get my labs done around 10:30am I didn't go the day prior because my mom has a house in Dominican Republic so I just woke up early to get everything done that same day. Duran marked me up and I was very discouraged when she told me I did not have much fat! She had told me to gain no more than 15lbs and I ended up gaining more than 20! she said she will do her best with what she had to work with ... Now that i look back i wish i would have postponed my surgery for a month later to try and gain more weight. Around 12:30 I was sent downstairs to get sent into my room at CIPLA! I changed into my surgery clothing and when i tell ya i was not nervous not one bit! I was READY!! The infamous blue pill came in and I didn't notice a change in my mood hour later a man with a stretcher came in and told me to hop on and he wheeled me into the elevator and up to the surgery room! once inside I took a good look around the operating room and it looked nothing like a US hospital but it was still very clean and hygienic ... Duran came in and shortly after I was knocked out!!! I woke up right after surgery extremely cold !! I was screaming at someone to bring me a blanket because of how freezing i was! someone rushed over and covered me up and i knocked out again! next time i woke up i was back in my room where my mom waited for me asleep... i noticed i was sleeping on my butt and i turned around so fast!! I was not having my precious fat go away lol!! the next morning was ok but guys... MY FACE WAS SWOLLEN AF!! very nice ladies came in to put on my faja and that part was super painful!! what i did not like is that all surgeons were checking up on their patients and duran did not!! I ended up not going to me set recovery house and ended up going home because my mom did not want to leave my side so i ended up staying with her in our house... now I did NOT get any massages done during my recovery process... I did end up with a small bit of fibrosis on my stomach which i am currently trying to get fixed.. I am currently on a weight gain journey for round 2!! I am looking for bbl + chin lipo (because i originally did not get it) and possibly a breast augmentation in december!! it is currently July 31, 2017!


Going to start a new review for my round 2 so make sure to follow up on it...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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