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Hello, I'm going to write a review about my...

Hello, I'm going to write a review about my experience with Fatima Almonte I'm
Staying at Tropical RH. I'm trying to lose about 10 pounds I'm currently at 180, about 5'4. Fml I really wanted to be at least 165 before surgery. Surgery is in about 13 days so yeah idk if that's gonna happen. I'm going to try and detox for a few days. I wanted to stay at a homey place and figured Tropical would be the best place for me & I heard good things about them but not that much stuff so I will make sure I write a detailed review while I'm there & after I leave. I heard they don't speak too much English but I'll work with them. I'll post pictures of the house that I was sent but there's more on their website. I'm actually getting nervous I'm just praying that I wake up!! Lol not waking up is what's scaring me the most. Lesley has been great!! Lord knows I've changed my date so many times due to so many things but my time to go has come! She has been patient and really good at replying.

Anyone lost 10 + pounds within 2 weeks of their surgery date? Lord losing weight is so much harder than gaining.

I won't post any pictures of myself until after surgery so I can before and after. Or maybe I'll post them the day before. I'm excited and nervous! Hope everything goes well and I hope that I see the scale hit the 160's b4 I land wish me luck!

Payment & Price info

Just an update on payment info. Almonte has an American bank account so we can send her money directly without having to use western union(less fees) which I really like. She had Bank of America now she uses Wells Fargo. Me personally I'm not the best at saving so I deposit money into the account periodically. I always inform Lesley before I do so and always keep and send the receipt with my name & date attached. I plan on sending her the remaining balance a few days before I leave.

Quote was $3550 For
Liposculpture full back full abdomen flanks waist armpit area + BBL

without recovery house. I wanted to choose my own though tropical is on the list of RH. Came to be cheaper like that I'm only staying 8 days total.

Recovery house - Tropical RH
$85- single
$75- double
$100 deposit to hold your bed. I'm going with the double but im hoping nobody else is in there though lool

Total price $600

Driver Jose Brito. I heard he was good so I decided to use him.


Boppy pillow / Nursit & Post op items

Hey guys! So like most of us I've been stalking this site looking at tons of reviews so I decided to purchase the Nursit which is pretty much the boppy pillow. But seriously! How do you use it? What is it suppose to do for you. I'm really confused.
Other things I've gotten are

Arnicare gel & tablets
Maxi dresses
Baby whipes
Compression socks
Tampons because I'm sure I'll be on my period a few days after :/

Last minute needs
Tylenol extra strength & pm's
And I think that's it.
I'm honestly not the one that's going to over buy and pack. I've seen so many girls do so and basically waste money on items they didn't need. Not that I'm cheap at all but I'm not going to waste my time either. From the other reviews the recovery house will have things like chux pads.

Anything else that's a must have that I'm missing? I will purchase my tourist pass on Monday online.

I leave tomorrow!

Hey guys! So I leave tomorrow morning I'm excited and nervous. I got the rest of my supplies and a few snacks just incase.

Today I got my labs back and my Hemo is 12.4 ughhhh I wanted it to be 13+. I got them done last Tuesday though and I started the JJ.Smith green shake program that Wednesday. I'm at 176 ! I was 185 at the beginning of Jan so I'm happy about that. It's not hard and the shakes are goodddd but I do cheat. If I can get down to 175 I'll be happy. And I'll continue to detox when I get back to the states.

So back to the hemo I heard that green shakes helps it rise so I'm happy I've been drinking them for almost a week and I will drink a beet shake Tonight & tomorrow before I leave. I just want to be healthy and I also want to get the full lipo.

Minimum hemo is 12.

And Is lotion needed? I have one travel size bottle I meant to purchase another one but I forgot and I'm not going back out. lol I'm too tired maybe I'll grab something early in the am.

I'm In Santo Domingo !!

Hey guys so I'll give an update on my day. I barely got any sleep yesterday I had an 10am flight and landed in SDQ around 2pm (they're 1 hour ahead). My flight was good slept all the way through !! The Driver was waiting for us it was actually Almontes driver Nepal which I didn't know. Whole time I thought it was Jose! Lol I think his phone was down so that's fine. He's cool though (Jose) so contact him. I grabbed a slice of pizza I gave the lady $10 for a slice of pizza & bottle water I realized I didn't get change back when I left lol oh well (I forgot to exchange $$) gots to be more careful. We left and went straight to the clinic lol Caribbean people drive so crazy.

Ok so the clinic is clean!!! It's nice looks like a regular doctors office. Almontes or maybe it's Lesley's office is really really cute! But we Waited a while then we got blood work done (she cleaned the area before putting needle in), X-ray(brand new gowns) then ekgs. After that we waited some more then Lesley came she's really pretty Rackel (major spell check) too, both are really sweet. Almonte looks hella young ok lol I looked over like whaaaaa really cute & petite.

Almonte checked my body and told me what I could get done. She said I had loose skin but it's loose from weight gain my stomach retracts VERY easily when I work out so I'm not worried. Said I'd have to wear the garment & keep going down on sizes for 4 months. Which I planned on doing anyway! She said I'm good! She said hips? I said yesssss lol omg that's the main thing that I want. Also that my shape will be really nice because even under this fat my waist it's there & ready to flourish along with the hips she's gonna give me it'll be a Coke bottle ctfu.

There was no more room at the clinic so I came to the recovery house TropicalRH. It's really cute! And the food omg it was so good. I want more. I'm going to def request to have it again.i found an English speaking channel I'll look to see if they have more later. They don't really speak English but I just put it in the translator and go with the flow. I'll leave more about the RH when I get back after my SX. (Prayers) including pictures !

All in all I had a good day. No food after 11pm says Lesley that's fine because I'm about to go to sleep.
I pray that tomorrow goes well in all aspects!!


I asked Lesley what my hemo was & My hemo was 13 !!! It was 12.4 last Tuesday in happy lol I'm officially a lover of green shakes. Thanks to @queentruckdriver she recommended the book to me I brought it that same day & I lost about 4/5 pounds in about 5 days I'm sure I could've lost more but I was cheating lol.


Her guys made it to the other side I'm in so much will I will update you guys as soon as I can

So thankful

Post op

Hey guys I just want to sleep lol I will not leave anyone following my story hanging. I feel better than right after surgery I'm just swollen& trying to stay / be comfy but I have to pee so damn much. I haven't ate much but will do so later. My face is swollen. When I feel up to it I will write how my surgery day when. I feel / felt safe with my doctor. I'm hella swollen but she said b4 I started swelling up she saw my shape and said it was beautiful. It's crazy how many people come out here on just word of mouth. You really have to look Into things yourself because another persons doctor may not be the right dr for you. Xo ask any ? If you like

Soooooo swollen.

Good morning. Guys I didn't expect for my whole entire body to be swollen thank god I brought compression socks. They defiantly do not fit how they did before surgery. I had a lot of iv fluid so I'm thinking that may be it. My drain is also clogged going to see the post op Doctor today. I barely have an appetite. This ish is annoying. Sleeping on my stomach is the only comfy position. And I say that lightly. My butt is sore and so are my hips. Ugh please be prepared ladies. Physically, mentally & emotionally. Ive been having the wtf did I just do moments. Hopefully I get/feel at least a little better soon. Just want the swelling to go down.

And seriously is the Nursit suppose to help you sit more comfy?! Maybe because my a** is still so hard and swollen but I can barely use this thing.


This was the less than 24 hours after I was still at the clinic.


I'm annoyed with my driver situation. As stated I was suppose to use Jose Brito but Lesley sent her driver for me because the damn recovery house said they were confused about my driving situation. I thought it was Jose picking me up but it was Nepal or what ever his name is.
He is cool but I feel like Jose would have been wayyyyy better and convenient. I've been waiting for Nepal for over an 1 1/2 to pick me up from my post op appointment which only lasted about 10 minutes. I don't even have his phone number!! Like what's the point in paying you for your service if you have me waiting for almost 2 hours to get back to the recovery house. Trust me I AM NOT a complainer I'm just mad I had to use him. I'm only about 5 minutes from the clinic and I have to pee. I'm pretty much over everyone and ready to head home. One thing about me is I hate waiting. Wtf I can understand 30 minutes but 2 hours? Unbelievable

Day of surgery !

Hey guys here's my update on the day of surgery. I went to the clinic at 5:45 am super early I got to my room and relaxed then did paper work took mini naps people kept coming in when I just fell asleep. A doctor or nurse Checked my blood pressure & at about at about 11/12 pm Almonte came to mark me up she remember I wanted hips. She said she'll put all the fat in my hips and butt. . Which I think she did I'm still swollen but you can still see my shape from under the garment. She said not to worry I will be fine hugged me and said they'll come with the blue pill soon. I'm thinking omg im really about to do this ????. I waited like 2 hours then I texted Lesley like girl my head hurts and I'm hungry and as she was texting me back the nurses came in to give me the blue pill. I got instantly tired idk if it's because I knew it was suppose to make me tired or what Ctfu. A few minutes later they came to get me in a wheel chair. I kept laughing at myself like bih you are so crazy for doing this. So I get to the surgery room I'm still up and I hop onto the surgery table and the anesthesiologist comes and give me the epidural block. That's what they use ladies!!! At least on me! A nurse was holding me the whole time rubbing my shoulder making sure I didn't fall over. It didn't hurt like I thought it would it's just the pressure from the fluid really. Holding your breath while getting a needle really helps. I made sure I didn't move because I didn't want any damage done to my spine. Maybe 5 minutes after I was knocked out. Next thing I remember is being in the recovery part seeing a few girls next to me it was blurry. I kept having spasms it was mostly likely the anesthesia wearing off. I probably fell asleep again because the next thing I know is them rolling me into my room and lifting me onto the bed. I woke up laying on my hard a** butt like wait why am I on my butt. Lol like I'm not trying to lose it already. Nurses where in and out checking on me it wasn't a need for me personally to have a private nurse. I did get in trouble though lol I got up without calling a nurse I didn't realize i had a utheter ** spell check in and it popped out it was cool tho. Nurses eventually came when buzzed. I got a few shots that really helped with the pain. Because after surgery omg it was baddddd. Thank god I'm doing good I woke up I didn't have to get a blood transfusion etc. I'm hella swollen but it'll go down. I get my first massage tomorrow she will come to me. Of course they want to do it here but I already contacted another girl to come!

Garment blog from fb long but good info

Hey guys I found this on fb I thought it might be helpful. I'm going to wait until I'm in the states to get my stage 2 garment or I'll get this one taken in. The one I have on is the Fajate in a M I'll get a small from Amazon. It's a must I wear it it's not uncomfortable at all to me it's like my safe haven.

Healing HavenDr Recovery House added 33 new photos.

Tip of the day January 8, 2015 FAJA'S part I
Yesterday I got a message on IG about faja's so I wanted to give some comparison to help you better choose your second stage, 1st or even 3rd.
All the doctors practices with Faja's and brands are different. Depending upon the procedures you get you will be In a
.....1st stage (TT) garment with 2 side zippers or hooks in the front.
.....Lipo BBL you may be in a 2nd stage garment.
The first stage garment will need to be changed over to a second stage garment depending on your recovery this can be anywhere from 4-7 days perhaps longer so if you don't have a second garment with you and you'll be here in DR for a decent time then $140+ will be the cost depending on brand and style with without sleeves long or short legs Maria E, Fajate or Salome.
All Faja are not the same and depending upon the desired look for that BOOTY (Apple bottom or Heart Shaped) you should choose your Faja accordingly.
Tip of the day January 8, 2015 FAJA'S part II
Zipper VS 3-4 Hook Eyes
Hook Eye closure
My preference is the hook closure because
1. For us wider hips thick thighs it opens with no restriction
2. When needing to take it in a seamstress can do darts in the front or move your hooks over too
3. Have 3 or 4 hooks is great when your waist is shrinking by the day every 1-2 days you tighten up and watch that waist disappear before your eyes
The down side
***the hooks are not the best quality, they get snagged and you may have to replace a few when taking your garment in. Stop wasting money and just have it taken in, once you're on the last hook have it taken in 5-8 inches.
**When it's tight fitted its difficult to close and it's exhausting sometimes taking 2 people.
And in those real though moments I'll have you lay down on the massage table climb over top of you and it's me you and the Faja.
***if you are wearing tight fitted cloths you may see the seam where it hooks in front
Zipper closure
1. With just 3 to 4 hooks or none at all it's easier to close
2. Doesn't show in tight cloths as much
***No flexibility to tighten like with hooks
***if you are thick on the bottom it's going to be difficult to get past your thighs maybe even painful NOT the best option for fat transfer to thighs girls
Taking it in is a little more strategic and can't be done to low because it will make the entry even more difficult if not impossible .
Tip of the day January 8, 2015 FAJA'S part III
Faja with Butt in VS Faja with Butt Out
My preference is Butt in.....
The compression material on the Butt area ISNT the same as the rest of the garment it give and is softer fabric.
***it helps form and shape
***gives a nice consistent look under clothing
***if compression is excessive you more than likely have a girdle NOT the proper post op Faja.
***crotchless allows for bathroom use without removing garment (this varies from garment to garment and what business your handling)
Butt Out
Your body is in the molding stage and just like your waist is molding and forming so is that fatty.
If you have cut outs your Booty is going to be pushing out of that area and where the edge of the Faja is it will press up against the buttocks causing it to have what I call a CUPCAKE appearance. You know how cupcakes bake over the side when they rise well it's not cute when it's ya booty. Wait at least 3-4 months for use of these garments it's more of a maintain garment then a immediate post op garment
***because of the way the garment is made with cut out I've seen a LOT of inflammation on the booty part exposed, excessive redness from end of garment, extreme chafing sometime to rawness between the legs do bottom of booty! Constant pulling at the thong part digging up into you, clients wanting pads stuffed to prevent thong part digging in.
***its not very sanitary
*** it doesn't give you the same freedom of leaving garment on when using the rest room because the lack of crotchless option
Fajate VS MariaE VS Salome
My preference MariaE....9152
1. Has 4 hooks and other styles with zippers
2. Large light cotton compression area on booty realistic of a real size (booty cheek)
3. True to size
4. Thong cotton closure which doesn't irritate hooks in back
5. Separates and lifts that booty enhancing that backside even more in your clothes
6. Gives you that apple bottom shape
7. Crotchless
8. Top brand Columbian brand (used by several of the PS's 1st & 2nd stage)
9. Wash and dry-able (check label to confirm)
10. Reasonably priced on @$85.00
1. 1 of the most advertised & a Top Columbian brand in DR
2. Large light cotton compression area on booty realistic of a real size (booty cheek)
3. Zipper closures (I've never seen just hooks)
4. Runs Small
5. Crotchless
6. Give that apple bottom shape
7. Machine wash and dry-able double check label just to confirm
8. In store purchase in DR $140+ dependent upon style can also be purchased online $95.00+
1. A top Columbia brand here in the DR
2. Material and shape on the booty area is not realistic
3. More suitable for the smaller framed women looks great and shapes them well
4. Gives heart shape look to booty in Faja
5. Has 3 hooks and styles with Zippers
6. NOT for big booty judy girls
7. In store purchase in DR $140+ dependent upon style can also be purchased online $95.00+


I need a massage badly. Any recommendations ?! I was suppose to get one by Gissle but she went to the wrong RH and said this one was too far ugh. I was looking forward to getting one today until I leave womp womp. & told the RH owner (I don't even know her name Ctfu I'm horrible at names) that I had someone coming here. Ughhhh

Massage !!!

So today makes me 4 days post op and I finally was able to get a massage! I had troubles yesterday but Jose Brito hooked me up with a masseuse that came to the RH and guys she was amazing & spoke English. She left the stuff of the bigger machine but had a smaller one which was still good. It did hurt though. Not crazy crazy hurt. I also had a lot of fluid stomach looks dif from when I started! You have no choice but to get them my stomach feels so different than it did this morning! So happy can't wait until tomorrow I will get them until I leave on Thursday if she can come before I leave for the airport anyway.

I'll ask her tomorrow if I can post her contact! She works at a spa but will come to you. $35 & worth it. Didn't leave me hanging like the last girl.

Not he best pics but I'll take Better ones tomorrow. I'll need a smaller faja like asap. Gonna wait until I get to the states though.

Count down!!

Omg I'm sooooooo ready to go home. I've been ready since last week. I'm feigning to detox and have green shakes. And just eat healthy. I decided to stop taking the meds they gave me I realized I got dizzy and light headed after I took them. So I'm good. I got my 2nd massage yesterday it hurt but a must do. I have 3 more days left to get them including today before I leave. I can't wait to leave lol I'm not necessarily homesick but I need to control my own food & life. I don't want to be woken up by anyone. My Masseuse is really sweet works on my for an hour too! I have a lot of fluid though. I really can't wait to get this drain out its more painful than anything. Idk when my next appointment is. I honestly haven't heard from anyone since my surgery basically. I had a quick check up on Friday and that's it. Hopefully today flies then it'll be Wednesday so I leave that next day ughhh can't wait!!

Last day ! 1 week POST !

Hey guys I leave tomorrow and I'm excited! I'm not homesick but I miss having my own routine. It's like staying at a fam members house & you're ready to be out lol.

I got my drain out it was really bothering me & I was barely draining anything so im happy. Getting the gauze on top of it off hurted im like it is off all that pain you should've been taking the drain out lol. So when it was time for the drain I said does it hurt she said no. Shitttt it stung like hell and its long so I'm like wtffff lol happy that's over!!

I defiantly need a stage 2 garment! Going to call a few places to get my altered on Friday. I'm still going to order one either the MariaE or from Leonisa. She said i was swollen & when she put the garment back on it was a lot of room I've been stuffing it tho but won't stuff it tomorrow at the airport. Definatly need stage2 I can't wait to see what my waist will look like when j size down garments !

Oh yeah I timed the driver only waited 10 minutes I wasn't playing around. I was ready to snap on his ass lol

I haven't really been sitting if I do it's on the Nursit hopefully I don't loose too much fat. Im happy to have hips tho !!!

1 week post op.

Definatly a big difference still swollen and I need a smaller garment asap to bring my waist in even more . Hips! Finally lol


I'm home and thank god everything went well. The flight was so uncomfortable even with my Nursit! And it looks like my butt shrunk!!! I've read about this before but it really looked bigger earlier before my flight ugh my butt hurts I say wayyyy to much. Hopefully it'll be ok

11 days post

Hey guys today makes me 11 days post op. I'm still swollen but I'm getting through. I'm very disappointed in my butt size its small. Idk whether I should blame the flight or what. But my butt kinda looks like same as b4 maybe a little more projection but it's quite depression. I'm still swollen in my stomach and I'm waiting for my faja my MariaE will arrive tomorrow I initally ordered 2 from Leonisa but it will take too long I need another garment and more compression like ASAP! I Think I will eventually be happy with my stomach and waist size but my butt NO! Lol I'm already thinking round 2 but the way the pain is set up who knows. I like how my hips look like too I feel like when I start wearing my smaller faja it will make my waist smaller and give me that nice shape. It's only about 1 week post so we'll see how things goes but I don't think I'll be happy with my butt.

Recovery really is emtionally draining. I wanted to cry earlier and I am Nottttttt a crier lol I just expected something different. Like I said it's still early in the game but it's still depressing

2 1/2 weeks post

Hey guys I'm healing pretty well. Most of my stitches are half way through dissolving. The ones under my boobs are the only ones that bother me. I put Neosporin on all of them. I will be returning my MariaE garment I like it but I can't keep it on for long. The material gave me the feeling like I had a stockings on all day idk I just couldn't do it. It held my butt allll the way up lol I loved that. My garment from Leonisa came I ordered a small & medium. I looked at the small and instantly said HA. Tried the medium on it fit good but I'm like let me try the small and it zipped lol so I'm returning the M. It's still really tight but it gives me the compression that I need. I started sleeping in my first garment it doesn't give you that stocking feeling and still gives me some compression. The material is better than the others. My camera is broke so I will update with pictures soon. Xo

Been busy

So I've had a lot going in these past few weeks still recovering not sore anymore only when I wake up sometimes. Still swollen haven't gotten any massages since I left dr but that will change this week.

How am I liking my results? The only thing I like is my stomach my hips went down & since surgery I realized one side of my hip was smaller than the other. But I'm thinking ok maybe I'm just tripping or I'm just more swollen on this side. But nah it's legit smaller. I like my body more with clothes on. My butt is small. Not as small as I started with but small. I didn't want a Nikki ass more like a miracle watts. If anything she just filled it out some. I haven't been eating that good because I had my bday pass & vacations planned 2 & 3 weeks post! But I will get back to my shakes this week.

I'm really wanting a round 2. & it's NOT Booty greed. I expected so much more. But I'm like where the hell will I get the fat from. I had a lot of lipo & I feel like she focused more on that. I don't hate my results but it's sucks when people say (and I only told 2 people) that they don't see a difference in Booty size. These side by sides did make me see a difference though.

My waist is snatched and I have some hips but I need more butt. I told her medium big & she said no worries she'd put all the fat in my butt & hips. Round 2 with Baez, Duran or a Miami doctor in September if this shit doesn't fluff. ????

I just ate & drank before these pictures & I didn't wear my garment but stomach retracts pretty well it's just swelling from not wearing the garment. My phone is finally fixed so I'll post more soon.


I'm very mad about my turn out. Like my butt is small and that's all I can think about. All this shit for a small ass butt!!! It looks the same but a little filled out ughhhhhhhh!!! I'm not going to sugar coat anything like I'm pissed. Hips aren't even like ugh. My waist is what makes my SX. Wishing my ass is what made it. When I lose more weight I'll be back to being a flat ass. I'm just so annoyed.

I'm going to write is full review on the recovery house and post care tonight or tomorrow. Xo

Almost 6 weeks post

Hey, I'm 5 1/2 weeks post everything is going fine started laying in my sides last weeks laying in your stomach all the times gets Irritating but it's still not 100% comfy to do so. I'm healing well I guess all my stitches fell out scars are good Too.

Am I in love with my results? Absolutely not!! It's a difference but it's only slightly. I still have back rolls.. lol it's weird I honestly thought they were there because I was swollen but umm no lol they're rolls I'll post pictures. I went back to my old flicks and realized they've been there since 2 days post when I started taking pictures once I arrived to the house.

Booty. I'll use that term loosely lol nooooo one notice !!! I had a flat ass before lol someone should notice a difference but nope! Nothing I'm going to ask her how many cc's were out because hmmm yeah I chicks be sworn I paid for a bbl

Waist. Now I get lotssss if compliments on how small my waist is looking lol like I said from the beginning I knew I'd like my lipo MINUS THE BACK ROLLS !!!! Having a small waist brings my hips out. It's not a lot of hips but it's Definatly more than what I had.

Lipo is a b! Lol I feel like my stomach like my literal stomach shrank if I over eat my stomach will swell up and I will feel like shit!! I have to keep tea with me because I feel sick often. I waist train but I put it on because it's the most compression. My size S Leonisa fits loose already I think ills order another MariaE garment I liked out it made my baby butt sit it'll probably give you a cuff.

I'm looking at a round 2 Doctor. I'll take my talents to Miami this tome round. I hate that I'm thinking round 2 this early i say sometimes just be happy with it but no!! I need an ass not a baby ass! And more hips!! Maybe if I had more ass it'll look like my hips was wider. Lipo is a pain but I'm going to go again I'm thinking October!!!


I had too many typos in that post lol I had to post this because I was typing fast and yeah lol I'm not as slow as it looks

Could've sworn** I paid for a bbl
etc loll

2 months post

Hey I've been Mia been trying to get this body of mine together lol. I'm 2 months post! Everything is going ok I was taking my Bromelain once a day now I'm going to do twice and I'm going to purchase fish oil and get water pills. I'm going to start hitting the gym soon also.

Butt-- How am I liking my results? Ehhh it's cool i guess butt is small like I originally stated. I really feel like it's the same size b4 I got the bbl. I asked Lesley how many cc's were transferred and how I basically didn't see a difference a few weeks ago and didn't hear anything back. Weeks past. Then She asked me to send current pics and I did. Days past Then she asked me was I wearing my garment and getting massages and I replied yes and asked again about the CC's She told me she requested my charts and will ask again. So who knows but my ass is small lol.

Lipo-- I like my lipo as I stated from the beginning I have back rolls but I honestly think it's from having loose skin which she said I had and I would have to wear a garment for months. My stomach isn't totally flat but I will go to the gym and see if that will help it I love how it looks when I suck my stomach in. FLATTTT LOL.

Garment. So I had my original garment and one from Leonisa and I cut the butt part out of both of them now they are BOTH non wearable ugh fml lol so I just brought a waist trimmer from Walmart and it works!! Lol flimsy though, I had to exchange for a new one after less then a week but it's comfy to wear all day and it has defiantly made a difference in how my stomach looks. I wear it all day everyday now but Im going to still get another garment though maybe it will help with the loose skin or maybe the gym will lol idk.

Round two- I really want to get round 2! Ugh I don't know who to go to or if I should just be happy with no butt and small hips tho I'm happy to even have hips!! Lol but I def want to go for a round 2! I was thinking Duran but I kind of what to say state side this time around. I love Hasans work and wish I would've heard about him last year but I heard he probably won't be coming back. I want & needddddd projection! Lol I'm going to do round two in either September or October. I have zero hope in fluffing lol my butt had already soften up. But here are some pictures and I will still write a review about Tropical soon lol. Xo


Almost 3 months post

Hey guys so I'm almost 3 months post and things is going good. I was about 184 when I got my sx and when I check last week I was 164!!! I haven't seen that in sooo long. I haven't dieted or nothing and my weight lost is noticeable to a lot of people.

My booty is fine i fluffed a little or it looks a tad bigger because I lost some weight. I stilllll want a round 2 because I need more hips and u want more projection. I'm not as sad as I was in the beginning simply because I got all this weight and my overall shape is 100% better than it was before. My waist is slim a have a nice lil butt and some hips. Not what I was expecting or wanted but I can deal until round two. But I need hips! Idk if I want to go back to DR or head to Miami. I heard Miami doctors don't give hips tho so idk.

I just got a new garment after like a month of only wearing waist trimmer it works tho makes you sweat and made my stomach look better. I just order lipo boards last night idk if it's too late to use them but I'll see. I still get swollen I think that's what it is idk tho lol

I'll update with pictures later xo

Lipo board

I should've been ordered one!! I love the way it makes my stomach look. Oh well I'll have it fir R2!! I'm thinking Duran ! I Think she can give me the projection & hips I need. Too bad Hassan isn't around anymore

I'm thinking Salama

I thinking I'm gonna go with Salama! I don't want a huge Booty I actually kind of like of like how mine is looking just need some projection & more hips!!!!!!! . I have zero lumps on my stomach Its smooth not all the way flat tho. I may get more stomach lipo & I also have back fat well idk if it's fat or extra skin but it's rolls. I really just want inner thigh lipo back, fat area & stomach if it's still fat left. I don't want to pay more than $5500 & I'm hoping to head down in October!


I torn with my round 2 doctor. Baez in DR, Plaza in Columbia, Blinkski in Miami. I got a quote from Plaza $3650 idk more than Almonte he has good work but I'm not sure. I whats up baez n got in touch asap no quote though. She said I didn't have enough fat. Hmmm I just want inner thigh lipo n hips if I can't get more but I wouldn't care that much. Buttttt I do want more projection. So I'll see what age says.

Almost 4 months post!

HASSAN DOLL Round 2 April 5th

I'm ready for round 2 count down is on. I'm very sure that He can give me exactly what I want.
He got booked up fast im hoping to get a late march date but if not I can wait until April. I may start a new thread. But I will give my last update on this on next week on my 1 year anniversary.


So my surgery is suppose to be next Monday with Calva but I just heard that a patient died today after getting a BBL I know ish like this happens but damn I felt safe with him. Idk now ughhh
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Honestly I had more than enough fat but my butt was small !! I didn't get what I hoped for. Don't use their driver he was a hot ass mess. People have when you don't have great things to say but hey everyone's experience will be different. I would go back to DR but I wouldn't stay at tropical again nor would I go back to Almonte

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