TT, BBL, Lipo with Dr Almonte- Dominican Republic, DO

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Just wanted to put up some present pics of myself...

Just wanted to put up some present pics of myself before I get my WONDERFUL makeover! I already received my quote from Dr. Almonte, just waiting on quote from Yily. A little more about me, I'm 33 yrs old 5'2 and 145lbs. I have 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. I had gastric sleeve surgery Sept 2012 and lost 67lbs and now I just need to be NIPPED AND TUCKED!!

Yily it is!!!!

Ok so I received my quote from Yily and I'm booking my flight in the morning. She explained in her email that her bank isnt accepting deposits at this time, so I use my flight confirmation to secure my date of Feb 3. I will be sending my flight info tomorrow. I'm really excited, THIS IS IN STONE after I pay $650 for this ticket! She also gave me a list of recovery house that I'm gonna call on. I expect to pay somewhere around 7-800 for recovery house. Just a short update....let me know if yall want me to paste the quote on here.

Booked!!! FEB 5 YILY!

So lastnight me and my cousin booked the flights. Yily's office replied back with a date of Feb 5, for both of us. So, our flight leaves on Feb 4, with one layover in Miami. We depart Houston at 7:40am and arrive in D.R. at 3:35pm. Our return date is Feb 19. We are so excited, we couldn't even sleep lastnite just knowing that ITS REALLY HAPPENING NOW!

My plastic surgery app picture

I tried my best, I can only hope that my results look like this. I used the plastic surgery simulator app and nipped and tucked my stomach and added some booty

here is the pic

So I'm adding a 3rd procedure BA

I emailed Yily's office today to add a procedure to the 2 I'm already getting. Waiting to hear back with the new amount, as soon as I get it I will update my review on here. Only have 2 months left to go YAY!!!!!

Ok so I finally spoke to someone

I knew Yily was on maternity leave but I have been trying to add BA to my procedure on Feb 5. I emailed about 2 weeks ago and heard nothing. So I contacted Perfectionist_Newme and ebonymichele about getting a number for Yily's asst on whatsapp. Right away my RS sisters helped me out.....THANKS GUYS! On whatsapp I sent a chat to 2 different numbers and go a response from one. It said please contact Dra. Cedano Claro and left a number. So right away I send a chat to the number and it took about 5 hrs before I got a response but the Dr. answered. Asked me my name and confirmed me and my cousins date of Feb 5. I told the dr. I wanted to add BA to my TT, BBL, she asked for a pic of my top. I snapped one and sent it over thru the app. About 5 min later she responded and gave me my new quote. YAY!!!! She replied back and said Thank you and see you soon :-)

Tonight I'm gonna take some more preop pics

Tonight I'm gonna post some more preop (closeup) pics. I really have issues with my inner thighs but I cant get them lipo'd because they will look worse. If you didn't read in my earlier posts, I had a gastric sleeve surgery and have a lot of loose skin from losing, really bad in my inner thighs.


Her are some pics and one of my inner thighs. Im not getting lipo on them because they will look worse with more loose skin

Almost here!

50 days left!! COUNTDOWN BEGINS :-) Off the subject but how does everyone like Beyonce's new cd. My favorite song so far is Drunken Love

38 more days!!!

I cant believe it has crept up on me like this!! I'm so excited but worried my count won't be high enough. Right now I'm taking a prenatal vitamin, 2 iron pills, and one hair and nails vitamin. I think I need to go get some Vitamin C too. I'm taking the hair and nail vitamin because since my gastric sleeve surgery and losing all the weight my hair has gotten thin too so I'm trying to get it back thick. Has anyone had lipo on their inner thighs that were already saggy and if so what did it look like afterwards. I really don't think I'm gonna get my inner thighs done because I believe it will be worse and they will sag more but I have so much fat there to use and but in my butt.

Question for my RS sisters

When your in DR where do yall keep your money hidden that you have with you. We like to think everyone at the RH is trustworthy and nice but I don't trust people and just worried. Like when I leave the morning of surgery where should I put my other spending money? Also did yall pay Yily in U.S. Dollars?


I have been taking prenatal pill, iron pill, and hair and nail vitamin. I read in one of my DR groups on FB that you need to stop taking anything with Vitamin E in it 3 weeks prior to surgery. So I'm gonna go purchase the vitamins I need separately. I already have a iron pill, what else do I need? Vitamin C and something else I just cant remember??/

Posting Almontes quote for RS sisters but still#TEAMYILY

Thank you for your images i have spoken to Melissa and she informed me of your past procedures,Dr.Almonte has  reviewed your images and suggests the following procedures: Tummy Tuck with Lipo sculpture back, waist and flanks proceeding with a Brazilian Butt Lift. Depending on your hemoglobin level once you arraive you may get lipo on your thigh area it would ve US$200.00 additional. Below you will find the costs for this procedures.This offer expire 11/08/2013 you may use it after that date but you must deposit 50% prior to its expiration to secure your desire procedure date, since you ladies will be flying in together i would recommend to sace your dates asap to have surgery the same day. 
Costs  Offer from Realself:
Procedure Tummy Tuck+Lipo back flanks and waist+BBL
Preoperative evaluation and tests
Post operation meds
Post operation garment
Post operation consultation

Costs not included:
Transportation US$100.00
10 days in Recovery house US$750.00
Prior to your arrival we must prepare your body by taking Folic Acid, Iron and Vitamin C, it is very important we assure you are not anemic since that will enable us to proceed. It is best if you can have a CBC test to check on your Hemoglobin levels. Please advise me when you are planning to come so I can verify availability.
please advice me of any medical conditions or special medication taking at the moment. Do not hesitate to contact me with any doubts.
Have a blessed afternoon,

Lesley maria

12 more days, and I'm a wreck

Only 12 days left and I'm thinking did I make the right decision going with Yily. I don't AT ALL want a conservative booty lol. Then wondering where Yilys injection spots are. I have been seeing girls worth injection spots only on sides and bottom. I would like more injection areas for a more rounded and projected booty. If anyone has more insight let me know.

Stomach before pic

I never really posted a pic of my stomach now. So here ya go. #TEAMYILY ONLY 6 MORE DAYS!

Switching Dr at the last minute

So when I first started this I was going with Almonte but then I saw Yilys work and loved it. I got a quote with Yily and have been with Yily for the last 3 months. Today I'm only 4 days away from sx and changed my mind. I have had alot of communication issues with Yilys staff. I just had general questions but had a hard time getting all my answers. I got most of my questions answered from my Yily FB groups. So really the only reason I changed is because I feel things roll alot smoother with Almontes staff and I feel I can get the same results that I would with Yily. I just feel better that Almonte doesn't have too many patients and I have constant contact with Leslie her asst.

Packed and ready!!!

2 days post op

Dr. Almonte and her team are great!! I don't have any pain just sore on my sides from lipo. I'm staying at Daisys Recovery House and everyone here has great hospitality and very nice. Leslie (Almontes Asst) and Raquel came by the recovery house today and checked on us. I'm happy with my results even though I haven't got to look at my butt. This recovery house has no mirrors except in the restroom and it's too high :-( pics attached

Updated pics 3weeks po

moe pics

#theoverflow lol

Results after gastric sleeve and sx

Ok guys in Sept 2012 I got the gastric sleeve and after losing 70lbs I decided I need some nips/tucks. I had my sx with Dr. Almonte on Feb 5. So here Is my before and after the pic. Feel free to ask any questions.

#dressingroom #decisions

swimsuit shopping


Almost 3 mths po

3 months PO

5 months PO

Round 2 Feb 20

So, I booked for round 2 with Almonte. I will be getting arm lift with the armpit cut, which I will attach a pic for yall and more lip and bbl (fat transfer to the butt), and breast augmentation. I'm attaching updated pics of me and a pic of the arm lift cut I will be getting.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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