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Hello dolls and barbies! I am very new to RS and...

Hello dolls and barbies! I am very new to RS and like everyone else, I have been severely lurking through everyone's profile, pictures, and reviews to see who the best docs are in the DR for cosmetic and plastic surgery. I have chosen three docs to review; Dra Duran, Robles, and Yily. I recently emailed all three and only Dra Yily and Robles has responded; I will be going further and contacting Dra Duran via phone (WhatsApp), hopefully I get a response! So far, Robles has quoted me 4300 for BBL, TT, lipo to full torso (abs, waist, flanks, laterals, and arms), with meds and 10day stay at Recovery House, but I am not making any drastic moves just yet. Yily has requested more pics and information so that was just sent off and hopefully she will give me a quote. Possibly lookng for a surg buddy for June or July so please stay in touch, Im also thinking about getting a BL but that's just a thought. Well, that's all for now dolls and barbs, I will keep you updated. Before pics coming soon. ????


I have been a member of RS since August 2014 which means it took me some time to do thorough research on the most talented doctors in the DR. A little bit about me; I am currently 5'5 180lbs and I am looking to get a BBL, TT and full LIPO. I have recently loss 100lbs so im very excited to revamp my body and my confidence. I have emailed the following doctors for a quote: Duran, Yily, Medina, Baez, Robles and Almonte; however I have only received quotes from Duran, Baez, Robles, and Medina.
Dra. Medina- $4500 for Procedure, $5350 for Procedure, Recovery House and Transportation
Dra. Duran- $4800 for Procedure
Dra. Robles- $4350 for Procedure, $5200 for Procedure, Recovery House, Transportation
Dra. Baez- $3900 for Procedure

In my case, it is not about the money. Each doctor has something special so this will be a very difficult decision to make. I love the way Duran perfect the "Vixen" body shape, Robles has the best Tummy Tucks, and Medina's facility is very clean and her staff is very professional. Time to search reviews!

p.s. I sent Dra. Duran my photos and information yesterday through email and she responded with a quote this morning (so she responded within 24hrs). I do not have any complaints so far. Pre Op pics coming soon :)

Future Duran Doll

Update Dolls!
My final choice is to go with Dra. Augustina Duran. Her reviews, price, and 0% mortality rate fits what I want for myself. So I will be sending my deposit to her in two weeks, hopefully I can lock in a date around March 2016. That gives me enough time to purchase my pre-op/post-op surgery supplies and flight ticket.


-ear plugs
-sleeping mask
-extension cord

-tank tops
-XL panties
-sun dresses
-compression stockings
-compression sleeve
-heating blanket/pad
-neck travel pillow

-no-rinse body wash
-Cocoa butter
-hygiene wipes
-funnel/ urinal
-hair bonnet
-shower cap
-hand sanitizer
-dial soap
-ponytail holders
-makeup products (if needed)
-air freshener

Surgery Items
-medical tape
-gauze pads
-maxi pads
-water resistant bandages (butterfly)
-Scar Away
-pill crusher
-boppy pillow
-Epi foam/board
-alcohol pads
-cotton balls
-pill organizer
-Lysol wipes
-Lysol spray

Healing Products
-Repavor- healing cream for incisions
-Hibiclens-skin cleanser
-Biafine Act- burns
-pain med (prescriptions)
-protein shakes Ensure

-master lock safe
-money lock pouch

*sorry about the spelling dolls, please review and let me know if I need to purchase anything else.

Vitamins and Pre-Op Test

-Iron 29mg- Ferrous Sulfate
-Vitamin B12
-Vitamin C
-Vitamin D
-Multivitamin 2x/day
-Arnica Gel/Cream
-Pineapples (food)
-Folic Acid
-Stool Softener
-Biocorneum Gel
-Geritol or Feroglobin Vitabiotics
-Liver (food)
-Make Me Heal Vitamin Kit

Pre-Op Test
-Complete Blood Count Test (CBC)
-Electrocardiogram Test (EKG)
-Charot Marie Tooth Exam (CMT)
-Prothrombin Time Exam (PT)
-Urinalysis/ Urine Culture and Sensitivity Exam (UA C&S)
-Breast/Chest Exam
-Lung Exam (for smokers)
-Partial Thromboplastic Time Exam (PTT)

*sorry about the spelling dolls, please let me know if im forgetting anything.

Estimate Expenses

Surgery- $4,800
Recovery House-$1,000 (10 days)
D.R. Lymphatic Massage- $300 (10 massages)
Flight with Wheelchair Service- $650 (St. Louis to San Domingo, DR)
Surgery Supplies- $200
Airport Transportation- $100 (if not included with the Recovery House)
U.S. Prescription Pain Meds- $8/each (with my health insurance)
U.S. Lymphatic Massage- $80
Faja Stage 2- $100- $150
Medical Insurance- $150- $200
Spending Money- $1000

*If Needed
Blood Transfusion- $100
Iron Shots-$40/each
Oxygen Therapy- $100
Private Nurse- $50
Evaluation by Pulmonologist- $150- $300 (for smokers)

*Im using RS as a personal surgery journal so I wanted to include a list of possible expenses. This list does not apply to everyone; however, it is very useful.

Recovery Houses

Researching the following recovery homes:

-Silhouette RH (Angie's)
-New Life Massiel RH
-Armonia RH
-Tropical RH
-Dollhouse RH
-Yasmine RH
-Serenity RH
-High Class RH
-Real Recovery

*Now starting the research game... any suggestions?

Recovery House

So Dolls,
I see a lot of negative reviews about the recovery homes in DR so I have 3 plans:
Plan 1- staying at a hotel with my fiancé and also hiring a private nurse.
Plan 2 - staying at a recovery house for the first 4 days and hiring a private nurse through Dra. Duran, then return to a nice hotel with my fiancé.
Plan 3 - Finding the most exquisite recovery house and stain there for 10 days (last resort!!!)

The reviews are all the same... "clean when you first arrive; staff nice upon arrival; then staff becomes impatient and inattentive; understaff and limited amount of care; crowed and dolls take care of each other instead of nurses taking care of patients" ...
Like, I could go on and on about these reviews..... any suggestions dolls? I NEED HELP!

Weight Loss Journey 2015

Starting weight- 278lbs
Current weight- 185lbs ( I have gained 5lbs)

Wish Pictures

So, I want to be as realistic with myself as possible. Since I've lost so much weight, I'm looking for total reconstructive cosmetic surgery; therefore, if I have to go to the DR for 2 rounds- then I would. Here are my wish pics lady's!

I really just want a small waist with a voluptuous butt (round and fat). Since I have an "apple" shape, I really would like Dra. Duran to add fat to my hips and butt so that the top of my body matches the bottom.

Finding a Private Nurse in the DR #DuranDoll

If anyone have information on private nurses in the DR, please message me or leave a comment below. I am looking to stay in a hotel or rental apt and hiring a private nurse for my stay in the DR however I am having a huge problem in finding a nurse.

It's been a while... Sorry Dolls

Dolls as you know, life happens and I have had so many set backs it's crazy. Being a pre-Med its hard to save up for a SX such as this so I have given myself time for expenses and researching any and everything possible. Im also thinking about changing my Doctor so yes it's been a struggle.
I've been stalking Dra. Cabral and Dra. Diaz, they are amazing at communication and creating that type of look I'm going for. Yes I do know about Cabral's past so please miss me with the long nagging! I'm just looking for a doctor that's just right for ME!

Let's talk expenses

Currenly have 5000 so I only have 3000 to save!!! I'm so excited however I still haven't chosen a doctor *rolls eyes
Research- Reaearch-Research Ladies!!!'

It's definitely between Cabral and Diaz! Diaz does the best breast reduction/lift and Cabral snatches the waist like no other! Maybe I can get my breast done on RD2- yes I'm already thinking about ROUND 2!!!!! Lol

The King has responded

Dolls follow me on IG: CabralCurve

Dr Cabral's quote! I think I'm going with the King!!!! Ayyyyyye????????
Will be contacting Maria, Cabral's assistant for pre op/ post op care instructioms and deposit info!????

Soooo Update

Surgery Date: January 4, 2017
Cooridnator: SurgiCooridnator and Health
Final Doctor: Augustina Duran
Recovery House: Maria's Recivery House
Masseuse: Yenny
Private Nurse: Ana Ester

All deposits have been made!!!!

Ok Dolls so this is the list for now but I will let you know if anything changes.


So it's been a very crazy year for me! My father died and that set my finances back a bit so I had to reschedule my surgery date. I've also changed docs because I really think Duran is the perfect doctor for me. She creates such a NATURAL body shape and that's the look I'm going for.
Buuuuuuutttt it's official now, all deposit were made and I'm officially going through with this! I'm so excited! Weight loss pics are coming soon Dolls.

You might find this very Helpful

Oxys Percocet - pain reliever
Tramadol- pain reliever
Cyclobenzapine Flexeril - muscle relaxant sleep aid
Amoxicillin Antibiotics - prevent infection
Promethazine - anti nausea
Heparin/ Fraxiparine- prevent blood clots

Over the Counter Alternatives
ES Tylenol- pain reliever
Benadryl/Lanacane- itching irritation
Emitrol- anti nausea
Motrin Ibuprofen- anti inflammatory
Omeprazol Prilosec OTC- stomach acid reducer
Colace- Stool softener
Acidophilus (yeast and bacteria infections can be caused from pills)
Hema-Plex- Hemoglobin

Multivitamin (no Vit E)
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Complex B
Iron with folic acid
Geritol- vitamin complexes
Ferrous Sulfate - vitamin
Folic Acid - vitamin

Body Healing
Thrombocid Cream- prevent "pins and needles"
Manuka Honey 16 and Higher- Burns
Lioton/ Heparin Gel- cooling bruising, redness
Arnica Gel and tablets- prevent bruising, aches
Bromelain - prevent inflammation(swelling)
Scar Away- healing silicon strips for incisions
Biocorneum Gel- healing silicon cream incisions
Biafine Cream-burns
Aloe Vera Cream/Gel- Burns
Aquasonic gel- massage gel
Ultrasonic massager (1Mhz)
Hibiclens- skin cleanse
Simply saline- Wound Wash
Bactine- Antiseptic spray
Neosporin- Antibiotic ointment

Ensure- Protein
orange juice/ pineapple juice- healing
Can fruits
Coke/Coffee- migraines (FYI for migraines- go to Cipla, Hemo may be low- may need a spinal injection)
Bottled Water

Surgery Donts
Do not take Vitamin E 1 month before SX
Do not take anti inflammatory (ibuprofen) drugs 1 month before SX
No smoking 1 month prior and after SX
No bending and lifting after SX
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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