MM- BR/lift, TT w/ lipo of waist, flanks

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I'm 45 yrs old. 5'6 currently 136 lbs. (goal 127) ...

I'm 45 yrs old. 5'6 currently 136 lbs. (goal 127) Married with 3 kids- 22,16,5. I was looking really good before my 3rd child. The pregnancy was incredibly hard. I couldn't keep the weight off after losing it. I think a combination of pre menopausal ( yippy skippy!) also, car accident, migraines. All didnt help.
Anyway, I wanted a TT after my second child. Just couldn't bring myself to " spend that much on myself" as a mom. You all know all about that! Lol. So, here I am turning 45 on 8/26/2013 and really want my body back. Because of the accident in 2012 I had to stop working out. I've managed to lately lose a bit.
I want to feel great again like I did when I met my husband and got remarried. We will be celebrating our 7 yr Anniversary 9/1/2013.
I really want to get back to a 34 C. I've been a 36 DD since I was pregnant this last time. All the usual "mom" complaints. Boobs, belly, butt. Lol.
Until seeing Duran and Yillys work in DR I never thought of I had any hope of having any "real" curves! Lol I've always been shaped more like a a 2x4.
So excited! I'm totally addicted to reading no learning from all you wonderful women!! Thank you for those have shared your before pictures so courageously. I too will! Eww. Lol.
I'm looking at 2014 sometime for surgery. I feel like its all I think about after really feeling like Duran can actually give me what I thought I could never have!!

I so appreciate everyone's honesty and openness!

You ladies are wonderful for sharing your journeys! What a gift for all of us behind you. It's enlightening. Being able to read the good, bad and the ugly! How else would we learn about issues? Thank you!

I put up some wish pics. I've never imagined I could have curves! For the first time ever I am hopeful Duran can create them! It's so exciting to think about!

Was your family supportive of ps in DR?

I haven't even mentioned that I want to go to DR for my sx to my dh. We have a friend that went to Mexico for a sx and almost died. Lifetime issues with her insides now! On the other hand. My sis and her family all went to Mexico for Dental and were fine. But , he did mention " no way I'd let you go down there by yourselves ". Since my sis went down with her girls w/o husband. Long drive from OR! Although, he will love the price difference! He's definitely on board for my BR because of neck and back pain. The rest.... Not as much. Lol. Bbl will be the toughest sell. Not too worried though. We girls know how to work our men. Don't we girls? Lol. I don't really have anyone to talk about this with. So glad I found RS and you wonderful girls!! Makes it so much more fun! How have you made people in your life comfortable about traveling to DR? Any ideas? Thanks for any suggestions. :)

Do you have support wanting to have sx?

Does your significant other support you wanting your surgeries? If not, why? How do you plan to convince them it's the right decision for you?
It's hard as a mom to justify spending thousands on ourselves. I almost got a TT years ago after my middle child was born. I couldn't justify it. :(. I'm so ready now! I want to feel confident and hot!! Like I used to when I met my husband 7 yrs ago! Lol. I feel like I've lost my "mojo". I miss feeling that confidence. Anyone relate? I've been a stay at home mom for the past 5 1/2 yrs. My son starts Kindergarten in a few weeks. I hope to get out of the house and into a routine with exercising and getting out of my depression "funk". I do better with a schedule. :). Anyone relate? I was so excited to go back to school in 2012 and was planning on working during his kindergarten hours. Well, someone pulled in front in front of me and I've had chronic pain ever since. Had to quit school and am still trying to get an answer of why my pain continues. Until then I can't return to finish school. ( it's been depressing). It's nice to have something positive to focus on!! Thanks so much RS and all the wonderful women on here!!!! Love to all!!

Miss my "hotness" and confidence! I want it back!!

Miss the confidence I had back then. I'm gettin it back!! ;)

I sent my request for a quote! Future Duran Doll!

Yay. I sent an email and a pm on Fb to Dra Duran. I'm so excited. I can't wait. Also, told my husband that I had found my doc. Told him she was in DR. He laughed. Thought I was kidding. Lol. Anyway, I showed him some pictures. He didnt want to talk about it anymore after a few details about how I was hoping someone would come with me. I told him he couldn't go. He doesn't do well with anything remotely uncomfortable with hospitals or any human blood lol. A fierce hunter but nothing human lol. I told him my body will look pretty wrecked at first. I said I would have drains and he nearly lost his lunch lol. I was thinking I'd fly my oldest daughter with me but I'm rethinking. Not sure. It might freak her out too much.
Anxiously awaiting my quote while seriously stalking everyone's updates.
Thank you so much all the beautiful women who share their befores, during and after truthfully and honestly. I want to hear all. We are all different and have diff experiences. We can all make our own choices given the info we have at the time. It's a huge blessing to have people willing to honestly share. :). Hugs to all!

Wow! Got my quote from Duran!!

Yay!! I pad with her on Fb. I had sent her a request with pictures. TT , lipo sculpture for tiny waist, bbl, BR/lift
135lbs 5'6.
It was short and sweet. I didn't get a lot of info. Just a price. $6300. I might get BR covered by ins locally so price w/o BR is $4500. S excited!! Now to figure out $ and date. :). I'm adding some more wish pics. I know some of the breast pics have implants.

I played with the surgery app! Fun

It looks kinda strange but I was trying to imagine myself with the curves I want. I can't stop looking at the picture!! Fun!!

More wish pics!

Can't stop! Lol.

Hubby is doing better w/ The idea of DR surgery

Hello my lovely RS sistahs!
Hope this finds all happy, healthy and enjoying their day. :). I've been throwing little tidbits of info out to him. He keeps joking (kinda) that I'm going to get kidnapped and be on "I shouldn't be alive" shows. I've also been trying to think of who to bring with me. I originally was going to bring my 22 yr old daughter. I think it might be too hard for her to see me looking like I was hit by a truck . Lol. So, I'm not sure. Who are you all bringing? Part off me wants to go alone. I've been so dependent on my husband for the last 7 years. I feel like I've lost a lot of my "self". With fighting depression ( im on meds that help a lot), severe and every week sometimes migraine, ,having weight on me after my the birth of my son, a car accident (that left me in pain everyday since and after a year of doing almost every kind of treatment the Drs, Neurologists, neurosurgeons, ortho, hand specialists and every test imaginable no one still can tell me what exactly is the reason for my continuous pain in my arms, wrists and hands. Very frustrating!! So between living with pain everyday and feeling kinda useless as a stay at home mom. It hurts to wipe off a table. Crazy huh?
I'm a makeup artist trained by MAC. I love it!! At the time of my accident I was in school for my Aesthetics license. My plan was to work p/t when my son started f/t kindergarten this year. I had to stop school after the accident and have too much time on my hands now. I miss working. But with my wrist and hand pain. I can't do much. I sound like a whiner. I know things could always be worse and I try and stay positive. It's hard to eat good and workout when I'm in so much pain. It like its a filter and it affects everything. I'm over it! Going to keep trying. :). Not giving up!

I keep finding amazing butt pics! Lol.

Do you think these are at all possible? I don't want a shelf or big hips. I want a nice round butt with "cupping" ? From what I read that's that roundness at the crease? Hope I'm saying that right. Even when I was younger and in wonderful shape my butt was always on the flatter side. Roundness does not run in this terribly "white" lineage lol. I am not blessed to have any brown blood running through me. So unfortunately, this pastey white girl has flatness instead of roundness in her genes and jeans lol. Duran help a flat butted sister out! Lol

My RS is awesome! Hoping for something like this!

Wanting no back fat and nice "s" curve on lower back to buttocks.

It's looking like 2015

Tick tock!

Weight down to 125lbs. Reached my goal!

Not sure I will have enough fat for aBBL though now? Talked w/ Karla from Dr. O's office and she had said I'd need to gain 15/20 lbs!! Yikes!! We'll see. TT and BL are my 2 definite a though that I really have wanted for a long time. BBL is just a bonus option. :)

Not going to DR. Can't change my "Dr" on profile

I'm considering Dr Ortega, Dr Fisher and a few others.

I finally booked Sx! Dr.Sergio Alvarez

So excited! My Sx date is June 15,2016 with Dr. Sergio Alvarez @Image Cosmetics. Getting a breast reduction/lift, TT w/ lipo of waist and might add flanks.

29 Days!!

Wow! Very excited and a little nervous. Flying from Oregon to Miami to see Dr. Alvarez for my TT, BR/lift, lipo of waist/flanks! Excited to be staying with Vanessa @ Curvy Dolls! She sounds so sweet and has really alleviated a lot of my fears!! My Sx is on June 8. Flying in on the 5th though to see doc before Sx day. Anyone else staying at Curvy Dolls at the same time? I'm there from 6/5-6/22.

Well, I did it!!

I'm 2 days post op from my BBL w/ lipo of back, flanks and stomach with Dr. Sergio Alvarez here in Miami, FL. Flew out from Oregon on the 5th and had consultation with the Dr. on the 7th. He recommended a bbl with lipo instead of with a TT too. Since with a TT no matter what you can only legally take out 1 liter of fat. He thought id be disappointed with the pictures I was showing him. A BBL was kind of a "bonus" for me. I'd really always wanted a TT after my 3 kiddos! He was very honest about my expectations. So, I conceded to his recommendation. I was his first pt at 5:30am. The morning of my surgery I did the expected, pee pg test. Got into my beautiful paper gown, compression stockings, booties and hair cover. Then the dr. came in and took before pictures (ugh) and then drew on me. I went back out to the waiting area for surgery. The Anesthiologist came in and asked a bunch of questions. Very nice. Then I waited until the nurse came back to walk me to the operating table. I layed down. He said I'm giving you something to relax you. Then I woke up!

Day 4 Post op.

Had my first massage today with "my body contour" Super nice painful at first Got better. Super tired.

First couple days=HELL!!!

Felt like I was going to die!! I was taking 2 Percocet instead of 1. My tummy is super sensitive. So taking that with antibiotics, multi vitamins, stool softener. Has been really horrible. I started speading them out and forcing myself to eat more. Haven't really had appetite! I came so close to backing out the morning of Sx! I was so anxious !! A lot of praying daily has got me through!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Changed Doc to Dr. Sergio Alvarez

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