Yily Doll Pics BBL/TT August 2013 Yily - Dominican Republic, DO

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This is my first post and I have been stalking the...

This is my first post and I have been stalking the site like most for over a year. A little about me I'm latina, 5'1 and 160lbs. I have decided to go with Yily and I am very excited to finally go through with the procedure. I have a little donk but not enough as far as I'm concerned and I want the sculpturing done by the magical hands of Dra Yily. In 2 weeks I will be a transformed doll and I can't wait to get the surgery and recovery over with and start off my new life with a new image. I appreciate all the posts and stories shared by the ladies on RS, they have helped me tremendously. Lots of love to all my dollz and future dollz. Anyone who will be down in DR between Aug 1- Aug 11 let me know.


Today I got my bloodwork and my hemoglobin level is 13.2 yay! I was worried that it would be too low and that it would be a problem but luckily it's all good. I have a sx buddy Bootybacfinally and we are getting ready for our trip. Good luck to all the other future dollz and have a safe journey and happy healing. Muahhh


Getting ready for my trip and packing all the clothes and items i will need is crazy. Not sure if it will all fit... lol. it's starting to get really real. I am excited and a little nervous but more so ready to take this step and begin my new life post-op. Thank you to all the beautiful ladies that have wished me well and I wish my dollz and future dollz nothing but the best.


I am in the airport waiting for my flight. It is starting to hit me now. I am still calm, cool and collective but my tummy is dancing inside me lol. I would like to thank and send out lots of love to all the beautiful ladies that have wished me well and a speedy recovery. I need your prayers! I will continue to update and put up the pre op pics when I get a chance. Love ya dollz.

Surgery day

My buddy and I woke up at 5am and got read to go to CIPLA. We didn't sleep much but we are here. I've done my tests and just waiting for the bloodwork to come back. Excited and nervous. Not looking forward to the pain or the drain (ewwww) but all in the name of booty... I mean beauty. LOL. Think of me and have me in your prayers! I will update post surgery take care dollz.

Post op 3 days

Ok. Here I go I went in to surgery with 13.1 but afterwards needed a blood transfusion because it dropped too low. I didn't get dizzy or anything but I felt super weak and not too good. Ok I will be straight up with everyone if you are a cry baby or sensitive to pain don't do it. It is no joke and you have to be a tough ass bitch to handle it. Sleeping is hell, waking up every couple of hours. Feeling super stiff and uncomfortable. I will have my first massage today thank God, my legs are super swollen and mad annoying. I am moving around better but my back is all sore and the brusing is really ugly. I will get my roomie to take pics later and show you guys. I will update soon. I have my check up on Wed.

Last week post op 3 - 10 days

Ok so I am back home! I will be honest and say that the first 3 - 4 days post op are the worst. You feel handicapped and require assistance to get dressed, putting on the faja, washing your back, putting socks on... and so on. But the great thing is that everyday that passes you start to feel better and better. You lose your appetite but I would force myself to eat as you are taking meds and need something in your tummy. Walking around is good, I walk slowly but I'm moving around with more ease each day. I am still swollen but everyday I feel better. I am posting a pic. 6 days post op. You can see the brusing on the arms but it's less than before. I appreciate all the prayers and I needed each and every one of them. I thank all my beautiful ladies for the great vibes and messages that have been sent my way. Wishing all my ladies going through it a speedy recovery and all dollz keep it up that the body wasn't easy to come by and we can't let our sacrifice can't go to waste. Love ya'll.

Faja pic


New pics 3 months post op

4 months and feeling good

After my surgery I lost another 10 pounds but I have gained 5 of those back which is good. I still feel minor swelling in the abdomen area but that's normal after a tummy tuck. I feel good and I'm healthy. I've added some pics as well. Thank you to all my dollz and future dollz for all the love and well wishes and wishing everyone all the best. Muah!


new pics

New Pics

New Pics

10 months

2015 pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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